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Closing wisdom from a friend

"When it comes to realism about elections, democrats (the Evil Party) generally do better than republicans (the Stupid Party). Democrats really want to win. They’re motivated by a belief that America is a sexist, racist, homophobic, unfair, unequal country. At the same time, they believe that society can be fundamentally changed by the political process. Therefore, getting and keeping political power means everything, and justifies any and all subterfuges. In addition, many democrats know that if they don’t win, they don’t eat. Many leftwing activists live on government paychecks, or government grants to organizations that, like ACORN, meet their budgets with taxpayer money. Democrats know they’ll get the votes of the illegals, and that’s why they favor open borders.  That’s political reality." -Bill Sumner. [NOTE: You should watch for open-border and amnesty bills under the deceptive Orwellian name "comprehensive immigration reform."]


Thane Eichenauer

Immigration is an odd issue for Republicans and Democrats. Both currently advocate for tougher enforcement as if the Border Patrol or the laws they enforce aren't tough now. I would think the Republican Party would favor more immigration (freedom-ya-know) and that the Democratic Party would oppose immigration (so that more government employees could be hired to deny immigration applications).

I don't think either the Democrats nor the Republicans can be trusted to advocate in favor of legalized immigration.

Steven G


"Closing Wisdom From a Friend". Your friend is anything but wise. He sounds like a complete knucklehead and the fact that you posted them as wisdom is sad. Let me summarize the words of the wise: Democrats are evil. Democrats favor open borders because they only want votes of illegal immigrants. Most Democrats are in the party because they work for the government. Wow. Don't know any other way to put it other than that is the biggest bunch of crap I have ever heard. It would be laughable except I just read your other blog post where you suggested it is a good thing for people to smash windows and threaten violence to elected officials or others they disagree with. Your rationale is that this is okay when faced with tyranny. (Tyranny being defined as any action that you and your wise friends disagree with.) I have an idea for a blog or a topic for your blog. Why don't you and the other wise men try to discuss an issue just one time in an intelligent and intellectual way with facts and rational arguments and have a civilized debate from others on the other side of the issue. The rules would be you don't get to make personal attacks or rely upon stereotypes or anecdotes. Just facts, rational arguments and common sense. Instead of stroking people who agree with you, you try to persuade someone who has not decided the issue or even disagrees with you. Just imagine: pure civic discourse. If you are willing to try, I am sure some of your friends like me who are evil Democrats types would take up the challenge on the other side. Take the new immigration law for a first topic. It is a topic that will make your wise friends blow a mental gasket trying to avoid platitudes and ethnic or ideological stereotyping in crafting an argument so it would all the better. I know I have a hard time keeping my cool on my end, given my evil, lazy, parasitic inclinations. There has been very little factual debate on the topic thus far since the way we create the law of the land in Arizona is to have 40-50 angry white men decide what the law is and then we can "debate" whether it is a good idea or not. Look into your soul my fried, I really don't think you want to be "that guy". Why be a cartoon character when you can be a human being?

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