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Trump WINS on Obamacare

Media Gets It Wrong Again

Greatest Head Fake in a Decade

The lamestream media told you:

“GOP Concedes Defeat on Health Care Bill”!  –USA Today
“Major Defeat” –NY Times
“Trump Tastes Failure” –Reuters
“acute embarrassment” –CNN
Dems Win on Obamacare!” –Nobody.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

The world has now moved on, could Trump have planned it this way? Such prescience, such short public memory, could the president have done this deliberately? You remember how they attacked the president like a bunch of rabid animals.

Or was it really his Secret Plan A: Introduce a flawed complex bill on short notice, without adequate time for review, insist on rapid action, stir up frenzied opposition from your own team, on top of sound and fury from the usual suspects, watch the bill sink, just walk away, problem solved. Yes, solved.

The stickiest, ugliest partisan agenda item in Congress has evaporated. Obamacare remains standing, unscathed. Democrats win, their signature achievement untouched! Now, masterfully, when Obama’s hallmark collapses because it’s everything the Dems won’t admit and experts can’t escape, who gets blamed? Even the alt-left media can’t pin this on the current administration. It’s holy OBAMAcare, Batman.

The Facts

Health insurance isn’t health care. Neither one is in the Constitution. Go look, they’re not. The U.S. Supreme Court can declare the Affordable Care Act constitutional all it wants, even contradict itself in doing so (by calling a tax not a tax, then reversing itself, and then ignoring the hypocritical double standard, NFIB v. Sebelius, 2012) but that doesn’t make it truly legitimate. The Court acts inconsistently a lot.

Congress has no legitimate delegated authority to run the practice of medicine, we all know that (along with the fact they’re eminently unqualified). The same for insurance. When Obama usurped power to abscond with nearly a fifth of the U.S. economy, and attempted to have federal agents run what doctors do, we realized we were on a road to perdition. From two billion dollars for a simple computer database (promised at $93 million) to a bill we had to pass to find out what’s in it, the Democrat’s ACA was bad before it began. Now, under Trump’s watch, we’ll get to see just how bad. That’s a win.

You can thank whatever you pray to that some Republicans lost in their misguided attempt to takeover medicine. If what they’ve been saying is true—Obamacare is an abject disaster about to collapse—let go for Pete’s sake! Why save it? Think about the conniptions left-wing media is going to have then, with no one to blame but... Bush?

States are down to single insurers because health-care firms are hemorrhaging to death. Some counties have hit zero. Insurers can’t afford to stay put with the “savings” they’re not getting. The public is outraged by massive premiums increases... but at least their services have tanked. So many people didn’t get to enjoy the lie of “keep your own doctor,” how do you think they’ll vote after the media-praised Democrat plan implodes?

If Republicans understood this, they would have hastened its demise, not struggled to take it over. From its ashes a fabulous fresh Phoenix can effloresce. Watch the withered remains of a self-immolated illegal confiscation of our medical practice force quick clean repeals of its festering guts. Emergency triage can facilitate change, with natural free-market selection driving activity. People will demand it, not fight it.

You should be able to buy insurance policies, period. Like products, because they are. Like you do for your car, or home, with options. If any laws are needed, they are repeals—of restrictions on your freedom to shop. That sort of protectionism has no place in this nation—it’s not a health-care thing.

Here’s a scenario. When the first few states finally bottom out, and people have zero coverage or options, a big-dog insurer or two will tell their agents, damn the torpedoes, sell policies. They’ll tell their government overlords, have your lawyers talk to our lawyers, see you in court, for the next decade. While they rake in billions providing excellent customer service.

Nothing real prevents insurers from offering juicy terms like pre-existing-condition coverage (for a price), stay on your parents’ plan (as long as you like, to any age, rates and conditions apply), low monthly rates (with high deductibles, your option). Poor people have poor-people options, not the working stiff’s teat.

Insurers all want your business, and will fight to get it, offering you everything from free large-screen TVs to the specific conditions that suit you. You might even do what my healthy friend Erica does (not her real name, she’s afraid to use it in this sorta free country). Pay doctors cash money for service. She gets excellent prices, top-of-the-line practice and the docs like her. A lot. No monthly fees at all.

