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Why does anyone need an AR-15?

You'd think reporters would know by now!

Alan Korwin answers the media's burning question at last --
in a compelling short video.

A few enlightening moments -- delightful!

Background Check “News” Deceives

The lamestream media told you:

USA Today -- WASHINGTON -- (Kevin Johnson) “The FBI was flooded Friday with more than 200,000 background check requests for gun purchases, setting a new single-day record, the bureau reported Saturday.”

“In all, the FBI fielded 203,086 requests on Black Friday, up from the previous single-day highs of 185,713 last year and 185,345 in 2015. The two previous records also were recorded on Black Friday...”

The report continues with previously reported details about NICS, failures to detect criminals, missing records, the need for more resources, and surging gun sales, which have slowed since Obama, but continue under Trump.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Virtually every lamestream “news” outlet on Saturday carried an identical story -- as if Guinness World Records was the only reason for this report. Every single story -- Google it for yourself -- used identical facts, spin, and lack of any real relevance. This demonstrates the stories have one source -- a government “release” -- and no independent reporting. Federal agents managed this "news." Reporters were complicit.

The FBI set a record for checks! The FBI had to pull staff from other crucial tasks to manage the management of innocent shoppers! The federal agencies spent enough money to beef up the system from last year’s record, to handle this year’s record! Here, lapdogs, take your handout. Everyone did.

Missing was the blatantly obvious -- were any criminals caught, any crime stopped, by this over-hyped, ultra expensive, democrat-promoted system? Not one word addressed that -- the supposed reason the thing exists. Not one story posed the question. It is a 100% error of omission or misguided spin. Hooray for our side, we set a record! Did we do any good? Who cares, we don’t report on that. Stories demanding more background check something have flooded the news outlets for months previously.

Readers can count on more stories soon calling for more checks. As soon as a psycho or jihadi is unaffected by the system (because it is flawed at its core), and people are murdered (called a “shooting” by the "news"), calls for more checks will appear simultaneously, by coincidence.

The checks delayed innocent people from buying guns without due process, providing identifying information of innocent people exercising their constitutional rights to federal police agents. It also registered every single gun purchased, with the cost and record keeping totally absorbed by firearms dealers, required by law to do and retain the paperwork (in addition to electronic data sent to a central-command office in West Virginia). The FBI can arrest any dealer who does not comply, saving the FBI from the grueling, expensive task, and giving them tremendous power, which they like.

“For more than 20 years the system has served as the centerpiece of the government’s effort to block criminals from obtaining firearms,” according to every published report scanned for this article.

Every type of criminal known however -- drug dealers, gang bangers, psychos, muslim jihadis, armed and dangerous fugitives, domestic abusers, mass murderers -- all of them, remain armed. At what point will the system be declared a failure and closed?

No report on the system’s actual successes (criminals stopped and imprisoned) has been promoted. Because there isn’t one. Prof. John Lott’s study shows false positives rate (innocent people falsely denied) in the 99% range. The math below bears this out. Total denials hover at about 1%, but arrests based on denials are not made. Click here to see why: It's stunning -- direct quotes from BATFE, FBI and the White House and more.

Even the government’s own study of convictions from the system shows a number too small for most people to pronounce. For example --

Politifact: 2009, 6 million checks, 71,000 denials (1.1%), 25% should not have been denied at all, 4,700 referred for further review, only 77 cases actually prosecuted, number of convictions -- not reported. If all were convictions (impossible but), 77/6,000,000 = 0.00001283 (12.83 millionths convictions). Not a great return on investment. Politifact concludes, “In a significant number of cases, no crime was committed and other cases are not provable.”

If you see a reporter, ask, “How many people found by NICS are arrested?” and “How many people found by NICS are convicted of anything?” After the deafening silence, ask, “Should your report include that, and if not, are you reporting the full story fairly?” You know the answers. They are not.

I stand by my frequent admonition: “If it’s in the ‘news’ and it’s about guns, it’s probably 100% wrong.” At best, it’s as deceptive as an outright lie.

