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The “Don’t Inspire Evil” Initiative

Bloomfield Press, in cooperation with a growing list of nationally recognized institutions and individuals, joins in support of The Don’t Inspire Evil Initiative:

“Refrain from gratuitous or repetitious portrayal of mass murderers’ names and images.”

Accuracy In Media, Don Irvine, President
Lori Klein, President, Western Journalism Center
Sheriff Richard Mack, Founder, Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Assn.
Grover Norquist, President, Americans for Tax Reform
Bloomfield Press, Alan Korwin, Publisher and CEO
Crime Prevention Research Center, John Lott, President
David Kopel, Columnist, The Washington Post
Second Amendment Foundation, Alan Gottlieb, President
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, Rabbi Dovid Bendory

We join with Le Monde, La Croix, and CNN French TV affiliate BFMTV who will no longer publish photographs and names of terrorists “to avoid possible posthumous glorification effects.”

We stand with Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin who became world news by refusing to name the perp in an Oregon college incident given saturation “coverage” in national media.

We support the work of No Notoriety, a citizen effort to curtail glorification heaped upon the worst elements of society in perverse efforts to increase media revenue.

We join with former highly regarded FBI Director James Comey who refused to name the mass murderer in Orlando to avoid the “twisted notion” that “fame or glory” could come from carrying out the attack.

The well-established link between copycat crimes, and excessive exposure of criminal perpetrators by mass media, must finally be admitted and broken. We support adoption of the ethical guideline above to encourage responsible reporting, and discourage behavior by reporters, broadcasters and editors that tends to glorify, promote or encourage mass murderers, jihadis and related criminal activity. Every journalist who fails to take steps to limit the publicity support these heinous villains seek is tantamount to complicity in the crimes they commit against humanity.

“We must starve terrorists of the oxygen of publicity which they seek.” --Margaret Thatcher

Is Anti-Semitism Increasing?

It Doesn't Matter, It Exists, Wha Choo Gonna Do?

The lamestream media told you:

"If Trump's not a white supremacist, he does a good impression."
-Washington Post

“Donald Trump is a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself w/ other white supremacists.”

...and Trump is “the most ignorant, offensive president of my lifetime,” that he hired and courted white supremacists, that “His rise is a direct result of white supremacy,” that “if he were not white, he never would have been elected.” ... and the Republican Party “has done nothing but endorse/promote white supremacy.”

The New York Times, conveniently attributed to a string a tweets by ESPN host Jemele Hill, so they can't be blamed for saying it themselves.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

This group keeps hitting the nail on the head --
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership,
"You don't have to be Jewish to fight by our side."

While the "news" media, the pundits, the pros and antis, reps and dems,
TV and radio guys argue whether Trump is bringing out the crazies or
they're bringing out each other, what matters is what to do about them.
They're armed, dangerous, dedicated to trouble, bedlam, chaos and death.

If we weren't so mired in marxist/socialist propaganda this would be obvious --

JPFO Official Statement:

“If anything should motivate you to learn about your precious American right to keep and bear arms and to use your freedom to arm yourself, the current dramatic rise in anti-Semitism is it. If you don’t understand that, shame on you, and you deserve what you get. History is repeating itself. Wake up children. Get armed, get trained, don’t become a victim. Yes, our position is more people properly armed. What is the anti-Semite’s position?”

This highly principled position deserves your support. Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, They have a lot of mottos. They fight with the moral imperative of survivors.

Visit JPFO on Facebook:


A statue that really needs removal.

UNITED NATIONS PLAZA, NEW YORK CITY.    Don't worry, it's small.

An insult, not just offensive, to the Bill of Rights!
It has no place on American soil.
"Denial of rights guaranteed to the people by the U.S. Constitution."
Argue about other statues later - this one affects every American...
"Tear down that coil!"

"It is not art, it's a finger in freedom's eye."

The U.N.'s website describes it as "a giant Colt Python .357 Magnum revolver."
Every image I could find online shows it "as big as a house" (my wife's estimate, based on looking).
Couldn't even find a measurement online. This is how anti-rights efforts work.

I was there. It's revolver size. Yup, revolver sized. I was stunned. I expected to be dwarfed by it.
Just another lefty lie. I still don't have an image that shows perspective, searched too long, gave up.

