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Gun Law Update: Gun-Rights Testing Planned, Part III

Police-Only Ammunition

The ongoing militarization of the police was a major segment of the SHOT Show, with huge floor space dedicated to weapons and gear the public cannot get. Gnarly looking tough hombres with rippling muscles bulging in skin tight black tactical t-shirts roamed around booths like the tremendous Blackwater recruitment center and outfits selling gear to make cops look like spacemen.

 Admin Temp Newsletters 5679 Spacemancop-2 Admin Temp Newsletters 5679 Gogglecop-1 Admin Temp Newsletters 5679 Sheriff-1

You only think you're armed if the other guy is wearing body armor.
This is not your former pal Officer Friendly.
Note they're all carefully tagged "Police" or "Sheriff" to avoid any confusion.

I especially liked the roof-turret mounted, bullet-proof-camera equipped, fully remote controlled, drum fed, suppressed machine gun with 360-degree sweep and elevation control now available for law enforcement vehicles.

 Admin Temp Newsletters 5679 Remotemg-1

Fully mechanized roof-mounted machine gun for police vehicles.
It rotates, elevates and exterminates.
This model came with five scantily clad babes draped across the vehicle (babes not shown).

 Admin Temp Newsletters 5679 Scantilycladbabe Admin Temp Newsletters 5679 Targetbabe

OK, OK, you want some scantily clad babes, the SHOT Show is loaded with eye candy.

1. 2.

1. No woman known has ever gone into combat dressed like that.
2. Target Girl was a real show stopper.
She's actually an image on a line of paper range targets.
Note the visible rib cage and internal organs.

Heavily armored "community relations" vehicles for a quarter-million dollars and up are available for areas suffering high winds and street crime, but the paint jobs are pretty dull.

 Admin Temp Newsletters 5679 Armoredsquadcar

This vehicle now belongs to a parish in Pennsylvania.
They took delivery at the SHOT Show.

On the flight home, I read an inside-the-industry article by Massad Ayoob (if you don't know this fountain of knowledge just google him, or get one of his books on our website). He was telling dealers how to handle customers who want to buy LEO-only ammunition. It seems some manufacturers are making good ammo that only law enforcement officers can buy. It's not law, it's just company policy, and dealers can offer roughly equivalent rounds to their clients.

The Winchester Ranger 127 grain +P+ is the "ultimate personal defense load in 9mm Luger," he suggests, or the Federal HST 230-grain +P for .45 ACP. These are hot rounds, not explosive military ordinance or anything. If dealers don't want to provide it, they can substitute Speer's Gold Dot 124 grain +P (used by NYPD and Chicago PD) or the Remington Golden Saber 230-grain .45 round used by FBI "super-elite hostage rescue teams."

What gives with that? You mean police can get regular pistol ammo that we can't? We don't face the same bad guys? What, does the stuff kill an attacker more dead than a consumer round? Is it safer, more effective, higher energy, more impact, less overpenetration, what? It's all about political correctness, and making "officials" feel more special than the average person. If it's safe enough or good enough for the police, it's certainly safe enough and good enough for the public. But what do I know, I'm a moderate.

I'm working on a new Page Nine report, I expect to have that out before the end of the month, along with some great new books and DVDs I've located.

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Gun Law Update: Gun-Rights Testing Planned, Part II

HR 45 -- Gun Rights Licensing Test

Illinois congressman Bobby Rush, from Obama's home state and with a voting record on gun ownership as bad as Obama's, introduced a bill on the first day of the 111th Congress that shows what we can expect. If we don't defeat this bill, and others expected to follow it, gun owners will lose guns and the industry will suffer harm beyond description.

Under HR 45, if you can't pass a complex test written by the U.S. Attorney General (described in detail below), pay the tax, give up fingerprints and a biometric-capable photo of yourself (that can be turned into a digital facial-recognition number and used as a de facto national ID), every gun you own will become contraband and subject to confiscation, while you stand trial before imprisonment. You'd think Bobby, a former black panther, would know better.

Your rights will have an expiration date, and if you screw up and miss it, you'll be in the same mess as people who can't pass the test. Can you say "unconstitutional"? Do you think these "gun bigots" care?

