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ACORN Still Funded

The lamestream media told you:

The Senate voted 83 to 7, and the House voted 345 to 75, to cut off federal funds to ACORN, a controversial and scandal-tainted community organizing group that has supported president Obama, and received support from Mr. Obama, who was their lawyer when working in Chicago before he entered politics.

 The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

ACORN is reinventing itself as CCI -- Community Organizers International, a fact conveniently overlooked by lamestream reporters. No one seems to expect the so-called federal bans against this corrupt community organizer involved in massive voter fraud, promoting prostitution and illegal immigration, tax fraud perps and a black hole for federal cash will stop the new organization, under a revamped business structure, with the exact same leaders, staff and goals.

Specifically, the votes "to deny funding for housing and community grants" take effect if and when the Senate 2010 federal spending bill, and the House student-aid bill to which the amendments are attached are enacted as currently written. How many other types of funding this group gets, and the amounts of the cuts compared to their overall take, is unknown. The $53 million they are known to have received since 1994 does not include unknown amounts from federal block grants. The media, flush with tales of funding cutoffs, neglected to mention the ongoing funding and absence of a real cutoff.



The hidden costs of ACORN...Those offices that encourage (or at least---do not report to authorities) destroy their communities.

Just a few HIDDEN costs of Acorn's Professional Advice to Pimps work:

One foster care child (born to a prostitute/slave/) might be seized because of post birth evidence the child has drugs alcohol damage from Mom.

There are the thousands of dollars in medical care, (usually much more money spent if the child is on drugs or otherwise damaged in utero!!!) pay for foster care staff, in training & investigating prospective foster care parents, in regular social worker visits and (in some cases) paid supplements for some foster care children till they are adults.

There is an untold EXCESS MEDICAL cost for Acorn encouraging (and not reporting to police) prostitution and child slavery---One child (age 3 at the time) required $100,000 surgery (to date) because of damage MOM inflicted before birth. This damage apparently was inflicted by street Mom in utero!!!

And there is an untold SCHOOL cost because some kids with fetal alcohol syndrom have some attention and learning problems...

UNTOLD MILLIONS that ACORN costs us!!!

What does it take for us to search and support ALTERNATE housing organizations that will have TRANSPARENT governing structures, regular audits by Qualified respected firms, and QUALITY self policing?

Any large organization will have a few bad, rogue employees. The key is to maintain quality accountability and quality ways to purge themselves of the bad persons whether low or high in the structure.

But it seems ACORN(with its years of scandals) is rotten at its heart...They feel no real need to be OPEN, ACCOUNTABLE, and HONEST! Truly a postmodern "charity"!!!

Emma Roberts

Any large organization will have a few bad, rogue employees. The key is to maintain quality accountability and quality ways to purge themselves of the bad persons whether low or high in the structure.

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