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86,000 M1 Garands from Philippines to U.S.?

Didn't we hear this from South Korea last time?

The lamestream media told you:

It’s about pending historic rifle imports, so maybe that’s a good thing.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

You may have seen this floating around:

Civilian Marksmanship Program May Receive 86,000 M1 Garand Rifles from the Philippines.

"The Civilian Marksmanship Program has received word that the Philippine government could be shipping 86,000 M1 Garand rifles back to the United States for distribution to American civilian shooters."

"It’s a very special feeling to have a rifle shipped directly to your door, courtesy of the U.S. government (via the CMP), and I highly recommend to everyone that can to try it at least once!"

The story seems to be a come on.
There is no real impending action.
It’s “hopeful” and “possible” and why not read his next article on how to qualify if it happens. (Basically, provide government proof that you’re eligible, and register.) "But wouldn't it be nice, sign up now." No different really than the M1s tied up in South Korea, near as I can see.

For it to happen, existing import restrictions have to be repealed.
Nothing like that is currently in the wind, as far as I'm aware.
Trump could make it so though, easily.
But he has many other fish to fry, and political capital to spend elsewhere.
The national carry bill is sitting idle, the hearing protection act too.
Pick this up instead? Not a smart money bet.


IMPORTANT: Jeff Knox, Director, The Firearms Coalition,, notes:

“DC scuttlebutt says to expect no action on national carry reciprocity or hearing protection (silencers) this year -- too many higher priorities, etc...

“CMP might get guns though. But BATFE will try to get State Dept. to block it. Trump could very easily clear the way for this, and the long-awaited guns (also U.S. surplus M1 Garands) from S. Korea too. It would be a smart move for him to do it, to give some crumbs to the GunVoters who are starting to get restless -- and will get more so as hearing protection and reciprocity flounder.

“If they don't get those bills out of committee this year, odds of them doing so next year go down. Republicans sort of get that Dems pushing gun control hurts Dems and helps Republicans. But they can't seem to grasp that pushing pro-rights legislation -- and forcing D's to vote on the record on them -- helps R's and hurts D's. To most, it is just a political issue, and their only real concern is where NRA will come down on their race in the next election cycle. We need to be pushing to get those bills out of committee to get clear recorded votes.”

If you’re not getting Jeff’s inside info on Congress and the states, go to his website now and sign up.

Constitutional Carry (Freedom To Carry) Grows

No permit needed in 14 states, some don't even require training

Promised bloodbath fails to materialize, 14 times in a row

The lamestream media told you:

If we allow people to carry dangerous loaded guns around with permits people will just be shooting each other in the streets. With this new Constitutional Carry idea, you won't even need training and it will be far worse.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

A mere few weeks after New Hampshire became the 13th Constitutional Carry state in the nation, North Dakota emancipated its citizens, restoring their right to keep and bear arms without government papers or other Jim Crow-style discriminatory practices.

A total of 20 states now have FTC (Freedom to Carry) bills under way, to replace or improve upon the RTC (so-called “right-to-carry” government-issued permission slips) that every state has in some form. Right-to-carry “CCW” permits are a great advance over the total denial of rights that jurisdictions enforced for many years. That was on the way to the far greater freedom of Constitutional Carry, which eliminates significant government management of our civil right to arms.

The ultimate goal of Diplomatic Carry, where citizens can simply carry with impunity, as many authorities currently do, regardless of make-believe gun-free zones and even prohibited places, is still probably a distant goal, according to leading experts.

Full background and details:

Despite constant fear mongering and promises of Wild West mayhem, nothing even remotely of the sort has occurred. Media outlets have refused to issue corrections, confirming their role as providers of hopelessly fake news. They deny the accusation, despite the evidence, 64 times in a row and counting.

National Freedom to Carry 2017

“H.R. 38: Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017” (Hudson, R-NC 8th District)
01/12/2017 Referred to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations, still there (2/28/17).

NOTE: This bill will likely go through amendments before enactment. It will likely be subject to the "bureaucracy affect," where local "officials" interpret it to suit their preferences, since many do not approve of what this accomplishes -- it frees ordinary Americans to keep and bear arms nationwide, with conditions. Take steps to avoid being a test case.

