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Senator Loses Handgun

The lamestream media told you:
"A top aide to Sen. James Webb was charged Monday with trying to carry a loaded pistol and extra ammunition into a Senate office building, U.S. Capitol Police said," according to the Washington Post on March 27. The firearm was taken into protective custody, along with the aide.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
A top aide to a freshman Democrat was caught trying to bring a fully loaded semiautomatic handgun and extra fully loaded magazines through security and into a Senate office building it was learned today.

The notoriously anti-gun Washington Post referred to the device as a loaded pistol, and as a firearm, abandoning its usual terminology when guns are in the hands of armed people committing criminal acts. They failed to note in their lead that the perpetrators were both Democrats.

"They managed to get a quote from a Sgt. spokeswoman," noted the Uninvited Ombudsman, "that, 'I don't think he intended to harm anybody,' which the perp was also quoted as saying, implying they might 'go easy' on him."

We'll be watching to see if elite Democrats gets the same justice the public might expect for a similar act. So far, a massive feeding frenzy of followup stories has failed to materialize for unknown reasons.

Real research and reporting finds that: Perp was arrested under a local D.C. statute -- Carrying a pistol without a D.C. license (up to 5 years), unregistered pistol (up to 1 year), and possessing ammunition for an unregistered pistol (up to 1 year). One felony count and 2 misdemeanor counts. If convicted, it also includes loss of right to vote, hold office, keep and bear arms, more.

The spokeswoman, Kimberly Schneider, was also quoted as saying, "Any senator who has a gun permit and wants to bring a gun onto congressional property must unload the gun and make sure it is 'securely wrapped.'"

No such law is known to exist, but laws making such actions federal felonies do exist, and went unreported. Webb is a former Marine, his aide is a former Marine, and Webb has reportedly gone shooting at the NRA HQ range in Virginia.

The safety aspect of carrying a fully loaded very dangerous semiautomatic handgun with extra bullets in multiple clips in a briefcase and "forgetting about it," as well as why any Senator would even need such a thing, was not discussed by the Post.

They did however find space to say the gun was unregistered, the ammo was unregistered, and the Senate aide had no license. The consequences of a Senator's ownership of an unregistered gun was not mentioned, but we'll be watching that too.

No one was harmed in the incident.

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