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French Turnaround Possible

The lamestream media told you:
"Nicolas Sarkozy, a blunt and uncompromising pro-American conservative was elected president of France on Sunday," the AP reports on page ones across the country.

"There were few reports of unrest, despite fears that the impoverished suburban housing projects, home to African and Arab immigrants and their French-born children would erupt again," in a repeat of 2005 rioting. The AP questions whether Sarkozy can "unite the increasingly diverse and polarized nation."

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
Nicolas Sarkozy, a forthright and uncompromising pro-freedom politician was elected president of France on Sunday, despite smears and editorializing in lamestream "news" reports. He defeated a make-nice appeasement-bent socialist female for the position.

Growing enclaves of Muslim separatists, operating under their own sharia law in French suburbs, have resisted all efforts to assimilate into French society, which they consider un-Islamic and unclean.

Referred to as "youths" in French media, the jihad agents and sympathizers continue to take advantage of the French welfare state, collecting "free" money from overtaxed Frenchmen, and executing any of their members who show even slight signs of affinity for French culture. Police are unable and unwilling to attempt entry into the violent, illegally fortified Muslim housing projects that used to serve as government homes for imported laborers.

Experts note that these people, called "scum" by Sarkozy, are spreading their umma, or worldwide Muslim coalition, bent on establishing a caliphate on the Continent as they had in the 700 A.D. era. The non-Muslim French are known as kaffir, a term applied to all non-believers, whose purpose under sharia law is to be converted, enslaved or put to death.

Although a caliphate is the expressed goal of the Muslim immigrants, French and U.S. "news" outlets refuse to call a spade a spade, preferring euphemisms like downtrodden immigrant, youth, and impoverished disenfranchised Africans and Arabs.

By some estimates, the high-birth rate Muslims, facing low birth-rate French, are within two generations of taking over the country and moving it backwards to a middle-ages Islamic foothold in the heart of Western civilization.

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