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I wrote this for my client,

12500 N.E. Tenth Place • Bellevue, WA 98005 • 800-869-1884 •
August 31, 2022 • Contact: Floyd Neeland

We knew it—now there’s no doubt—


Hiding and denying the facts no longer works

Mr. Biden’s attack on contracts, money and student loans is 100% usurpation

Mass media may call it “forgiveness” of college debt, but we the people know what it really is: Biden’s Robbery. Usurpation. Students who get their legitimately obtained debts reduced by unchallenged edict will cheer—which of course is the plan. But people and firms screwed out of their money are outraged, as they should be. Acting in good faith no longer provides protection, if Biden and his cohorts get away with it. The vile actions are already heading to the courts.

A contract in America is held sacrosanct, inviolate, which is part of why this great country is such a magnet for the peoples of the world. Unlike communist nations and other dictatorships, where contracts mean nothing and complaining gets you the gulag, here, your word is your bond. Mr. Biden just violated that—without even a whisper of properly delegated authority. He just stole the money people put up to help finance college for privileged and unprivileged people. You don’t think you put up any money? A lot of it is taxation, which you paid for services, now squandered.

If you had any doubts about the legitimacy of gun bans, or the legality of the gun-management schemes currently run by government, that doubt must evaporate. Guns are dangerous, they’re supposed to be dangerous, so there is at least a thin fear-based disguise of acting properly during blatant infringements. But issuing a decree to deny repayment of loans made in good faith, this is usurped power and tyranny with no disguise. Harbor no doubts that an administration willing to take such a drastic step—to convince know-nothings in college to re-elect such tyrants—will stop at nothing to disarm you and leave you subservient to a proven despot. It proves controls are gone.

You may hate guns, wish them banned, now with debt cancellation tyrannical injustice is evident.


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I wrote this for my client,

12500 N.E. Tenth Place • Bellevue, WA 98005 • 800-869-1884 •
August 30, 2022 • Contact: Floyd Neeland

Taking back our language—


That all depends on the definition:

Moderation used to be a good thing—and it still is

With the political left and right so highly polarized, the idea of holding a moderate view has been harmed. JPFO is moderate (rational) but adamant about “Never Again!” (End genocide!). Words in our language have been compromised and twisted out of recognition by media, and Marxist forces seeking to dominate this nation and the world. America needs more moderates. What? Is JPFO melting? No, of course not.

Radical right-wing extremists—the term leftists and mass media prefer for people who aren’t “with them,” want machine guns on the border to stop the illegal-alien invasion, politics by force, racial discrimination horrors, subjugation of women and non-whites, even genocide—not at all moderate. Very few people actually fit the common term right-wing extremists, but the phrase persists as if they’re everywhere.

Radical left-wing extremists—describing Marxist socialist totalitarians and communist enemies of the nation, seek control of public schools (that’s done) control of mass media (largely done too), plus ending capitalism, free markets, censorship of the town square, climate management, even genocide of disfavored peoples.

Moderates—a term redefined to mean indecisive milquetoasts—want none of that. They seek the great elements of The American Way—like everyone used to—rule of law, adherence to the Constitution, limited delegated powers only, free speech press religion assembly and redress, profit motive, individual rights, swift fair open trials, gun ownership—good ole days now scarce. Moderates want the safe sane American road.

And as far as we at JPFO are concerned, just The Five Kosher Gun Laws will do—

1. If you criminally misuse a gun, your gun rights can be severed;
2. People who are mentally unfit to handle their own affairs may not bear arms;
3. Until the age of 18, your gun rights come from your parents;
4. You are responsible for the outcome of every shot you fire;
5. Because the G-d given right of self-defense is inviolate, anyone who under color of law denies or attempts

to deny your civil right to arms, pays a stiff fine and goes to prison.

JPFO stands firmly in favor of moderate reasonable and common-sense gun law. Join with us.


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I wrote this for my client,

12500 N.E. Tenth Place • Bellevue, WA 98005 • 800-869-1884 •
August 29, 2022 • Contact: Floyd Neeland

Controlling the Narrative:

Mass media has invented false “big lies” but—

“Too many anomalies exist around the 2020 election to ignore.”