Gun Stupidity Must End

"Hollywood can portray senseless mass murder AND teach gun safety at the same time."

The Uninvited Ombudsman (
A version of this article appeared in the Blue Press
(Hollywood mass-murderer list at end)

Misguided gun mythology is being foisted on the public and it is doing harm. Whether this is simply ignorant, deliberate, a plot, prejudice, acting out on stereotypes, a power grab -- it doesn’t matter. What matters is it must stop. Pro-rights and anti-rights advocates just want to point fingers at each other. Children are dangerously misled. Lives are being lost needlessly. But wait -- there’s hope -- stupidity can be repaired.

People running Hollywood and TV are primary but not sole culprits. They’ll be first to cry First Amendment and insist, “We can do whatever we want!” and I’ll be first to agree. They are completely free to be idiots, and mislead and endanger the entire nation. They get to skate, scot-free, that’s our way. It’s just time to make it clear that’s what they’re doing.

“The mass media are completely free to be idiots,
and mislead and endanger the entire nation.”

The wild proliferation of guns and gun misuse portrayed on screens nationally gets acted out in public with dangerous mishandling, accidents and abysmally misinformed legislation. Violence proliferates in previously unimaginable ways, no longer confined to now commonplace theater and nighttime fiction. We even have gangsters who try to shoot sidearms sideways causing jams and adversely affecting aim (maybe that’s a good thing).

People who understand firearms -- about 100 million of us -- would find all that programming (right word) so much more credible and enjoyable if the gun parts were even slightly more realistic. The producers obviously don’t know better, if their products are any gauge. Think they’ll ever show a reloading bench? A what?

It gives us shivers to watch cops constantly point their guns at suspects, witnesses, reporters, bystanders -- each other -- fingers on the triggers, with no apparent awareness of their surroundings, backstops -- just the worst gun-handling techniques imaginable. It makes you wonder if the writers and directors ever actually handled a firearm. We know the answer, most haven’t. It’s evident. Ask a reporter, “Do you go to the range?” I do. It’s rhetorical. They don’t.

When a lieutenant holds a gun like a little girl (right word again), or cup-and-saucer style, or puts a thumb behind the slide of a pistol where the skin will be torn right off after the first shot, what a joke. No one makes that mistake twice. These folks are clueless.

OK, we get it, dramatic tension requires some liberties (poor word choice), even if it does increase stupidity. Bullets don’t spark, Stallone and every other super-rich macho manly Hollywood hypocrite hero can’t really outrun bullets, or hit everything with one shot... in real life, newcomers at a range are as rudely awakened as novices in court expecting Judge Judy.

Phony or fake, pick your word. Racking the slide in every scene -- which makes a cool sight and sound -- is as lame as a cooking show frying eggs with shells still on. It just empties your gun, making it worthless. Jump into a doorway so you’re silhouetted, framed for your enemy to see you clearly and fire? Who writes these things, Bizzaro? There's a point here. The so-called “news” is no better, but it's more dangerous.

Reporters ask why a person needs this gun or that. After all these years they really don’t know? They didn’t go to school? They question amounts of ammo when a simple box of plinkers has 500, several friends at the range can burn a thousand by lunch. The shooting sports are the number two participant sport in the nation (ahead of golf), what sort of perspective can a person with such ignorant questions bring to the subject? To hear breathless talking heads -- my colleagues -- display such bias and ignorance is humiliating. They are so lucky they can’t have their licenses revoked.

Even with TV, video and Hollywood’s passion for promoting senseless mass slaughter day in and day out (shoot cops for points!), screaming it has no effect while the bodies mount around us as never before, we could teach. We have such a wonderful (but lost) opportunity to tell these same dangerously vile shoot-’em-ups and simultaneously inculcate the public in reasonable gun-handling techniques.

