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Communist Chinese Machineguns

The lamestream media told you:

When president Obama was in China, he had meetings, saw the Great Wall, had a wonderful time, and the world is a wonderful place.

 The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

 President Obama was in communist China, a brutal dictatorship that suppresses religion, free thought, free speech and even the right to assemble.

 A close friend and neighbor who has just returned from communist China had a wonderful time visiting, but was more than nervous about being in a country where soldiers are everywhere, carrying machineguns to keep control. No machineguns were seen or mentioned in any of the coverage provided by the mob of U.S. "reporters" accompanying the president.

 It was not clear at press time whether the mob of U.S. "reporters" with Mr. Obama were banned from filming or mentioning the ever-present machinegun-armed soldiers by the communist Chinese autocrats. Skeptics say reporters did it on their own to present a rosy image of the dictatorship, to fit in with an unwritten narrative that America is awful and the communist Chinese dictatorship is wonderful and a desirable and refreshing change from the freedoms we still enjoy here. And if “reporters” had not suppressed the "news" the dictator's forces would have done it for them.

 In other news, entrepreneurs living in China were marketing "Oba Mao" t-shirts and buttons with Obama dressed as Chairman Mao. I am not making this up.


In still other news, my globe-trotting friend reports that construction in the Communist mainland is proceeding at breakneck speed, as the commies spend the billions of dollars flooding in, largely from U.S. WalMart stores. The construction crane is laughingly referred to as the national bird, where most of the world's cranes and most of the world's fresh concrete are now situated.

A quick check of WalMart merchandise shows that so much of it is "Made in China" (actually, "Made in the communist Chinese dictatorship") that it would not be inaccurate to think of the world's largest retailer as a mostly owned subsidiary of the communist Chinese ruling clique. Chinese workers working for slave wages however do provide goods for Americans at very low low sale prices every day.

Why U.S. reports refuse to use the word "communist dictatorship" in connection with the communist dictatorship is attributed to propaganda perpetrated by the lamestream media. Sarah Palin, after three years of instigation from the Uninvited Ombudsman, is using the phrase lamestream media, along with commentators on FOX news.


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