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2017 SHOT Show

The biggest trade show on Earth, for the #2 participant sport in America, the shooting sports, a constant gold-medal winner at the Olympics, all but ignored (or vilified by the lamestream media. It is no wonder the new president calls the media fake news. They are. They do nothing but vilify the very thing that keeps Amerians safe, gives them pleasure, and keeps the free world free. The tiny percentage of evil, ghettoized miscreants who wreak havoc on themselves and others, are ignored in large measure by authorities, and are promoted on front pages to sell audience size by corrupt reporters and editors who are now among the worst enemies of freedom our nation faces. Journalists can't see it, don't understand it.

The show this year, as in past years, exhibits the latest greatest gear and advancements in self defense, military and police weaponry, accessories, open only to the trade, like other professional trade shows.

Even walking is tricky with more than 100 countries represented and nearly 65,000 people in attendance at the SHOT Show, a truly international event.

The Press Office (nice digs, huh?) is always a place for making new friends and valuable contacts, I spend a lot of time there, with 2,500 other members of the trade press. Attorney Lara Smith is the national spokesperson for the California based Liberal Gun Club -- who knew there was such a thing? Turns out liberal is not a monolithic thing, with awareness alive in some spots. A growing interest in sound Second Amendment principles is developing and it bodes well for freedom, people who own and fire guns, "get it." With liberals starting to fear their government, and asking me how to arm, how long will it be before Glock and Colt start to advertise in Rolling Stone. It's a monumental and untapped market for hardware, training, education.

A flag made from shotgun shells speaks for itself, a real eye catcher.

Call me square, I don't get this. There's a mud flap babe in white on the mag well, a little hard to see. Guys buy it for their women? Women buy it for themselves? Overheard: "I wouldn't be caught dead with one." Interesting irony that, no?

Similar question -- camo with candy pink straps? Who's the appeal? Girly men? Women who don't understand camo? Halloween? Gag gifts? The LGBTQ1A queer questioning non-hetero non-cisgender
intersex community? Apologies Mossy, I had to get that out. Nice bags. Everyone already knows you make good stuff.

You only think you're crouched low and hiding if the other guy has telescopic night-vision optics. A still frame snapped from a video. The surveillance gear on display was terrifying (for the civilians) and mouthwatering for the warrior-types in the crowd, plenty of both. You only think you're armed if the other guy is armored.

Loads of celebrities at every turn, here VISTA Outdoor Media had four top competitive shooters on a panel taking questions from an audience, transfixed by their knowledge, experience, comfort in front of a crowd -- these folks knew more about guns, shooting traveling to compete, it was hard to tear away and see the show, which is too big to see in its entirety anyway.

Best illusion of the show -- this indoor range used to demonstrate a target system is basically a flat piece of paper. Yup. The rails over the woman's head terminate at the screen and hold the target carrier. The whole thing is the depth of a regular booth, give or take, and that's a non-firing pistol. One of the most innovative displays I've ever seen, from Action Target in Utah, who had a lot of other goods spread out.

Radio Row was packed on the first floor with national and regional talk show hosts, live during the entire event. Here's Lars Larson and his finger-pointing producer Carl Sundberg --  we promised each other we would make time for a short segment but it didn't happen before he was off air. SHOT is so overwhelming far more gets promised than gets done, and you still get back to your room each night exhausted with a ton of leads and done deals. I didn't count how many interviews I gave, got buttonholed, scheduled some, set up some for after the show, still have some planned. Hey Lars, let's do it!

Wise-arse Mark Walters, on air in 200 cities with Armed American Radio, captured my soul as I captured his -- one day I want to stage this and do it with 15 people simultaneously -- what an image that would make! Mark had me on right after some impossibly tough act to follow, was it Hugh Hewitt? Who can remember, it all becomes a blur.

Dana Loesch had prime space on Radio Row for The Blaze.

In the show-stopper product category:

BIG GUN NEWS: When Congress restricted intermediate capacity drum-fed shotguns under Bill Clinton they did it by name -- the Street Sweeper, Striker-12 and USAS-12. The government basically said tell us you have it, and pay us for each one, or it's banned. Fail to do so and we can send armed agents to get you and put you in a cage for years.

