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Trump Training Triumph

You thought we won when the other guy lost,
but you know government isn’t the answer.

by Alan Korwin
As originally seen in Dillon's Blue Press

How much do you figure Donald Trump knows about reloading?

I’ll make that multiple choice to give you a fighting chance—reloading a 30-round magazine, speed loading a revolver, a tactical reload, or working a Dillon Blue Press—and could he even name those four kinds of reloading?

Does Rush Limbaugh know his stuff when it comes to selecting reloading brass? I don’t even have to ask if anyone in the public school system knows anything accurate or truthful about anything gun or the Second Amendment.

The truth is, Donald John Trump, our thought leaders, the majority of all our leaders and at least half the public is basically stuck in Ignorantville when it comes to the most fundamental working symbol of freedom, our firearms. Reloading is such a narrow niche in that scheme of things, I’ll bet most members of Congress can’t accurately tell you what it is or how it’s done.

If we’re smart, that should all change now. Quickly. With wonderful benefits for everyone. And for America.

We are so used to fighting a life-or-death struggle for the very survival of our rights, against the very government that is supposed to stand four square in defense of those rights, we are practically set off balance by the idea we may have a commander-in-chief and chief executive who is pro-rights on the gun issue. What a stunning breath of fresh air that would be. What do we do with it?

So many people seem to be clamoring for new laws. Laws to grant rights we have lost. More laws. That’s what the other side wanted. OK, it has some logic to it, something has to be done about the infringements and usurpations we the people have endured for so long. Be careful what you wish for though—you might get it. “More laws!” was not our rallying cry a short while ago. Maybe you’re really interested in repeals. Think about that. I’ll address it on soon.

Let’s look instead for now at changing the entire public landscape, the mindset, swapping out education and awareness for ignorance and fear. For all the left wing’s incessant noisy complaining that gun owners are close-minded ignorant redneck Neanderthals, parroted dutifully by the “news” media, it turns out we’re the ones that do know what reloading is, how guns work, what the safety rules are, how to shoot straight, and why people own guns. It’s up to us to shift the narrative and spread the word.

Swap out education
for ignorance.

Mr. President, we need to introduce real gun-safety classes in schools. Mr. Limbaugh, half of all American homes have guns—a few hours of time in a 12-year school career is barely enough but it’s a start. Encourage schools to do this voluntarily. Use Arizona’s marksmanship law for elective classes as a model (A.R.S. §15-714.01).

People—especially teacher’s unions who won’t stop arguing to maintain ignorance—must be stopped from preventing progress. They can call themselves progressives, but that is exactly what they are not. Think what it would do for national preparedness if every High School Diploma included one credit in Marksmanship. We had a competition rifle team when I was in high school, it built character. Students earned varsity letters in shotgun. Only political correctness (which is really cultural Marxism) tore these fine traditions from our classrooms and curricula.

The ranges in our area are eager to donate time for schools to bring kids down on a field trip. Yours will be too. Working closely with instructors, teachers and parents, they can give students first-hand experience in one of the safest sports in the country, far safer than soccer, basketball, football, hockey, baseball, rugby and skating, combined. Little could provide a more positive incentive on staffing our armed forces than to have young adults who understand riflery and gun safety.

When your predecessor was in office, he coerced and provided funds to broadcasters and the Ad Council to promote ideas that denigrated healthy involvement with firearms. His 15-point executive order, given mindless support by the press, was entirely focused on reducing access to firearms and the number of gun owners in the nation. He all but hid the valuable history that arms played in America’s founding and our role as the linchpin of freedom on the planet for more than two centuries.

America’s voices—from the bully pulpit, the airwaves, in print, online and from public spaces—can encourage the population to rediscover a wholesome, family-oriented, scholastic and historic reintroduction of the value of firearms, properly and responsibly owned, in the deepest folds of the fabric of the United States. It is time to reinvigorate a culture of marksmanship in this great nation, for all the right reasons.

You reading this have a role to play. Take pride in your marksmanship skills. Talk up the idea of firearms training in schools, for church groups, range time as social activity instead of movies. Help the culture of marksmanship gain a foothold in this great land again.


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