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Correction to NRA Comment for News Media and Americans

A recent Uninvited Ombudsman report portrayed the National Rifle Association as having "only" 5 million members, contrasting it to the 100 million gun-owning Americans who are the real gun lobbyists in America. Apparently some readers, including some NRA members, misunderstood this remark.

Contrary to belligerent "news" media reports, the NRA is a moderate civil-rights group, the oldest civil-rights group in America, whose middle-of-the-road positions on firearms do not attract the vast majority of gun owners in America.

This is typically misrepresented in the so-called mainstream media as extreme, yet are too modest to appeal to a large swath of American gun owners.

When anti-gun-rights activists like the current president Barack Hussein Obama, whose middle name is not supposed to be used, or Hillary, whose other names are less frequently used (due to disapproval of her husband's background-check law and other factors, according to critics), stridently recommend "solutions" that repeatedly do not work, of course armed Americans resist and protest their actions.

The NRA's modest proposals include gun-safety education, marksmanship training, and armed response to the illegal use of force. They are the largest gun-safety training group on planet Earth. Their activities have been shown to be effective in reducing accidents, strengthening character and stopping vicious criminal perpetrators. The media fails miserably in portraying this side of this honorable group, violating journalism ethics standards.

To see what really strong measures look like you would have to consider a group like Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership,, whose "Never Again!" position the media won't even mention, let alone belittle and deride.

The NRA, with its wholesome and moderate stance does not go anywhere near calls to eliminate "papers" for the right to carry, repeal of the 1968 Gun Control Act that was copied from the 1938 Nazi gun laws by former U.S. Senator Thom Dodd (father of current Sen. Chris Dodd),, or other common-sense but more strident gun-rights proposals. See, for example, Kosher Gun Laws on their website.

The political left is loath to admit it but observers are well aware that the furor raised by promoting mass murderers works wonders for arousing sentiment against gun owners and gun ownership, and works toward building sentiment for gun confiscation, repressive laws and gun control the political left desperately seeks.

This helps answer the niggling question of why anti-gun-rights activists perpetually "dance in the blood" of murder victims immediately after a spree killer's dirty work, and refuse to pledge to refrain from such gory and immoral activity. Raising the murderers to iconic status does nothing for crime control and in fact encourages copy cats -- totally counterproductive if the goal is to make society more safe, but very valuable if you want to build sentiment to erase the Second Amendment.

Obama Reverses Course, Drops Calls for Background Checks, Decides to Pursue Chicago Murderers

Washington, D.C. -- In a stunning announcement no one expected to hear prior to his trip to Roseburg, Ore., President Barack Obama backed off his long held proposals for new background checks, and has proposed a full-court press to find and bring to justice the black murderers plaguing his home town of Chicago.

According to government sources, the Chicago police force will receive emergency funding to track down and prosecute the gangs and hit squads that have been terrorizing select neighborhoods with impunity for decades. Despite hundreds of murders in the city, with offenses occurring on a near daily basis, virtually no one is arrested or prosecuted for the crimes. Murder is the worst crime on the books.

"I recognize my former approach to gun violence will take a long time and meet with bitter resistance, but this new plan will have an immediate effect and start saving lives, especially black lives, right away," the President said at a hastily called private meeting. "Black lives matter," he said, "and I plan to make that more than words."

This reverses his long held yet failed policy of seeking new national gun laws that have been fought vehemently by the powerful gun lobby and left him, in his own words, "stymied." Former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has been pursuing new gun laws on a state level, privately, using his own money, with very limited results.

Mr. Obama made the announcement following a month in which his home town Chicago reached 59 murders and 362 gunshot victims in September 2015, marking the Democratic-run city's deadliest month since 2002, according to analysis by The Chicago Tribune.

Chicago has some the toughest gun laws in the nation, but like other cities with tough gun laws, black neighborhoods in particular suffer enormous amounts of gun-related violence, with very little crime control or police enforcement. Critics have pointed out that tough gun laws, and tough law enforcement are not the same thing, with Chicago as a case in point.

Reached for comment, gun-rights advocates were virtually speechless, preferring to not go on the record, since they were inclined to say, "I told you so," having been calling for a new approach to the failed policies the president and other left-leaning politicians have been attached to for so long. They also did not believe the change could be true.

And in fact it is not true. Obama has not decided to go after real criminals. He continues to vigorously battle against the civil rights of innocent Americans who own firearms instead of pursuing known criminals. This is an imaginary report, showing what a real change in gun policy would look like, since news consumers never get to see one. We now return you to your regularly scheduled advertising.

This report shines light where there is darkness. It demonstrates how it might be received, and what the gun-control vs. crime-control debate could be, if the mainstream media were to start asking real questions and fulfill its role as a watchdog. Cynical observers do not expect it to happen in the near term.

