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Evenhanded Press Club

The lamestream media told you:
Nine-year-old Bindi Irwin, the adorable daughter of slain "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin, melted hearts at a press conference at the Washington, D.C., National Press Club this week. She wants to help save animals just like her daddy did, who appeared on TV with all sorts of creatures in their wild habitats until one of them, a stingray, heartlessly killed him by stabbing him in his heart.

Asked what her favorite animals were, Bindi gushed, "Crocodiles and snakes, because they're loving and caring," which brought oohs and ahhs from the entranced reporters. The jam packed conference was carried by the networks, cable channels and print media virtually everywhere.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
A news conference three weeks ago in the 14-story National Press Club building, which houses or is within walking distance of hundreds of Washington, D.C. journalists, featured representatives from some 60 organizations opposing the planned North American Union (NAU).

The NAU plan is to eliminate effective U.S. borders with Mexico and Canada, establish appointed panels to regulate trade, set up trade courts superior to national courts, build a superhighway three football fields wide with dedicated lanes both ways for cars, trucks, trains, utilities and data, through Texas and up to Canada with a Mexican-territory terminal in Kansas, establish illegal residents as "trusted travelers," and more, in little more than a decade, under programs already underway and designed by the Council on Foreign Relations and others.

Only one traditional TV station had a single camera crew present, and the rest of the lamestream media chose not to cover the event, which was obviously less important than nine-year-old Bindi's opinion of loving caring snakes.

Google "North American Union" to shock yourself good, then ask your local media why they haven't covered this yet.

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Yes -- Counterintuitive Man examines the value of felonies -- no?

Korwin's new superhero idol, Counterintuitive Man, says:
Yes -- Felony convictions are good -- no?

Many of our greatest idols have them -- James Brown, Mike Tyson, G. Gordon Liddy, Billy the Kid, Martha Stewart, Jesse James, Robert Downey Jr., Mark Fuhrman, 17 Congressmen in recent years, 13 of them Democrats, Frank Abagnale (lookitup), many more!

Once convicted, you can just continue your behavior as long as you're not caught again!

Congress even gives its members a full pension after they get their felony!

Congressman Shadegg has introduced a felon pension ban every year, but Congress scoffs at him and ignores it, to help perpetuate felonies! They're Congress, they must know what they're doing!

How else could we prevent one black man out of seven from voting, if not for felonies?

Felony threats help keep gun dealers in line!

The threat of a felony helps keep everyone in line!

Felonies give legislators great new ideas for new laws every session!

Courts would be out of business if it wasn't for hundreds of thousands of felonies committed a year!

So would bail bondsmen, truckloads of attorneys and most police!

Why, government itself would have much less to do if it weren't for making up and enforcing felonies!

And gangs would have little to bond them together if it wasn't for felonies!

Many felonies don't even harm anyone, like owning a smoking pipe or prohibited plants, arranging for sex, skipping some taxes, missing deadlines, or making paperwork mistakes!

Yes -- felonies serve a valuable societal purpose we all want -- no?

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Special guest columnist report: Can a "classical liberal" get elected?

Classical liberals need not apply
By Craig J. Cantoni

An ideology is a set of values, beliefs and philosophies. A political candidate who claims to be non-ideological is either lying, brain-dead or devoid of values, beliefs and philosophies.

The Founding Fathers thought of themselves as classical liberals -- limited government, free markets, individual responsibility -- no connection to what the word liberal means today (generally the opposite of those values).

Because the Democrat and Republican parties have merged into a combined party of big government, party labels no longer indicate ideology. Thus, to know a candidate's ideology, it's necessary to ask questions such as the following:

1. Is the primary purpose of government to protect our life, liberty and property, or to give us free stuff, wipe our noses, and tell us what we can do in our bedrooms?

2. Is it unethical, immoral or improper for individuals, groups or businesses to take money that taxpayers put into the public treasury, in the form of handouts, subsidies, grants or tax breaks?

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658 Resolutions Ignored (Guns)

The lamestream media told you:
Democrats congratulated themselves on passage of their six top-priority bills in their self-imposed 100-hour sprint for the 110th Congress. Whether the bills will pass the Senate, or survive a veto from the president, who is not a member of their party but is not very bright, is unknown.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
The House introduced a mind-numbing 658 resolutions in the first 100 hours of congressional floor time, unreported by the "news" media.

All of the language appears to have been written before the session began, mostly by unelected teams of democratic operatives outside public view, presumably as part of the Democrats' promised ethics reforms.

