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Advanced Degree Druggies

The lamestream media told you:

At least seventy-five students at San Diego State University were arrested on a combination of drug, weapon and other charges in a sting that had been planned for months. Agents made 130 illegal drug buys without even attending classes before descending on the students with warrants.

Seized in the raids were more than four pounds of cocaine, 350 Ecstasy pills, pot, psychedelic mushrooms, hash oil, meth, prescription drugs and more. A fraternity house had been used as an organized distribution center, with emailed product notices and discounts promoted.   

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Drugs may not be as bad for you as government reports claim, with breaking news that a massive San Diego State University drug bust included a student about to receive a difficult criminal-justice law degree. Another was about to get a Masters Degree in Homeland Security, a field of study that didn't exist until recently, funded and encouraged by the relatively new federal Dept. of Homeland Security.

The wisdom of having government encourage degrees to fuel its operations was not addressed. The ethics of schools taking government funds to create government degree programs was not addressed. The irony of criminal-justice students earning money through drug sales went unnoticed in "news" reports.

"Supply may have been interrupted by the federal raids," says Counterintuitive Man in an unscheduled interview, "but the countless students who for years used the supplies are simply going to look elsewhere for their goods," he said, with typical candor.

"The idea that ruining this fraternity and revoking its revenue stream will stop pot smokers from smoking pot, or dancers from popping Ecstasy could only be believed by an imbecile," he said. "Hey, this is San Diego, on the Mexican border. You can buy almost anything here, by the ton. Closing one fraternity does nothing, but it does make nice nightly news reports where federal agents can strut around as if they've accomplished something."

He did suggest that students are probably somewhat nervous, as they smoke and pop their remaining stashes while seeking out new suppliers. Later reports suggested a half dozen fraternities were involved, but made no mention of every other college in the nation, because "officials" didn't give them anything to say.

In other news, federal agents busted an Arizona gun dealer for selling hundreds of weapons to drug gods in Mexico involved in the U.S.-managed drug war. That war has left 2,500, mostly Mexican drug entrepreneurs, dead, according to the report. There was no news on when the war might be declared a victory and an armistice sought, or declared a defeat and abandoned entirely.

In still other news, a Marine battalion stationed within 20 yards of sprawling poppy fields in Afghanistan leave the vegetables untouched and their farmers unharmed, as a strict matter of policy. According to the commanders in the beautifully illustrated story, this is the only source of revenue for the poor farmers, and disturbing it would merely turn the people against the U.S. forces needlessly. The Taliban reportedly rakes in $100 million annually from the crops, which represent 33% of the nation's gross domestic product, according to the Associated Press.

Prices for government-banned drugs remained stable on world markets despite the reports.

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