From statist cops-and-robbers stories, to portrayals of truly evil villains as a movie's star -- an immoral but recurrent Hollyvomit theme these days -- these can provide a platform for, say, indexing your trigger finger on the frame, not resting it on the trigger. This does help limit accidents waiting to happen. Characters actually do the index-finger-thing sometimes, you’ve seen that. Does it hurt the show? Nah. But wait... there's more!

When actors start practicing good muzzle control, and do that amazing ballet instead of the point-at-your-friends waltz they do now, people will pick up on this. Producers who do this will win audiences and accolade, overtly and subliminally, and create far more realistic, credible products. I can barely watch Spock and Kirk run insanely around with Phasers, look closely next time, sheesh.

Anti-gun-rights groups have dropped the worn out now unpopular “control” moniker, replacing it with “safety,” but no one is fooled. They don’t really know or do anything about firearms that would directly qualify as gun safety. That’s what their (gulp!) arch enemy NRA trainers do. Teach gun safety. Michael Bloomberg’s dark-money funded “safety” groups typically can’t even tell you what the gun-safety rules are.

Teach gun safety, abandon gun stupidity. PBS public media could do it. Nah, there’s little hope it will happen there, the stupidity is ingrained and tenacious.

Based on evidence, the political left likes gun stupidity, they promote it. But we know that, and we’re watching. It makes them look so, well, stupid. That can’t possibly be what they want, can it? Or does gun stupidity promote the left’s (read: marxist/socialist) ultimate goal of gun confiscation...

They object loudly to voicing that goal of theirs out loud. So let’s ask the question. What guns does the left believe the public should be “allowed” to own? Or is that a stupid question? There are no stupid questions.

P.S. Use language with precision:
"Gunman" is sexist and gunophobic. It demeans and slurs both men and firearms needlessly. Use of this highly biased term compromises journalistic integrity and contributes to the distrust the public has for news media.
"Shooter" disguises the nature of evil and is a direct assault on decent people who exercise their fundamental civil rights. Millions of decent people at shooting ranges daily can be legitimately described by this term; lumping them in with a mass killer may be more inaccurate and prejudicial than referring to terrorists as Muslims.
"Mass murderer" is accurate, even before conviction when names are not specified, along with psychopath, killer, mass killer, spree killer, psychotic, villain, perpetrator and similar.
Recognize that sensationalizing images of mass murderers with special effects such as halos, colorizing, doubling or tripling, similar photo manipulation, zooming and panning, and ominous music or sound effects is inappropriate and decreases newsworthiness. Leaving images up during discussions is seen as perverse by audiences.
Running images of perpetrators long after events is yesterday’s news; featuring images of long-dead villains is perverse, causes harm, and serves little purpose other than to glorify evil and encourage copycats. The public knows this.
Audiences are repulsed by raising perpetrators to iconic status. It is often called “sick” behavior on the part of journalists and contributes to decreased respect and credibility for journalists among significant segments of the public. 
"News" media turns death event into Guinness record hunt
The media is imitating its Hollywood cousins, excited about new records for killings!
Looks, it's a new record! Who will beat the new record?! Listen to themthey are excited!
Hollywood leads the way -- sets the all time bloodthirsty killing sprees!
Don't worry folks -- this has no effect on anything. They are positive.
All time top Hollywood killers:
# of dead   Perpetrator
443 Charles Bronson
457 Jean-Claude Van Damme
720 Steven Seagal
458 Chuck Norris
563 Nicholas Cage
564 Wesley Snipes
720 Steven Seagal
786 Sylvester Stallone
810 Chow Yun-Fat
829 Arnold Schwarzenegger
919 Dolph Lundgren
1,076 Jet Li
1,292 Milla Jovovich
2,477 Jimmy Wang Yu
It didn't used to be this way.
And no one EVER acted out this way.

Refrain from Encouraging Copycats

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership
12500 N.E. Tenth Place • Bellevue, WA 98005 • • 800-869-1884 •

“A Solemn Pledge to Refrain from Encouraging Criminal Behavior”

We support the “Don’t Inspire Evil Initiative” and encourage journalists, editors and news media generally to:

Refrain from the gratuitous or repetitious use
of mass murderers’ or jihadis’ names and images. 

