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NRA Is The Devil! -- Or Maybe Not.

Training Must Come From Somewhere

The lamestream media told you:

The NRA is the devil, evil incarnate, the standard whipping boy for any mass murderer’s actions, death to the NRA, man it just doesn’t stop, attack attack attack.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

The socialist left and the lamestream media seems totally unaware that the main gun-safety training association in the country, make that on planet Earth, is the NRA.

Congrats to NRA experts on a tremendous plan for the schools -- the left would have to show blatant hypocrisy and self-defeating behavior to turn this down. Schools need this, it can only help. The left may be inclined to fight it, solely because of its eminently qualified source, which would be an utter and dangerous shame. I'll be promoting it, for all the right reasons.

The National School Shield program seeks to identify and apply “best practices in security infrastructure, technology, personnel, training, and policy. Through this multidimensional effort, National School Shield® seeks to engage communities and empower leaders to help make our schools more secure.”

It includes a “comprehensive vulnerability assessment. These assessments provide an all-inclusive approach to analyzing a school’s climate, physical security, communications systems, and overall preparedness.”

The program doesn’t take place in a vacuum. It “seeks to facilitate a partnership between schools and local stakeholders in a shared commitment to more secure schools.”

These guys get to have all the machineguns they want.
The whole purpose of the Second Amendment is BALANCE OF POWER.
Has America lost sight of this crucial principle?
We lost this balance in 1986.

Is Science Over?

A funny thing happened on the way to Science Newsiness

The lamestream media told you:

Nothing, but do notice:
I’ve been reading Science News, a formerly fine science magazine, since childhood.

It has become a nouveau tabloid with “we thought we were right but now we really know” dominating stories that used to report on the world of scientific discovery and advancement. Editorship was just assumed by a former PBS employee. What affect might that have, I wonder, none?

The cover used to say The Weekly Newsmagazine of Science, it is now Society for Science & the Public, with other changes to its description. The material is getting so vapid it's becoming hard to endure. Some employed scientists actually tested whether you can blow on dropped food to see if the 5-second rule is real, and this got reported.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Can you spot any patterns in the stories appearing in the current issue of Science News, by Nancy, Lisa, Carolyn, Aimee, Tina, Susan, Aimee, Laurel, Carolyn, Carolyn, Emily, Laurel, Maria, Maria, Emily, Laura, Laurel, Carolyn, Ashley, Carolyn... Dan and Bruce.

Some topics: Bogs on the Brink (carbon stores); Discussing what matters when facts are not enough (new editor’s comment); Fresh water maxed out on phosphorous; Lent story debunked; Penguins can track Antarctic changes; Hunting threatens orangutans; Too much sugar; Consumer goods pollute urban air; Americans might welcome space aliens; New mother depression gets attention... just the first half. OK, there were stories about the cosmos, anti-matter, biology, a little more, but puhleeeze.

The new editor’s opening editorial is almost a screed against questioning established scientific consensus. “When people challenge the scientific consensus on issues (she names three) it’s no surprise that one of the first inclinations of journalists and scientists has been to think, hey, these doubters just don’t know the facts.” Give them more data and they’ll get it she explains.

“But there’s considerable evidence that more data isn’t better when it comes to science skeptics,” editor Nancy Shute says. She denigrates the effort of skeptics to build a case using facts. The bubble-centric ivory-tower hubris is stunning.

I plan to keep my subscription for a while, but it looks like I may need a different source. I gave up Scientific American, when it became a politicized editorial, and featured digitally manipulated images of a person’s face on its cover, to argue that race doesn’t exist.

When science cannot brook skepticism, in a magazine continuously reporting it was wrong about prior “science,” the nation, not just science, is in danger of extinction.

It Makes Sense the Left Is Using Children

Why should anyone be surprised?

Darling little kids are motivational, it’s all that matters

The lamestream media told you:

[Quote some “news” story about one of the children being bandied around as a news commentator, hogging spotlight. Actually, quote several, now known as survivors, which describes anyone at school that day, according to leading experts. Use the well-spoken one, the one from drama class, who says he can’t act (cue laughter). Too many people don’t know he was a drama student. He’s really good on live TV.]

“It should not be harder for me to get this girl in fourth period to call me back than it is to get an AR-15,” Cameron Kasky told Time Wednesday. This is how a drama teenager speaks?

The teenager doesn’t seem aware that if your rights are intact and you’re not disqualified for good reason, of course you can exercise your rights. The reporter didn’t ask.