It was such a stunning affront and infringement that no one thought about defeating the abuse, we just sat back and took it (effective 3/1/94). These arms were classified as NFA destructive devices and required registration with BATFE. You're looking above at a 25-round shotgun drum that will fit magazine-fed shotguns, perfectly legal, made by SGM Tactical in Knoxville. Freedom always seems to find a way.

The SHOT Show wouldn't be the same without a healthy amount of eye candy. There was a grab bag to choose from. I just grabbed one to share. Have a nice day.

Hearing Protection Act 2017

"H.R. 367 Hearing Protection Act of 2017" Duncan, (R-TN 2nd District)

Introduced 1/9/17, assigned to Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations, referred 2/6, still there 2/28/17.

The Gist:
When this bill is enacted, silencers are removed from the restrictive NFA law (National Firearms Act, dating back to 1934). The $200 "transfer tax" ends for all transactions from Oct. 22, 2015 and going forward. Silencers become treated as ordinary firearms, subject to the same manufacturing, possession and sales rules as ordinary long guns and sidearms, at the federal and state levels.

A person lawfully getting or having one will be treated as if they meet any registration and licensing required under the National Firearms Act. A law within a state that interferes with making, transferring, using, possessing or transporting a silencer, or imposes a tax, or requires a mark, record keeping or registration of a silencer, "shall have no force or effect."

Basically, if the statute operates as intended silencers become regulated only under the gun laws the public is familiar with, in 18 USC §921 and beyond ("et seq." in Latin). If there was stock in a silencer company, it would be a smart buy. Home manufacture for personal use would fit within the law. On passage we could reasonably expect a slew of new firms, models, integral pistol designs, holsters and more.

Just nudge government out of the way, economy flourishes, textbook theory proves itself again, I love saying that every time it happens.

Potential snags are everywhere unfortunately. Some states will hate this, feds telling them what to do, they'll be tempted to sue, to declare it unconstitutional. Cities get around tax bans... by imposing "fees." The lists, as all lists do, leave wiggle room, look again, watch some city will try to "certify" the products, that's not registration, right? The definition of silencer is deleted from the NFA statute, and then anyone getting or having one is treated as having registered and licensed it. That's sort of odd, though it does address the many little tax, transfer, approval and transport burdens the law also would require. The definitions in the regular gun laws would likely apply (this is stuck in tax law, Title 26 Internal Revenue Code).

To help make things difficult to understand, Congress refers to "Section 5845(a) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986" and amending, striking out, and adding language. They could instead refer to our statute directly (26 USC §5845a), which is easy to find and read, and say: Delete this from "(a)," the list of weapons:

"(7) any silencer (as defined in section 921 of title 18, United States Code);"

NOTE: You can find this section on page 260 of ourbook Gun Laws of America.

Silencers are environmentally friendly devices, contributing to more peaceful surroundings, with excellent health benefits in protecting hearing and lowering stress. The muffled report allows for easier placement of practice ranges, and improves training, with better communication between student and instructor. If OSHA was doing its job, silencers would be available at Walgreens and Rite Aid.

Virginia Gun Laws on the Move

Anti-rights bills defeated, good bills alive

A few good bills have died unfortunately

The lamestream media told you:

Nothing, as usual. A bit of lamenting has appeared in the lamestream, ever since Hillary's plans to confiscate and destroy the public's firearms—the Australia plan she and the entire democrat party touted before her campaign crashed and burned—but positive news about guns and gun laws remains heavily suppressed as always. Heavy losses at federal and state levels has not changed the media. They remain as biased and twisted as ever.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

The Virginia Citizens Defense League -- a national leader in how gun-rights are done at the state level -- are on the march and have moved the ball down the field. From their latest report:


First piece of good news is that we’ve managed to either kill or neuter all of the 37 gun-control bills that were introduced this year! [Take note -- legislators who are supposed to protect and defend the Constitution have introduced 37 bills to cut off or limit your right to arms. Criminals are unaffected by the new bills, because guns are already completely outlawed for criminals, a point always omitted in "news" reports. Alan.]