Elections are no longer secure, gun-rights do exist and are crucial

Back in 2000, mass media and the political left were promoting “The Big Lie.” They were coming right out and saying the U.S. Constitution doesn’t protect your right to arms, as it always had. If the Second Amendment doesn’t mean people can bear arms, how exactly did everyone get armed? Why are gun stores common across the land? It didn’t even make sense, but that didn’t stop them.

At this point in time though, that Big Lie is so at odds with reality, research, history, jurisprudence from the Supreme Court to minor districts and an armed public—the left abandoned it like worn-out shoes. They have been attacking our right to arms on different fronts—gun types, ammo counts, so- called “sensitive places” (which to them is everywhere), even shopping. And they have re-purposed the term “lie” to support their denial of corrupted elections and electoral processes. Intent to win at any cost, the rule of law is no longer applied and gets uniformly labeled a big lie. Then censored.

People are losing faith in news reports and elections, for cause. So much compelling evidence exists showing gross problems with prior elections, leftists are fighting it by calling anything that disagrees with their fables a big lie. The Bigger Lie is theirs: the last election was “the most secure election in the nation’s history.” It’s remarkable how uniform leftists have been in promoting The Bigger Lie. It seems self-evident that we are no longer electing officials through pure will of the people, expressed at the ballot box. Our right to arms hangs in the balance. The single-day election standard since 1845: the first Tuesday after the first Monday, has been quietly erased to allow fraud- fraught election months without-in-person voting and no ID requirement—even for foreigners.

As righteous gun-owning Americans, it is our duty to resist The Bigger Lie, and get elections back on a solid footing: easy access in person to everyone eligible on a November day, ID required.


Support JPFO, speaking truth to power:

TikTok, owned by Red China, is working on our elections

TikTok is now the biggest social media platform. It's built and run by Communist China.

Thousands of communist workers are now developing the "U.S. Election Center." Communist China is a sworn enemy of capitalism, Bill of Rights, seeks world domination. Their messages are tucked into seemingly innocent games, videos, kid stuff and "news" (when not overt).

This massive threat to national security has some local corporations cooperating, more:

It's not about GUNS. It's about CRIME.

It’s not about “gun violence.” It’s about CRIME.
We all know the left is masterful at twisting words. From “Saturday Night Specials” to “Cooling Off Periods” to “Junk Guns,” now long forgotten, “gun violence” is the exact same deception.
CRIME is what’s running rampant. CRIME is out of control.
You all watch TV, see, hear and read the so-called “news.” Stabbings, murdering people on train tracks, daylight muggings, thousands of inner city murders, stealing, retail thievery without compunction, smash and grab—the real problem is people who would do such things. America suddenly has many of them—with long rap sheets, multiple felonies, loose on the streets.
The false narrative says murders will stop, if only we confiscate guns—a subtle but seductive error of logic. Weapons aren’t the issue. It is use of weapons, for evil purpose by misguided or evil people, that’s what needs attention. Our politicians are avoiding this harsh reality, in vain efforts to preserve a voting base. It’s not working. It can’t work. The criminals must be stopped, and the racist and economic reasons they are multiplying and getting more brazen must be addressed.
Until politicians get on the case, and empower law enforcement, you better have your own loaded gun, for its intended purpose—protection from thugs and tyranny. Both are in our faces daily. Wise Jewish people understand this, we have been through it since the Exodus. Learn from us.
When media reports say “gun violence,” think “crime,” and reach understanding. When you hear “ghost guns” (a brand new term invented by the left), realize we have 350 million guns, ghosts are pure distraction. They’re faking you out. Think instead, “armed criminals,” the real problem they don’t want you to recognize.    
Part 2: An open letter to the left:
Focus on the murderous psychotic children, you’ll meet success. By focusing on guns, all you do is face a wall of honest resistance.
All Americans want to stop the murders.
They do not want to relinquish their rights.
Work with us, not against us, we shall overcome.
Once again, psychotic murderous youngsters are motivating Democrats to attack guns, instead of attacking crime and psychosis. Why are children murdering each other? You don’t know, don’t want to know, and want to do what you’ve done before—that everyone knows doesn’t work.
1. Gun control is not related to crime control. Crime control is what’s needed. People who commit crimes, without conscience or resistance—that’s a problem. Crimes by psychopaths, that’s a problem. Assault of every type is already totally illegal. That’s done, enforce it, get results.
2. With 350 million guns already distributed, restricting more sales makes no sense. About half the nation, maybe more, qualifies as innocent gun owners. That’s a good thing. They harm no one. Don’t fail to grasp this. By aiming at them after rampage murders, with repetitious laws, you anger a sleeping tiger. You defeat yourselves, and hurt us all.
3. By assaulting gun rights you merely aggravate the NRA and 100 million gun owners. This is not what you want, it’s a battle you won’t win, and it won’t protect kids—just like all the times before. You want to stop murderers and save lives, right? Do things that stop criminal behavior.
4. People bought 22 million guns last year (it’s true!) because you’re doing the wrong thing. People, even you, want to feel safe and have protection. Right now people feel unsafe, vulnerable and undefended. So they’re doing the right thing by getting armed. Trying to stop them, because a tiny number of psychotics are acting out gets you nowhere. Surely deep down you must know that. You’ve been down this path before. If you don’t change, then you are personally perpetuating the problem.
5. Remember—Assault is a behavior, not hardware. Stop the behavior. Relying on this fabricated term “assault weapon” hides the fact that any weapon can be used in an assault. It is the crime, not the tools, that you must resolve. You are avoiding the problem, caused by people, so it just gets worse. You share responsibility for the bloodshed, along with the evil perpetrators, by adamantly repeating your past actions that you know don’t work.
Work with the firearms community to stop hellacious murders. Or work with your fellow gun-controllers to illegally confiscate legal property. Only one will get the result you say you seek. Choose wisely.
Here is a compromise for you—Disarm everyone, bad guys first. Disarming good people doesn’t make bad people harmless.