When Obamacare goes away because it must, Republicans—and you—will finally realize the enormous win America just endured. Which state will be first? Tennessee is virtually there now apparently. Pinal County, Arizona, has hit zero providers. Next is the domino effect. Alt-left media like The New York Times, the TV networks, CNN and the rest will be embarrassed beyond recognition for lambasting the president for his “defeat.” They were defeated, but they’re such ideologues they don’t know it. Yet. The big question is if Trump is so sharp he planned it this way.

You know what today is.

April 19, The Shot Heard Round the World

Hopefully you don't need me to tell you the American Revolutionary War began at Lexington and Concord on April 19, when 700 British troops marched to confiscate our arms, powder and supplies, and were met by 80 or so citizens in a militia force prepared to stop them by any means necessary. The British stood in the open like bright red targets, the colonists gathered behind trees, and after routing the troops followed them and nipped at their heels as they fled.

Look it up, savor the amazing history, which our corrupted school system now bends out of shape or hides completely. Share it with friends and family. Do your best to overlook the parade of horribles that have also happened on this day in history, that some malcontents would give more focus than the spectacular beginnings of the greatest nation the world has ever seen: More freedom, more abundance, more right to speak your mind, practice your religion, or not, more charity, more justice however imperfect because people are imperfect, and forever improving, because the system allows and encourages improvement. May you and yours celebrate this blessed day.

Where Are Trump’s Taxes?

If you file taxes you already know some of the answers

The lamestream media told you:

Why won’t president Trump show everyone his tax returns? (Repeat fifty-five thousand times without change.) We want to know his net worth. We want to know how much he paid. We have a right to see all this. We demand the data.

USA Today, now an unabashed arm of the democrat party and a full-fledged propaganda tool, is promoting the alt-left’s tax-release campaign, with front-page color coverage of mysteriously coordinated national demonstrations on tax day, April 15. They demand compliance with their demands. No balance or conflicting information was included, despite ethical rules that require two sides to every story.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Reporters had stopped asking about Trump’s taxes, now that they have other gripes to repeat ad nausem, (largest "non-nuclear" bomb...) which will frustrate them equally, for similar reason.

That ended when “news” outfits nationwide gave exorbitant coverage to staged rallies by left-wing malcontents demanding presidential action on his tax returns -- where none is required.

The only five problems with reporters’ unyielding request for Trump’s taxes are:

1. As the president has repeatedly said, his returns are under audit, so the papers are only a draft. They are unofficial, subject to change, and can be accepted, rejected or rewritten at the pleasure of IRS. Releasing incomplete unofficial returns serves no one and would only confuse the issue. Where is the reporter who brought this up and said, “Next question please?” This adds to the collapse of credibility journalism now rightfully enjoys.

2. Taxes don’t show your net worth, despite left-wing demands to get that information from the returns. If leftists or reporters filed taxes they would know this. You do. Why hasn’t one reporter chastised one person, including other reporters for not asking about that? Does this indicate that, according to leading experts, they’re all idiots? Or they don’t file taxes themselves, and that’s why they don’t know this simple, common knowledge?

3. The demanders insist, “How much did he pay?” If he paid zero, does that mean he should pay anyway, even if he doesn’t owe? If you make a billion dollars, but lose 1.2 billion, you owe nothing, that’s how it works. These abject haters want him to pay no matter what. They act as if they hate the rich, capitalism that has made them free and well off, and they don’t understand how it all works.

4. Sure, maybe the president should show his taxes. But aren’t your taxes private? I know mine are. Bills are being introduced to change this. Might be a good idea, I haven’t decided. Maybe all documentation should be required. Maybe. Until then, jury's out, rule of law. The previous guy took three years just to tell us where he was born.

5. No matter what they say, the only reason the alt-left and dems are screaming for them is so they can attack. It could say he walks on water and they’d argue he can’t swim. We all know this. Why don’t reporters make the point? And we know that too -- because they’re not neutral reporters, they are attack dogs, just watch the so-called “news.”

