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The Parker Case

The lamestream media told you:

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
Bob Levy, co-sponsor of the Parker case (the one that overturned the D.C. gun ban) reports:

The D.C. Circuit Court granted D.C.'s unopposed motion to hold off on the requirements of the Parker case until August 7, the deadline for requesting a review by the U.S. Supreme Court. (This means the gun ban stays in effect at least until that outcome of that request is known.) In an extraordinary statement, Judge Silberman warned D.C. that it would have been inappropriate to request a stay if D.C. did not intend to file for the review.

In other words, by asking for the ban to remain in effect for a while, the Circuit Court is warning D.C. that it had better file to take the case to the Supreme Court. This is a good thing if you want the High Court to hear the case.

Lamestream "news" outlets could not be bothered with developments in the most significant Second Amendment case to appear in decades, but have mercifully stopped covering Anna Nicole Smith, who is dead.

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This is, hopefully, good news. Given HR2640, and the potential for losing the Tiahrt Amendment, the news has been pretty gloomy lately. So, have decided to place my hope for at least a delay in the march towards fascism, by the Parker case going to the Supremes.

Knowing that virtually all the serious scholarship in recent years has reached the conclusion that the 2nd Amendment refers to an individual right to keep and bear arms increases my hope a bit. This quote from Justice Scalia also helps (I hope): "A Bill of Rights that means what the majority wants it to mean is worthless."

I'm convinced if we don't get positive views from the Supreme Court that the grabbers will soon win. I fear that means an armed revolution, and I'm too old and infirm to go to war again.

Thanks for the good writing you do.

Uncle Lar

If SCOTUS rules against us there won't be any going off to war. It will be right in our own front yards.
OTOH, should they rule in our favors it opens the door for us to use the system to challenge every gun control law as a violation of a civil right.
Keeping my fingers crossed.


I don't know that Judge Silberman's statement forces DC to appeal the case. At most, it means they'll have to state semi-persuasively that they were seriously considering an appeal at the time they requested the stay.

That said, I think they will appeal.

Tolerate nothing short of Vermont/Alaska carry as a goal. The NRA could have passed "free carry" in 3 or 4 states if it wanted to, but it DOESN'T want to. It gets worse, the NRA has always considered the illegal NFA of 1934 to somehow be "constitutional." NRA also didn't count a vote for the 1968 gun control act to even be an anti gun vote (which daddy bush voted for)!!!

Why do I say this important information here, which most gun owners are unaware of? Because NRA was no help at all with the Parker case. They tried to undermine it, but when it succeeded, they claimed credit.

If you want your second amendment rights back, you're going to have to come to the aid of Hollis Fincher (have you noticed how NRA has TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY ignored Hollis Fincher?) Hollis was railroaded into prison when he complied with every letter of the unconstitutional federal gun ban "laws."

We need to stop being so tolerant of the "sporting purpose" gun owners who support the "sporting purpose" mentality, as well as illegal "sporting purpose" federal "laws" which have disarmed us.

Harold Hagar

I have been reading your articles about how the NRA has not taken a stand in the defense of gun owners. Well I have two stories to tell about the NRA.

In 1997, I was arrested in Newport, Arkansas for carring a concealed pistol without a permit (the concealed carry PERMIT is unconstitutional). I tried to get the NRA to represent me. I told them about the case and that I had real good case and we could win and that would set a National Precedence, and their spokesman said they didn't take cases like that. I handled the case without a lawyer and Hollis Wayne Fincher (Militia Commander at that time) came to my trial and with his knowledge and testimony of the 2nd ammendment and my knowledge and testimony, we beat the case and I was found not-guilty. If the NRA had taken the case, we could have set the gun grabbers back a few yards. And we would have made a great advancement in regaining our gun rights. But the NRA would not have liked that.
Another experience I had with the NRA was about 15 years ago. I don't remember the year. But there was an NRA meeting held in Newport, Arkansas. There were several people at the meeting. They were trying to recruit new members. I am not a member. Before the meeting started, I was talking to the NRA spokesman and I found out that he didn't think the average person should have a right to own guns, much less carry them. I got upon the stage just before the meeting started and got on the microphone and announced to the people what I just found out from the NRA spokesman. He tried to stop me to no avail. The audience told him that I had the floor and they wanted to listen to what I had to say. After I finished talking everyone started getting out of their seats and leaving. Some of the people talked to the NRA spokesman on their way out and continued out of the building after talking to him. The meeting was completely broken-up.

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