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Obama and Paulson to give free alcohol to alcoholics

By Special Guest Columnist Craig J. Cantoni

Joining with Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, President-elect Barack Obama has announced new hope and change for alcoholics.

"The federal government is going to give alcoholics all of the liquor they want," said Obama yesterday from his president-elect office, standing behind a lectern emblazoned with his president-elect seal of office. In a demonstration of bipartisan cooperation, a red-nosed Paulson stood unsteadily by his side, holding a pint of Jack Daniels in one hand and pint of Wild Turkey in the other.

"Here's to you, Barack baby," said Paulson as he took a swig from the Jack Daniels bottle.

Earlier, Obama had announced that as soon as he officially takes office and is the real chancellor instead of the de facto one, he was going to address the American addiction to debt and credit by giving Americans a stimulus package of more debt and credit.

Not to be outdone, the Bush administration announced that it was going to establish a consumer credit facility to finance credit cards, car loans and mortgages. Americans should start receiving credit card solicitations within a week from the U.S. Treasury, which will issue them through its new subsidiary, Citibank. The cards will be financed by the communist Chinese government, which has a lot of money, due to a savings rate in communist China of almost 50 percent.

Some economists reacted negatively to the news, saying that easy money is what caused the housing bubble and subsequent financial meltdown in the first place. They have not been heard from since. There are rumors that Obama, borrowing a page from his idol FDR, has convinced the Bush administration to send the unpatriotic and disloyal economists to internment camps, as FDR did to Japanese Americans. Instead of building new camps in the desert, however, Obama plans to use the existing camp at Guantanamo once it is emptied of terrorists.

Mainstream reporters have been enthusiastically supporting Obama's economic plans, perhaps because they are mindful of how another Democrat icon, Woodrow Wilson, handled press criticism during the First World War: He threatened the press with imprisonment and actually jailed one recalcitrant editor for sedition under his Espionage Act. That might explain the media's double standard in characterizing Republicans as right-wing extremists who violate civil liberties but not characterizing Democrats the same way.

Of course, since 90 percent of Americans have been educated and reeducated in government schools under the tutelage of three million members of the National Education Association (aka teachers union), 90 percent of Americans only know the leftist version of history and economics.

Incidentally, the NEA, which supported Obama, has a list of recommended books on its website. At the top of the list is Rules for Radicals, the book by the radical Jewish-Russian anti-capitalist, Saul Alinsky, who was a mentor to Obama. The other books on the list are of the same genre. Books on liberty and free markets didn't make the list.

Clueless Republican soccer moms and dads love their public schools, completely oblivious to the values, beliefs and worldview brought into the classroom by the NEA. Fearing imprisonment at Guantanamo for disloyalty, the press has not connected the dots for the parents, especially the dot of Alinsky with the dot of the NEA with the dot of Obama. It's just a big dot con.

Understanding that the economic policies of Obama et al. will result in hyperinflation and the debasement of the dollar, self-educated Americans have been trying to buy gold coins, only to discover that none are available -- the US Mint and other mints have not kept up with demand. Could it be because their governments know that a shift to gold exposes the fact that they have been printing fiat money to hide their economic frauds?

Sigh! I need a stiff drink. Secretary Paulson, please pass the Wild Turkey.

An author and columnist, Mr. Cantoni can be reached at

Bill of Rights Day

Followup Report:
Bill of Rights Day, 2008, Phoenix, Ariz.

THE LIGHTER SIDE -- A Delightful Gathering (Scroll down for Darker Side)

The Bill of Rights Day celebration in Phoenix, held this year at the
Wrigley Mansion, showed the day's growing popularity since events began
here in 2003. This reflected growth nationally since 1997, when Aaron
Zelman and Richard Stevens worked together to reinvigorate recognition of
this most auspicious day.

More than 250 people -- the largest crowd so far -- packed the banquet
hall and took part in the reading, food and drink, oratory by Patrick Henry
(ably portrayed by Dr. Lance Hurley), and most important, a Town Hall
discussion of the 217-year-old Bill's health and welfare.

