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AR-15 At Rally

The lamestream media told you:

Armed individuals attended the recent Obama rally in Phoenix, and the guns may have actually been loaded. Reporters nationwide expressed shock, dismay, incredulity and were generally stunned by the occurrence, but did note, for example:

"There is an open carry law that makes this perfectly legal in the state of Arizona." --Ed Henry, White House Correspondent, CNN.

"This is perfectly legal in the state of Arizona because they have an open carry law." --Rick Sanchez, anchor, CNN.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Arizona does NOT have an open carry law.

Arizona has its Constitution in operation. Big difference. This means open carry is not (and cannot be) banned. There is no law "allowing" citizens to have this right (a detestable statist perspective by the way, government has no power to "allow" us to have arms), people here simply have this right, since statehood (1912). The Uninvited Ombudsman wrote the plain-English Arizona Gun Owner's Guide (going into its 24th Edition in October) so he knows of what he speaks.

What Arizona does have is a concealed-carry ban, infringing on the public's right to keep and bear arms discreetly. This situation was adjusted, by a law of questionable constitutionality, "allowing" the government to issue permission slips to people willing to sign up for permits to discreetly exercise their rights. To get a permission slip you must fill out an application, take a class, pass two tests, pay a steep tax called a "fee," give up your fingerprints, get listed in the criminal database, be certified by the FBI, be issued an expiration date and carry around "your papers" (actually, a plastic card). Yes, there are similarities to what blacks had to endure to exercise the right to vote in the early part of last century, which has since been declared totally unconstitutional.

CNN reporter Henry noted, as hard as this is to believe, that he had never actually seen an AR-15 personally before, so this was learning experience for him (he didn't put it quite that way). See the CNN talking heads wetting their pants over the non incident here:

Countering the shockwaves in the national media, I did this interview on WGN in Chicago (in two parts; links may have expired when you get this, please forward new ones to me if need be):,0,3327749.mp3file,0,3393286.mp3file

Host Greg Jarrett said he couldn't recall robberies in restaurants, so guns aren't needed. Here is a site that shows 13 armed robberies at restaurants in Chicago alone (Jarrett's city) in the last month.

And here is CNN's Rick Sanchez with a knot in his shorts when he learns perpetual Phoenix gadfly libertarian Ernie Hancock was the community organizer behind the AR-15 appearance and interview -- coordinated with Phoenix police and Secret Service -- so they'd be right nearby where they could protect the black fellow's right to keep and bear arms! Sanchez is fit to be tied when he learns this wasn't just some random occurrence, but a real demonstration of freedom. What does he think -- any planned demonstration isn't organized? That CNN isn't invited at the proper time and provided with the background and access to do their "stories"? Check out Ernie's 2-hour interview with the armed black man who harmed no one.

For curious marksmen out there, Chris carried a Bushmaster Carbon-14 15 ultralight Model 4, with a full mag in the well but no round in the chamber (he felt he couldn't adequately control the shouldered rifle's safety and prevent a miscreant from flipping it and touching off a round), and a 9mm Glock 17.


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