"We never point guns at each other." –Hollywood


Hint: "Know your target and what's beyond it."


Government and mass media count on your short memory

The people who matter (the elites) have figured out the American public (that includes you) can't remember even obvious things, so they can invent tales about anything, repeat them, and you'll buy in.

Don't think it's true? Before the Ukraine invasion, do you remember ever hearing that we are dependent on Russia for oil? I didn't think so. What you recall, with a bit of a refresher, is:


The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. OPEC. They held us for ransom, manipulated how much oil they produced (actually, just sucked out of the ground). Manipulated prices by manipulating supply. If it wasn't for their infighting and lack of cohesion, they could act in unison and starve the world of energy. Those Arab states were malicious. We were dependent. The old joke, Why did the Almighty give the Arabs oil, and only gave Israel sand? The chosen people. For dirt.

Then came 2019, and with effort and some subtle changes, the U.S. became not only energy independent, we were a net exporter of oil. What happened? President Magoo shut off our own supplies, leases, projects, exploration, pipelines and as expected, we got screwed, blued and tattooed. Even so, look it up -- we produce slightly more oil than we consume daily. It's complicated.

The moral of the story -- If it's in the "news" it's probably wrong. That has been true, as I've been saying about firearms, for decades now, literally.

So let's blame Russia for our high gas prices, and (non) lack of oil. The same as lefties blamed Russia for Trump's election. And his actions as a spy and Putin puppet (media bought that at least), though now proven totally false.

The real threat from Russia is communism, and dictatorship. But since the left is now borderline communist themselves, we can't go after Russia for being commies, like we always could. Damned red Rooskies!


Is mass media leading America astray?


And they’re not gunmen either—a completely sexist term

You may think you’re getting news, when you’re being filled with prejudice


Mass media is on a non-stop campaign to vilify and outlaw America’s hardware of liberty—firearms. In a self-defeating mantra, the very tools needed to preserve freedom of the press, and all other freedoms we enjoy here, are under withering attack by the so-called Fourth Estate. It has become a Fifth Column in the deliberate effort to undermine all the good this country represents for the world.

A significant segment of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership,, and this nation, are shooters. That term reporters and editors misuse to misdirect thinking about murderers. A mass murderer and a shooter are different things. Conflating these terms is offensive. It insults the fine art and skills of shooting, and learning to shoot better. Journalists are making a good thing sound evil and criminal.

