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I'm From the Government and I'm...Here to Kill You

Dave Hardy's new book takes your breath away.
While you're still breathing.

This book makes your blood run cold.
In the dictionary next to "chilling" they should have a picture of it.
Between negligence, fatal disasters, deliberate malfeasance, lack of accountability, secret operations, standard procedures that have no place in a system like the one we think we have, tanks, grenades, this is a wake up call -- or a way to prevent sleep. And they get away with it.
Maybe you know about atomic testing to see what effects radiation will have, or giving people syphilis in labs that imitate German bunker operations, but what about illegal lethal orders, Veterans Affairs officials causing death... can anything be done about it all? Read Dave's new book.
I'm From the Government and I'm Here to Kill You

By David T. Hardy, # IFTG, $24.99



Short and sweet, lots of guns, no answers on rights

The National Shooting Sports Foundation cannot get enough praise for representing the firearms industry, a crucial American business sector, and staging the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) show every year.

They celebrated their 40th consecutive year this year, with exhibits stretching for 12.5 miles of aisles. You could see every booth if you spent 22 seconds at each. It defies description, and you can only see it if you're actually in the business, it's not a public show like the NRA Show.

It also differs with 2,500 members of the trade press (like me) and extensive sections for law enforcement and international pavilions. I can save time and skip miles of outdoor clothing, wish I had more time for miles of gun manufacturing gear, and can't get enough fab coffee in the palatial press office with non-stop contacts and info. Let me clue you in with some bullet points.

-- HB 38, the national carry bill
Learned: though it made it through the House, got a lot of attention, but may not be the bill that moves. When (if?) the Senate moves its version of a reciprocity bill (S 446), it's the better bill (one page vs. almost nine). It's clean (without some fix NICS problems and the federalized gun-free zones I wrote about last time,

-- Gun Confiscations
Almost everyone who was asked about what they would do if a Virgin Islands scenario played out here, and armed agents came to your door to confiscate your guns, people said they would lie, insist they were stolen, or they sold the guns, give up a few and keep the rest, hide them real well, dig a hole, leave ahead of time with them, deny ownership, pretend to be out, deny entry (with no thought of how), demand to see a warrant; basically, no resistance offered.

-- See the SHOT Show
I considered doing a slide show and commentary as in years past, but NSSF and others do such an amazing job of it, mine is pale by comparison.

Flickr Photo gallery


In case the official picture shows miss this image, I call it Gort --
a new police fashion statement from Damascus Gear

-- National Training Week becomes National Training MONTH!
After encouraging colleagues for a long while, to establish a national training period, the National Shooting Sports Foundation has adopted the month of August to encourage people to go to the range, take friends to the range, introduce people to the shooting sports, you know the drill. Not modeled after the groundbreaking National Training Week, where we celebrate Freedom with Fireworks and Firearms during Fourth of July week, the "Let's Go Shooting" campaign is under development and you'll be seeing and hearing a lot about it in the months to come.

-- Fix Fix NICS
No time now, consider this a teaser, a lot could be better, including remedies for bad listings and listers, I'll spell it out later.

-- 50-State Women's March on Washington
Plans are underway for one female representative of each state to go to D.C. and meet with legislators about their concerns over the Second Amendment. As we all know, men and women are equal, so the women should get equal treatment when they seek meetings, right? June 19 - 20, lots online for The D.C. Project.

-- Alternative Mass Media Convention 9/20/18
Staged just before the Gun Rights Policy Conference, this year at the Hyatt Regency in Rosemont, TX. In cooperation with The Polite Society Podcast and the Self Defense Radio Network. The Second Amendment Foundation, which stages GRPC, is a co-sponsor.

-- New Gun Safety Rules Issued: No Trigger Control Included!
NSSF has produced a new booklet, Firearms Safety Depends on You, which omits any mention of trigger control in its 10-step "Basics of Safe Gun Handling" list. Because the 2017 copyright notice forbids reproducing any portion of the 20-page booklet -- like its safety rules! -- without reproducing the whole booklet! I can't show you the rules NSSF has invented. The list, in its ungrammatical format, also has no explicit provision for keeping a loaded gun ready. This one needs to go back to the drawing board. I can't be the only person who noticed this. I sure hope they didn't print too many of these.