Why the fourth period girl won’t call him back was also left unanswered, though leading experts believe that may be due to his personality, and may change after the national exposure. She may have avoided him for other good reason, but this was unknown at press time (“news” technique for planting spurious ideas in readers’ minds).

Time continues: “As the students’ movement gains visibility, they have faced backlash from bots and trolls who spread conspiracy theories about them and accuse them of being ‘crisis actors.’” The report doesn’t support the slur, and says the kids just laugh it off. “You should have seen me in Fiddler on the Roof,” Kasky says. “Who the hell would pay me to act?”

“The labor and socialist movements had youth affiliates going back to the beginning of the century,” according to a history professor quoted in the article, revealing more than perhaps the socialists would prefer, for reasons that were unclear at press time. Hundreds of similar articles have flooded the web, TV and print. Radio has had a tougher time getting these new spokespeople on.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

The political left, a polite name for socialists, are using children with no actual credentials to be spokespeople in the gun debate, because progressives are trying to appeal to their base. Using children works, to their side.

It doesn’t matter that the kids are uninformed. This technique pulls at heartstrings. It is motivational. To the “useful idiots” (Vladimir Lenin’s term), people who follow the leader without thinking through on issues will be swayed and motivated by this technique. Of course the left uses children.

The only surprise is that republicans, conservatives (not the same thing), independents, libertarians, nonaligneds, even the reporters and editorialists who can still think and still have a platform, are surprised. What do you expect? The left should use reason, logic, facts? That’s not what they do. That doesn't work on them.

It would be a tactical and strategic error for leftists to do differently. They have to rally their troops. They have to use techniques that work. That’s why CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, USA Today, AP and the rest look the way they do. Journalism per se has been dead for a long while. Note: Human beings, along with “bots and trolls” observed the children were being used by sophisticated propagandists. The kids activities and printing were also being funded with huge sums, estimated to be in the millions, another “astroturf” movement. Countless buses, room and board have been provided to organize the spontaneous marches staged nationwide, as if spontaneously.

Eye witnesses in D.C filmed and reported the uncoordinated youth march was 90% adults. Cash was prepared and stapled together to give to school kid groups for buying lunch. media reports were phony, fake, saturation which itself should tell you something, and balance, there wasn’t any.

The Hill ($5 million spent on free march)

Background on what Millennials really think

GOA Video shows the real marchers (D’oh!) BELOW:

Where are all the kids?

Gloves Are Off—It’s a Gun-Ban Movement

Marchers, Politicians, Media,
No Longer Playing Pretend

But: Infringement Is Illegal

by Alan Korwin

Calls to outlaw guns, gun possession, accessories and similar wild-eyed notions now percolating through a portion of our youth and culture are... illegal.

So called “news” media, involved in whipping up the public and unsuspecting youngsters into a frenzy to ban gun types, gun parts, all guns, and places where people can have guns for all legal purposes -- like defense against murderers -- are an affront to our society and our Constitution. When did teachers lose their right to keep and bear arms exactly? The guarantees of The U.S. Bill of Rights can just be... lost?

People are saying the horrific events of the recent past could never have happened if our rights weren’t somehow squelched in the first place.

Unless you decide to give up on the rule of law, and simply enact anything by mob rule, guns can’t simply be banned, as television is campaigning for. People could begin a new country based on utopian socialist rule with no leadership, no charter, and the will of the people simply expressed day-to-day by vote, that’s conceivable. But America cannot legitimately ban guns already in the public’s hands by passing laws, to appease loud children.

We get that the kids are scared, and should be, they’ve been let down. That doesn’t erase the rule of law.

If stopping crazed, psychotic mass murderers who take it on themselves to spree murder their classmates is the goal, that’s a good goal.

Loud youngsters who think disarming the public will somehow accomplish that goal are not mature enough to understand that first, -- it won’t work, and second, the adults egging them on in the media and politics are manipulative SOBs worse than their worst parents.

Those adults are using what amounts to a national tantrum to accomplish the adults’ goal -- not the children’s goal. The so-called “news” media has disguised or totally hidden this revealing truth. Journalists have become virtually as much an enemy of the nation’s health as the murderers themselves. That’s a hard thing to say, as a journalist myself.

Here’s a secret. Everyone wants to stop sociopathic students from murdering their classmates at school. It shouldn’t be a secret. The hated NRA wants to stop that. Do you really think they’re devils who want their own kids at that kind of risk? If you do, you’ve been sold a bill of goods. Remember the secret -- Everyone wants to stop sociopathic students from murdering their classmates at school.

