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Gun Limits Lifted in Arizona

For Immediate Release

July 29, 2010


Arizona Sets New National Standard
Arizona Sets New National Standard

by Alan Korwin

Arizona, which has single-handedly rocked the national dialog on the immigration debate, has done it again -- this time for guns.

On the same day that portions of Arizona's controversial immigration bill SB1070 took effect, July 29, 2010, the Grand Canyon state implemented its new Constitutional Carry law.

Under this groundbreaking new act (SB1108), any law-abiding adult in the state -- not just residents -- can carry a firearm discreetly without a government permit or red tape.

A statewide billboard and advertising campaign launches this summer, promoting marksmanship, firearm training and responsible legal gun use for every person in Arizona.

Arizona is rekindling the idea of a nation of marksmen.

Arizonans have been free to carry firearms in a visible holster, without government approval, since statehood in 1912. “Discreet carry” advances personal freedom, though critics fear the increase in rights will lead to an increase in crime.

That deep-seated fear has accompanied every advance in the right to keep and bear arms -- from CCW-permit carry that swept the nation, to repeal of many so-called gun-free zones, such as the National Parks -- and has proven false every time.

“Laws that ban decent citizens from keeping or bearing arms are unconstitutional and an affront to basic human and civil rights,” said State Senator Russell Pearce, a chief proponent of both the new discreet-carry law and SB1070. “Now that we have Freedom To Carry in Arizona, we expect crime to drop, just like it did when we passed the permission-slip carry law 16 years ago. Armed citizens put criminals at a disadvantage. Guns save lives.”

Frightened cries of impending doom are muted this time around, say proponents of the new law, since previous claims of wild-west violence turned out to be myths. “We basically haven't heard much 'blood-in-the-streets' fear mongering,” says Alan Korwin, the publisher at gun-law-book specialist Bloomfield Press and an architect of the new statewide gun-training program, “because all the previous claims were nothing more than paranoia. The history shows that.”

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The Uninvited Ombudsman's Analysis of the McDonald v. Chicago Decision

by Alan Korwin, Author
Gun Laws of America

The Heller Case: Gun Rights Affirmed! (w/Dave Kopel)

Supreme Court Gun Cases (w/Kopel and Stephen Halbrook)

June 30, 2010

The big headline in the U.S. Supreme Court's McDonald v. Chicago gun-ban-case decision, handed down on June 28, 2010, is that the individual states are now bound by the Second Amendment. Previously, only the federal government was technically bound.

The right to keep and bear arms is "incorporated" under the 14th Amendment and applies to the states, under the Due Process clause used to apply other BOR requirements to the states. For publicity, bragging rights, moral and many legal purposes, this is a big win.

And it is a win, despite some negativity floating around. The alternative -- no gun-rights protection at the state level, which was avoided by just a single vote -- would have been an unmitigated disaster. Everyone now has a claim to constitutional gun-rights protection instead of none, which is what four of the nine Justices would have given you.

Exactly how bound the states are though is unknown, and will be the subject of endless debate and future court actions. No standard of review for acceptable laws is provided, although the extremely low and virtually meaningless standard of "interest balancing" that Breyer would like to see is off the table. The decision is emphatic on the point. One pundit says this is virtually "strict scrutiny," the highest standard possible, though that's a bit overstated.

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Firearms Freedom Act (FFA)

If you attempt to make guns on your own, thinking the new Firearms Freedom Act protects you from federal meddling, you will be arrested, convicted, and hurt the nation beyond anything you can imagine.

I'm still hearing from people who think the law allows them to go into the gun-making business. WRONG!! Cease and desist immediately if you have started tooling up.

FFA is not a commerce or jobs bill, at least not yet. It is a carefully planned legal challenge, on 10th Amendment grounds, against the federal government, coordinated amongst many states. No one should think of it, or act on it, as if they are now free to manufacture firearms without federal control. That point may never even be reached, depending on how the legal challenge goes. It will likely be a year or more before the issue is settled.

Read this from
 (Interested parties should read the whole thing, this is one paragraph only)

"The new Arizona law (other states have enacted it too, Montana was the originator) will have little immediate effect on the average gun owner. The bill's proponents strongly advise AGAINST opening up your own gun-making shop in your basement, believing yourself free of federal constraints. Without a carefully structured case, strong legal team, complex strategy and significant financial backing, the feds will crush such a 'wildcat' attempt, imprison the entrepreneur and set precedent that will empower themselves at the expense of the nation at large."

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