Introduced Jan 3, 2017. The best national-carry bill so far, we'll do well to enact it, though as written it has some serious problems in need of change. Leftists are likely to fight this one, their hatred for our rights is well known.

The Gist:
If you can legally have a firearm, and you're carrying valid government-issued photo ID, and you have a valid concealed-carry license, or you are simply entitled to carry concealed in your state, you can have or carry a concealed handgun in any state that either makes a carry license available to its residents, or doesn't prohibit concealed carry for lawful purpose. That now includes all 50 states. The bill language uses multiple terms (e.g., possessing, transporting, shipping or receiving; license or permit, etc.) for precision, replaced here with single terms to get the point across clearly. The bill itself is almost five pages long.

The statute doesn't say it in so many words, but this is full recognition of Constitutional Carry -- no government interference with the right to bear arms -- for people from states that have reached permitless Freedom To Carry (FTC; see also, Diplomatic Carry, the next step up, America has 13 FTC states so far, with 20 actively working on it.

The new law does this by referring to a person who, “is entitled to carry a concealed firearm in the State in which the person resides.” That's everyone in FTC states. But watch this word entitled with care, it is a cornerstone of liberty or a brick in the wall.

So-called “gun-free zones” get federal recognition. The law specifically recognizes state laws that allow private persons to create gun-free zones, either real or make-believe, and the same for state or local governments. Though not explicit, the direct implication is that Freedom To Carry excludes “authorized” gun-free zones, whether real or pretend.

Freedom from Arrest, Sorta. The statute provides that, if you are carrying and in compliance, you “may not be arrested or detained” for anything related to the firearm. If that said “shall not” instead of “may not” it would eliminate a lot of dangerous wiggle room. You do remain subject to arrest while carrying if, “there is probable cause to believe that the person is doing so in a manner not provided for by this section.” It's not clear what this might encompass, though it seems to say you must be in compliance to be protected. Proper ID is “facially valid” and “prima facie evidence” that you are correctly licensed under the law. The protection does not seem to extend to any other violations or offenses.

Balance the “may not be arrested” part however against this language that comes later: “When a person asserts this section as a defense in a criminal proceeding...”

So you could end up caught in Tell-it-to-the-Judge. To discourage state and local governments from acting against you, first, the prosecution has the explicit burden of proving beyond a reasonable doubt, the highest standard, that you were out of compliance. Next, if you use this law as a defense and the government loses, they must pay your legal bills.

For extra measure, the statute includes a guarantee similar to 42 USC §1983, a right to a private claim of action against the state, including damages, other relief and legal bills. If you are deprived of any “right, privilege or immunity” secured by this law, using any “statute, ordinance, regulation, custom or usage” of any state, you can sue. This seems to set up a conflict with the permission for no-guns signs in section (b)(2): They can set up no-gun zones and you can sue if your rights are denied. The right to sue is only against the government, private zones in section (b)(1) are not mentioned.

A new definition of handgun is introduced, only for the purpose of this statute. Redefining terms is always a great cause for concern, unexpected results frequently lurk, and this one has several dark corners. Nothing prevents authorities from taking definitions from one place once enacted and using them in other places, “as matters of settled law.”

The statute says: ''The term 'handgun' includes any magazine for use in a handgun and any ammunition loaded into the handgun or its magazine.” It seems the bill seeks to protect a traveler in an unfriendly jurisdiction, who might be cited just for the magazines or ammo, because in some states, magazine size matters, as can ammo type. The gun you carry includes its ammo, but this doesn't quite say that.

If this passes, magazines become handguns by definition. Possession of handguns introduces all sorts of complexity, that now starts applying to empty or loaded magazines, complexity skyrockets, rights shrink. The bill says “any magazine for use in a handgun” so any magazine is affected.

Ammo Redefined. Regarding ammo, only ammo loaded into “the handgun” is a handgun for the purpose of this law (loose ammo remains plain old ammo). The implication is ammo loaded into the gun the person carries. And next, ammo loaded into magazines for that handgun, though not necessarily in it, are handguns. If you have a loaded or empty magazine you have a handgun. If you then acquire a matching pistol, do you have two handguns? Is a six-shooter seven guns? Those are the easy problems. Walking past a school zone with an empty magazine would almost violate state versions of the next law.