Here’s the bottom line. Banning a firearm a person already owns is infringement, simply by definition. Doing that is banned in America, it’s why we’re the linchpin of freedom on the planet. It’s why oppressed masses flock here, and always have, though schools no longer teach this. They used to, when America was at its peak.

Attempting to take such a firearm away -- government confiscation of the public’s guns is aggravated infringement, felony-level criminal activity. It is exactly what government cannot legitimately do. It’s where peaceful rule of law ends and tyranny begins: gun-taking. Gun-taking kindles revolts, around the world, and if it goes too far, it could happen here. Disarming the innocent doesn’t set well with the innocent. The reverse is true too -- you can’t arm slaves and expect them to remain slaves.

State by state, we are going to see an effort to put aggravated infringement into statute so offending officials can be charged and imprisoned if they attempt to infringe on this fundamental constitutional right. Banning guns is on the same par as banning gays, blacks, speech, Bibles -- you just can’t do that here.

It doesn’t matter how many votes you can manipulate or cajole with phony logic. “Majority rules, minority protected,” you remember that, right? It means you can’t strip the Bill of Rights with a legislative vote.

People who do so or attempt to do so need to be subject to defined penalties. Like any other civil and human rights violation. We actually have 18 USC §241, and 18 USC §242 for this, they just need some backup, and enforcement (q.v., denial of constitutional or statutory rights is a crime). Read those short, crystalline statutes.

The noise level is rising to a dangerous pitch. Attempting to disarm the public is what has, throughout history, led to either revolution or genocide. Americans want neither. The loud children want neither either, they just don’t know it. They know not what they do, and their handlers are keeping them quietly in the dark.

The Andersons and Wolves are incomprehensibly keeping them ignorant, and maybe they are themselves. I’m reluctant to join my colleagues who see it for an evil agenda, and the markings could easily be read that way. At the least the mass media culprits should lose their licenses to broadcast. Oh, that’s right—they are unlicensed operators.

Banning guns already in the public’s hands is infringement. Attempting to take an infringed item is aggravated infringement. Attempting to take an infringed item is where chilling phrases like, “Bullets first!” and “From my cold dead fingers!” arise. This country does not want to go there. Someone tell the kids.
I have the Infringement Bill model language here somewhere, I’ll get that posted, check back with me.

Permission to circulate this essay granted ###

We need more, better gun laws!

A. It's time to ban the 1,000-foot gun ban at schools.

How much more proof could we possibly need to prove this law is a worthless sham.

The "news" media has been publicizing the failure of the 1,000-foot ban for years. The ban doesn't work. Murderers ignore the ban. For some reason, still a mystery to the political left, the law doesn't stop people from acting out, and in fact murderers are charged with higher crimes than violation of the 1,000-foot rule. Repeal the feckless gun-free-school zones farce.

The Bill-Clinton-era feel-good do-nothing violation of our rights has accomplished exactly nothing but infringe on the innocent. It makes it a crime for the good people reading Page Nine to have their firearms anywhere near a school (1,000 foot barrier) and has zero effect on mass murderers the "news" media parades around after they commit their horrific crimes. Repeal this abomination without delay.

Unenforceable. A joke. A federal crime against the public.
Infringement defined.

B. Teach marksmanship and the link between firearms and liberty in schools.

The public school system has removed certain crucial education from classrooms, so our children are kept hopelessly ignorant of what makes this nation the shining linchpin of freedom on planet Earth. No need to place blame, we all have an understanding of who is at fault. It's time to turn this around with curriculum development, public encouragement, and punishment for censoring or denying the free flow of information in this field to and among students in publicly funded settings.

C. Fix Fix NICS.

The whole idea that the FBI collects the names of tens of millions of innocent Americans, to stop criminals from buying guns at retail, is an idea hatched in a deep dark bad government basement. Instead, the names of the bad guys should be made available to the dealers, like wanted posters, in the far less expensive BIDS system. Short of that, the current Fix NICS plan is a way to send more bad-guy names to the database, using incentives and punishment for the reporting agencies. What's not addressed, the Fix Fix NICS proposal, includes a clean fast cheap way to get off the list if you're one of many false positives (wrongly entered); a way to find out if you're even on, without committing a felony by going into a store to shop; auditing the system and assurance of proper operation; and of course, punishment for improper government use and false listing ("Oh, they would never do that!" Good, then they shouldn't mind including it.).

D. Model Laws.

There are so many, from serious, desperately needed ones at the state and federal level, like an end to frivolous lawsuits by criminals harmed during felonies, to lighter notes for inspiration, like Ammo Stamps for the Indigent, so poor people can practice too.

