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Police Late Again

The lamestream media told you:
A 19-year old Nebraska man who wanted to, "go out in style," killed eight people and wounded five in an Omaha, Neb., shopping mall. He, "sprayed fire," on shoppers, according to reports, and shot up a teddy bear from his third floor perch. Details of his job at McDonalds, breakup with his girlfriend, family life and his lost puppy dog were featured by the Associated Press. No information about his gun appeared in initial reports, but will undoubtedly get coverage soon.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
Police in full battle gear paraded around on camera for days after arriving too late to stop a madman who shot eight people to death in a shopping mall. None of the victims or witnesses returned fire from the mall which has "no guns allowed signs" to keep CCW permit-holders out.

After the murders, which experts note are strictly banned by law, the man killed himself, sparing the public an orgy of fawning news reports and a lengthy show trial.

Fulfilling the maniac's wishes, media outlets glorified the gunman with page-one coverage, macho phrases, direct quotes, images of helpless victims exiting under police watch with their hands raised once the incident ended, and intimate details about the shooter's family and background.

Although the event took place in Omaha, it ran in every major city in America, preempting news of other more likely, local and tragic deadly events that occur everywhere constantly. The media denies that this helps vilify guns, or that they would ever want to do such a thing. Mortality figures however do show that 300 people die daily from accidents, most of which could be prevented, a life-and-death fact rarely reported.

Though not specifically mentioned against the incessant footage of black-clad, riot-geared police, heavy with bullet-resistant armor, officers arrived at the scene when it was too late, which is routine. All of the victims were unarmed "for safety." It is not known how long it takes officers to don the heavy battle gear.

Paraphrasing a line from The Cartridge Family band, "Police don't draw their guns, they draw chalk lines when you're gone."

The recent Supreme Court case, Castle Rock v Gonzalez, unequivocally established that police have "no duty to protect" any given person or persons. The case is summarized here.

Officers arrived just six minutes after the first 911 call, when the shooting was over. According to leading experts, when seconds count, the police are just minutes away.

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