National assets are open to armed citizens. A person carrying under the terms of this statute may do so in any public areas of the National Parks, a National Wildlife Refuge, public Bureau of Land Management lands, Army Corps of Engineers land, and Bureau of Reclamation land.

2017 SHOT Show

The biggest trade show on Earth, for the #2 participant sport in America, the shooting sports, a constant gold-medal winner at the Olympics, all but ignored (or vilified by the lamestream media. It is no wonder the new president calls the media fake news. They are. They do nothing but vilify the very thing that keeps Amerians safe, gives them pleasure, and keeps the free world free. The tiny percentage of evil, ghettoized miscreants who wreak havoc on themselves and others, are ignored in large measure by authorities, and are promoted on front pages to sell audience size by corrupt reporters and editors who are now among the worst enemies of freedom our nation faces. Journalists can't see it, don't understand it.

The show this year, as in past years, exhibits the latest greatest gear and advancements in self defense, military and police weaponry, accessories, open only to the trade, like other professional trade shows.

Even walking is tricky with more than 100 countries represented and nearly 65,000 people in attendance at the SHOT Show, a truly international event.

The Press Office (nice digs, huh?) is always a place for making new friends and valuable contacts, I spend a lot of time there, with 2,500 other members of the trade press. Attorney Lara Smith is the national spokesperson for the California based Liberal Gun Club -- who knew there was such a thing? Turns out liberal is not a monolithic thing, with awareness alive in some spots. A growing interest in sound Second Amendment principles is developing and it bodes well for freedom, people who own and fire guns, "get it." With liberals starting to fear their government, and asking me how to arm, how long will it be before Glock and Colt start to advertise in Rolling Stone. It's a monumental and untapped market for hardware, training, education.

A flag made from shotgun shells speaks for itself, a real eye catcher.

Call me square, I don't get this. There's a mud flap babe in white on the mag well, a little hard to see. Guys buy it for their women? Women buy it for themselves? Overheard: "I wouldn't be caught dead with one." Interesting irony that, no?

Similar question -- camo with candy pink straps? Who's the appeal? Girly men? Women who don't understand camo? Halloween? Gag gifts? The LGBTQ1A queer questioning non-hetero non-cisgender
intersex community? Apologies Mossy, I had to get that out. Nice bags. Everyone already knows you make good stuff.

You only think you're crouched low and hiding if the other guy has telescopic night-vision optics. A still frame snapped from a video. The surveillance gear on display was terrifying (for the civilians) and mouthwatering for the warrior-types in the crowd, plenty of both. You only think you're armed if the other guy is armored.

Loads of celebrities at every turn, here VISTA Outdoor Media had four top competitive shooters on a panel taking questions from an audience, transfixed by their knowledge, experience, comfort in front of a crowd -- these folks knew more about guns, shooting traveling to compete, it was hard to tear away and see the show, which is too big to see in its entirety anyway.

Best illusion of the show -- this indoor range used to demonstrate a target system is basically a flat piece of paper. Yup. The rails over the woman's head terminate at the screen and hold the target carrier. The whole thing is the depth of a regular booth, give or take, and that's a non-firing pistol. One of the most innovative displays I've ever seen, from Action Target in Utah, who had a lot of other goods spread out.

Radio Row was packed on the first floor with national and regional talk show hosts, live during the entire event. Here's Lars Larson and his finger-pointing producer Carl Sundberg --  we promised each other we would make time for a short segment but it didn't happen before he was off air. SHOT is so overwhelming far more gets promised than gets done, and you still get back to your room each night exhausted with a ton of leads and done deals. I didn't count how many interviews I gave, got buttonholed, scheduled some, set up some for after the show, still have some planned. Hey Lars, let's do it!

Wise-arse Mark Walters, on air in 200 cities with Armed American Radio, captured my soul as I captured his -- one day I want to stage this and do it with 15 people simultaneously -- what an image that would make! Mark had me on right after some impossibly tough act to follow, was it Hugh Hewitt? Who can remember, it all becomes a blur.

Dana Loesch had prime space on Radio Row for The Blaze.

