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Spotlighting Serial Killers

Media continues promoting copycats

In a rare break with its constant promoting of serial killers, The Arizona Republic ran a reader's letter in tune with the JPFO "Don't Inspire Evil" campaign, which calls for a new journalism ethics guideline:

"Refrain from gratuitous or repetitive use of spree killer or jihadi names and images."

The media has refused to even consider the guideline. The letter writer goes further:

"Phoenix serial killers do not deserve news coverage! Criminologists have confirmed that publicity motivates serial killers. Ten years ago horrible crimes happened to random victims who could have been you or me, or much worse, our daughter or son. I was heartbroken to see The Republic give to the killers exactly what they want: five days of attention.

"As a city and a nation, how an we stop the creation of serial killers until we stop making stars of the criminals who take innocent lives? The media understand society's fascination with violence and murder. They exploit this obsession through excessive coverage.

"Next time, prior to succumbing to sensationalism, please use some restraint and consider the impact upon victims, both past and future." -Anne V.

Sexual Harassment Observation

Similar hysteria overtook Germany in 1930s

It's happening.
Everyone jumps on a same bandwagon.
No one feels free to speak out against the rising tide.
If you buck the trend you're an enemy of the common mindset,
now in a lock grip on public thought.
Someone says, "I think he's a _____" (name your poison).
Right now it's sex. Could be wealth. Colors. Anything. Doesn't matter. You're doomed.

That's the dangerous part of what's happening with sexual harassment charges.
Not the harassment. Not the sex.
Not the treatment or mistreatment of women.
Not the time delay in the sh!t hitting the fan -- 40-year delays.

Abuse of people has been on since forever.
Subtle abuse, overt abuse, men, women, kids, quiet, loud, it's been routine.
If you're just finding this out, no, wait, no one is just now finding this out.
The idea that it is now grounds for dismissal and destruction without due process --
mob mentality -- that's the issue.

Islam treats women like slaves. Not figurative slaves, literal slaves.
If actual concern for treatment of women was the issue,
that would be on the radar.
That would be front and center, on the table.
It is not.
Not just muslims in Arabia, and France, and among 1.2 billion muslims.
Right here in Dearborn, Michigan and elsewhere.

Nobody cares about that.
Because it's not part of the herd mentality that's taken control.
The herd mentality is the problem.

Are there real abuse problems between women and men? Sure.
Do men, being unequal, take advantage? Who doesn't know that.
Life is unfair. We all get that.
You do what you can. It's not fair.
Short of felony assault your choices are more limited.
And even then...
Some of it's pure biology, some is more sinister.
Just like life.

Remember: All sexual advances are unwanted sexual advances,
until you find out if they're wanted or not.
That's true for both sexes.

I was fortunate to have met a French woman on a flight to France.
That was in my music-business days, from 1972 - 1980, went to MIDEM,
voted for the Grammy winners, I was in the thick of it, the whole nine yards.
My French girlfriend, bless her, she taught me a lot about the world,
as naive as she may have been about other things (so I taught her
a thing or two too). She informed me, after I gave up one time,
"Oooh Alain... sometimes no meeens yes!"

Why does anyone need an AR-15?

You'd think reporters would know by now!

Alan Korwin answers the media's burning question at last --
in a compelling short video.

A few enlightening moments -- delightful!

Leave Work Early

Junk science on Page One

USA Today finds a new low

The lamestream media told you:

"Knock off from work a little early? Sure, it's good for you."

In a front page story, a reporter named Mathew Diebel tells us the "Australian National University" has found the perfect number of hours in a work week: 39. This is the research result of Huong Dinh, at the university's "research school of population health." According to the report, "Long hours erode a person's mental and physical health because it leaves less time to eat well and look after themselves properly," according to the lead researcher.

Using an olden investigative tool called a "calculator," the Uninvited Ombudsman finds a week has 168 hours. Subtracting Huong's 39-hour ideal, we find a person would be left with 129 hours weekly to eat, brush teeth, and do whatever else a person needs to do to maintain mental and physical health. That math was not included in the story.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

There is no objective way to make Huong's ridiculous claim, for Australia, the U.S., The Cayman Islands, Bangladesh or anywhere. Giving it front page coverage, where news is supposed to appear, is further proof that USA Today is wasting paper. For comparison, the paper points out that Americans typically spend 47 hours a week working, with no support for the figure, and without pointing out that America is among the most highly desired destinations of productive people on the planet. By comparison, the writer says the French spend 35 hours a week working. So what. Whether the huge and growing muslim welfare population is included in that figure isn't mentioned.

The writer does say, with no apologies, that women need to work less, because they're women. Apparently, the diversity and equal opportunity quality czars at USA Today let that slip through uncensored. The public already knows that women and men compete separately at the Olympics, due to widely recognized differences. The National Football League could not be reached for comment on their own lack of diversity, work-hour schedules, or lack of racial and gender diversity, termed bullpucky in live-mic leakage.

Read what people are saying about Page Nine, or tell Alan yourself.

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