-- The LEO Side Advances

I am well aware the threats our nation, and our incredibly brave defenders face, is monumental and growing. Companies like this one, DamascusGear, packed room after room in the LEO section of the SHOT Show, filled with beefy guys who looked like they could wear gear like this and run ten miles. We need these people.

Officer with Armored "Community Relations" Vehicle

One look in Randy Balko's book, Rise of the Warrior Cop, or a cursory glance at the growing militarism of the police state gives the average person the shivers. How do we balance these powers? What would you do if people like this showed up at your door, without cause? Who keeps power like this under control? Serpico (which didn't end when the film did) on steroids, with armor, it's an eye opener.

-- Negligent Entrustment
SHOT includes an extensive set of seminars, and no way to attend them all and get anything else done. I attended this one, intrigued by the title, and without going to deeply into an hour of legal thought, FFLs (dealers, not the public) have a duty under the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) to be careful about giving or selling a firearm to someone who, despite background checks, apparently shouldn't have one. How do you tell? It's a little gray. Obvious drunks. People who seem suicidal (that was a fascinating exploration). Straw purchasers (amazing how blatant or stupid some of them are, we heard stories). Yes, there's much more to it, this is why you attend. How many people will have even read this far?

-- United State Concealed Carry Association
This educational outfit is a continually growing force in the industry, had a presence and banners that couldn't be missed, they were splashed all across the main floor, right next to radio row and the primary escalators between the two main show floors. I've got to tell you, it's an honor to write a column for their Concealed Carry Magazine, and to enjoy the company of the staff members I've gotten to know.

Fake News vs. Phony News


Trump's complaints are often -- not always -- correct

Fake news, n. An article in "news" media that is fabricated, made up, has no bearing on reality, created by agenda-driven partisans with specific goals, who are served by fake stories they invent.

Phony news, n. An article in "news" media from one or more reporters, which appears to be newsworthy but is actually propaganda and spin disguised as news, designed to establish or continue a narrative that seems neutral but actually embeds a prejudice and represents a predetermined perspective or outcome.

Reporters adamantly reject the definition of phony news because, according to critics, they cannot see the truth it contains. In contrast, fake news is a problem everyone recognizes as a problem.

Phony news has dominated so-called "mainstream" reporting for decades, going back to at least when three networks dominated nightly TV newscasts, which many people can now recognize with the passage of time. The relatively new phenomenon of fake news, identified loudly by the present administration, has been a tool of both the radical left and radical right to influence political affairs. Phony news is the more insidious, since it is more difficult to spot and is more influential. Phony news slips into the mind through unconscious channels.

As an example, congressional Senate hopeful Sheriff Joe Arpaio was recently cast, in the lead of a front page article in Gannett's Arizona Republic, as "a hardliner on immigration." This is phony, and knowingly so. He never took much of any stand on U.S. Code Title 8, Immigration, and its lists of who is eligible to immigrate, or why, or who is banned, with extensive lists of people banned from the U.S., This includes money launderers, slave traders, people with communicable diseases, convicted felons, known spies, child molesters and many more, page after page. Sheriff Arpaio was a hardliner on illegal immigration, sneaking past border security, a completely different issue.

This phony spin permeated the balance of the article -- and virtually all news coverage about the man -- establishing a phony narrative that fit a left-wing agenda to denounce his policies, with vitriol spewed incessantly by the left. While it may be true he overstepped legal authority, there is tremendous merit in having borders, ports of entry, passports, a visa system, and criminal sanctions for sneaking into any country unannounced, staying without authorization, using the nation's resources, and living criminally without citizenship "under the radar." This is where Arpaio took a hard line, popular is some quarters, less so in others -- including a blatantly prejudicial media (they deny this bias to this day).