According to unsourced reports, Mr. Trump has said he put his returns where they will never be found. Under Mr. Obama’s:

Occidental transcripts
Columbia transcripts
Harvard University records
Punahou Hawaii School K-12 college prep school records (missing)
Illinois State Senate records (missing)
Passport application
Harvard funding source (foreign student aid)
“Born in Kenya” book proposal from literary agent for 16 years
Fast and Furious documents
White House guest list (complete version)
Personal medical and drug use records
Social Security Number irregularities files
Selective Service Card irregularities files
Documentation concerning ACORN, Bill Ayers and Rev. Jeremiah Wright

For additional background missed by the lamestream media in saturation coverage of Trump’s still-under-audit tax filing staged demonstrations:

Trump's Tax Returns

You know the answer

The lamestream media told you:

Trump should release his tax returns. Trump must release his tax returns. Why won't trump release his tax returns. We demand to see Trump's tax returns.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Perhaps Trump could release his tax returns on the same schedule Obama released his birth certificate.

That would be roughly six years from now.

The tax returns resolve nothing.
The birth certificate would have resolved whether the man was a usurper.
Why wouldn't Obama release his documents?

Worst case, what the left hopes for and may well be the case -- Trump's returns show he paid no taxes at all. Yeah, so... you expected something else?

The only reason for asking for them is to use that against him, to hammer. That's what the "news" media does. Reporting is not what they seek here. But as long as he's within the law, balancing wins against losses, what exactly is the problem?

Can you demand he pay taxes that are not due?

I suppose if liberalism really is a mental disorder, you could feel like a rich person should pay taxes even if they are not owed.

While the returns are under audit, there is nothing to release. They are temporary, tentative, not final. It is the final adjusted returns any sentient being would want to see. And when those show no payment, or proper legal payment, yeah, so what?

Who Really Won The Election?

It's the math, silly.

The lamestream media told you:

She got more votes!

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

He got more states!

In the Grand Compromise, when the nation was founded, we decided the most fair, rational, balanced and representative way to select the President was by state. That's why there is an Electoral College.

Final tally:
33 to 17
306 to 232
Electoral College Votes
You may have noticed the "news" media doesn't like making these numbers
prominent, because it doesn't promote their sore-loser, prejudiced status.

As an aside, Senators, Representatives and Supreme Court Justices are all selected by different methods, to help spread the influence around (Senator selection was changed from state legislature selection to popular vote, which many people feel was a bad idea, but that's another story.)

Media Wants Electoral College Dead

Anything they want killed that badly must be pretty good

The lamestream media told you:

Dec. 25, 2016 -- Christmas Day -- Hartford, Conn. Susan Haigh, AP

"The Electoral College is a relic of a bygone era, and we need to change this system," said Connecticut state Sen. Mae Flexer, who filed a bill with several fellow Democrats requiring Connecticut to join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact..."

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

In a 36-column-inch story on Christmas Day, the AP could not find one thing worthy about the Electoral College or why it even exists, in reporting on the effort to remove it from the greatest governmental system ever devised by man on Earth, the one that allows them to print their (place adjective here). More than 1,000 "news" outlets reprint AP pronouncements verbatim.

Expert after expert, democrats and republicans alike, are quoted, cited and described, but every word supports the idea that the Electoral College is antiquated, outdated, in need of a "work around," "a relic of a bygone era," and "we need to change the system." This is called "reporting." People taught to think call it "propaganda with an agenda."

Some critics do question however... whether they can get it done quickly, and there is even a republican mentioned who claims, without support of any kind, that it won't benefit either party. But it is a scheme being promoted virtually entirely by democrats only, for reasons that were unclear at press time. Because 33 state legislatures are controlled by republicans, the report recognizes there is "uncertainty."

Thanks to the Electoral College system, the unindicted corrupt syndicate that sought to incrementally eliminate the right to keep and bear arms, confiscate existing guns, promote the marxist progressive agenda, and unravel The American Way, was soundly defeated.

Why anyone in their right minds would even think of supporting the Founding Fathers tried-and-true system of ensconced wisdom in the Electoral College instead of a mass popular vote for president isn't even hinted at. And yes, I ended with a preposition.

How many illegal aliens voted?

The "news" media is obsessed with demanding Mr. Trump provide evidence for his concern that unqualified votes were cast. The controversial New York Times claims it asked Secretaries of State if they knew of fraud or unqualified voters and they all answered in the negative.

So what ever happened to reporters reporting and investigating?

