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Preposterous Border Fencing

The lamestream media told you:

Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff is being attacked by critics for using his authority to bypass "37 environmental-, historic- and cultural-protection laws" that stand in the way of building a partial fence along the U.S.-Mexico border.

In other news, high-tech fencing planned by Boeing and others is a complete disaster, with extensive deployments failing to operate as promised. Spokespersons have indicated it will take another three years to make the system work and get it up. Sen. John McCain called it, "a disgrace."

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Say what? There are how many laws interfering with the defense of our border? These laws were enacted by who exactly? It's going to take how long to make a camera-and-sensor system work that physically blocks no one? What private business would tolerate a three-year delay in any project of any kind, let alone one that affects national security?

The reporter on the story above, Sean Holstege of Gannett's Arizona Republic, reports two days later that the Minutemen are on the border for their April muster, and the two groups are relaying detailed accurate information to Border Patrol agents, using store-bought walkie-talkies, and a new technological marvel called a cell phone, a sort of phone that works entirely without wires.

"The small scale operations may seem quaint," Holstege writes, "but the border groups maintain that their cameras, which transmit wirelessly to the web, have led to the arrest of hundreds of border crossers in recent months." The Border Patrol welcomes the non-intrusive, non-confrontational assistance of the citizen volunteers, according to the story. Officially, the government doesn't approve of actions it does not control, and which make it look bad.

"Federal officials said they haven't seen the volunteer cameras and couldn't comment," two obvious lies, carefully reported by Holstege.

Anyone with a fast web connection can volunteer to work the remote cameras from their homes, anywhere in the country. A similar Homeland Security plan, "Project 28," was delayed for eight months by technical glitches with satellite uplinks.

The lengthy story, full of interesting details, fails to identify how a person can volunteer, but does point out that a full Minuteman deployment on the 1,950-mile border could cost as little as $40 million, while the government system, which doesn't work, is estimated at $1.2 billion, before cost overruns, additional delays and routine snafus.

The story:

To volunteer:

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Enness Arnold Jr.

I recognize that our government is charged with the protection of the lives of U.S. citizens who are taxed to support burrocrats who swore to uphold our constitution and defend our borders. I was there one day not long ago when border runners refused to stop when the Border Patrol tried to catch the lawbreaking invaders under code three conditions. The truck/camper full of "illegals" went out of control at the intersection a few yards east of the Fort Huachuca gate...crossed the median and collided with a vehicle occupied by two elderly U.S. citizens. I didn't think of asking the elderly victims for their opinions on border protection right then but...even if I were allowed to interview them...they were in no condition to share their opinion of their government's criminal & willful failure to secure our border and prevent drug dealers, child molesters, murderers, thieves, terrorists and other uninvited criminals intent on causing all types of harm to the legal inhabitants of this land...from illegally entering our sovereign nation. The elderly occupants who paid taxes all their lives to the burrocrats who swore to protect their lives and defend our borders so bad invaders could not come here and harm them...were dead at the scene. Their marriage and lives ended in a horrific crushing of the life from their frail bodies by a "coyote" out to make an evil living by transporting invaders coming here to harm our health, both literally and by destroying our health care system, by lowering wages a U.S. taxpayor cannot afford to work for while paying taxes to those burrocrats sworn to protect the lives of U.S. taxpayors, by stealing from our communities the taxpayor subsidized benefits available to those that have earned them, molesting our children, distributing illegal drugs to our children, overwhelming our communities by over-breeding with the goal of breeding out the gringos, to destroy this great nation by bringing their way of life here...a way of life that they are fleeing from in their own corrupt countries. Since the elderly couple cannot respond, I would like to interview the prominent burrocrats first by showing them a picture of them as they placed their hands on the holy scriptures while swearing before god and man to protect and defend this nation of people from foreign invaders then, after they acknowledged they wewre in the picture as they swore to uphold and defend the people of this land...I will show them a picture of the mangled vehicle with the two dead elderly citizens in it, killed by the very invaders the burrocrat swore to protect them from and ask the burrocrat if the burrocrat can name any of the thousands of U.S. citizens that are dying annually at the hands of the invaders the burrocrat swore to protect them from. I would like to ask the burrocrat how many dollars he takes from the taxpayors to protect those same taxpayors from the invaders that are killing them. Finally, I want to know at which burrocrat's desk does the buck stop when it comes to the loss of life and treasure...all lost because the burrocrats take money for a job they swear to do but refuse to do. How can this go on? Who is responsible for the loss of life and treasure? Is it the burrocrat that takes our money and sears to defend us from the invaders? Why are the burrocrats not rounded up and tried as accomplices to murder, rape, terrorism, illegal drugs, and the millions of other crimes comitted upon the U.S. citizen every day by the illegal alien invaders?

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