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Burgeoning Bailout Balderdash

The lamestream media told you:

Experts say our economy must be retooled. Economic leaders are meeting to discuss how to save the economy. The auto industry must be bailed out and saved so it can operate, say insiders. We need more hundreds of billions of dollars to save the planet, or the country, or the economy, or something. We might need more money after that.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Top-down thinking of the kind being featured on the front pages of all American newspapers is contrary to capitalism and the American business model. People who think they can sit in a office or at a meeting with other like-minded individuals and make accurate and workable rules for running industry or "an economy" are fools of the worst order. The media apparently did not get that memo.

For all the reporting about sums that are too large for any human being to comprehend, there is almost no news on who exactly should get the money, why the number is 700 instead of 800 billion, no loooonng lists of firms that would get checks of your money, exact controls over the funds, any semblance of oversight, just nothing meaningful besides big numbers and wild speculations that don't match each other. The dam has burst, every firm with teams of lawyers and accountants is bellying up to the trough that overfloweth.

The only people who can run businesses are the people who run businesses. The daily grind of making decisions based on on-hand information, supply and demand, workfloor data, buying trends, available goods, competitor activity, are business managers. This something no politician can do. Even if they have hope. Most don't even have business experience of any kind.

If you want to fix "an economy" you need businesses that can grow, provide jobs, and do the things that make business work, not hand-out money confiscated from taxpayers to businesses that aren't running right. I have to tell you this? And taking money from the people, so you can hire unemployed members of the people (like Obama is promising to an undefined 2.5 million people) is not only flat-out socialism, it's beyond stupid because there's no way for that to work. A dog that eats its tail gets no net nutrition.

The only sure-fire methods for boosting "the economy" requires doing things that boost the economy:

--Develop a new product or service that everyone wants and sell gazillions of them

--Develop a new product or service that works much better than an existing product

--Develop a new product or service that costs much less than en existing product

--Develop a new product or service that works much better than an existing product or service -- at the same cost, a lower cost or a greater cost

--Find an unfulfilled need people have and fill it

--Provide and existing product or service faster than an existing product or service

--Sell your existing products or services at prices well below what your competitors sell them for

--Sell your existing products or services to entire markets that can't get them now, say, in Africa, or Asia.

--Create a demand for a product that people didn't know they wanted until you created the demand

News media didn't get that memo either, and continues to call for "leaders" to travel and eat expensive meals while sequestered with each other in meetings, and issue press releases after the meeting, before meddling with people who are running businesses and providing real jobs, goods and services.



you missed one...start a war.

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