With such a serious claim by the president of the United States, it would seem only natural for reporters to get on the case and start digging. Here's what I would do if I were them -- instead of badgering our busy new president and making all sorts of disparaging demeaning insulting offensive remarks that show no respect for the office -- while displaying the hostility and prejudice they deny as neutral journalists.

How about: Get a list of every Californian who got a driver's license as an undocumented illegal alien, and compare those names to the voter rolls, and see if there are any matches? Since those hard details are hidden through policy, statistical analysis of volume and trend changes can imply effects, for a ball park view. How about, go to sanctuary cities, and compare the sanctuarians (new word) to the voter rolls? If you can't get the names and do the comparisons, how about raising a red flag just based on the numbers? Have illegal immigrant lobbyists hidden the data so well we can't tell? That's its own scandal. Wave the red flag. How about followup with state activists who claim to know of large numbers of ballots turned in through vote-harvesting programs, and examine them with care? All things Secretaries of State have not done, the controversial Times has skipped. How about that for starters?

Ask your local reporters to try this, and mention it's worth a Pulitzer if they turn up any positive results, or not. You don't have a media list? C'mon.

Obama's Leg-pulling Legacy

As the lamestream media fell all over itself to create and broadcast exit interviews with the man leaving the White House, and "establish" his legacy, approximately zero concern was paid to the thing formerly known as truth.

It begins and ends with the fictional statement that his is the only administration that has suffered no major scandals. I kid you not. It is appalling. He said that. With a straight face. Right into the camera. He was not questioned or challenged at the time:

"I’m proud of the fact with two weeks to go, we are probably the first administration in modern history that has not had a major scandal in the White House." --CBS 60 Minutes. It's all over the web, go look. According to informed sources, it is likely he (and his minions) actually believe that.

Couric fabricated a video
thru secret editing to give
an impression that was
totally false. 60 Minutes
let a bald-faced lie stand
without questioning when
Obama told his whopper.

Which is honestly worse?
Lamestream media defies
any sense of ethics. Then
they act stunned when they
are called out for it, as if
their critics are the ones
who are brain dead.

To believe Mr. Hussein-Obama had no scandals
you must avoid using his full name and believe:

If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.

IRS didn't target conservative groups, and no one claimed 5th Amendment protection when asked.

The murderous Benghazi jihad attack was the result of a funny video tape, or didn't even happen.

Solar energy company Solyndra didn't get a half billion dollars of your money and then close.

Operation Fast and Furious didn't ship thousands of guns to Mexican drug lords.

An unmarked plane didn't ship $400 million dollars in unmarked cash at night to Iran, the leading state sponsor of terrorism.

The cash was not ransom for four Americans released immediately afterwards.

The $1.7 billion total in cash Obama had flown into Iran, in unmarked foreign bills, bought food.

Nearly a trillion dollars in stimulus money created shovel-ready jobs, which people got.

His Attorney General Eric Holder wasn't held in Contempt of Congress, even though he was.

Obama's Secretary of State didn't, well, that list is too long for here. She is the first woman in history to lose the presidency, twice.

22 million detailed government personnel records weren't hacked ("stolen") by the communist Chinese, so we did nothing about it.

Lethal jihadi attacks on unarmed military personnel on U.S. soil were workplace violence, and had nothing to do with the global muslim jihad on western civilization.

Cash for clunkers was a financial windfall for the country.

The Iran nuclear deal was great for America.

ObamaPhones you subsidize, coal energy, oil pipelines, border control, Operation ChokePoint...

Let me tell you something friends, Michael Savage is right -- liberalism is a mental disorder. This person who left the White House either believed, which is unbalanced, or is lying to pervert history. The reporters covering him are complicit, committing a coverup.

They refuse to confront the abnormal number of monstrous scandals, incredulously saying he had none, as if that will make it so. It's a mental disorder. Unmarked bills at night to Iran for Pete's sake. Material support to a designated state sponsor of terrorism.

While democrats are doing everything they can imagine, in cooperation with the lamestream media, to convince themselves Mr. Trump isn't legit and wasn't elected with 77 more Electoral College Votes than the other guy in the pants suit, it is the person who just left office who was never properly vetted for the Article II requirement for natural born citizenship. How is it that John McCain had to undergo a lengthy Senate hearing in 2008 to establish he was qualified to run, and Mr. Hussein-Obama who had all sorts of questions hanging did not? By what power was that skipped?