Now that the Supreme Court has made it clear in the Heller case that government can't ban guns, the Brady's have stopped saying they want to ban guns. So the virtually treasonous Bobby Rush bill doesn't ban guns, it bans gun owners, maybe by the millions. How many gun owners read poorly or don't test well? How many can't explain local, state and federal gun laws? They'd become prohibited possessors under HR 45. Are there any limits to what the AG can put on the test? The bill doesn't mention any -- it gives the AG a free hand to include anything.

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Gun Law Update: Gun-Rights Testing Planned, Part I

SHOT Show Brief Summary

The Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show is the biggest meeting of gun, ammo and accessory companies in the world, open only to the trade (nearly 50,000 people attended this year). Miles and miles of aisles, it's exhausting (and astounding!).

Commerce was so robust Jan. 15 - 18 at SHOT this year there was little time to waste on a tiny concern like the constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

That's SOP at SHOT, a discussion for another day. At SHOT the focus is to sell more product, open more accounts, introduce new designs, make marketing plans and party at night. Were you at the monster Glock bash? What a band... and the food!

The fact that the entire industry is based on a fragile 27-word line written on parchment two centuries ago is lost in the shuffle. And for the huge police and military segment, with their own acres of floor space at the Orlando show, it simply doesn't matter at all.

The gun-rights community sees this as hopelessly shortsighted of course, and the firearms industry sees it as business as usual. They're both right. Let me tell you where the two sides meet -- at HR 45, the proposed bill that requires you to pass a test to have gun rights. Complete details below. Will a reduction of gun rights affect the gun business? You betcha.

Most intriguing new piece of gear at the SHOT Show this year, in my opinion -- a bayonet for handguns. How did we overlook this essential extra for so many years?

 Admin Temp Newsletters 5679 Pistolbayonet-1 Admin Temp Newsletters 5679 Pistolbayonetdemo 2-1

Gunfighting rule #62:
When you're out of ammo, it's better to swing a blade than an empty gun.
It comes with a sheath, but how would you holster the thing? Fits any standard rail, attaches without tools, blade by Ka-Bar.


Permit Carry Expands Expanded

In "Permit Cary Expands" I pointed out that CCW permit holders are five times less likely than the general population to commit a crime. Several writers asked for backup. It's easy to derive yourself if your state publishes CCW info by taking the numbers of permits revoked for cause, drawing a ratio to all permit holders, and comparing that to crime rates. The National Center for Policy Analysis has stats posted for Texas (showing a 14-times reduction for non-violent crimes too).

This should not be surprising, they point out, since permit holders are a self-selected set of people seeking to avoid crime, who undergo training and police checks, setting them in a class you would expect to have lower crime stats than people selected at random. If you want to pursue this check this out -- the virulently anti-rights Violence Policy Center screamed about Texas permitees committing two violent crimes per month. Even assuming that's true (VPCs numbers are notoriously unreliable), with more than a quarter million permits issued, that's less than 10 per 100,000 per year. Most cities have rape rates that alone are two to five times greater than that. All in all, a permit holder sitting next to you is the least of your worries.

Taxation Through Conspiracy

The lamestream media told you:

Three Asian electronics giants have agreed in San Francisco federal court to plead guilty and pay $585 million in fines for conspiring to drive up prices for LCD screens used in computers, cell phones and TVs. Assistant attorney general Thomas Barnett said, "These price fixing conspiracies affected millions of American consumers, forcing them to pay more for these products." There is a $70 billion dollar worldwide market for LCD screens.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

In a clever new taxation scheme implemented by the federal judiciary, consumers are fleeced by foreign manufacturers, government officials squeeze the money out of the companies in court, and then pocket hundreds of millions in the process. "If we were criminally overcharged by foreigners, how come the government gets all the cash?" asked one incredulous taxpayer. Reporters failed to ask the obvious question, running the AG's press release almost verbatim.

The fines amounted to about eight-tenths of one percent of the global market for the devices. It was unclear how much profit the companies made on the guilty plea. No one was arrested in the illegal cartel conspiracy, because the people involved had to go back to work, and the government was satisfied with its take in the operation.

Barnett said this "should send a clear message that the Antitrust Division will vigorously investigate and prosecute illegal cartels." The cartels are believed to view the case as a mere cost of doing business, and from behind closed doors laugh out loud at a judiciary that allows its constituents to be fleeced, so that government officials can collect money after the fact.


Tax Reduction "Costs"?