Instead, the media simply marches in line behind the current administration's repetitious feckless demands to curtail civil rights and leave hardened criminals alone to commit their atrocities.

The perpetual report of murder numbers, like the Tribune has just published for the umpteenth time, adds fodder to Mr. Obama's calls to infringe on rights, but is not used for calls to find and arrest the murderers. Mr. Obama seems immune to going after criminals, which would definitely reduce crime, and bring criminals to justice.

The media seems immune to calling him out about it. And the president persists in attacking the rights of the public, calling for still more background checks, which even his allies admit will do nothing new, would not have affected the recent murderer (not "gun man," a demeaning sexist gender-bias slur against guns and men) and meet with fierce resistance from 100 million innocent and honorable American gun owners.

The American "news" media has become as big a part of the problem as the heinous villains wielding the guns and murdering their fellow black citizens with impunity.

Method for Stopping Shooting Rampages Emerges

Hard evidence -- not doctor theories, news commentary, conjecture, hyperbole, rumor, innuendo or any other proposals -- clearly shows that the only known way to actually stop spree murderers is to shoot them -- or scare them into shooting themselves. Time and again society has found this works.

According to the evidence, every mass murder in recent times has been halted, in the final analysis, by shooting the murderers, or threatening to shoot them, with guns. Members of the press corps continue to debate the subject, despite the evidence. Sources speaking privately say the media consciously reject this fact. In stark contrast, self-defense incidents using guns are suppressed, by news-media policy, and do not appear on the public stage.

An excellent write up about the censorship of firearms used in self defense appears here --

and here --

Multiple reports of self-defense, accomplished by shooting criminals, appear as paid space in USA Today, which otherwise censors such reports:

Although knowledgeable commentators are still debating the merits of shooting murderers, the visible evidence clearly demonstrates that shooting the perpetrators does take care of the problem. No other solutions have worked.

The only problem identified is the relative slowness of this effective remedy, due mainly to the delay in getting guns to the scene where innocent victims are assaulted. The scenes have virtually always been in supposed "gun-free zones," with posted signs flatly rejected by the perpetrators.

President Barack Hussein Obama, whose middle name is not supposed to be used, went on national TV, twice in the past week, to propose other solutions, which he announced as "politicized." He promised to "continue talking."

Continue reading "Method for Stopping Shooting Rampages Emerges" »

Ted Nugent calls the President a pathological liar

Ted Nugent has posted a response to President Obama's speech about the Oregon shootings on his Facebook page. See Ted Nugent on Obama’s Speech: ‘The President is a Pathological Liar and America Hating Goon’ or check out his Facebook page. He quotes in full the last blog post here on Page Nine, Obama's Impassioned Mass-Murder Speech Includes Error.

Obama's Impassioned Mass-Murder Speech Includes Error

The President's impassioned Oregon speech, moving as it was, missed a key point that could lead to real progress on this terrible issue of mass murder.

The 16 black Americans shot and murdered in ghettos that same day, and the day before, tragically got no news coverage.

This is stunning, unmentioned -- and those lives matter.

That black-lives gunfire atrocity is repeated, daily. And will remain true tomorrow when another 16 are murdered, but get no "coverage" -- 6,000 per year.

The "Graph of Death" Mr. Obama asked for is already available here:
(with gut-wrenching explanation)

By focusing on an isolated "newsworthy" tragedy in one place, Mr. Obama unknowingly obscures the real issue, and does indeed politicize it -- as he forthrightly admitted.

NOTE: Every action of this Oregon murderer is already 100% illegal -- legal scholars know the call for new laws is superfluous and disingenuous. It is a political agenda that weakens support and the true effort to solve the problem.

The President made a repeated and critical mistake: New laws affecting all Americans will not affect the lone psychotics who commit these atrocities --

The medical community stands as the greatest obstacle in getting to the psychotics.

And the biggest ignored issue of all is: The existing background checks have stopped two million people from buying guns because they are known criminals or mentally unfit -- and they are simply turned loose on the streets.

We have their names and addresses -- and our government just sets them free, right after they try to buy guns.*

Mr. President, do something about that if you're really serious.

Don't try to pass something else, that you know and admit Congress and the public will resist. Act now.

If you want more common-sense solutions, call me.

Comments help keep me going. Alan.

My quibble with you, is this belief in reporting the truth. That is a modern falsehood of post WWII journalism. Journalism has always been propaganda of the owners and most importantly the advertisers who foot the bill in most cases. The newspapers of olden days of 100 years ago didn't even make believe they reported the truth. It was assumed it was just one point of view. Why most cities had many papers from far left to far right and in between. Something for everyone. Today, nobody who wants variety reads USA Today or Wall St. Journal, they surf the net and get their point of view validated. Like the good old days. Regards, Tony T. [Points well taken Tony. Still, the ethical tenets of the profession apply, reporting still differs from editorial content (or should) and belongs in its place, bias still merits noting, self-evident errors and internal contradictions drive me nuts and demean the profession. What would you have The Uninvited Ombudsman do?]


