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Is Obama Lightskinned?

The lamestream media told you:

"In a discussion with authors of the book 'Game Change,' which recounts the 2008 presidential campaign, senate majority leader Harry Reid said he believed Obama would appeal to white voters because he was "light skinned" and did not speak with a "Negro dialect". Reid apologized for the comments when excerpts of the book were revealed and called President Obama, who has issued statements supportive of the majority leader," according to the Washington Post.

A minor furor has ensued, with charges of racism, double standards and preferential treatment of the democrat power broker emerging everywhere.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

The important points here have nothing to do with double standards or racism. Of course there are double standards and racism all over this thing. Everyone knows that -- despite news reports to the contrary.

The important issue is that Harry Reid has no reason to apologize.

Harry Reid is correct.

Mr. Obama is light skinned, that's just a fact.

Mr. Obama does not speak with a Negro accent, that's just a fact.

Speaking facts is no reason for an apology and Republicans should be praising Reid for speaking the truth, not excoriating the guy. Think what THAT would do to the debate.

The Republican Party should not be demanding an apology and screaming about double standards. They should be thanking Reid for openly saying what everyone knows.

Mr. Obama is not black. He is mulatto. His mother was white. This is an important word, and though political correctness -- the underlying poison in all of this -- demands the suppression of many words, we should be able to call a spade a spade. Progressives are just too thin skinned. And too many conservatives are just too thick headed.

There are very few blacks left in America. You mostly see blacks when they are new immigrants from Nigeria or Cameroon or other nations where little racial intermixing has occurred. That's just a fact. The earthquake in Haiti has unleashed a flood of rarely seen black faces on American TV.

The well known Negro dialect, almost unintelligible to non-black ears when it is thick, is now more commonly called ebonics, a name given to it as far back as 1973. Ebonics is broadcast all day long on MTV and VH1. It is the heart and soul of rap and hip hop recordings. The grammar and usage of ebonics is simple to recognize, and Mr. Obama just does not speak it, that's just another fact.

When you reach the point when facts cannot be safely uttered, don't expect freedom to last very long. Thank goodness Harry Reid spoke the truth, and eternal damnation to those who would castigate him for it, and have forced him to recant.

Mr. Obama excused Reid, and said his choice of words was "inartful." Fine. What terms would be properly artful? Reporters failed to ask.

Perennial race-baiter Al Sharpton said it was "not the best word choice" without revealing what the best choice would be. Reporters failed to ask.

The United Negro College Fund could not be reached for comment about the Negro-accent comment. The long list of race-based groups Reid has reportedly apologized to does not include the United Negro College Fund for reasons that remain dark.




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