"On the 2011 anniversary of the death of John Lennon,
fellow former Beatle Ringo Starr urged musicians to join
The Non-Violence Project..." (the statute was created related to this).

"I'm inviting Ringo, whose work I grew up with and adore, to a discussion of non-violence, and especially the non-aggression principle, so we can arrive at an intelligent common understanding of the difference between a knotted gun, a real gun, the tyrants behind the walls of the U.N., the possibility of peace on Earth, and real symbols of peace, like smiles, flowers and sunshine. C'mon Ringo, take me up on it, musician to musician."   --Alan Korwin

Continue reading "DESTROY THIS STATUE!" »

Savage Attack on The Left from its Ally

Stalwart Hillary supporter tripped up

The lamestream media told you:

They actually gave you the whole story, but with their spin, and context, most folks probably missed the gist.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

A deep and insightful description of what's happening to the masses on the left ran front and center recently across most "news" media:

"Many feel left behind, left out, looked down on. Their anger and alienation has proved a fertile ground for false promises and false information. Their economic problems and cultural anxiety must be addressed or they will continue to sign up to be foot soldiers in the ongoing conflict between 'us and them'," this insightful critic observed.

"In the years to come there will be trolls galore, online and in person, eager to tell you that you don't have anything worthwhile to say or anything meaningful to contribute."

The blunt democrat critic said democrats have been flinging charges at the Trump administration, which are concocted and lack factual support. The speaker warned of "an all-out assault on truth" which is "necessary for democracy to survive."

Now, everyone awake already understands the left-wing media abandoned truth and honest reporting a long while ago.

These left-bashing statements and wake-up calls were in the speech delivered by... Hillary Rodham Clinton on May 27, 2017, who appeared unaware of the deplorable underpinning of her remarks. The media missed it too. If you didn’t know better, at times you might swear she was talking about herself and her supporters.

Ms. Rodham-Clinton spoke at the commencement at Wellesley College, an gender-segregated all-girls elite private school, which she attended in her youth. Lamestream reporters noted her prior attendance, but failed to point out that the school bans men from attending, yet has not been charged with discrimination. The all-female graduating class repeatedly cheered Rodham-Clinton's comments. The dim-light hypocrisy was almost late-night humor.

Law Firms to Gang up on Constitution

"Firearms Accountability Counsel Task Force"

$1,000/hr. lawyers will attempt to unravel Second Amendment

Joint effort to stop "gun violence"
(at the expense of rights you currently enjoy)

Old familiar left-wing gun-control dialog --
but with fresh blood, legal eagles and "novel" strategies,
the same misconceptions and prejudices,
plus tens of millions to spend (dark money?)
on "free" legal support.

Gun owners and local laws are their prime target

Stymied at federal level, they're targeting courts

The lamestream media told you:

The New York Times offered up one of its Sunday front pages and an entire back page to applaud the introduction of an army of elite law-firm lawyers, supported by fees from their clients, to do "free" work attacking the current status of the Second Amendment.

Diminishing rights Americans have didn't rise to the awareness of reporters or editors who produced the piece. They displayed instead hoplophobic blinders, obscuring their preoccupation with what they call gun violence, misdirecting attention from criminal behavior and crime.

The Times, literally gushing at the possibilities, lambasted the "gun lobby" for doing such a successful job in protecting the right to keep and bear arms at the local, state and federal legislative and judicial levels, then predicted a campaign of destruction for gun rights at the hands of the high-powered coalition of firms, allied with the usual anti-gun-rights suspects, naming many of the firms and their leaders.

Arnold & Porter, Richard M. Alexander, chairman
Brady Center to Promote Gun Violence, Avery Gardiner, chief legal officer
Brennan Center for Justice at New York University Law School, Eric M. Ruben
Covington & Burling, represented D.C. in Heller
Everytown for Gun Safety, Michael Bloomberg, financier (did not join)
Hogan Lovells
Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, Robyn Thomas, executive director
Mayer Brown, Counsel to Brady Center
Munger, Tolles & Olsen, Brad D. Brian, co-managing partner*
O'Melveney &Myers, represented D.C. in Heller, Charlie Lifland, Partner
Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison, Brad S. Karp, chairman
Ropes & Gray, Counsel to Brady Center
Skadden Arps, Counsel to Brady Center

Note: Mr. Brian makes a familiar "but" statement in the article, "... recognize that the Second Amendment is an important part of our Constitution... responsible gun owners... but... an epidemic of gun violence... law can save innocent lives without infringing..." Additional easily recognizable left-leaning gun-speak permeates the story.

