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Olympic Deception Recap

The lamestream media told you:


The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

By now even closed-minded TV viewers know that the only reason they could see the Olympics at all was because the Chinese dictators shut down industry and vehicle traffic for weeks so the air was at least partially transparent.

What many couch potatoes have not recognized is that nearly everything they watched had already happened, the results were known, and the timing of the event they saw was completely artificial and managed.

NBC did a great job of hiding this primary fact by refusing to put "Live" and "Recorded" on any of the broadcasts. This made it seem more real, a cool deception that enhanced enjoyment at the expense of honesty.

Did you notice that the smoke cleared immediately after fireworks displays? That's because as soon as the flash ended production crews spent hours editing the recordings.

Did you notice that team scores advanced, like, a real lot, between commercials? That's because production crews edited out large chunks of the game so you didn't have to stay up late and watch the whole boring thing.

Did you wonder how so many thousands of people could "volunteer" their time for nine months to practice for the spectacular opening and closing ceremonies? That's because dictators can command the presence of anyone they choose, for as long as they choose, under any conditions they choose, and if you argue, you know you can be simply killed.

Did you wonder what it would be like to face an army of those one-size-fits-all nattily dressed synchronized people? That concept wasn't lost on the dictators strutting around on the "world stage" created by the media. The communist dictators fielded more "entertainers" than machine guns have belts.

Did you notice they were all good looking? That's because unattractive ones were weeded out of the "volunteer" corps and sent home.

Did you notice how the entire staging of the ceremonial events deemphasized the role of individuals, and how the main thing that mattered was the coordinated effort of the collective whole? That communist principle was at the heart of the design.

Do you think any free society could even come close to matching the scope or spectacle the dictators were able to muster? Could a free society even mount the will and financial resources to assemble, house, clothe, feed and control that many people for that long?

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