For the six passed bills, the committee process, floor debate, floor markups, amendments, deletions, rules and procedural questions were avoided as part of new ethical policies. This eliminated from the process rank and file congressmen, including eager freshman legislators from both parties, none of whom were interviewed on how they feel about that.

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Two Outperforms Three

The lamestream media told you:
A review of records conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics found a decline in cancer deaths for the second year in a row. This is "real progress" according to wire service reports that ran nationwide, "confirming that a corner has been turned."

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
While a two-year drop in this medical field is heralded as tremendous progress, last year's announcement that it was only the third hottest year on record was featured as a terrible sign that global warming is rampant.

Why a two-year decrease is good but a three-year low is bad was not explained. Critics charge the news media is inconsistent because it follows a pre-set agenda, regardless of facts.

New reports now claim last year was the hottest on record. A reason for the discrepancy was not provided, and the discrepancy was not even mentioned.

News that cancer treatment is improving is good.

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Saddam Influences Youth

The lamestream media told you:
Boys are imitating the Saddam hanging by hanging themselves, according to widespread Associated Press and other wire service reports: "They don't realize it's dangerous," according to the news, and they just mimic what they see with deadly results.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
The lamestream media steadfastly insists that popular entertainment they eagerly promote, including violent American TV programs, death-filled Hollywood films, blood-lust home video games and vicious gangsta rap music, have no effect on boys or our lifestyles, and efforts to control such things are just a sick plot by morally defective right-wing Christian zealots. Go figure.

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Invader Story Changes

The lamestream media told you:
Four Tennessee National Guard soldiers abandoned their post on the Arizona/Mexico border on Jan. 3 and retreated for cover when four men apparently carrying rifles approached their position from Mexico, from about 100 yards away.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
On Jan. 20, government officials responding to outrage from members of Congress and the public, clarified this tale by claiming six to eight men, "wearing bullet proof vests and carrying automatic weapons" approached the observation post and, having split into two teams, came within 20 yards of the Guard troops.

How four men became eight was unexplained by the "legislative liaisons" for the Guard and Border Patrol who delivered the prepared statement. How they determined the bulletproof nature of the clothing of the apparent intruders, or that their weapons were full auto was unexplained. Why the troops believed they could safely run from machine-gun wielding invaders who faced them nearly point blank on U.S. soil was not explained. Why the story changed was not explained, which, unlike the public, reporters didn't question. No shots were fired in the current version of the story.

Cynics believe it's business as usual, as the real details are materially suppressed by people in charge. National Guard Maj. Paul Aguirre said, "We truly consider it a professional response." No reporters asked how many invaders the guard would have to run away from before it was not a truly professional response.

Arizona Governor Napolitano's spokeswoman said the troops, "followed the rules of engagement precisely." No one in the public sector has any idea of what those rules are, or if the Guard actually followed rules of disengagement.

The current story is in direct conflict with the previous story, but papers issued no correction of their previous reports. "We accurately reported what the government told us, so no correction is needed," a reporter was overheard mumbling.

One National Guard officer known to The Uninvited Ombudsman, who served on the border recently, said he carried his loaded rifle and ammunition the entire time.

And in other news, Tennessee Adjutant Gen. Gus Hargett announced he will travel to Arizona to present a commendation to the four National Guard men who retreated from their post. "Who are these people?" members of the public wondered.

The soldiers' names have not been released.

So think about this -- how will these men brag about what they did for their new award? It's hard to imagine how they will explain away the commendation to their kids and grandkids. Go ahead -- suggest an appropriate design for this award. A squad pictured from behind?

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SHOT Show Explodes

The lamestream media told you:
Guns are bad, and more people shot other people than usual recently. Observers have observed a noticeable uptick in guns-are-bad stories in the press since Democrats took control of Congress, which will hopefully convince those legislators to, "do something."

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
This year's Shooting, Hunting and Outdoors Trade (SHOT) Show in Orlando encompassed 656,000 square feet of exhibit space, a gain of 40,000 over last year, with 1,870 exhibiting companies, up from last year's 1,846.

According to preliminary figures, SHOT attracted 20,390 commercial buyers, 1,342 members of the industry's trade press, 19,990 exhibiting personnel and 494 guests for a record total attendance of 42,216. Few lamestream reports came out on the massive business event for an unknown reason.

A news search on Google reveals more than 100 SHOT Show articles already published online, and one business segment scheduled on CNBC, confirming critics fears that the web carries news and the news carries nothing.

