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Global Cooling Danger

The lamestream media told you:

The world is getting warmer, it's our fault, and if we don't reorganize our economy collectively and change our lifestyle like Nobel-prize-winning documentarian Al Gore recommends we'll all suffer from apocalyptic heat, storms, flooding and worse.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

In an inexplicable disaster for global warming predictions, the Boston Globe is now reporting that, despite expectations for 2007 to be the warmest year on record:

a) Brazil has suffered a brutal cold wave with record low temperatures, b) Buenos Aires has seen its first snow in 89 years, c) hundreds have died from cold in Peru forcing the state to declare a national emergency, d) Chile is enduring its toughest winter in 50 years; Johannesburg has had its first significant snow in 25 years, e) New Hampshire got 44.5 inches of snow last month, breaking the record set in 1876, f) Canada is predicting its coldest winter in 15 years, and g) a noted Russian scientist says the data suggest that Earth has passed its peak warmth and will cycle back to cooler climes.

Most major news outlets missed the weather reports, but continued the global warming rumors. In news last week, residents of downtown Baghdad stood in awe at a dusting of snow "for the first time in memory."

The Uninvited Ombudsman has also noticed that, despite dire predictions of calamity, the hurricane season, now four months old, has been absent so far. The predictions were plentiful. Notice of the absenteeism have been missing.

Cold weather routinely causes more human deaths than warm weather, but warming is still considered intolerable by lamestream outlets. Adapting to changes in the weather, through migration, mating habits, growing seasons and evolution, is routine, but does not involve tax increases or new regulations.

According to leading experts, we might be able to cool the planet by reducing the less-than-half-a-percent of CO2 that comes from humans. They also note that if we can actually make such a change, and then the planet cools off on its own, now THAT would be a disaster.

A 20% reduction of human CO2, currently considered unobtainably huge, would shrink global CO2 by less than 1/10th of 1%, assuming the main contributors -- oceans, decaying matter and volcanoes, don't change.

Water vapor, unmentioned in all this, has a 1,000-times greater effect on global heat absorption and reflection than the trace amounts of CO2 in the air which, incidentally, plants need to survive and produce breathable oxygen.


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