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Invasion Isn't News

The lamestream media told you:

Trial to start for man accused in fatal home invasion in Connecticut. Wire services. 9/19/11. Joshua Komisarjevsky and another man were charged in the slayings, in the 2007 attack on a woman and her two daughters.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Don't make me repeat the description above, this is the same thing (reported on the same day) -- a crime story from 2,000 miles away that spreads horror and disgust, fails to inform on any issue of substance to the electorate or the populace or the culture. It does point out, subliminally, that a "speedy trial" guaranteed by the Constitution (6th Amendment) now means festering in jail for four years before the trial even begins.

Attorneys point out that such delays are created by the defense and so are OK, as part of a strategy to get the client off. This allows emotions to die down, raises hopes that witnesses will forget things or die, and provides time to properly prepare. The attorneys failed to mention they get paid for the four years while the trial isn't on, like an annuity, while the client is in a clean spacious perfectly safe prison.

Shooting Isn't News

The lamestream media told you:

Man accused of killing wife, shooting two pastors. Wire services, 9/19/11.
Lakeland, FL -- A gunman killed his wife at their Florida home and then burst into a nearby church on Sunday, wounding a pastor and associate pastor before parishioners tackled him, authorities and relatives said.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

One homicide by a deranged person (called a "gunman") -- 2,000 miles away from here -- is overt propaganda and conveys no relevant news. It is a particularly egregious abuse by the "news" media, since legitimate self-defense stories or other acts of heroism -- even in your neighborhood -- are routinely omitted by the unbiased fair and balanced "news" media. People shot just down the road in Mexico go unreported, for reasons that remain unclear, since all life is equal. Guns are used several million times a year defensively, and the shooting sports are the number two participant sport in the nation, plain facts hidden from public view by those who run the mass media. They emphatically deny it.

In other news, an average of 82 people died horribly in car crashes on that same day (30K per year), squeezed out of the news for lack of space.

Stories like this one about a single maniac, thousands of miles out of context, are designed to make guns seem bad, to associate guns with danger, and madness, and homicidal rage, and to keep you scared and perhaps increase your dependence on authorities (according to local authorities). This kind of reporting is a common psychological phenomenon known as "projection," where afflicted people project their own fears onto others around them. It is highly characteristic of hoplophobia, a morbid fear of weapons that rises to a medical impairment. The hundred-million gun owners who did nothing wrong that day of course are not news, but still scare the bejesus out of hoplophobes.

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