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Mexico Cedes Arizona

The lamestream media told you:

Nothing. Well, FOX ran a story on it, but none of the other media did.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

This photo was taken by a close personal friend of mine, and it has begun to circulate. It is authentic. It is shocking. A significant portion of my state of Arizona is now posted off limits to citizens by our own government, because vicious Mexican invaders have taken over the land. While the "news" media is getting apoplectic over non-existent racial profiling on a law that hasn't even taken effect (SB 1070), designed to help curb this disaster, they stand mute while a foreign nation invades us and cedes land to themselves. Public lands south of Interstate 8 -- the land the feds have declared is no longer available to us -- is a huge chunk of the state. Where's the NY Times on this, or the networks?

Senator Russell Pearce, a good friend and the co-author (with other legislators) of SB 1070, in a speech I attended today (6/19), pointed out he has met with ranchers in this area. One has endured 300,000 trespassers across his land, three stolen cars, multiple break-ins, slaughtered livestock, destroyed water lines, and he and his family live in fear with their windows and doors boarded up. When you hear that the federal government is doing nothing, know well that this is a monumental problem, not some minor glitch. We are suffering an invasion, and the feds have abrogated their duty to "protect each of them (the States) against Invasion." (Art. IV, Sec. 4, U.S. Constitution).

Russell also complained that he doesn't like to follow me at the podium (I delivered the pre-luncheon address, at the Arizona Republican Assembly annual meeting), because I get the audience cheering and stomping and I'm a tough act to follow. C'mon, Russell, you held them in rapt attention, with total command of the facts, figures and politics of this debacle. J.D. Hayworth, who's challenging John McCain in the Senate race and was the luncheon speaker, and Andrew Thomas, the county attorney who is vigorously prosecuting captured invaders despite massive retaliation from groups within our own government, had no such complaints. I'm available to speak at your next event, if you're interested.

Left to Right: Sen. Russell Pearce (co-author of SB 1070), Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas (courageous prosecutor pursuing illegal-alien activity), Alan Korwin (The Uninvited Ombudsman), and senate candidate J.D. Hayworth (opposing long-time incumbent John McCain), at the Arizona Republican Assembly annual meeting, June 19, 2010. Photo by Tom Jenney, Arizona State Director, Americans for Prosperity.


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