(Referring to the ludicrous nature of phony gun-free zones)
Amen to that!  I've worked in hospitals for over thirty years, all of which have had these absurd signs posted.  Yet in addition to secret announcement codes for arrests, fire, etc. there is always a code for a “weapons situation.” Why is such a code needed if signs are posted?  What garbage!  If Mr. Nutcase pays a visit (the staff entrance is around the corner from my office) I just have to hope I can lay my hands on a bottle of stain or something else to use as a weapon before he finds me… while I don't miss the smog, the crime, the traffic, one thing I do miss about living in Arizona is visiting your booth at Crossroads and saying hello.  I'd buy everything in your library if it was in the budget…
Michael, Laboratory Safety Officer


Enjoyed the entire Page Nine, as usual. Thanks for your hard work. Your skill at getting the point over is certainly a blessing, and I know that, agnostic or not, you don't believe that you are responsible for how adept you've become at confrontationally addressing all who continue their attempt (with much $ and media sensationalism) to take away our basic rights. So, God bless you and your family!
I especially appreciated the NYT write up. It's about time you got deserving publicity. I mean, what's a liberal mind going to do to say after learning about Alan Korwin, except, maybe, "Profanity, profanity, why can't MY brilliance get that kind of coverage. Profanity."
So, keep up the good work (continue writing), and continue making our stand for freedom beyond dispute.
And, finally, as millions will agree, the "Alan Korwin Experience " is the highlight of Armed American Radio. Sincerely, Mike G. [I asked Mike about the New York Times reference, haven't been in there for a while, he meant New Times, The article has a nice handful of errors, but overall it's pretty good.


I have to say my earlier note was an emotional one and I haven't been doing the best job of taking gun violence in stride. I have no idea what the solution is to gun violence, but America continues to lead the industrial West when it comes to shooting it out. I think one step in the right direction would be an extension of the castle doctrine to allow shooting anyone open carrying an assault rifle. [emphasis mine. Alan.] That would be an interesting court test.

If you see a couple of people carrying assault rifles openly, you could argue convincingly that they needed killing. This is based on experience with people openly carrying assault rifles in public places who were perfectly within their rights until they pulled the trigger.

Actually, I think this would be very appealing to folks like you. It would be taking us back to something more like the Old West which is the keystone of our shoot first and ask questions later culture.
By the way, of all the people I have asked why they carry concealed weapons, they all reply it's for protection.    When I ask the same people if they wear bulletproof vests, the answer is zero. 
ps  if you are concerned about protection, why would you not make a bulletproof vest your first choice?  Like police officers?   A bulletproof vest will have fought off the first attack, giving you time to reach for your own Glock.  -Bill S.

How to Destroy the West: Muslim Immigrants

The lamestream media told you:

USA Today--Jubilation as Austria, Germany Open Borders: Thousands of migrants arrived in Austria and many more were heading there on foot Saturday as European countries broke a stalemate and began finding ways to take in the masses of humanity... The migrants are mainly from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan and have endured hardships... Arabic-speaking translators were also on hand to help at emergency registration centers... tens no hundreds of thousands, more coming, statistics upon statistics... where were they all last week, month, year... it doesn't say.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

In an accompanying USA Today story -- which logic would dictate even if it weren't in ink: "Persian Gulf countries such as [fabulously oil-rich wealthy] Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait have pledged or donated hundreds of millions of dollars but won't resettle those fleeing the Syrian civil war raging for more than four years." Hmmm. According to Amnesty International's Geoffrey Mock, the Gulf states have "offered zero resettlement places." Why would Arabs reject fellow Arabs? (Because it's the best thing that could happen for their cause.)

Luay Al Khatteeb, at the Brookings Institute gets it right when he notes in the same piece that the Gulf states "may" fear destabilization from a major influx of migrants. "When they enter any country, they will bring with them all the reasons why they left."

The Gulf states "may" fear
destabilization from a major
influx of migrants.

So they're not taking them.

They're letting them go to Europe, much further away.

And it, uhh, helps the caliphate. Shhh.

This of course is EXACTLY what the United States is experiencing from the influx of illegal immigrants across its southern border, unchecked for more than a decade. The migrants know it. Their domestic supporters inside government and out know it. Voting is shifted. Culture is shifted. Economics shift. Citizens are screwed.

And there's the rub.