The reading was led by people from the community, and joined by those

Preamble and the 1st Amendment: Author Alan Korwin
2nd Amendment: KTAR Meteorologist Ed Phillips
3rd Amendment: Americans for Prosperity Arizona Chapter Tom Jenney
4th Amendment: Federalist Society and Institute for Justice Jennifer
5th Amendment: Attorney Richard Stevens
6th Amendment: Justice of the Peace Gerald Williams
7th Amendment: Ronald Reagan and Ron Paul Aide Joe Cobb
8th Amendment: ACLU Arizona Executive Director Alessandra Soler Meetze
9th Amendment: Republican Jewish Coalition Arizona President Amy Laff
10th Amendment: Arizona Council on Economic Education President and 4th
Great Granddaughter of Patrick Henry, Elizabeth Volard

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SPJ Misses Mark

The lamestream media told you:

According to the Center for Media and Democracy: The Society of Professional Journalists has issued a statement strongly criticizing the National Broadcasting Corporation for its continued use of retired Gen. Barry McCaffrey as an on-air military analyst, while failing to disclose McCaffrey's multiple conflicts of interest." NBC, CNBC and MSNBC give viewers the impression he is an objective observer speaking from the depths of his experience. "What the networks have failed to tell viewers is that McCaffrey has a financial interest in the war." The networks -- owned by defense contractor General Electric, is a powerful reason to be skeptical about their neutrality and credibility. Writing for the Columbia Journalism Review, Charles Kaiser asks if there is any limit to the shamelessness of NBC News, which "has never once disclosed any of McCaffrey's multiple conflicts of interest on the air."

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

It is unusual but refreshing to see SPJ attack one of its own for gross corruption and bias that is endemic in virtually all lamestream media. However, SPJ has found no time or space to issue a strong statement condemning NBC (or the rest of the lamestream) for running stories up to four-to-one in favor of their preferred presidential candidate (or 4 to 1 against the one they hated, who not surprisingly lost by a few percentage points). The McCaffrey deceit concerns a single news item. The twisted coverage of the presidential candidates helped swing the national election, an act that would be typically considered criminal fraud, but apparently not important enough to mention.

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Permit Carry Expands

Addendum 1/20/09: See now also "Permit Carry Expands Expanded."

The lamestream media told you:

Defying logic and any sense of safety, Bush's government has avoided Congress and changed the gun laws through regulatory process. People with concealed-weapon permits will now be allowed to roam the National Parks armed at will. "We should not be making it easier for dangerous people to carry firearms in our parks," said Paul Helmke, president of the Brady Campaign, in a prepared statement.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Why Mr. Helmke thinks that trained, FBI-certified permit holders are dangerous people instead of safe people was unreported. Statistics show that permit holders are, on average, five times below the national average for commission of crimes.

However, continuing the rights-denial policies now entrenched in the halls of federal power, quasi-government agents -- people with perpetually monitored government-issued firearm-carry permits -- will be tolerated in U.S. National Parks for now. The National Park service banned the possession of working firearms from their entire spread of lands (83 million acres, 376 separate areas, in 49 states) decades ago, with no apparent delegated legal authority to do so.

Now, the one or two percent of the public that has bent over and been granted government permits will be able to keep and bear arms on this federally controlled land with little fear of arrest.

The rights of the rest of the public, supposedly guaranteed under the Bill of Rights, remain denied.

No effort is underway or planned for reinstating freedom for the general population. Any "non-licensed person" caught in National Parks in possession of private property, if the property is a workable firearm, will be subject to fines, confiscation of the property, arrest and prosecution. That part of the plan got no "news" attention at all, but we the people noticed it.

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Bureaucrats Bounce Businessmen

The lamestream media told you:

Federal lawmakers are proposing a takeover of the Big Three U.S. automakers, and replacing the presidents there with a seven-member federal board that could control every aspect of the operations. It remains unclear if the proposal will be approved, but something has to be done, and the federal government is the only force powerful enough to fix the problems which would otherwise lead to unmitigated disaster, according to federal experts.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

In complete violation of the oath of office, and with utter disregard for the Constitution they are sworn to uphold, the Democrat party is proposing to take over and run an entire industry, because they believe it is being run poorly.