Continue reading "Law Firms to Gang up on Constitution" »

Best result of the Georgia House seat vote

America has been spared the insufferable gloating and endless taunts we would have faced from "news" outlets had the democrat won the high-priced seat for the Georgia 6th District in Tuesday's election (June 20, 2017). Desperate for a win to prove they're correct, and Trump is a maniac, republicans are dirt and the left does not have its hair on fire, the left and its fabulously wealthy allies poured and lost tens of millions of dollars into a tiny race, a losing candidate, and a losing race in a neighborhood where they're not wanted, and they predictably lost.

Not even the fact that a woman beat a man, usually a cause for celebration for the wildly misogynistic left, could douse their burning hair, as the news channels self flagellated, placed blame, reversed all their prior hype and claimed it didn't matter, and prepared for their next whipping. The leftists "knew" their guy would win, hoped he would win, held this out as a referendum on president Trump (again), and once again got flattened (see now-famous image below), after it proved Trump is nothing like they believe. Locally, pharmacies have experienced a run on Prozac and lithium drip tubes.

CNN panel bummed out when Georgia democrat gets stomped:

"Referendum on Trump" proves Trump's a winner, dashing left-wing's hopes for failure.

The tens of millions of dollars weren't actually lost, you know. For the most part, TV stations, "news" media and ad agencies got the cash, to pay for mind-numbing incessant advertising, in a perverse almost criminal cycle where elections are an expensive function of people like those you see above, paid for by their friends. They may be sad, but they're rich. God bless America.

Proof of Voter Fraud?

Media inconsistent, Congress incontinent

Letter to reporter,


Your well-researched article (5/1/17) on the 100,000 lost-then-found voter registrations did the math for a sampling (43 out of 74) and found the 58,000 people who may have been denied a vote. That's critically important.

The bigger controversy though, or at least equally important, is over fraudulent voting -- it's what the president raised such a fuss about. The article implies 42,000 people attempted to vote fraudulently. That math, simple addition and subtraction I believe should have been included, if not the headline. Did 42,000 people actually register to vote when they are forbidden to do so (assuming the projected math, the same used to estimate the 58K, holds)?

If yes, how about a story on that? If projected out across the country, what sort of affect would that have? If similar numbers apply (and Arizona is a small state comparatively) 42K x 50 states is 2.1 million fraudulent applications to vote. Is that even remotely possible? Why hasn't Congress actually attempted to study this? That alone is a story worth a Pulitzer. No one wants to know the real answer -- but maybe you do?


The reporter replied saying the balance of the forms aren't necessarily fraudulent, they were incomplete or hard matches, the real number is estimated now at closer to 17,000. That may be, but a) why wouldn't the anomalies have shown in the random sample, b) the accuracy arbiter is DMV and those issues are well known, c) the 17K is of eligible voters disenfranchised, an important stat but, d) the question was, are any of these overlooked applications fraudulent, or sufficient to swing an election. Her followup is quite illuminating, well written, an exploration of a slice of the voting system, and I've learned this very item is in the hands of the Trump administration.

She notes, "However, your question is one I had as well, and I am currently digging through a sample of the applicants to see if I can determine any fraudulent ones. Stay tuned!" Yes, indeed.

P.S. There is a reference to 85 denieds out of 130 applicants sampled in a different set, where 85 were citizens, and the rest were "hard matches." Only two categories? That doesn't even pass the sniff test.

Suspicious Google Result in Georgia Vote


Their democrat spin is 100%: "We losers came so close!"

The top 10 results in a Google search for the winner of the contentious Georgia election on April 18 brought up only left-wing and alt-Left media sources.

Each of the results cast the election as “just short” and “narrowly missed” victory instead of anything suggesting Republicans defeated the democrats effort, or democrat loses. Making matters worse, the sole democrat in the race faced a divided opposition, with 11 republicans running and dividing the vote.