ISIS and muslims everywhere know that the wars in the Middle East are a good thing, if all they do is drive hundreds of thousands of other muslims to pollinate Europe in one fell swoop. The millennium-old muslim dream of a global caliphate moves a giant leap closer, with limited bloodshed and tragedy, just people dying along the road and washing up on shores, to elicit sympathy, and funding. They may not want to admit it, even to themselves, but every single one has had that thought. Just like you.

What will Europe do with these teaming masses, yearning to be... islamic? Many unskilled in employable western ways, insular thanks to language and culture, an economic drag on the economy, despite politician's pipe dreams otherwise: (Angela Merkel, Germany -- "As a strong, economically healthy country we have the strength to do what is necessary," but then she does promise that every asylum seeker, "gets a fair hearing," whatever that means; how long can their strength last? How do Germans feel paying for that?

If you wanted to establish a caliphate, destroy Western culture, take over Europe -- the heart of your enemy -- how better than to send endless hordes of refugees there, with the ignorant political infrastructure welcoming them, instead of forcing them back to their allied countries -- who reject them for the same reasons you should.

Here come the teaming masses
yearning to be... islamic.

Socialism Plans To Win

This links to a fascinating obituary for Robert Conquest.

Dr. Conquest documented the calculated evil of the world's largest totalitarian state (socialist/communist) when it was quite unpopular to do so -- until then it had enjoyed unbounded praise of outsiders. The New York Times knowingly hid the truth from the world for decades. The world owes much to the gut-wrenching truth he published. From the obit:

"... An ardent Bolshevik as a young man, Conquest became a bitter foe of Soviet “Socialism”. He had first visited Russia in 1937 as a youthful devotee of the great experiment. It was a half century before he returned in 1989, having spent his life between chronicling the horrors the country had endured, and emerging, in the view of the Oxford historian Mark Almond, as “one of the few Western heroes of the collapse of Soviet Communism”. “He was Solzhenitsyn before Solzhenitsyn,” said Timothy Garton Ash.

"Of his many works on the subject, perhaps the most important was The Great Terror, published in 1968 and detailing the full enormity of what Stalin had done to the Russian people in the 1930s and 1940s. The Mexican writer Octavio Paz paid the most succinct tribute to this book when he said in 1972 that The Great Terror had “closed the debate” about Stalinism."

And we now have a socialist openly running for president ("Go get ’em" Bernie Sanders). And we have huge minions ardently following him. And we have a lapdog media singing his praises and failing to point out that socialism is the arch enemy of The American Way and everything this nation stands for. And this man commanding media attention calls for redistributive economics, central controls on the economy, and abject collectivism, all of which are proven failures and tyrannical forms of governance. And nowhere in the mainstream is "balance" from reporters, with reference to individual effort, entrepreneurship, profit motive, self interest, capitalism, free markets, laissez faire, personal responsibility -- none of the values that made America the most prosperous bastion of freedom the world has ever seen. Socialism should be debunked not defended.

Evidence: Black Lives Count For Less

Two reporters are shot in Virginia, and get wall-to-wall news coverage that day. The same day, 16 blacks were murdered in ghettos, but no national news reports appeared, justifying the controversial headline of this news brief.

The next day, 16 blacks were murdered in ghettos again, but no national news reports appeared, even though the two white reporters commanded major news coverage everywhere, justifying the controversial headline of this news brief again. Blacks were the murderers in both cases. The next day, 16 blacks were murdered in ghettos yet again (all based on annual national averages), but no national news reports appeared, blah blah yada yada do wah diddy diddy. According to leading national experts, this shows black lives don't matter as much. The movement with the similar sounding name seems to be a rebirth of the ole Black Panthers movement, for the same underlying causes.

Gun owners demand the arrest and punishment of the murderers, because they are dangerous murderers, and are hurting our gun rights, but are ignored. Left-wing anti-rights zealots demand making lists of everyone who buys a gun, because two reporters were shot by a madman, but are ignored. Go figure.


At your next meeting where politicians
or candidates are present just ask:

"As a candidate for office,
do you support a moratorium
on sales taxes on gun safes,
to encourage people
to buy and use them?"

The Background Check Lie

The Ugly Secret About Background Checks:
They Aren't Background Checks

It's a gun registration scheme

If people knew the truth they'd never support it--
So it is promoted with deceit, front to back

What's so bad about gun registration, right?
We register cars.


The entire push for so-called universal background checks is based on deceit and misinformation. It's the only way it can pass -- get enough people to support something that sounds good, whether it is or not.

Daily Caller has decided to republish an article of mine, one of the best I ever wrote, exposing this deception. "News" articles perpetually mislead the public in a (sometimes) ignorant push for so-called "simple, common-sense" gun checks, believing (hoping) it will finally stop (or put a dent in) crime. It will have the opposite effect. How could they be so wrong? How could they miss the evidence, the logic, even the emotions of this crucial story? How can they not get it? They would if they read this.

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