Read enough BHO scandals to toss your cookies:

Understand the Article II constitutional eligibility requirements for commander in chief and president:

Usurpations Mount

Bill of Rights Day a good time to reflect

How much rollback might a new administration bring?

People who argue that all gun laws are infringements are completely off base. Yes, laws that criminalize mere possession of firearms typically usurp power government is not rightfully delegated, and should not rightly have. Possession of private property is not and should not be grounds for arrest. You're supposed to do something harmful before an arrest occurs. That might get fixed, if Constitutional Carry moves forward.

But a person legitimately arrested can have all weapons removed, the same for people in jail, without infringement. Five-year-olds can't walk into gun stores and buy arms. Use of weapons in commission of crimes increases the crime and its punishment. Arming a vessel of an enemy nation is a criminal act. These laws are legitimate. Review how some gun laws ought to change here (model legislation): Do not expect all gun laws to simply go away, even if you believe the new boss is a gun-lobby lackey (he's not). That would be idiotic.

True usurpations, and this is not a complete list, the ones that have our system running out of control, are where government is operating because some folks think it would be good (or seek power), but there is no legitimate delegated authority to act. It's what we used to call a government of limited delegated powers. To the extent the president or Congress or even the courts have not remained within those constraints that usurpation rules our lives. And no one is prepared to shoot the perpetrators for the usurpations, as the Declaration describes.

We go to war without an act of Congress, a complete travesty, total violation of our charter and morality, full abandonment of the Constitution. It empties our treasury, kills our people and others, creates enmity on a global scale, and ignores any semblance of rule of law. The Department of Education has no authorization in the Constitution, along with the Departments of Energy, Environment, Agriculture, Health and Human Services, and half the others which have been delegated legislative authority disguised as "rule making." Books have been written about the extent of that debacle.

Appointments to the Supreme Court are made to satisfy ideology -- surely you know that's not right. Oh sure, it's so much better when your side picks the approach, and the other side gets stiffed. You know the other side feels outraged about that -- and that was almost you -- but both sides are wrong on that. To top it off, Congress is supposed to exercise control over it (Art. III, Sec. 1, cl. 2: "...with such Exceptions, and under such Regulations as the Congress shall make." They have abdicated their power to keep the whole thing in check like they're supposed to.

Do not believe the "news" media when they say the High Court is deadlocked at four to four. That is a decision. It means they decide to let the court below settle the case, and the settlement only applies to a small area of the country -- that Circuit only. The rest of the nation is free from the decision. Not bad, really, federalism at work. There's value in that. An even number of Justices (eight) means that overruling the locals requires a five to three majority (62.5%), a nice break from one-vote policy decisions we've been enduring (55.5%).

Does anyone expect the new boss to do anything differently than the old boss? Chill the euphoria for a few moments and remember where things were before Nov. 8, OK?

So, who did win?

And who are the real haters?

HINT: Whatever the left says conservatives are -- is what the liberals are.

They call conservatives racist, but the liberals are the racists. Who are the bean counters, constantly obsessed with how many blacks, or whites, or whatever group-of-the-day are included or excluded? It's the liberal race baiters (think Sharpton, Schumer, Jackson, long list).

Who is overwhelmed with feminist anti-men programs that are true misogyny? It's the liberals of course -- the men of conservatism are real men, not girly men. I could go on at length, but you understand. Liberals charge everyone else with their own liberal foibles, the election brought this out, especially the vitriol afterwards -- it is "psychological projection" -- they project their neuroses, fears and hatreds on the people around them because they can't face it themselves -- it literally defines the liberal mindset.

The defeat of Hillary has provided our friends on the left an excuse to vent their pent up hatred, racism, sexism and other isms -- including gunism, blind hatred of firearms -- at the world and all available targets.

If it weren't for their vicious anger and threatening hostility we'd be having parades and celebrations in the streets for the election of a populist non-politician for simply promising to make our great country great again... but we hold back out of fear of firebombing, smashed glass, race rioting from racists and other civil unrest from phony peaceniks.

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