* Blocking CHP information being shared with states that don’t honor VA CHPs

* Legalizing switchblades

* Circuit Court Clerk to email notice of expiring CHP to permit holder

* Active duty or honorably discharged military under 21-years-old can get a CHP

* CHPs can be either laminated or plastic

* Protective orders become a temporary CHP for the person being protected

* Victims of certain crimes, such as domestic violence, can get free firearms training

* Gun owners cannot be disarmed while in an emergency shelter

* A photo ID must be provided when applying for a new CHP or renewal, but the application will no longer need to be notarized

* For a CHP address change, no proof of new address will be required any more

* Limited immunity when reporting an act of self-defense using 9-1-1

* Restoration for firearms rights for a person who had been adjudicated mentally defective, but no longer lives in Virginia

* Foster care parents can legally have a firearms on their person while at home

* Gun owners who vote in polling places that prohibit guns can vote absentee

* State law on “restricted ammunition” updated to take into account modern ammunition technology

* Possession of antique/black powder firearms by non-violent felons for purposes of hunting or recreational use legalized


* Constitutional Carry

* Restoration of legal fees for a person who was involved in a justifiable use of self-defense

* Codification of church carry (pulled by patron)

* Sales tax exemption for purchase of a gun safe

* Income tax deduction for purchase of a gun safe

* Reduction in CHP fees


Arizona's activists are following no less than 30 bills of importance to gun owners. Read a summary of each, the actual language, support/oppose ratings, and join the easy effort to win or lose here:

Of these bills, 11 are harmful to our rights, a few need to be watched, and the balanced would be good for us, controlling the authorities, protecting our rights, preventing monkey business with the ballot initiative and referendum process. Those citizen initiative tools are the latest in the gun-rights struggles. Billionaire anti-rights zealots Soros and Bloomberg are using their wealth to sway popular opinion regardless of facts, pay enormous sums to gather signatures, often under false pretenses, and push through policies legislatures and the federal government would other wise never pass.

Do not underestimate the power of bad people with bags of money and an agenda to make the public subservient to their armed will. They want you disarmed, but they stand protected by walls of armored heavily armed troops. For safety. 


This might be OK for our military,
but it has no place in civilian police forces.
When political elites want you disarmed,
but this is what they have instead of police,
you know in your heart something is wrong.
You only think you're armed
if the other guy is armored,
defeating the 2nd Amendment entirely.

What do you think people living in
"communities of color" think of this?


Trump's Tax Returns

You know the answer

The lamestream media told you:

Trump should release his tax returns. Trump must release his tax returns. Why won't trump release his tax returns. We demand to see Trump's tax returns.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Perhaps Trump could release his tax returns on the same schedule Obama released his birth certificate.

That would be roughly six years from now.

The tax returns resolve nothing.
The birth certificate would have resolved whether the man was a usurper.
Why wouldn't Obama release his documents?

Worst case, what the left hopes for and may well be the case -- Trump's returns show he paid no taxes at all. Yeah, so... you expected something else?

The only reason for asking for them is to use that against him, to hammer. That's what the "news" media does. Reporting is not what they seek here. But as long as he's within the law, balancing wins against losses, what exactly is the problem?

Can you demand he pay taxes that are not due?

I suppose if liberalism really is a mental disorder, you could feel like a rich person should pay taxes even if they are not owed.

While the returns are under audit, there is nothing to release. They are temporary, tentative, not final. It is the final adjusted returns any sentient being would want to see. And when those show no payment, or proper legal payment, yeah, so what?

USA Today Promotes, Fails to Report

Have to go line by line on this horrific imitation of journalism

USA Today gets worse, if that's possible.

They said:
"What began as a Facebook post by a Hawaii grandmother the day after Hillary Clinton's loss in November's election..."

What we know:
"Substituting a tale about a grandma for hard news, USA Today failed to report that left-wing radical activist billionaire George Soros provided more than $33 million to 50 "progressive" groups to coordinate a staged event in the nation's capital..."

"Soros has funded, or has close relationships with, at least 56 of the march’s “partners,” including..."

They said:
"...blossomed into a sweeping protest uniting people of all ages, races and religions who crowded downtown Washington."

What we know:
"...attracted progressives and left wing people, primarily women, LGBTQ1A+s and people of color with disproportionate secular and disgruntled American-hating angry folks."

They said:
"...they fear Congress and Republicans will roll back reproductive, civil and human rights."

What we know:
"They imagine Congress and Republicans will roll back reproductive, civil and human rights. No evidence for these fears was presented."

They said:
"Sister rallies mirror main event, some 670 demonstrations take place, organizers say."