"The government power grab aimed at socializing the American auto industry is a travesty of unheard of proportion," said one expert who refused to be named for fear of reprisals. "The Democrats have no authority to take over an industry -- this places them on an equal footing with Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales -- the leading socialists in South America. The hubris defies description. Why aren't the people up in arms?"

A careful search of the olden Constitution confirms there is no authority even in the cracks or shadows that would allow federal officials to appoint a seven-person board to run the companies and force the presidents, who hold their seats at the pleasure of the shareholders, out of office. News media uniformly failed to mention such points or ask the coup d'etat leaders about their planned takeover.

"The worst part is that virtually no one in Congress, and the vast majority of federal employees, have any experience whatsoever in running even a candy store let alone an industry, with profit and loss factors, supply and demand, design and competition... nothing! How they'll go from tax-funded bureaucracy to minding one of the largest industries on the planet is a disaster of unprecedented size in the making."

Government leaders, who have been planning a seven TRILLION dollar bailout of faulty businesses, using money they don't have and a cooked set of books, couldn't be reached for comment. "Just wait till we're running GM, Ford and Chrysler," one of them was overheard saying. "We're confident we can do this right, or at least better than the auto executives." Government officials' phones were set in a endless voice-mail menu loop, with no contact possible at press time.

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Real Presidential Numbers

The lamestream media told you:

Obama won in a stunning landslide.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Obama absolutely took the electoral college, the thing the Democrats wanted to eliminate after the last election, in a lopsided victory, 365 to 173, or 68% of the poorly understood controversial electoral college devised and in place since our wildly successful founding.

The entire election though swung on 3-1/2% of the popular vote (a 7% spread). How many Americans is that?

America has 305 million people presently. Just under 128 million of them voted (which is 64% of those eligible -- the rest are too young, unregistered, here illegally, prisoners, convicted felons who've lost the civil right to vote, etc.). So, only 42% of the citizenry cast ballots. McCain got roughly 59 million, Obama got 68 million, so Obama took the presidency with an affirmative act on the part of 22% of Americans. Sounds fair, right? Hey, don't sweat it. That's the way it's always been, the majority rules, kinda sorta. Got a better plan?

It was a landslide! 22%!

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Story Placement Bias

The lamestream media told you:

Saxby Chambliss won the run-off election for a Senate seat in Georgia, 58 to 42 against his Democrat competitor, making him the 41st Republican senator in the 2008 contest. This denies Democrats their highly desired Senate "supermajority," which would have let them run a liberal agenda virtually unrestricted. Republicans can now filibuster and interfere with the incoming administration.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

With the national election results hanging in the balance nearly five weeks after the election, and the makeup of a liberal-fueled filibuster-proof Senate teetering on the brink, Gannett news media put this story on page 6 of its #2 rag, featuring instead the financial success of photo-radar speed traps and a change to asthma medicine that doesn't take effect for four weeks, on its front cover.

Cable news CNN ran the nation-changing story fourth the day after the election, behind auto makers who will be begging soon for taxpayer cash to salvage their poorly run businesses, a prison-plea request by disgraced suspected murderer O.J. Simpson, and an appointment to Obama's cabinet, who will have a diverse staff. This is known in "news" circles as getting your priorities straight.

Liberal financier George Soros reportedly poured a fortune into Georgia to get blacks out to vote, but the strategy failed. The recipients of Soros' money, mainly TV and radio stations but also all sorts of peripheral promotion outlets like print shops, telephone banks and PR firms were happy to receive the cash windfall, regardless of the failed outcome. Detailed reporting on who got Soros' millions did not appear.

Smart Americans on both sides of the aisle recognize the value of a divided government, preventing either side from forcing its will on the nation unopposed. Really smart Americans recognize that gridlock helps slow down government's encroachment on we the people in everything we do, and is a good thing.