In the show-stopper product category:

BIG GUN NEWS: When Congress restricted intermediate capacity drum-fed shotguns under Bill Clinton they did it by name -- the Street Sweeper, Striker-12 and USAS-12. The government basically said tell us you have it, and pay us for each one, or it's banned. Fail to do so and we can send armed agents to get you and put you in a cage for years.

It was such a stunning affront and infringement that no one thought about defeating the abuse, we just sat back and took it (effective 3/1/94). These arms were classified as NFA destructive devices and required registration with BATFE. You're looking above at a 25-round shotgun drum that will fit magazine-fed shotguns, perfectly legal, made by SGM Tactical in Knoxville. Freedom always seems to find a way.

The SHOT Show wouldn't be the same without a healthy amount of eye candy. There was a grab bag to choose from. I just grabbed one to share. Have a nice day.

Hearing Protection Act 2017

"H.R. 367 Hearing Protection Act of 2017" Duncan, (R-TN 2nd District)

Introduced 1/9/17, assigned to Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations, referred 2/6, still there 2/28/17.

The Gist:
When this bill is enacted, silencers are removed from the restrictive NFA law (National Firearms Act, dating back to 1934). The $200 "transfer tax" ends for all transactions from Oct. 22, 2015 and going forward. Silencers become treated as ordinary firearms, subject to the same manufacturing, possession and sales rules as ordinary long guns and sidearms, at the federal and state levels.

A person lawfully getting or having one will be treated as if they meet any registration and licensing required under the National Firearms Act. A law within a state that interferes with making, transferring, using, possessing or transporting a silencer, or imposes a tax, or requires a mark, record keeping or registration of a silencer, "shall have no force or effect."

Basically, if the statute operates as intended silencers become regulated only under the gun laws the public is familiar with, in 18 USC §921 and beyond ("et seq." in Latin). If there was stock in a silencer company, it would be a smart buy. Home manufacture for personal use would fit within the law. On passage we could reasonably expect a slew of new firms, models, integral pistol designs, holsters and more.

Just nudge government out of the way, economy flourishes, textbook theory proves itself again, I love saying that every time it happens.

Potential snags are everywhere unfortunately. Some states will hate this, feds telling them what to do, they'll be tempted to sue, to declare it unconstitutional. Cities get around tax bans... by imposing "fees." The lists, as all lists do, leave wiggle room, look again, watch some city will try to "certify" the products, that's not registration, right? The definition of silencer is deleted from the NFA statute, and then anyone getting or having one is treated as having registered and licensed it. That's sort of odd, though it does address the many little tax, transfer, approval and transport burdens the law also would require. The definitions in the regular gun laws would likely apply (this is stuck in tax law, Title 26 Internal Revenue Code).

To help make things difficult to understand, Congress refers to "Section 5845(a) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986" and amending, striking out, and adding language. They could instead refer to our statute directly (26 USC §5845a), which is easy to find and read, and say: Delete this from "(a)," the list of weapons:

"(7) any silencer (as defined in section 921 of title 18, United States Code);"

NOTE: You can find this section on page 260 of ourbook Gun Laws of America.

Silencers are environmentally friendly devices, contributing to more peaceful surroundings, with excellent health benefits in protecting hearing and lowering stress. The muffled report allows for easier placement of practice ranges, and improves training, with better communication between student and instructor. If OSHA was doing its job, silencers would be available at Walgreens and Rite Aid.

Virginia Gun Laws on the Move

Anti-rights bills defeated, good bills alive

A few good bills have died unfortunately

The lamestream media told you:

Nothing, as usual. A bit of lamenting has appeared in the lamestream, ever since Hillary's plans to confiscate and destroy the public's firearms—the Australia plan she and the entire democrat party touted before her campaign crashed and burned—but positive news about guns and gun laws remains heavily suppressed as always. Heavy losses at federal and state levels has not changed the media. They remain as biased and twisted as ever.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

The Virginia Citizens Defense League -- a national leader in how gun-rights are done at the state level -- are on the march and have moved the ball down the field. From their latest report:


First piece of good news is that we’ve managed to either kill or neuter all of the 37 gun-control bills that were introduced this year! [Take note -- legislators who are supposed to protect and defend the Constitution have introduced 37 bills to cut off or limit your right to arms. Criminals are unaffected by the new bills, because guns are already completely outlawed for criminals, a point always omitted in "news" reports. Alan.]