Similar phony coverage dominates the gun issue, for example. Virtually every firearms-related story takes the tack that guns are bad. This is not fake, it's phony. Almost all firearms stories cover nothing but crime, yet firearms comprise the number two participant sport in America (based on sales, ahead of golf, number three, an elitist predominantly rich white pursuit that gets exemplary front page coverage a lot). Firearms are a huge sector of the economy, the trade show for firearms is one of the largest in the nation yet it gets zero play -- and the industry is thankful for this because it knows what the spin would be. Phony from top to bottom.

Fake news is not the big problem, despite that focus in "news" reports. Phony news distorts your thinking, puts emphasis in the wrong places, imbalances the real issues, and the worst part is this: reporters, producers and editors are immune to this message. They can't see it, deny it is real when told, insist fake news is why they have lost credibility, and persist in foisting phony news with no awareness of what they do.

This Uninvited Ombudsman Report, "Page Nine," the page most newspapers refuse to carry (ombudsmen have been fired nationally), has been illuminating phony news since May, 2006,, long before Mr. Trump introduced the term fake news, co-opting my hard work. He's not wrong, it just sidesteps the larger problem. Go read some of the phony news exposes at that link, and don't plan on getting much sleep that night.

"Children of color" aren't "Colored children"

Simple word play convinces racists they aren't racist

Nation's main purveyors of racism fooling everyone

The lamestream media told you:

"Fostering a lack of diversity"
"Kids in Arizona's care are mostly children of color, but those charged with treating them are overwhelmingly white. Experts have long recognized inequalities in America's child welfare system: When kids share identical circumstances except for race, black and Native American children enter foster care more often, spend more time in the system and wait longer to be adopted..."

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Charges of racism, and stories about diversity, affirmative action, "people of color," and all the rest of the bean-counting racism afflicting our nation come from one side only -- the Democrats, leftists, progressives, and radical proponents of so-called equality, where no one is equal, equality must be enforced, merit is not a fair gauge and individual virtue is frowned upon.

In a recent cover story on Gannett's number two paper, The Arizona Republic, a lack of colored people, called people of color, in child-welfare management, is highlighted as a problem for children in the system, who are disproportionately colored children, called children of color. The article points out that 90% of review board members in the state's largest county are white, 100% white in six other counties, and fails to mention percentages in the state's remaining five counties, for reasons that were unclear at press time.

Also missing is the fact that 72% of black children are born out of wedlock, contributing to imbalances, crime, developmental problems and the child welfare mess. Why more colored people, now called people of color to distort the narrative, don't step up to help fix the mess that out-of-wedlock births create, is not discussed in the lengthy cover story. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People was not quoted in the story. There is no National Association for the Advancement of People of Color.

Chances that this article here will be called racist for using non-mass-media-approved terminology are substantial. The reply, "What do you mean when you say 'racist' and what does 'racism' mean to you' is typically met with blank stares, confusion, and a variety of answers that don't match, when there are any.

Online definitions, with common threads, do not seem to apply to the terms "colored people" and "people of color," suggesting the terms are mere propaganda and thought control related to political correctness, and not racism, e.g.:

"racism, n., the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races." The makeup of professional sports teams does not count.

racism, n. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human racial groups determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to dominate others...

NPR: The Ugly, Fascinating History of the Word "Racism": The Oxford English Dictionary's first recorded utterance of the word racism was by a man named Richard Henry Pratt in 1902... Someone is either a racist and therefore an inhuman monster, or they're an actual, complex human being, and therefore, by definition, incapable of being a racist... Merriam Webster gives the date of entry into the language as 1936.

The idea that race, ethnicity, nationality, genetics, gender or even culture and upbringing have no effect on human traits and that all people are perfectly equal doesn't appear to have a name, though it is perfectly clear that all people are not equal. This is commonly confused with the egalitarian idea that all people are justly entitled to equal treatment under the law. It's complicated. Uncomplicated people, often found gathering in the democrat's party, have a hard time with some of these concepts.