What we know:
The newspaper made no effort to see if the "organizers" number was true, they just repeated it. Who are these "organizers"? No facts were provided. How did they get such a count for the "spontaneous" one-day "event"? The very fact they could even pretend to make such a statement indicates a high degree of pre-planning for the so-called spontaneous demonstration, ripping credibility from the notion this represents concern for the subjects promoted by the organizers and promoted by the "news." It was later grudgingly revealed Soros poured money into making this happen.

As part of the peaceful protest, pop singer Madonna, a keynote speaker, called for blowing up the White House. No arrest was reported. Signs carried by the protesters were the most vicious, vulgar, obscene, profane, pornographic, disgraceful, disgusting, expletive-laced, hysterically funny and unfit for broadcast ever seen in a demonstration, gleefully published by lamestream media and widely available on the web, proving once again that everything the left accuses everyone else of -- is psychological projection of themselves.

"People of Color" Is Racism

George Orwell Would Be Proud

People Without Color?

The lamestream media told you:

People of color this, people of color that, the Oscars have more people of color than ever before...

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

The left wing of America doesn't want you to notice what's going on behind the curtain.

Political correctness, which is actually cultural marxism, has substituted "people of color" for "colored people" to make their blatant racism acceptable. It is the left, and only the left, which dominates the "news" media, that uses colored people (now people of color) constantly in news stories. If they used "colored people" their racism would be on naked display. They have hoodwinked themselves. They have you going along.

This bean counting racism is unacceptable to non-racist conservatives, but it is demanded of the overwhelmingly racist marxist left, that sees everything as race-based warfare. It is textbook communism on a platter -- pit the races against each other. It is part of an effort to destroy The American Way.

If you substitute "colored people" every time you read "people of color" as you follow the so-called "news" the racism is glaring. The grammatical difference is tiny. The substantive difference is enormous. Left-wing racists insist on singling out people based on race, and name calling. Conservatives, centrists and moderates (almost the same thing) never do, because they shy away from racism and calling people colored ("of color"). It's just not right. It's left.

Who Really Won The Election?

It's the math, silly.

The lamestream media told you:

She got more votes!

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

He got more states!

In the Grand Compromise, when the nation was founded, we decided the most fair, rational, balanced and representative way to select the President was by state. That's why there is an Electoral College.

Final tally:
33 to 17
306 to 232
Electoral College Votes
You may have noticed the "news" media doesn't like making these numbers
prominent, because it doesn't promote their sore-loser, prejudiced status.

As an aside, Senators, Representatives and Supreme Court Justices are all selected by different methods, to help spread the influence around (Senator selection was changed from state legislature selection to popular vote, which many people feel was a bad idea, but that's another story.)

America's Toughest Sheriff Rides Off

The lamestream media told you:

Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio, who calls himself "America's Toughest Sheriff" is a corrupt bully hated by nearly everyone. His prejudice and bigotry knows no bounds and if it wasn't for the power he wields and the people he controls he would have been in prison long ago. He has terrorized migrants for too long and we're glad to see him go.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that: If Sheriff Joe, as everyone in Arizona affectionately knows him, wasn't so well liked, he would not have won six consecutive terms for 24 years by usually huge margins against everything the left-wing democrats could throw against him. His fan base nationwide, well, he wouldn't have one, but he has been called on repeatedly for newscasts, public appearances, and his net positive effect on the state and national scene has been tremendously positive. He brought the illegal immigrant invasion (now called "guests" by progressives) to national prominence.

-- He limited jail TV to the weather channel and an education channel -- taxpayers shouldn't pay for cable and prisoners don't earn HBO for committing crimes.

-- Tent City housed low-risk prisoners cheap when jail space ran out, instead of releasing them like elsewhere. When bleeding hearts complained that desert heat was inhumane, he told them if it's good enough for our soldiers, it's good enough for prisoners. He hung a "Vacancy" sign.

-- Tent City housed low-risk prisoners cheap when jail space ran out, instead of releasing them like elsewhere. When bleeding hearts complained that desert heat was inhumane, he told them if it's good enough for our soldiers, it's good enough for prisoners. He hung a "Vacancy" sign.

-- Joe's get tough stand on people sneaking into our country without permission continues to be a national focal point. He single-handedly raised awareness about its effects.

-- His volunteer citizen posse has saved a fortune, instilled pride in the community, keeps malls safe at Christmas time, is its own Peace Corps in our county.

-- Animal abuse got the attention it deserves, inmates got therapeutic interactions in the kill-free shelter the Sheriff's office ran and animal crimes were back on the radar.