Law enforcement officials and social and scientific experts recognize that repetitious use of these criminals names and images encourages copycat behavior and has harmful, deleterious effects on public safety. 

Raising the images and names of society’s most ruthless criminals to iconic status
is a perverse misuse of the public trust embodied in the First Amendment and does nothing to advance the news cycle or inform the public. It represents the worst forms of yellow journalism, sensationalism, and pandering to the lowest base instincts of society, all of which we condemn. 

The voluntary limits news media already wisely places on identifying information
for rape victims, images of the dead, minors charged with offenses, details that might encourage suicide contagion, certain delicate matters of national security such as troop movements, invasion of privacy, personal financial data and other issues that require balancing the public’s right to know with a sense of propriety prove that everything that can be published is already subject to sensible limitations. 

Gratuitous or repetitious use of jihadi and mass murderers’ names and images belongs within this set of appropriate limitations. Failure to do so is equivalent to justifying the open release of every rape victim’s name and picture under the hopelessly specious rubric that it is news and the public has a right to know. Certain things are best left unsaid, as the media has already clearly and properly accepted. We can see how voluntarily embracing this reasonable ethical guideline will benefit and enhance respect for journalism from the public it serves.

We see two paths here: either let “The Golden Age of Glorifying Villains” come to an end or openly acknowledge its perpetuation. 
We urge and encourage all news media to adopt this ethical guideline in your existing set: 
“Refrain from gratuitous or repetitious use
of jihadis’ or mass murderers’ names and images.” 

“Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, is America’s most aggressive civil-rights organization, dedicated to destroying the notion of ‘gun control’ as any kind of credible public-policy position. So-called ‘gun control’ does not control guns and doesn’t control criminal behavior. What it does do is disarm the innocent, leaving them helpless in the face of criminals, tyrannical governments and genocide. History repeatedly proves this fact. Founded in 1989 by Aaron Zelman as a response to the Holocaust, JPFO speaks with the moral authority and tenacious commitment of survivors of persecution, and knows that surrendering your personal and family safety to government protection courts disaster. You don’t have to be Jewish to fight by our side, you just have to love liberty.”

Orders Issued to Disarm... Everyone?

Hurricane Irma Gun Grab -- The Truth

Front Page "Error" and Rumor Gone Wild

USA Today doesn't even bother lying carefully any longer.
Read the caption. 
Go ahead. I'll wait.
They're not putting up shutters. They're boarding up the windows. Sure, it's a small point. But it's blatant and obvious. The media no longer even cares about accuracy, even when it's front and center. The frequent excuse is they fudge to save space. Board up windows has fewer characters, and would be correct, too. USA Today. Sep. 9, 2017. Page One.

The lamestream media told you:

Non-stop coverage of the storm -- it's coming! it's coming!, it's here!, it's going!, it's gone!, preempting every other bit of news for days -- days -- even the Russian takeover of Donald Trump's brain, and his tax returns (forgot about those, didn't you).

Only Tucker Carlson questioned the governor of the Virgin Islands about it, live on FOX News, who seemed to have ordered every gun on the islands confiscated by the National Guard. Forty Google listings deep and not one other lamestream media outlet was on the subject -- but every gun and new-media source was all over it.

Publicly posted, click for a full-size image of the gun-seizure order:

VI Mapp's Gun Grab Order

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

There’s more to it than that.

Only the new-media and gun media really carried the story, because it was so “minor.” Governor Kenneth Mapp of the U.S. Virgin Islands, a U.S. territory protected by the National Guard, issued an order to confiscate the public’s guns and ammo before hurricane Irma arrived in early Sep. 2017. The “officials” down there know who has what, because all guns are registered -- the holy grail of the anti-gun-rights community worldwide.