All of us who practice are shooters. It’s what we call ourselves. Shooting is what we do—the number two participant sport, just behind exercise and ahead of golf, with billions in sales annually. When a vicious or psychopathic person makes the choice to become a murderer, and do drive-by murders, or go to a carefully selected defenseless place to kill innocents—these make-believe “gun-free zones”—mass media must start recognizing these monsters as killers, murderers, psychopaths, villains. Stop linking the decent act of shooting with the heinous act of violating the Ten Commandments. “Thou shalt not murder.” Failure to make this distinction places blame on women and men who write those propaganda pieces, hurting our freedom.

Guns are good. Guns save lives, stop crime, keep you safe. The abject removal of the art of the firearm makes media complicit in what’s happening. Not the least of that is distorting the picture with incessant focus on single “high-profile” atrocities. Media ignores constant thousands of essentially black people murdering other black people, in “disadvantaged” neighborhoods, 9,700 last year alone. While you are constantly fed repetitious stories about one mental case in a far-away city, murderers (not shooters) right near you are taking innocent lives. Your local “news” media is missing the story. Shame on them.

JPFO says promote good shooting skills, range time and practice, and staying safely and peacefully armed. Distinguish marksmanship from crime. Don’t compare or create false equations between evil running rampant in several cities, and gun owners. Identify who is directly at fault for murder—criminals. Respect America’s 100 million decent citizens preserving freedom by exercising the Second Amendment in positive ways.

Ask JPFO to join you on air. We know our stuff.

9,941 Black People Murdered in 2020

Buffalo’s psycho-killer isn’t the real story—

9,941 Black People Murdered in 2020*

Saturation coverage of 10 dead in Buffalo is misdirection

Here is hard proof that Black Lives Don’t Matter


The only reason ten blacks murdered in Buffalo are getting so much news coverage is because that supports the false government narrative that white people pose the top threat to America, and guns are evil.

In 2019, nearly 8,000 black people were murdered.* News media failed to cover it or bring the point home. Few arrests, few trials, murderers roamed free amidst newslessness. The following year black murders increased, and again little or no coverage. But now, the so-called “news” media harps on one teenage psychopath who made advanced threats, posted his intentions, never got treatment, and media uses the tragedy to falsely claim whites are part of a scheme. Whites are more racist than blacks or other clinging ethnic groups, they say, guns are evil, while ignoring the real dead stacked in a corner like firewood.

The media could hardly be more corrupt in this “reporting.” Proving that black lives don’t matter, they give non-stop repetitive coverage to one isolated incident and miss thousands upon thousands of murdered blacks. 2020 saw an average of 26 dead blacks every day. That’s two-and-a-half-times greater daily than the one sad day in Buffalo they find so alluring. Ten dead is a crime; 9,000 is a massacre.

The mostly white media (statistically true, lamented by that barely inclusive industry) produces self-loathing stories that attack themselves. White guilt is a real thing, and there it is. Invented claims about white supremacy being a greater threat than nuclear Russia, communist China’s announced global hegemony plans and activities, malevolent Muslim nations chanting Death to America, or threats to wipe out Israel, OMG. Supply-chain starvation, poverty-inflicting inflation, lethal plagues leaving one million dead—mass media is so wrong. Underprivileged classes get away with murdering thousands of their own in what we used to call ghettos... there’s no equivalence with a certifiable lunatic now the left-wing’s standard bearer. “Unbiased” mass media vilifies fine firearms Americans overwhelmingly prefer, believing they’re both evil. If dead blacks and browns mattered, you’d hear about it. You don’t. Actions speak so much louder than words.

*Statistics courtesy The Washington Examiner; counts vary slightly by source, from 7,777 to 7,484, or 53.5% of all homicides in 2019; In 2020, the year George Floyd died to saturation press coverage, this rose to 9,941 black people, 55.8% of all murders. That year, 60 unarmed men were killed by police, 18 of whom were black, a stunning indictment of malevolent mass-media coverage.

Support JPFOspeaking truth to power:

The Liberty Poll

Hello candidate!

What’s the purpose of government?