Fool me 15 times, man, this is getting boring

Coast Guard Announces Biggest Maritime Seizure in History

The lamestream media told you:

A Coast Guard crew seized more than 13 tons of cocaine in what authorities called, "the largest cocaine seizure in maritime history," according to a report in Newsweek in 2017, citing a story from 2001. It was part of an article by Cato Institute EVP David Boaz, pointing out the folly of the failed drug war.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

This is not an article about the drug war -- which you may love, hate, support or want dead. This is a report about the so-called "news" you're getting. Not fake news -- stuff that's invented and false, made up by miscreants or our commie enemies (falsely called Russians to misplace blame).

This is about phony news -- what I've been writing about since 2006, -- what journalists use to deliberately mislead you and frame public debate to their twisted agenda.

Trump talks about fake news, a real problem, yes. When he's attacked for saying the media is an enemy of America, he's also right, but phony news is the bigger problem.

With AG Jeff Sessions on camera, the Coast Guard recently announced a new record for cocaine seizures at sea, 455,000 pounds, topping last year's record! Hooray for our side! The Coast Guard announced, in 2015, the biggest submarine drug bust, $181 million in cocaine! (No way to compare dollars to pounds, but reporters don't notice, or care.) Boaz goes on to cite the biggest drug bust ever in Brooklyn! Utah! New York! Outside of Florida! $20 million! $73 million! $2 billion! $4 billion! Looks like we're winning at last!

But of course, we're losing miserably. Phony news stories (not fake ones) hide that fact. Is it collusion, conspiracy, incompetence, part of the plan? Will reporters report on that? Fact: They don't. For every bust, many other shipments get through. How do we know? You can buy cocaine all over America, 24 hours a day, at low low sale prices. Some reporters, especially in Hollywood, enjoy the stuff. The farms keep growing, and like bananas, shipments of farm fresh produce keep arriving. A solitary shipment sometimes makes the "news."

This has been a drug report. Gun reports are the same. Same reporters, editors, producers, competence. Now you know it. They don't, even after reading Page Nine.

Kosher Gun Laws

JPFO has described what a basic set of gun laws ought to be:

Sunshine Gun Laws

Models for your state. All explained here:

The Gun-Free Zone Liability Act of 2018

Improving American Safety and Security
Eliminating Bias and Prejudice
Restoring Constitutional Values
Dropping the Pretense: "We don't want your kind eating here."

Establishes liability for harm caused by criminal conduct, when such conduct is wholly or partially enabled by limiting an individual’s right or ability to self defense.

REFERENCE TITLE: Gun-Free-Zone Liability Act
State of Arizona
(sponsoring house)
Fifty-third Legislature
_________ Regular Session

__.B. _____ Introduced by ________________________


Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Arizona:

Section 1. Title 13, Chapter 31, Arizona Revised Statutes, is amended by adding new section 13-3123:

A.R.S. §13-3123. Gun-Free-Zone Liability.

A. Any person, organization or entity, or any agency of government that creates a gun-free zone shall be liable for damages resulting from criminal conduct that occurs against an individual in such gun-free zone, if a reasonable person would believe that possession of a firearm could have helped the individual defend against such conduct.

1. In the event the conduct is a result of a terrorist attack as federally defined, or adversely affects a disabled person, a person who is a member of a minority as federally defined, a senior citizen or a child under 16 years of age, treble damages shall apply.

B. For the purposes of this section, criminal conduct shall include offenses specified under this title in Chapter 11 (Homicide), Chapter 12 (Assault and Related Offenses), Chapter 13 (Kidnapping), Chapter 14 (Sexual Offenses), Chapter 15 (Criminal Trespass and Burglary), Chapter 17 (Arson), Chapter 19 (Robbery), Chapter 25 (Escape and Related Offenses), Chapter 29 (Offenses Against Public Order) and Chapter 36 (Family Offenses).

C. For the purposes of this section, the term “gun-free zone” shall mean any building, place, area or curtilage that is open to the public, or in or upon any public conveyance, where a person’s right or ability to keep arms or to bear arms is infringed, restricted or diminished in any way by statute, policy, rule, regulation, ordinance, utterance or posted signs.


