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Counterintuitive Man Says: The U.S.-Led War On Some Drugs Is A Good Thing!

What a great release the war provides for people who want to skulk around at night in dark alleys waiting to kill people! And that's just the officials!

Without the government-run war, drug dealers would have no price supports, and couldn't sell their goods for more than bananas or other vegetable products!

With the price supports caused by reduced supply, think of all the extra kids whose parents can afford to send them to school! And feed them!

Revenue from the drug trade, being 100 times what it would be if drugs were legal, provides one of the largest sources of cash for the entire Mexican government, keeping it standing! And they know it, despite denials on TV!

If drugs were legal, American companies would reap huge profits, which is bad, and dirt-poor third-world farmers would suffer, which is also bad!

Without the war on some drugs, we wouldn't be able to militarize local police forces so easily!

If the drug war ended think of all the bail bondsmen, attorneys, jailers, federal agents, bureaucrats, parole officers, social workers and drug-war hangers-on it would put out of work! Think how bad that would be in a recession!

With tobacco being legal, and killing at least 50 times more people than illegal drugs, think of how much less effective legalized drugs would be in population control! And mostly, it's only low-lifes who are killed!

It's providing half the income for the entire nation of Mexico! Without that revenue, people would be starving -- and have little to do!

Thanks to the war on some drugs, gangsters keeping killing each other, in what cops call, "the good riddance factor"!

Federal spending on the war on some drugs goes up every year, without measurable effect on drug supply, proving Karl Marx was right about capitalism!

With federal spending on the war on some drugs going up every year, the U.S. bureaucracy is kept vibrant, strong and growing!Yes, the U.S-run war on some drugs is better than a good cocaine high! It supports government, helps feed the poor, manages to make available any quantity of any drug in any city at any time day or night, provides work for tens of thousands of federal employees, and is known the world over as emblematic of the American Way! Pass that straw and don't bogart that joint, hey they ought to write songs about this, and make even more money!




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