-- Inmates don't need coffee, that ended, and a vegetarian diet eventually saved money, eliminating the famous green baloney sandwiches that were their own cost-saving headline.

-- We get a thrill when we see Joe's chain gang working in our neighborhoods, keeping them nice. This one was right down the street from me, so I paused to snap an image. The prisoners love the fresh air and exercise, compete for good behavior to get the assignment. It's called "rehabilitation." Passersby wave and honk in appreciation. Positive feedback.

In the interests of full disclosure, Joe endorsed my book, Gun Laws of America, Every Federal Gun Law on the Books, with Plain English Summaries, when it was released, because he recognized a good thing when he saw it. You can too, only $19.95.

add_to_cart.gif  view_cart.gif

-- Instituting county-wide sex offender notifications was a double-edged sword, because neighborhoods now became aware when these predators moved in, but it also made it hard for them to settle. Tough problem.

I'll stop here, and while he did attract a lot of lawsuits, and that cost the county a good chunk of change, he brought his department consistently in under budget. He had enough hot button issues from Paris Hilton in his jail to, oh, catch my political-parody band sometime, The Cartridge Family,, we played his roast.

Media Wants Electoral College Dead

Anything they want killed that badly must be pretty good

The lamestream media told you:

Dec. 25, 2016 -- Christmas Day -- Hartford, Conn. Susan Haigh, AP

"The Electoral College is a relic of a bygone era, and we need to change this system," said Connecticut state Sen. Mae Flexer, who filed a bill with several fellow Democrats requiring Connecticut to join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact..."

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

In a 36-column-inch story on Christmas Day, the AP could not find one thing worthy about the Electoral College or why it even exists, in reporting on the effort to remove it from the greatest governmental system ever devised by man on Earth, the one that allows them to print their (place adjective here). More than 1,000 "news" outlets reprint AP pronouncements verbatim.

Expert after expert, democrats and republicans alike, are quoted, cited and described, but every word supports the idea that the Electoral College is antiquated, outdated, in need of a "work around," "a relic of a bygone era," and "we need to change the system." This is called "reporting." People taught to think call it "propaganda with an agenda."

Some critics do question however... whether they can get it done quickly, and there is even a republican mentioned who claims, without support of any kind, that it won't benefit either party. But it is a scheme being promoted virtually entirely by democrats only, for reasons that were unclear at press time. Because 33 state legislatures are controlled by republicans, the report recognizes there is "uncertainty."

Thanks to the Electoral College system, the unindicted corrupt syndicate that sought to incrementally eliminate the right to keep and bear arms, confiscate existing guns, promote the marxist progressive agenda, and unravel The American Way, was soundly defeated.

Why anyone in their right minds would even think of supporting the Founding Fathers tried-and-true system of ensconced wisdom in the Electoral College instead of a mass popular vote for president isn't even hinted at. And yes, I ended with a preposition.

How many illegal aliens voted?

The "news" media is obsessed with demanding Mr. Trump provide evidence for his concern that unqualified votes were cast. The controversial New York Times claims it asked Secretaries of State if they knew of fraud or unqualified voters and they all answered in the negative.

So what ever happened to reporters reporting and investigating?

With such a serious claim by the president of the United States, it would seem only natural for reporters to get on the case and start digging. Here's what I would do if I were them -- instead of badgering our busy new president and making all sorts of disparaging demeaning insulting offensive remarks that show no respect for the office -- while displaying the hostility and prejudice they deny as neutral journalists.

How about: Get a list of every Californian who got a driver's license as an undocumented illegal alien, and compare those names to the voter rolls, and see if there are any matches? Since those hard details are hidden through policy, statistical analysis of volume and trend changes can imply effects, for a ball park view. How about, go to sanctuary cities, and compare the sanctuarians (new word) to the voter rolls? If you can't get the names and do the comparisons, how about raising a red flag just based on the numbers? Have illegal immigrant lobbyists hidden the data so well we can't tell? That's its own scandal. Wave the red flag. How about followup with state activists who claim to know of large numbers of ballots turned in through vote-harvesting programs, and examine them with care? All things Secretaries of State have not done, the controversial Times has skipped. How about that for starters?

Ask your local reporters to try this, and mention it's worth a Pulitzer if they turn up any positive results, or not. You don't have a media list? C'mon.

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