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Government Shutdown Baloney

The lamestream media told you:

The government may have to shut down if republicans and democrats can't reach agreement on a budget. At issue are 31 billion in cuts democrats want to make that republcans say are not enough.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Just when you thought the "news" media could not treat us any more stupidly, they out do themselves with a repeat of a story that was total hogwash last time, and even more baloney this time.

The federal government does not shut down during a media-hyped shutdown.

You cannot shut down a national forest, and the tress and animals are laughing at you.

The troops overseas continue to reload and fire.

Everyone who is supposed to get a paycheck gets it, perhaps a little late.

Many get their paychecks with bonuses and compensation for their discomfort.

Homeland Security, the FBI, CIA, IRS, ATF, FAA, FCC, DEA, and the rest of the alphabet soup bureaucrats and enforcers go to work same as usual. Those who are put on leave get paid time off, which will show up in their next paychecks.

No one loses any money, except the taxpayers who pay for the time off and get no service in return (if you can call some of what they do service).

Threatening the public with government shutdowns is a humiliating insult.

Cutting $100 billion from the budget (the original goal) is such a small amount it is laughable. We have nearly that much waste and fraud just in Medicare, according to the government's own figures.

To get an idea of how small $100 billion is these days to the government, look at this. This fellow uses a penny (one penny) to represent $2 billion dollars. Then he covers a huge table with stacks of five pennies to represent the U.S. budget. Then he takes one penny, cuts it in half, cuts the half in half, and puts three quarters of the penny back on its stack. That's how much money we're talking about removing from the budget. It's nothing.

And it shows you why government has gotten so powerful. By taking money from each of us, they amass an unfathomably large fortune, and then use it against us in innumerable ways, and cry that if they change anything the whole system will shut down.

Meanwhile, out here, we're hoping and praying for a shudown. A day or three without government would be a good thing, don't you think?


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