American consumers purchase between five and nine BILLION rounds of ammunition every year, according to an unpublished study done by the Uninvited Ombudsman for a think tank.

When the SHOT Show was held in Orlando in 2003 it spanned 511,600 square feet of exhibit space and drew 27,500 total attendance. The 2007 show is 28 percent bigger, with 53 percent more attendees.

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Yes -- The liberals are the most conservative, and conservatives the most liberal, making political speech Orwellian and meaningless -- no?

Korwin's new superhero idol, Counterintuitive Man, says:

Liberals say, "Cut down no more trees," a totally conservative approach!

Conservatives say, "Cut the trees down faster," a very liberal approach!

Liberals say, "Stop drilling for oil," which is total conservation!

Conservatives say, "Drill everywhere, right now," a totally liberal drilling policy!

Liberals say, "No one should have a gun," as conservative as you can get!

Conservatives say, "Every home should have guns and ammo," a completely liberal sprinkling of firearms!

Liberals say, "Keep religion out of everything," thoroughly conserving the spread of godliness!

Conservatives say, "Wear your religious beliefs on your sleeve," to liberally spread godliness everywhere!

Liberals say, "You should give up what you have (like your money through taxes) for everyone else's benefit, or you're heartless," a totally conservative approach to your life (and money)!

Conservatives say, "You should keep all your money (like with steep tax cuts) to use as you see fit for charity or your own benefit, and not be a bleeding heart," a totally liberal use of your life (and money)!

Liberalism, "the left," is a euphemism for socialism -- the arch enemy of the American way, and it's "bad"!

Conservatism, "the right," is a euphemism for fascism, also the arch enemy of the American dream, and it's also "bad"!

Lefty socialists seek collectivism and communal benefits, the opposite of individual freedom to do as you please!

Righty fascists seek state control and authoritarian rule, the opposite of individual freedom to do as you please!

The left and right promote Orwellian tyranny and should be flatly rejected as a matter of policy!

Religion, morality, low taxes, limited government powers, an armed public, married families, free markets, free enterprise, secure borders -- these aren't right wing (or left wing), these are CENTRIST, the core values that have made America great!

Calling America's core values one-sided is a deceptive effort by America's enemies, foreign and domestic, to unbalance the country!

Yes -- it's not the left vs. the right, it's the state vs. you -- no?

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Gun law update: January 21, 2007

While the news media gushed about Democrats passing six bills in a mere 100 hours (without committee hearings, floor debate, markup or rules), they failed to mention the party introduced 658 resolutions for new laws they plan to enact.

Four new gun laws proposed:

"The NICS Improvement Act," H.R. 297. NICS is the national firearms background checks for the public required by the Brady law.

"The Child Gun Safety and Gun Access Prevention Act of 2007," H.R.256.

"The Gun Show Loophole Closing Act of 2007," H.R. 96.

A toy gun ban, H.R. 428, involving the Consumer Products Safety Commission.

Though the bills have been introduced and are presumably written and ready to go, the party has posted no information on them at this time. I'll be watching closely and will circulate details when they become available. Tell your friends to sign on to these reports if they want early news of the attack on gun rights now being planned. Send an email to and indicate if you're in Arizona for special local updates too.

The unethical travesty of focusing attention on six bills, while introducing hundreds of others, will be addressed in an upcoming Page Nine report from The Uninvited Ombudsman. Sign up for that the same way as above.

The previous and poorly named gun-show loophole act, sponsored by Sen. John McCain, was designed to close down gun shows completely. That bill was thoroughly examined at

Under the original draft, currently legal gun shows are outlawed without prior federal permission. Gun show promoters must agree to warrantless searches in order to operate, and may be arrested if private citizens talk at the show about gun sales they wish to complete away from the show. The right to assemble peaceably at a gun show or even plan for one, carries stiff prison terms unless federal licenses are issued in advance. I am not making this up.

Massive new bureaucracy is created because all shows and their exhibitors must be registered 30 days before the show, then again 72 hours before the show, and again five days after the show. That's in addition to registering anyone who walks in, plus "any other information" the Secretary of the Treasury decides, by regulation, is necessary on vendors, attendees, and the show itself.

Critics pointed out that none of this deals with the criminals, or background checks, and the rest of that bill just gets worse.

See the 658 bills your House of Representatives introduced and that the lamestream media failed to tell you about here, by clicking "110" and "All" and "House Bills Only."

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