The Bump Stock Deception

If the infringers get something we should too.
Using tragedy to manipulate infringement is perverse.
Left wingers seek to ban a piece of plastic out of pure frustration.

An open letter to Congress:

Regarding so-called "bump-fire" stocks or "slide-fire stocks" you are currently considering regulating --

1. You have no apparent legitimate delegated authority to regulate these essentially inert plastic/composite firearm accessories.

2. Because a firearm can be fired in "bump-fire" style without these accessories, regulating them is a specious and politically motivated attempt to placate certain elements of the public and political world who do not understand the issue.

3. Pretending to actually "do something," with a move like this, when you are actually doing nothing productive, is a humiliating embarrassment.

4. Regulations here will a) have no effect on psychotic behavior which is the real problem society faces, and b) deliberately masks the true nature of that problem.

5. Your agency should not play into this false narrative or deceptive practice.

6. Arguing that you can't ban other firearms, so you might as well ban these "crumbs" is reprehensible, and should be grounds for your removal from office for infringement.

Author Alan Korwin.

These guys get to have all the machine guns they want. The whole purpose
of the Second Amendment is BALANCE OF POWER. Has America
lost sight of this crucial principle? We lost this balance in 1986.

Trump's Deal on Iran Makes Sense

Obviously democrats will oppose it.
Their guy (BHO) arranged to give Iran nukes
Trump says no way no how.

The lamestream media told you:

[Compiled and summarized:] In typical fashion, Trump is being provocative and irrational in his handling of Iran and its nuclear program. He will never get his hair-brained schemes through Congress. Congressional democrats are standing firm in their righteous resistance to his stonewalling and unreasonable demands. In other news he has cut funding to the U.N. causing grievous harm to that fine organization, and causing outrage among our allies.

“Rep. Eliot Engel, D-N.Y., who voted against the agreement two years ago, said at a hearing Wednesday U.S. interests are best served by keeping the deal and aggressively policing the agreement to ensure Iran doesn't violate the terms.”

More than 180 House Democrats sent a letter to Trump last week calling on him to certify compliance unless he could produce “credible evidence of a material breach by Iran.”

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

In his statement, Pres. Trump detailed his requirements for fixing the Iran deal:
“I am open to working with Congress on bipartisan legislation regarding Iran. But any bill I sign must include four critical components.

“First, it must demand that Iran allow immediate inspections at all sites requested by international inspectors.

“Second, it must ensure that Iran never even comes close to possessing a nuclear weapon.

“Third, unlike the nuclear deal, these provisions must have no expiration date. My policy is to deny Iran all paths to a nuclear weapon—not just for ten years, but forever.

“If Iran does not comply with any of these provisions, American nuclear sanctions would automatically resume.

“Fourth, the legislation must explicitly state in United States law—for the first time—that long-range missile and nuclear weapons programs are inseparable, and that Iran’s development and testing of missiles should be subject to severe sanctions.

“...I also call on all our allies to take stronger steps with us to confront Iran’s other malign activities. Among other actions, our allies should cut off funding to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, its militant proxies, and anyone else who contributes to Iran’s support for terrorism. They should designate Hezbollah—in its entirety—as a terrorist organization. They should join us in constraining Iran’s missile development and stopping its proliferation of missiles, especially to Yemen. They should join us in countering Iran’s cyber threats. They should help us deter Iran’s aggression against international shipping. They should pressure the Iranian regime to stop violating its citizens’ rights. And they should not do business with groups that enrich Iran’s dictatorship or fund the Revolutionary Guard and its terrorist proxies.”

After extensive analysis, The Uninvited Ombudsman cannot find any hair-brained ideas here. We do agree though the democrats will do what they can to block it.

Sexually Explicit Remarks Among Marines!

Leftists are stunned, seek reparations
Oh, wait, reparations are for the Civil War, this is recriminations

The lamestream media told you:

“Two civilian officials with the Marine Corps say their boss, a Marine officer, repeatedly made sexually explicit overtures to them at work, but their complaints to leadership were minimized.” -USA Today

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Aren’t sexually explicit remarks how you find out if a member of the opposite sex might be interested in an intimate relationship with you? What are you supposed to use, telepathy?

When a person “comes on” to you, you do what? Complain to your boss? Or your bosses boss? You rebuff the advance. High schoolers know this. If folks in the Marine Corps don’t we need some reeducation camp time. Americans are getting out of hand with this. Leave it to USA Today to elevate it to the level of national "news." It's not fake (made up and false). It's phony (should never be in the paper, where it is misleading).