* Blocking CHP information being shared with states that don’t honor VA CHPs

* Legalizing switchblades

* Circuit Court Clerk to email notice of expiring CHP to permit holder

* Active duty or honorably discharged military under 21-years-old can get a CHP

* CHPs can be either laminated or plastic

* Protective orders become a temporary CHP for the person being protected

* Victims of certain crimes, such as domestic violence, can get free firearms training

* Gun owners cannot be disarmed while in an emergency shelter

* A photo ID must be provided when applying for a new CHP or renewal, but the application will no longer need to be notarized

* For a CHP address change, no proof of new address will be required any more

* Limited immunity when reporting an act of self-defense using 9-1-1

* Restoration for firearms rights for a person who had been adjudicated mentally defective, but no longer lives in Virginia

* Foster care parents can legally have a firearms on their person while at home

* Gun owners who vote in polling places that prohibit guns can vote absentee

* State law on “restricted ammunition” updated to take into account modern ammunition technology

* Possession of antique/black powder firearms by non-violent felons for purposes of hunting or recreational use legalized


* Constitutional Carry

* Restoration of legal fees for a person who was involved in a justifiable use of self-defense

* Codification of church carry (pulled by patron)

* Sales tax exemption for purchase of a gun safe

* Income tax deduction for purchase of a gun safe

* Reduction in CHP fees


Arizona's activists are following no less than 30 bills of importance to gun owners. Read a summary of each, the actual language, support/oppose ratings, and join the easy effort to win or lose here:

Of these bills, 11 are harmful to our rights, a few need to be watched, and the balanced would be good for us, controlling the authorities, protecting our rights, preventing monkey business with the ballot initiative and referendum process. Those citizen initiative tools are the latest in the gun-rights struggles. Billionaire anti-rights zealots Soros and Bloomberg are using their wealth to sway popular opinion regardless of facts, pay enormous sums to gather signatures, often under false pretenses, and push through policies legislatures and the federal government would other wise never pass.

Do not underestimate the power of bad people with bags of money and an agenda to make the public subservient to their armed will. They want you disarmed, but they stand protected by walls of armored heavily armed troops. For safety. 


This might be OK for our military,
but it has no place in civilian police forces.
When political elites want you disarmed,
but this is what they have instead of police,
you know in your heart something is wrong.
You only think you're armed
if the other guy is armored,
defeating the 2nd Amendment entirely.

What do you think people living in
"communities of color" think of this?


Tucson Melting Guns. Again

We banned this by law. They're ignoring it.

But this law has teeth, and it's biting.

Tucson is melting down guns it acquires. Again.

Arizona passed law specific banning this wasteful practice, and now state attorney general Mark Brnovich has taken action, required by law (this law has teeth!), to stop Tucson from illegally melting down guns.

State law requires cities to preserve this property, worth millions, instead of the politically correct nonsense happening there. But the case exposes something even deeper than withholding state shared funds, the $170 million penalty Tucson faces, that has one of our local columnists concerned.

If Tucson, regardless of its political structure, somehow has the power to destroy guns it acquires, (it does not have the "right," as the paper incorrectly says repeatedly, more grating to the nerves than hearing democrats constantly call our Republic a democracy), then nothing stops it from destroying cars it impounds -- or anything else.

The city must have an obligation to preserve, protect and defend the assets it acquires. This is public property of enormous value and cannot be wantonly senselessly destroyed. The reason these guns are being municipally melted is a sign of a sickness -- hoplophobia -- and pure gunism, blind hatred, with flagrant disregard for private property and the rule of law. The people who implement these policies need remedial counseling, possibly even penalties. Does destruction of public property come with no repercussions? Who covers the loss?

Can you imagine demanding the destruction of impounded vehicles, because they are more dangerous to life than guns? And they pollute Earth? Do they realize firearms have to move through FBI background checks, they're not "put on the streets" as media likes to help these weird politicians frame it. Cars are on the streets. Melting guns is irrational fear run wild, by politicians barely fit to serve.