Gun folks went bonkers. The order actually said the troops could confiscate basically anything, if they needed it for their purposes. It was not a blanket order to go door-to-door to disarm the public. But it was sloppy, and could have been read that way. In statutes enacted in 1972 they pretty much gave themselves that authority, and those “laws” should have been quickly voided as unconstitutional. They weren’t. That’s how this sort of power is stolen, bit by bit, without notice.

Continue reading "Orders Issued to Disarm... Everyone?" »


A statue that really needs removal.

UNITED NATIONS PLAZA, NEW YORK CITY.    Don't worry, it's small.

An insult, not just offensive, to the Bill of Rights!
It has no place on American soil.
"Denial of rights guaranteed to the people by the U.S. Constitution."
Argue about other statues later - this one affects every American...
"Tear down that coil!"

"It is not art, it's a finger in freedom's eye."

The U.N.'s website describes it as "a giant Colt Python .357 Magnum revolver."
Every image I could find online shows it "as big as a house" (my wife's estimate, based on looking).
Couldn't even find a measurement online. This is how anti-rights efforts work.

I was there. It's revolver size. Yup, revolver sized. I was stunned. I expected to be dwarfed by it.
Just another lefty lie. I still don't have an image that shows perspective, searched too long, gave up.

"On the 2011 anniversary of the death of John Lennon,
fellow former Beatle Ringo Starr urged musicians to join
The Non-Violence Project..." (the statute was created related to this).

"I'm inviting Ringo, whose work I grew up with and adore, to a discussion of non-violence, and especially the non-aggression principle, so we can arrive at an intelligent common understanding of the difference between a knotted gun, a real gun, the tyrants behind the walls of the U.N., the possibility of peace on Earth, and real symbols of peace, like smiles, flowers and sunshine. C'mon Ringo, take me up on it, musician to musician."   --Alan Korwin

Continue reading "DESTROY THIS STATUE!" »


Sharpton, Jackson, NY Times, Community Organizers Say NO!

But blacks are arming themselves.

Just like white folk do.

The lamestream media told you:

Guns are bad. No one should have them. Well of course police should have them.
You trust the poe-leece, don't you?

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

The anti-gun movement is a function of the liberal left, which includes the famous “leaders” noted in the headline above.

If black leaders had their way, blacks would be disarmed (along with you). Guns are too dangerous. You'll hurt someone. Chances are greater that you'll hurt someone if you have one. Leave your safety up to the police (!). Underlying message -- you're too stupid to safely have a gun. Don't do it. Ignore 100 million neighbors who manage to safely do it somehow. Choose fear.

We leaders on the other hand, the ones bringing blacks this message of fear and danger, we can have guns (and that includes the headliners, bristling with armed protection). We, the authorities. We in gated communities and nice neighborhoods and we keep them that way. You don't need no gun. But we ain't exactly givin' up ours. Oh no.

Bottom line, when you strip away the Emperor's clothes, black lives don't matter, coming from the leaders of the democrat movements, who would ban guns for blacks, and gays and women and all the oppressed classes -- because they would ban guns for everyone. Except the people in power -- themselves. If that isn’t unequal treatment under the law nothing is.If black lives really mattered, there would be 700 murder trials for the 700 black murders Chicago experiences in a year. I can hearing you laughing. In your heart you know it's true.

Blacks are catching wise. A growing movement is spreading the message behind the Second Amendment. A two-edged sword? Of course. When you learn that peace and freedom are attained through a balance of power, and not the power of one group over another, you can reconcile it all. White folks have -- we're well armed and that's why we don't shoot each other. So look what’s happening (virtually absent from mainstream anything):

Black women gun training
Marchelle Tigner, in Savannah, Georgia, runs the first Atlanta-area class for black women to learn to shoot. Nov. 2016

Trigger Happy Firearm Instruction
Tiffany Ware, 44, Cincinnati, founder of the Brown Girls Project, which offers makeup workshops and other activities for building self-esteem in young black girls  -- has organized a group of black women for a firearms training class on 18 December

Black Women's Defense League
In Dallas, the Black Women's Defense League, launched in 2015, has seen the number of black women signing up for time at local shooting ranges at least double in the past 10 months or so.