1 - If you are elected to the office you seek:

  1. a) what laws will you repeal;
  2. b) what taxes will you reduce or eliminate;
  3. c) what government agencies will you shrink or close?

2 - Would you support criminal penalties:

  1. a) for politicians who violate their oath of office;
  2. b) for bureaucrats who act outside the powers delegated to them?

3 - When did you last read the state and federal Constitutions? 

4 - Should someone who has sworn an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, but who then votes to allocate tax funds to programs or departments not authorized by that Constitution, be removed from office?

5 - Can you name any current areas of government operations that are outside the authority delegated to government?

6 - Can you name areas where government might serve the public interest, but where it has no authority to act? If not, is it still accurate to say we have "government of limited powers"? Does this matter?

7 - As a candidate for a state or federal office, can you think of any ways to improve enforcement of the 10th Amendment (the states and the people retain powers not delegated to the federal government)?



8 - With regard to jury trials, should judges be required to inform jurors that they have the power, in the sanctity of the jury room, to decide whether a law in question is just, or constitutional? Should schools teach this?

9 - With regard to due process, should judges be allowed to prevent defendants from presenting a defense on constitutional grounds if they so choose?


Many more good questions on, use the Liberty Poll button.


This is what triggered the idea, the ACLU Request:


Alan –

The threat to free speech being more urgent than ever? That's crystal clear.

Understanding exactly what this fundamental right means in today's world – and how we can best defend it? Not so much.

But the ACLU is here to help. This month, we're bringing you an interactive podcast series with our Director of Speech, Privacy, and Technology Ben Wizner – and he wants to hear all your most pressing free speech questions ahead of time.

Curious about the state of free speech on Twitter? The constitutionality of "cancel culture" and campus censorship? Book bans in public schools and libraries?

Ask and you shall receive.

Submit any and all free speech questions to or leave us a voicemail at 212-549-2558 – and be part of shaping this brand-new podcast series with us today.

Thanks for your questions,

The ACLU Team


Take them up on it, write to them about free speech threats that concern you.

Keep it nice please.

List of Hoaxes

Relying on a compliant and non-critical mass media, invented hoaxes get significant play on CNN, MSNBC, three networks, legacy newspapers and more:

Free-speech violation hoaxes committed by politicians, with media help:

-- Jussie Smollett perpetrated a racist scam with media help, even cooperation

-- Benghazi video story circulated by Hillary was false

-- Steele Dossier was a paid-for misinformation campaign Dems ran for two years

-- Border Patrol agents whipping illegals flooding across Texas border was false

-- Russian collusion hoax carried on for years was known to be false the whole time

-- Hunter’s laptop story was knowingly suppressed by media and social media platforms, which numerous surveys have shown influenced the 2020 election results

-- Hunter’s laptop wasn’t his, and besides, had nothing of value on it

-- Andrew Cuomo’s Emmy Award (rescinded) was a farce, reported with glee as if true

-- Chris Cuomo’s clandestine CNN support for brother Andrew Cuomo was obviously an affront to journalism ethics but ignored by media

-- Jacob Blake was an assaultive criminal with an order of protection against his intended victim for repeated domestic violence, refused to stop when repeatedly commanded by police, but has been portrayed as a hero by media and VP Harris.

-- “Deadly” Jan. 6 rally had no civilian murderers, only one odd police shooting

-- Arson fire riots in Pacific Northwest, summer 2020, were labelled “peaceful protests”

-- CHAP and CHOP were covered with praise yet they were totally criminal acts

-- Carter Page (White House) was falsely victimized to a fault

-- “The Border is closed,” repeatedly stated, was false, even with contrary images shown

-- ICE detention facilities are “concentration camps” is untrue; on that note, politicians who voice these inanities, are reported but not refuted or researched, perpetuating myths

-- “Swatting,” calling police for non-crimes as a form of harrassment, is an ignored tactic of the left, but a felony in real life

-- Uranium One (Hillary) was good for America, gave 20% of Uranium reserves to Russia

-- Hillary lost 32,000 emails, but they were only wedding plans, what difference does it make

-- Harvey Epstein committed suicide (unproven) with cameras off and guards away

-- Covid vaccines are free—you don’t even know what Big Pharma charges us for them


Continue reading "List of Hoaxes" »

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