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Memo to race mongers: “racist” and “racial” are not synonyms

By Special Guest Columnist Craig Cantoni:

Race mongers in the moronic media are saying that it was racist for Hillary Clinton to state the fact that she gets more votes from working-class whites than does Barack Obama. Based on this incorrect use of the word “racist,” then I’m a racist for stating the fact that Obama gets more votes from blacks than does Clinton.

Actually, both her comment and mine are racial, not racist. A “racial” comment is a comment about race, whether negative, positive, neutral, factual, or not factual. A “racist” comment is a comment that reflects a belief that a given race is inherently inferior to another race.

Why is this distinction so difficult for the brain-belching class to understand?

Here’s a 10-question pop quiz to see if you understand the distinction:

1. Is it (a) racist or (b) racial to say that the Mafia, the Costa Nostra, and Tony Soprano have their roots in Sicily?

2. Is it (a) racist or (b) racial to say that Northern Italians are born smarter than Sicilians?

3. Is it (a) racist or (b) racial to say that as a group, African Americans have the highest rate of out-of-wedlock births?

4. Is it (a) racist or (b) racial to say that African Americans are genetically predisposed to having uncontrollable libidos?

5. Is it (a) racist or (b) racial to say that Asians outscore other minorities on placement tests?

6. Is it (a) racist or (b) racial to say that all Chinamen can’t be trusted?

7. Is it (a) racist or (b) racial to say that 90 percent of the illegal immigrants in Arizona are Mexicans and that their children have a dropout rate of 50 percent?

8. Is it (a) racist or (b) racial to say that Mexican immigrants don’t have the brains to learn English?

9. Is it (a) racist or (b) racial to say that Craig Cantoni reeks of garlic?

10. Is it (a) racist or (b) racial to say that Craig Cantoni is an idiot because he’s Italian?

Correct answers: “Racial” is the correct answer to all of the odd-numbered questions, and “racist,” to the even-numbered ones.

Bonus question: If a pundit, reporter, editorialist, K-12 teacher, or college professor uses “racist” as a synonym for “racial,” is he (a) a moron or (b) a race monger?

Correct answer: He is a moron and a race monger.

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Racist? Or Racial?
It does not matter to me what they call me , They will not stop me from saying what I want to say. It's my Right!

Mark B. Fuess

None of the above... it's clear-cut "PROFILING". Just the way I like it.

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