Nicholas Johnson, law professor at Fordham University and author of Negroes and the Gun: The Black Tradition of Arms, pointed to a 2014 survey showing that 54% of black people felt that owning guns did "more to protect people than endanger personal safety", nearly doubling the 29% who said the same two years earlier.

Here is truth you won't find elsewhere --

Black Man with a Gun
by Reverend Kenn Blanchard, 172 p., $16.95

Is Aaron Zelman Dead?

JPFO Remains Alive and Kicking.

"Friends of JPFO"

The lamestream media told you:

"News" coverage for firearms civil-rights groups is not happening. These days.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

I’ve heard rumors that Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership had lost its moxie after founder Aaron Zelman died. It shows you what a tremendous figure Aaron was. JPFO lost its Moses and the rabble figures they’ll walk in circles for 40 years. JPFO experienced changes (posted at, moved, and continues breaking ground in Aaron’s strictly zero-compromise pro-gun-rights tradition. We do deeply miss his voice.

JPFO filed a court amicus brief against anti-gunners in California trying to ban gun stores. The Bill of Rights Sentinel newsletter is back in print -- and no one says what that rag does (See below, get one). The David and Goliath Award is recognizing heroes the mainstream doesn’t want you to know about. You don’t have to be Jewish to join, you just have to love freedom and want a respected, morally courageous ally on your side. Join as a Friend of JPFO. Go here to contribute, just learn more, sign up with “America’s Most Aggressive Civil Rights organization.”

Get the next JPFO Bill of Rights Sentinel:

[Sentinel EXCERPT:]

I’ve had it with all these statist gun owners who think training should be required. Exercising your rights doesn’t require training. Failure to get training doesn’t vacate your rights or subject you to penalties. Got it? No training required to be a parent to helpless infants, none needed to buy poisons and sharp things in Home Depot, no certificate of completion needed to enter bizarre religious ritualistic buildings. Understood? A dangerous world does not justify government training your life. Smart people get trained for everything because they’re smart. Get smart. Do it on your own. With or without any kind of training, if you screw up, you're responsible. OK? Training doesn’t get you off the hook, at all, but it may help you stay off the hook (and looks good to juries). Making the government force you to be trained the way it thinks you should be trained is horrific.

Washington Times reporter Emily Miller
receives the JPFO David and Goliath award, 2013.
Who will win one this year at GRPC?

Mandatory Gun Training Demands

Excerpt from upcoming JPFO Bill of Rights Sentinel

Few people want to address this subject openly:
Gun training good. Forced training bad.

If you come out against mandatory gun training you are pilloried, and verbally attacked by leftists and other malcontents, and plenty of people who believe they support gun rights.

Each state that has mandatory training imposed as a condition for CCW permits found the government's idea of what you need, and qualified trainers ideas don't match at all. People took the CCW classes, thinking they had to, when what many needed was Guns 101, since they had never handled firearms before. Teaching them about actual carry in public is an entirely different ballgame.

Under a mandatory training regime, if some little old lady (or you) shoots an attacker in legitimate self defense, and you didn't take the approved class, you've committed a crime and go to jail, for what is essentially a righteous act. That's just not right.

Government could play a positive role if it ran public service announcements, "in cooperation with this station and the Ad Council," and put up billboards, encouraging the public to go to the range, take classes, learn about gun safety, the whole nine yards. Don't hold your breath. Promoting the Constitution and Bill of Rights is no longer any part of the federal agenda (in meaningful ways).