FBI background check registrations are insufficient to these people. They begged and pleaded and campaigned for background checks, and now want more, but they're obviously not enough. The smelter is the real issue.

This is the topic Tucson raises -- violation of law by elected officials in pursuit of the same irrational perverse goal their fellow leftists pursue at everyone's dangerous expense. It is an impossible attempt to quench their paranoid fears by suppressing the rights of innocent people everywhere. The notion of guns in the public's hands is simply unacceptable to them. It's not political, it's medical, they're hoplophobic, and a dire threat to freedom. Their unbalanced actions qualify them for removal from setting public policy and destroying valuable public property in the process, in violation of law.

My White Paper on melting guns details the counterproductive nature of these feel-good plans, and the unintended harm they actually cause, written with a Harvard expert:

Stop The National Carry Permit

"Gun Guys" Are Pushing In Wrong Direction

Misguided effort to restore rights can destroy rights

Will NRA, GOA and others get it right?

The lamestream media told you:

"Do you have a firearms carry permit Mr. Trump?"

"Are you for law and order?"
"Yes. Law and order is very important."

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

The last thing you ever want is to have the federal government issuing national -- or any -- firearm carry permits.

The feds do not have this power. The feds should never have this power.

Your right to have a firearm anywhere in America should never depend on getting "papers" from any government, much less the federal powers in Washington, D.C.

If you have a gun -- constitutionally protected private property -- and you aren't doing anything inherently wrong, that should never be a crime. There is no victim. No one is harmed. No actual crime is committed. The idea that you need a wallet card to be somewhere you have a legal right to be is preposterous.

Too many gun owners, including some leaders of the gun-rights movement, sincere but totally misinformed and misdirected, are salivating for our permit-carrying president elect to issue some sort of national carry plan. It cannot, must not, better not be a national permit in any way shape or form.

The best solution

The best plan to resolve the travesty of national gun-rights denial Americans have suffered under for generations -- worse than racism -- is to repeal the restrictions that deny your rights. You don't need no stinkin' permits to be black and we don't need no stinkin' permits to be peacefully in possession of property.

Repeal restrictions
on the right to bear arms.

The next logical step would be to arrest and charge officials who under color of law deny a peaceful person's civil right to possess arms. Denial of rights is a federal felony under 18 USC §241 et seq. You can't just deny a person's constitutional, civil and human rights because you don't like those rights. That's got a name. It's gunism, like racism. This law 18-241 and the ones that follow it were written to prevent haters from denying blacks their rights. Everyone has fundamental rights that need the same protection.

Continue reading "Stop The National Carry Permit" »

Growth in Arizona Gun Law

You've heard the speculation and nonsense.

Here's the math:


These are the word counts for the law section, Appendix D, of this and previous editions of The Arizona Gun Owner's Guide. The increases are caused by two factors—the discovery and inclusion of new sections of gun law (e.g., security guards, game and fish department, military affairs and emergency management, etc.), and the enactment of new laws by the state legislature, which has been occurring every year in recent times. Reductions, through amendments and repeals, also occur, but the net difference has been an increase since we began doing tracking. Gun laws are growing nationally, with no end in sight. Our gun laws here have tripled in 20 years. Politicians who claim they can’t pass more gun laws are either ignorant or deceptive, which is worse.

Hillary Insists: No-Fly No-Buy for Guns

She confirms her stance in 3rd debate.

"Gunism" runs rampant in lamestream media and leftist circles.

Ignorance, prejudice, bias are front and center when the subject is firearms.

Reporters fail to ask even the most basic questions:

If you can't fly, why can you drive?

Why are you even out walking around?

How can a person be too dangerous to go through a metal detector?

What are they charged with, exactly?

Nothing, except the prejudice of gunism.

We should take away all their other guns too, if they can't buy a new one, right?

It makes no sense to deny a person a flight, but let them keep all their guns, based on a secret police list you can't see -- that they're not told they're on, that only keeps them from buying new guns at retail. Does that get you confused too?

The whole idea makes no sense, but the democrats cheer like crazy. Like crazy.

It sounds like proof.

Liberalism is a mental disorder.

The idea that Hillary wants to ban your right to have a gun with a list she can write your name on has a name -- it's called tyrannical.

It's not about air safety.
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