Gun Free Zone Bill Talking Points

1. It’s important to remember “gun-free zones” aren’t gun free at all—anyone with a gun can come and go at will—the signs stop no one, but honest people may feel honor bound to obey, relinquish their rights and disarm themselves before entry.

2. Federal law matches this bill—it is a federal crime to deny a person’s rights (‘Anyone who, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, custom or regulation, willfully deprives any person of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, shall be fined, or imprisoned...’) 18 USC §241 et seq.

Continue reading "The Gun-Free Zone Liability Act of 2018" »

911 Callers Deserve "Miranda Rights"

Fifth Amendment Right Against Self-Incrimination
Right to have a lawyer present during questioning
Right to remain silent because --

"Everything you say will be used against you."

Half the convictions in self-defense cases come from the 911 recordings.
-- Mitch Vilos, author, Self Defense Laws of All 50 States

“The 911 Limited-Immunity Law”

Legislative Statement of Intent

Whereas the state legislature has enacted law defining certain circumstances in which a person may lawfully threaten to use or actually use physical or deadly physical force;

Whereas the state legislature recognizes a value for justifiable instances of threatened use or actual use of physical or deadly physical force to be promptly reported to the appropriate authorities to assist in the prompt dispatching of emergency medical and law-enforcement personnel;

Whereas the state legislature recognizes that individuals who threaten or actually use physical or deadly physical force have a deeply rooted constitutional right to remain silent, to have an attorney present prior to and during any questioning, or during the course of a potentially criminal investigation, and a sacrosanct Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination;

Whereas the state legislature desires to strike a balance between the potentially competing needs for prompt reporting of such incidents and an individual’s constitutional right to remain silent, have an attorney present prior to and during questioning, and be protected from self-incrimination, all of which could delay prompt reporting;

Therefore, the state legislature hereby enacts the following statute to provide limited immunity to individuals who are directly or indirectly involved in an incident involving the threatened or actual use of physical or deadly physical force if they promptly make a good-faith effort to report such instances by calling 911 or other appropriate authorities.

The net effect of the proposed law is:

1. Encourage people to contact 911 for assistance by protecting their 5th Amendment and Miranda rights during the call.
People currently lack self-incrimination protections.

2. Require the state to gain convictions in claimed but flawed self-defense cases by relying on everything except self-incrimination from 911 voice recordings.
The state frequently and abusively relies on unsound self-incrimination.



A. Any individual who is directly or indirectly involved in an incident involving the threatened or actual use of justifiable physical or deadly physical force shall be granted limited immunity for all statements made in a good-faith effort to promptly report such incident to appropriate authorities in an effort to obtain emergency medical or law-enforcement assistance.

Continue reading "911 Callers Deserve "Miranda Rights"" »

Voter Fraud Is Rampant

Democrats say no, but wait, yes!, but no...

The lamestream media told you:

Bolstered by news reports, democrats continue to insist there is no credible evidence that vote fraud exists. They vehemently deny they are getting illegal immigrants to register, driving them to the polls, harvesting their ballots, or anything. Our election system is squeaky clean, despite bizarre unreliable frankly crazy republican claims to the contrary. Russia is not part of this narrative. That's a different narrative.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Democrat’s claims of a clean election system doesn’t even pass the sniff test, as democrats continue to insist Russia meddled with our presidential elections, despite the lack of any evidence to the contrary. That obvious self-evident conflict has raised few eyebrows among lamestream media. This hardly matters.

Judicial Watch, an 800-pound gorilla in government accountability, has filed a lawsuit in Montgomery County, Md., seeking access to the county’s voter-registration rolls, under the National Voter Registration Act of 1993. The act specifically allows this action, but in stonewalling, Maryland claims, incorrectly, you need to be a Maryland resident to file the lawsuit.

The reason for the suit -- sit down for this -- Montgomery County has more registered voters than citizens over the age of 18. That’s the very definition of voter fraud.

Similar actions may be planned for other states whose voter registrations exceed the number of adults over 18 in the state. Judicial Watch sent them letters too -- Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina and Tennessee.

If you want to donate money, along with "help the needy" consider helping those who defend freedom, like these guys, and dozens more like them.

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