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, (JPFO) publishes its no-holds-barred newsletter, The Bill of Rights Sentinel, this is coming in the next edition:

I’ve had it with all these statist gun owners and especially firearms instructors who think training should be required. Exercising your rights doesn’t require training. Failure to get training doesn’t vacate your rights or subject you to penalties. Got it? No training required to be a parent to helpless infants, none needed to buy poisons and sharp things in Home Depot, no certificate of completion needed to enter bizarre religious ritualistic buildings. Understood? Smart people get trained for everything because they’re smart. Get smart. Do it on your own. With or without whatever training, you screw up, your responsible. OK? Training doesn’t get you off the hook, at all, but it may help you stay off the hook (and it does look good to a jury). Making the government force you to be trained the way government thinks you should be is horrific.

Do you think this is a fable, just paranoia? Look:

People complain it's just scare tactics when rights activists holler about gun bans. Here's the bill that proves them right, HR 45 from Illinois congressman Bobby Rush, which goes beyond gun bans to ban gun owners. It is so far outside constitutional boundaries it defies belief -- the man deserves to be removed from office. Also, a brief SHOT Show report with pictures.

The Solution: You want everyone trained to arms, include it in school curricula. You should be firearm trained even if you don't own a gun. Maybe especially if you don't own a gun. Give it in school.

Republicans Quit Trying on Gun Rights

National Carry bill ignored, "leadership" squashes activity

"These people are not the friends you think they are."

Inside scoop -- why the National Carry Act HR38 isn't moving, despite republicans in charge of all three Houses:

Anonymous Source

"Leadership is holding up HR38. They don't want the 'distraction.' Gotta marvel at the stupidity of republicans sometimes. I think the bill has no chance in the Senate anyway*, but they need to force the vote to hold the dem's responsible. Can't understand why they don't see this as a valuable election issue -- keeping their promise, so maybe GunVoters will trust them and keep supporting them, and making the dem's own their votes against it.

"VCDL has posted an official White House online petition to Trump, but none of the bigger org's have promoted it, so it's not likely to reach the 100k threshold needed.** I haven't been able to determine exactly what NRA is doing. It's almost as if a deal has been made with the R's to let them hold off on any action this year. If they do that, they're foolish. If the R's won't push it this year, they certainly won't during an election year."

The conservative/libertarian/independent and entire right side of the nation supports gun rights, and Congress should demonstrate this. Instead, even our best representatives refuse to move against the corrupt leadership of the system, that's the swamp that needs draining.

*Whether the Senate will act properly or not, and end the infringement we all endure, is an open issue. If the House does act, pressure on Senators will increase by an order of magnitude. Then the threshold for a petition may make sense. The online White House tool attempting to take control of (under the guise of providing access for) the right "to petition the government for a redress of grievances," has some serious flaws. I'll get to that soon. Scrutinize their policy statement like I did and scratch your head. If the petition gathers 100K signatures soon, we get a reply.

**Needed for what, you ask? So that, according to the website, "we" can respond. If you reach the magic number, something happens, like an email to the list holder. Almost no petitions do, "we" know that, crazies may not apply, real petitions still count (so far), it looks more like a way to defuse energy, or be able to say later you don't count, than anything related to how the White House is really influenced. "How the White House is really influenced." Think about that, more on it later.

Here is a simple link you can share with people for the petition if you wish, at least look:

The commenter suggested, "All we can do is try to keep the pressure on." Is that really it? How intolerable need acts be?

HR38 has 207 House co-sponsors, 37 Senate

John Snyder, "The Dean of Gun Lobbyists" points out that "AWR Hawkins, the Second Amendment columnist for Breitbart News, wrote that "gun control activists are up in arms over the legislation, because it would immediately do away with strict gun controls in a number of states."

"Actually," said Snyder, "that's a good reason for supporting it and promoting it. The gun haters have had too much to say for too long. It's time to turn the tables on them and tell them to get lost."

" (HR38) would immediately do away with strict gun controls in a number of states." Strict gun controls is just a euphemism for infringements on your rights. Laws against gun crime are totally unaffected by this bill. The only thing missing is jail time for the perpetrators who put the controls on you into law, in violation of the rule of law.

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