This poses a stinging rebuke to the supposed neutrality of the vaunted search engine. Google is known to have been built and is being run by an overwhelmingly non-diverse staff, essentially white and Asian, with liberal sensibilities, according to numerous studies, including their own.

Among those represented in the search results are (in order of appearance, excluding Twitter comments): NY Times, CNN, New Yorker, NY Times, CNN, NBC, Salon, The Guardian,, and, a web site created by a liberal blogger, according to Wikipedia.

The run-off election is set for June 20. The New York Times, in a lengthy piece, did little more than lament the loss, praise the narrow loss, extol the virtues of the loser, point how much more he spent, slap Donal Trump several times, and almost campaign for the loser.

"Rainbow Flag" Burning Protest Planned


LGBT community has and flaunts rights others are denied

Phoenix, AZ -- According to a source who was present, a group of activists meeting secretly in an undisclosed location are considering staging a national demonstration protesting the fact that the LGBT community can eat where ever it wants, and even behave offensively, but people discreetly exercising the civil and human right to keep and bear arms are discriminated against and banned from restaurants as if they have no rights at all.

“This is intolerable discrimination against an entire class of decent Americans,” said a spokeswoman for the group, speaking on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals from a group, she claimed, has demonstrated violent hatred against people who don’t agree with them. “Why is it gays and sexually orientated persons (sic) get rights other civil Americans don’t have but should? Our rights, unlike theirs, are explicit in the Constitution.”

The flag burning is designed to point out that burning the U.S. flag has been determined to be free speech, so burning other “symbols of oppression” should carry the same protection, another person familiar with meeting said. The demonstration will be announced on social media and take place at a location "that cannot be ignored," the spokeswoman said.

What Did Russia Really Do?


Permanently bent out of shape from Hillary's loss

The lamestream media told you:

Russia hacked America's election to help Donald Trump win. We've been telling you this non-stop for six months without backup. We do not add to this line, we just keep repeating it without adding any significant illuminating detail besides conjecture that might affect your perception. Let's bring in our opinion panel. Hillary lost because Russia helped Donald Trump win. Repeat after me. We even have investigations going now.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Russia MAY HAVE helped another outfit (we don't know yet) release secret democrat emails that revealed Hillary and her aides were cheating to win the election. If the secret emails were not leaked, Hillary's cheating might have given her the election.

By learning of her direct cheating, American's were able to make a more informed choice, and chose to reject her corrupt attempt to get herself and her scandal-ridden husband back into the White House.

The secret emails revealed the "news" media, including CNN and others, were giving her debate questions before presidential debates. Her campaign was even suggesting debate questions to them that would make Hillary look good and hurt her opponents. That's what happened.

In addition, it was exposed by the hacking, whose actual sources have not been even partially attributed, that the democrat's party, which is supposed to neutrally act in support of its candidates, worked directly to defeat Bernie Sanders, who had a brutally real chance of defeating the baggage-laden Clinton candidate, whose leading claim to fame apparently was the fact that she wasn't a man, apparently.

Rumors of homosexual behavior on her part were never proven, and no un-retouched photographs have ever surfaced. Her husband's illicit, immoral and apparently illegal sexual behavior and deviancy is well known and documented. Aside from impeachment, he has not been charged.

Despite the "news" media's incessant harping on Russia's possible hacking as a total excuse for Hillary's failure, it's obvious if Hillary had managed to keep all her dark criminal activity secret that likely could have made a difference. Americans and the media should be thankful it all came out, instead of voting in ignorance, but reporters were rooting for one side instead of reporting. They still are.

It was the dirty work turned up and leaked about Clinton's top staffer John Podesta, the democrat's party, its disgraced former leader Debbie Wasserman Schultz and others in Hillary's campaign and around her, including sexual pervert Anthony Weiner, Hillary's top advisor Huma Abiden's husband, that brought on Hillary's defeat, among other factors. Left-wing operatives could not be reached for comment.

A Page Nine reader makes this very important point: No democrat has denied the truth of the hacked material. (-Sleuth)

Read what people are saying about Page Nine, or tell Alan yourself.

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