The lamestream media told you:

Obama wants to give the middle class a tax cut, despite the slowing economy, saying the middle class needs relief now. "That plan has been estimated to cost about $140 billion over 2009-10," says Jesse Holland, writing for the Associated Press.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Money government doesn't take from the public in taxation is not a cost as the AP routinely reports. That perspective is merely statist spin, sometimes known as propaganda. This bias teaches that government is a wonderful solution to problems, money belongs to government, government can let you keep some of your own money at great cost to itself, and confirms the idea that the media has become an arm of the state.

The accurate statement would be, "That plan will save Americans $140 billion of their own money, which the government would otherwise take from them." Calling it a cost is a reprehensible distortion, but the reporter has not been punished, is believed to not know better, and is still at large.

CNN Qualifies Caroline

The lamestream media told you:

"Is Caroline Kennedy qualified to be the next Senator from New York, when Hillary takes a post as Secretary of State with Obama?" asked CNN, repeatedly, night after night.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Showing no hint of restraint or neutrality, CNN is actively campaigning for Caroline Kennedy. It's repeated broadcasts, complete with dynamic footage of the neophyte on stages, perfectly quaffed and made up, has repeated her name non-stop, while asking "the" question (is she qualified?) of no other contender. In fact, the chances that anyone following CNN can name another contender are tiny, since CNN rarely mentions the two dozen other people who are seeking the job.

Whether CNN's disgusting abuse of its broadcast license to campaign for a candidate will get the candidate appointed (elections are over) is unknown at press time.

Describing Sarah Palin, Michael Gormley of the AP, says, "She messed up her first interviews, didn't show much of a grasp of the issues, and had a speech pattern that was widely mimicked." He goes on to note, with surprising candor, that this also describes Ms. Kennedy. Unlike Palin, Caroline receives gushing praise instead of critique, despite endless "you know," and "um" when she opens her pie hole. AP attributes the difference in coverage to their backgrounds (Alaska vs. Manhattan), class differences, "urban-centric elitism" vs. rural roots, running for VP instead of the Senate, being more in tune with the media (for Kennedy), but not bias.

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Obama's Qualification Questioned

The lamestream media told you:


The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday (1/12) denied review for the third time of a case challenging Obama's eligibility to hold the office of president of the U.S., based on a claim that he is not a natural born citizen as required by the Constitution. This was the most prominent lawsuit (Berg v. Obama) but the Court did allow the case to remain alive, all the details well done here: The lower court had said, in denying Berg's suit, "a candidate's ineligibility under the Natural Born Citizen Clause does not result in an injury in fact to voters." Unbelievable.


Budget Cuts Finally

The lamestream media told you:

State's Budget Axe To Cut Deeply -- Deficits, combined with a weak economy and lower than expected sales-tax revenue is forcing legislators to cut programs across the board to cover shortfalls, with painful reductions expected to hurt everyone. States nationwide carried similar news.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

In a glorious advance for freedom, governments at every level are being forced to trim their operations and reduce their size, thanks to an economy that will no longer support profligate spending, massive government expansions and wasteful programs.

This is an opportunity to demand closure of the most wasteful and unconstitutional departments, instead of passively allowing reductions to legitimate core government operations.

The pain referred to in "news" stories is the much sought after "less government" so many Americans want. What, you didn't think shrinking the government would have the lamestream shrieking about pain? Look at the bright side -- government is taking less money from you, so you have more of it for yourself. After all, who earned it, you or them?

Hotter Than Pistols

The lamestream media told you:

The economy is in the tank and there is no good business news.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Gun sales for December rose a startling 24% on fears that Obama will make it harder to buy firearms, and that some basic staples like magazines and ammo may be banned or restricted by illegal federal infringements. The increase comes on top of a whopping 42% rise in November.

"Sales of firearms, in particular handguns and semi-automatic hunting and target rifles, are fast outpacing inventory," said NSSF President and CEO Stephen L. Sanetti. "People have money to spend, if they have a reason or the price is right," said one observer.

NICS background checks provide a reliable estimate of actual sales, with 1,523,426 in Dec. this year (2008) compared to 1,230,525 in 2007. Sanetti will be at the SHOT Show, the largest Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade show in the world, in Orlando, Jan. 15 to 18, along with the Uninvited Ombudsman and an expected 60,000+ participants.

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