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What Did Russia Really Do?


Permanently bent out of shape from Hillary's loss

The lamestream media told you:

Russia hacked America's election to help Donald Trump win. We've been telling you this non-stop for six months without backup. We do not add to this line, we just keep repeating it without adding any significant illuminating detail besides conjecture that might affect your perception. Let's bring in our opinion panel. Hillary lost because Russia helped Donald Trump win. Repeat after me. We even have investigations going now.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Russia MAY HAVE helped another outfit (we don't know yet) release secret democrat emails that revealed Hillary and her aides were cheating to win the election. If the secret emails were not leaked, Hillary's cheating might have given her the election.

By learning of her direct cheating, American's were able to make a more informed choice, and chose to reject her corrupt attempt to get herself and her scandal-ridden husband back into the White House.

The secret emails revealed the "news" media, including CNN and others, were giving her debate questions before presidential debates. Her campaign was even suggesting debate questions to them that would make Hillary look good and hurt her opponents. That's what happened.

In addition, it was exposed by the hacking, whose actual sources have not been even partially attributed, that the democrat's party, which is supposed to neutrally act in support of its candidates, worked directly to defeat Bernie Sanders, who had a brutally real chance of defeating the baggage-laden Clinton candidate, whose leading claim to fame apparently was the fact that she wasn't a man, apparently.

Rumors of homosexual behavior on her part were never proven, and no un-retouched photographs have ever surfaced. Her husband's illicit, immoral and apparently illegal sexual behavior and deviancy is well known and documented. Aside from impeachment, he has not been charged.

Despite the "news" media's incessant harping on Russia's possible hacking as a total excuse for Hillary's failure, it's obvious if Hillary had managed to keep all her dark criminal activity secret that likely could have made a difference. Americans and the media should be thankful it all came out, instead of voting in ignorance, but reporters were rooting for one side instead of reporting. They still are.

It was the dirty work turned up and leaked about Clinton's top staffer John Podesta, the democrat's party, its disgraced former leader Debbie Wasserman Schultz and others in Hillary's campaign and around her, including sexual pervert Anthony Weiner, Hillary's top advisor Huma Abiden's husband, that brought on Hillary's defeat, among other factors. Left-wing operatives could not be reached for comment.

A Page Nine reader makes this very important point: No democrat has denied the truth of the hacked material. (-Sleuth)


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