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Internet Censorship Coming

The lamestream media told you:

The Internet guarantees an uncontrolled flow of information without editorial changes which, though we generally don't like our loss of control, we recognize does provide the public with a valuable alternative source of information to the majestic truth we provide.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Personal emails, websites and blogs escaped tight political-based control by a 4 to 2 party-line vote of the FEC back in 2002 -- with a Republican legislature in control. In a court case soon afterwards, however, U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly held the commission's feet to the fire, saying, "The commission's exclusion of Internet communications from the coordinated communications regulation severely undermines," the goals of McCain-Feingold. Those goals are the suppression of free speech concerning elections through complex and expensive federal regulations and spending limits. Failure to comply (and it takes a team to do so) brings crushing fines and jail time.

Anyone who thinks the Internet is the salvation for political thought -- with Hillary "Gatekeeper" Clinton coming into power along with teams of phony-fairness-doctrine statists -- had better wake up and smell the coffee.

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CNN Poll Nonsense

The lamestream media told you:

According to a CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll, "By a 51%-to-49% margin, Americans say China is a 'military threat' to the U.S. 70% say China poses an 'economic threat,' while 30% say it does not."

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Confirming reports that reporters have no understanding of math, CNN has released a meaningless poll and used it to fill space where news is supposed to appear.

The American public's beliefs about communist China -- and especially its military capabilities or intentions -- are almost entirely a function of what the news media spoon-feeds them. Those beliefs have only a marginal relationship to what really occurs in world affairs, and is no rational basis for formulating opinions on the level of military threat the communist Chinese pose. Asking for such opinions is as meaningful as gathering fairy dust. Opinions expressed under such conditions are vapid nonsense, not worth the paper they are printed upon.

A researched report on the economic or military threats posed to us by the communists in China would have taken work, and did not run.


Caroline Kennedy's Gun-qualified

The lamestream media told you:

Caroline Kennedy, who lacks any serious credentials to replace Hillary Clinton as a senator from New York, nevertheless seeks the seat, has a good chance of securing it because after all she's rich, famous, good looking, a relative of a highly regarded political family and would probably be a good senator.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

In the news reports of Caroline Kennedy's aspirations to be a Senator, several reporters have noted that her qualifications include being a "Constitutional lawyer" who "wrote a book about Constitutional law."

A close attorney friend who prefers to remain anonymous happens to have that book: In Our Defense, The Bill of Rights in Action (Ellen Alderman and Caroline Kennedy, 1991, William Morrow & Co.). He bought it (autographed by both Alderman and Kennedy) for $2 at a used book sale. Here is something Constitutional scholars Alderman and Kennedy had to say about the Second Amendment, on page 100:

"Under the controlling authority of the only Supreme Court case to address the scope of the Second Amendment, U.S. v. Miller, the court concluded that 'the right to keep and bear handguns is not guaranteed by the Second Amendment.'"

The quote is from Quilici v. Morton Grove heard in the U.S. 7th Circuit Court. The book's discussion of our right to keep and bear arms rests on an examination of the 1982 Morton Grove gun ban, an act by a small town, supported by courts, that denied its citizens rights they had always had beforehand.

That lower-court episode is considered by gun-rights advocates as one of the worst blots on the Second Amendment, but Kennedy and Alderman saw it as a proper stage to examine the issue. It would be hard to characterize their position as anything but hostile to the idea that mere citizens have the right to defend themselves with sidearms. The quotation the authors hinge their discussion upon is completely disparaging of a citizen's right to have or use handguns.

For the record, the court was wrong in saying Miller was the only case to address the scope of the Second Amendment, and that case makes no mention of handguns (it concerned bootleggers transporting a sawed-off shotgun across state lines), but why let such petty details stand in the way of gun-rights-hating lower courts or authors who use that infringement decision to frame your freedoms under the Bill of Rights.

The "news" media has failed so far to note any of this, while falling all over itself to praise the pretty blonde lady made in Camelot.

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