The actual charge here apparently amounts to the man, four years ago, becoming aroused by the women and the women noticing this, under his clothing. No contact, just biology at work, at work. How much did he help that along? That part is he-said-she-said, so it can't be resolved. Go ahead, fire your complaints at me for stating the obvious. I am not evaluating a felony assault being ignored, I'm describing a lack of self reliance and toughness needed to deal. Do the Marines maybe have some real problems, like any big tough outfit? Sure. Is this case one of them. Nah.

The Problem Isn't the Shootings. It's the murders.

The lamestream media has twisted everything using words

As seen in:

Read it and all of Alan's columns for The Daily Caller here:

by Alan Korwin

Look around you—all the “news” stories covering the recent Florida tragedy speak about shooters and shooting. Shooting is not the problem. Murder is the problem.

These aberrant kids have been conditioned into thinking it’s OK to murder their classmates. There are no consequences that matter. Killing is fun. Heaven and hell are pipe dreams. No sense of morality or decent social conduct has been inculcated into their behavior.

Back in the day, no one could have imagined going into a school, or anywhere, and just randomly killing everyone in sight. Where would a person even get such an idea? Where would a person even get such an idea? Read that again. You know the answer. We had the guns, they were even easier to get—no papers at all.

No one in mass media is talking about murder and murderers. Watch. They’re only talking about shooting and shooters. By itself, shooters and shooting is not anything bad—and they know that. Being a shooter and shooting is what good Americans do all the time.

Murder is ugly, too ugly to bear. Murderers are horrible, to be rejected outright by society. No glory in being a murderer. Especially no prize for being a mass murderer. So the media avoids it, and in their conspicuous campaign against private arms, they avoid dealing with the murder angle.

The media are leading the nation down a path of perdition, turning shooters and shooting—people and activities with wonderful, excellent attributes—into targets for fear, loathing and legislative assault. And they’re good at it.

Socialists Have Something to Gain

The political left is jumping for joy at this turn of events. They are using tragedy, as they typically do, to campaign for a favored goal—a goal socialists the world over seek. Disarm the public. Disarm resistance to their rule. The people leading this charge seem like nice people. They seem like they only want to help. They’re all over the airwaves, and in print. And in the schools. They have staged themselves into the White House. Their message oddly enough is identical from all mouths. Take the guns away. This gun, that gun, all guns. At the very least give the government a list of them all.

But by refusing to call a murderer a murderer, and assaulting every decent shooter in America with their words day in and day out, they manipulate the debate, and turn our values upside down. We’re hot on the trail of guns, instead of on the trail of breakdowns in human behavior the media have introduced and fostered, where we should be. They are SO good at that.

Americans, and children in particular, have been exposed to mind-warping mental conditioning for years, and it is taking effect. This stuff, protected by the First Amendment and which “has no effect,” is rearing its head all around you. Don’t act mystified, stumped for a rationale. Accept the obvious. Show children that mass murder is fun and easy, without consequences, and you get what you see. Not from everyone, from the weak ones, which is sufficient. You can’t be exposed to slaughter every night constantly and not have it affect the most susceptible among us.

Call them “shooters,” like in a gallery, show their pictures incessantly (even an idiot knows that’s not “news”) and praise their “accomplishments,” like scores in a ballgame, or a new Guinness book record. Police nationwide understand what copycat crime is, and violence contagion. Media players feign ignorance and keep acting like the criminals’ press agents.

Does it serve any public purpose to hear the names and see the faces of every child murderer who erupted in the past 10 or 20 years? Yes in fact, it does. (Should we say child “shooter” to emphasize the difference?) It gives socialists and their media allies an excuse to campaign even further, pull at even more heartstrings, to build momentum for disarming the public, either incrementally or in one fell swoop.

What To Do

Never again say mass shooter, say mass murderer and be accurate, and precise, and stop denigrating shooters.

Never again say mass shooting, say spree killing, and mass killer, and put the burden on the criminal, not the inanimate gun, as the left would have you do.

It’s not “gun violence,” a cleverly crafted term of art, it’s violent crime and heinous crime, murder, another deranged psychopath, most of whom it turns out are on psychoactive drugs. No one is charged with gun violence, that doesn’t even follow logically. It’s about homicide, murder, how can they justify avoiding it. They cannot.

Dangerous socialists imbedded all over America, politely referred to as “the left,” want to focus everything on precious firearms, to help disarm the public. Encouraging and then using spree killers to advance this cause is pure evil. Now you know. Don’t play into their game by using their loaded vocabulary.

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In the dictionary next to "chilling" they should have a picture of it.
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