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Gun Law Update: Gun-Rights Testing Planned, Part III

Police-Only Ammunition

The ongoing militarization of the police was a major segment of the SHOT Show, with huge floor space dedicated to weapons and gear the public cannot get. Gnarly looking tough hombres with rippling muscles bulging in skin tight black tactical t-shirts roamed around booths like the tremendous Blackwater recruitment center and outfits selling gear to make cops look like spacemen.

 Admin Temp Newsletters 5679 Spacemancop-2 Admin Temp Newsletters 5679 Gogglecop-1 Admin Temp Newsletters 5679 Sheriff-1

You only think you're armed if the other guy is wearing body armor.
This is not your former pal Officer Friendly.
Note they're all carefully tagged "Police" or "Sheriff" to avoid any confusion.

I especially liked the roof-turret mounted, bullet-proof-camera equipped, fully remote controlled, drum fed, suppressed machine gun with 360-degree sweep and elevation control now available for law enforcement vehicles.

 Admin Temp Newsletters 5679 Remotemg-1

Fully mechanized roof-mounted machine gun for police vehicles.
It rotates, elevates and exterminates.
This model came with five scantily clad babes draped across the vehicle (babes not shown).

 Admin Temp Newsletters 5679 Scantilycladbabe Admin Temp Newsletters 5679 Targetbabe

OK, OK, you want some scantily clad babes, the SHOT Show is loaded with eye candy.

1. 2.

1. No woman known has ever gone into combat dressed like that.
2. Target Girl was a real show stopper.
She's actually an image on a line of paper range targets.
Note the visible rib cage and internal organs.

Heavily armored "community relations" vehicles for a quarter-million dollars and up are available for areas suffering high winds and street crime, but the paint jobs are pretty dull.

 Admin Temp Newsletters 5679 Armoredsquadcar

This vehicle now belongs to a parish in Pennsylvania.
They took delivery at the SHOT Show.

On the flight home, I read an inside-the-industry article by Massad Ayoob (if you don't know this fountain of knowledge just google him, or get one of his books on our website). He was telling dealers how to handle customers who want to buy LEO-only ammunition. It seems some manufacturers are making good ammo that only law enforcement officers can buy. It's not law, it's just company policy, and dealers can offer roughly equivalent rounds to their clients.

The Winchester Ranger 127 grain +P+ is the "ultimate personal defense load in 9mm Luger," he suggests, or the Federal HST 230-grain +P for .45 ACP. These are hot rounds, not explosive military ordinance or anything. If dealers don't want to provide it, they can substitute Speer's Gold Dot 124 grain +P (used by NYPD and Chicago PD) or the Remington Golden Saber 230-grain .45 round used by FBI "super-elite hostage rescue teams."

What gives with that? You mean police can get regular pistol ammo that we can't? We don't face the same bad guys? What, does the stuff kill an attacker more dead than a consumer round? Is it safer, more effective, higher energy, more impact, less overpenetration, what? It's all about political correctness, and making "officials" feel more special than the average person. If it's safe enough or good enough for the police, it's certainly safe enough and good enough for the public. But what do I know, I'm a moderate.

I'm working on a new Page Nine report, I expect to have that out before the end of the month, along with some great new books and DVDs I've located.

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The "LEO ONLY" ammo is a real tragedy. I believe Federal has succumbed to this nonsense.

It's gotten to the point where if I (as a law-abiding concealed carrying citizen) cannot buy ammunition that gives me the greatest chance of survival in a potentially lethal encounter, I'll write the company letting them know that I will be boycotting all of that company's non-LEO offerings as well.

Honestly, I hope they reverse their decisions because I prefer Federal's offerings to many other brands, but I can cope without it if need be.

It seems that many in the concealed carry community feel that the "LEO ONLY" ammunition policies are merely enacted as "company policy" to forbid citizens from buying the more economical boxes of 50 rounds which forces them to buy the company's 'self-defense' ammunition offerings in boxes of 20 for more than twice the price.

air soft machine guns

The mere fact that this bill is floated with ambiguous and impossible to regulate weak wording implicates the source. This is not well thought out and will invariably drive the wrong behaviors inclusing incitement of honest law abiding citizens to break the law to protect themselves from the criminals of whom this will not apply. Another dillusional liberal ideal that has proven not to work in other societies.

air soft guns

The procedure assumes that a failure to eject is caused by inadequate recoil impulse produced by the discharging cartridge. The recoil impulse is insufficient to propel the slide to the rear with sufficient velocity to energetically expel the spent case from the action.


Their should be a gun law to control a massive chaos and killing.
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