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Eyewitness Report "Occupy" Rally

The lamestream media told you:

Whatever you saw, read or heard about the "occupy" movement,
compare it to this eyewitness report from the Phoenix event on Oct. 15, 2011.

There is a very GUN connection here, read on --

Comparisons with the Tea Party fall apart when you notice the average age of attendees was mid 20s. Average age at Tea Party rallies is somewhere between bald and pacemaker. My impression was of a bunch of youthful middle-class people filled with angst, politically uneducated or naive but angry at something, looking for a way to vent their rage. Check out the cool neck tattoo on the guy on the left looking left.

Some of the people were creative, and more than a little nutty, without any clear philosophical grounding, out for a good time. Many of the signs were bizarre. It seemed as if many of the "occupy" people were imitating The Tea Party by making handmade signs, they just didn't have poignant things to say.

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Special Guest Columnist Craig Cantoni

The fix for the country that no one is talking about
by Mencken's Ghost

The USA isn't bereft of ideas to supposedly fix what ails it:  raise taxes or cut spending, raise the debt limit or live within its means, reform Medicare or expand free medical care, invest in public education or offer choice in education, invest in green energy or drill for oil, invade other countries or defend the nation's shores, pray to God in school or pray to the state in school, salute the flag or burn the flag, vote Democrat or vote Republican, watch CNBC or watch Fox News, and be fixated on Lady Gaga or on Weiner's weenie.

None of these distractions will fix the country.
They won't fix it because they don't address the root problem.
The root problem is theft.

Theft has become the main activity of the U.S. government (and state governments).  Instead of taking some money from all people to pay for the few public goods and services that cannot be provided by free markets and charities, the government now takes a lot of money from a minority of people for the unlimited benefit of a majority of people.

This can't end in anything but bankruptcy.

The list of larcenies would run for more than 50 pages.  Examples include crop subsidies given to farmers, subsidies of every description given to rent-seeking corporations (hello, General Electric), school lunches given to obese kids, handouts beyond imagination given to able-bodied and able-minded slackers, rich pensions given to avaricious public employees, and free medical care given to liars who say they can't afford medical care as they drive expensive cars, gorge on unhealthy food, and mortgage their futures to buy every new gizmo and gadget.

Then there is the double-theft of Social Security and Medicare.  After making phony actuarial assumptions about the programs, the government committed the first theft by confiscating people's lifetime FICA payments--which were inadequate to pay the promised benefits in retirement--and spending the payments on other things.  It is now committing the second theft by sending the bills for its lies and larceny to future generations.

All of this theft has created a feeding frenzy, where the objective is to steal from your neighbor before he steals from you.  It's as if we're all swimming in shark-infested waters with bloody hams tied to our backs.

The absurd justifications and rationalizations for eating our neighbors are an insult to whatever intelligence and morals are left in the nation.  The feeders speak of social justice, fairness, compassion, and, especially, the children, while they devour their neighbors' hams.  And then the media, which never had much intelligence or morals, runs story after story sympathetic to the feeders instead of their victims.

Eggheads in academia teach a similar slant to college kids with yolks for brains, as they enjoy their tenured positions that depend on government grants, student indebtedness, and serf-like graduate assistants who do the work of the pampered professoriate for little pay.  Like their fellow egghead in the White House, these feeders despise the bourgeoisie, are steeped in leftist cant, and want to destroy what is left of the market economy that funds their privileged positions.

It's no surprise, then, to hear students sniveling and demonstrating about the unfairness of tuition increases at state colleges.  Because no one has told them where money comes from, and because they have grown up in a kleptomaniac nation, it doesn't dawn on them that much of their education is paid in taxes by working stiffs who don't attend college and who earn less then what they will earn after graduation.  Nor does it dawn on reporters, who also didn't learn much in college, to ask the whining students about the fairness of this.

One has to watch voyeuristic shows like “Judge Judy” or “Judge Joe Brown” instead of the mainstream news to know what many of the feeders are like.  Ironically, such shows are a big hit with the feeders themselves, probably because they know the truth.

The nation was doomed to bankruptcy the first time that Americans--and thus government--justified the taking of money from some people for the benefit of other people, instead of for the true general welfare.  Such original sin, which took place before the Founders had died, set a precedent and led to convoluted court decisions and purposeful misreading of the Constitution to justify an endless succession of theft.

Unless Americans stop all theft, the government will have no choice but to resort to the biggest theft of all times.  Unable to cut the federal debt by honest means, politicians will cut it dishonestly.  They will debase the dollar even more than they have already, relying on the burglary rings of the Federal Reserve, the Treasury, and the rest of the banking cartel to do the stealing in the middle of the night, unseen by citizens and the media, who will be too distracted by gagas and wieners to notice.

In the meantime, stay out of the water and try to hide your ham and wiener.

“Mencken's Ghost” is the nom de plume of an Arizona writer who can be reached at



Smith & Wesson Firearm Sales Up 18 Percent
Smith & Wesson Holding Corp. (NASDAQ:SWHC) reported first-quarter firearm sales of $91.7 million, up 18 percent compared to the same period last year. "Orders for our firearms remained strong in the quarter, evidenced by increased sales of our Smith & Wesson brand pistols and modern sporting rifles," said CEO Michael Golden. The company expects its firearm division to grow between 11 and 13 percent in fiscal 2012. Thanks to for the tip. Many firearm firms are traded on the markets.

Firearm Jobs Listed

The lamestream media told you:


The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

The firearm industry, experiencing growth in most segments, has some job openings, posted here:

A struggling economy is no reason for the lamestream to mention such things.

Are Poor Rich?

The lamestream media told you:

Mr. Obama's plan to soak the rich, as a way to solve our financial problems, might actually work. Right-wing radicals are incorrect when they suggest this is just class warfare stirred up by a desperate man who has little understanding of economics and whose approach to financial matters has been straight marxist-socialist redistribution of wealth, and has failed.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Watch that short video. Please let me hear if you agree. This short clip is about as good as it gets. Explains our financial crisis and so-called rich-poor schism brilliantly, in an easy, fun way.

Also note that class-warfare notions about a few people with lots of money harming the economy and the working proletariat don't even pass the smell test. A person with a billion dollars doesn't "have" the billion, it exists as property, companies, jobs, vehicles, blueprints and stuff the person controls. The economy "has" the money, regardless of whose name it is in. A $1MM tiara and a yacht puts a lot of people to work, even if the tiara adorns the rich person's head aboard a fine yacht as it makes port in your home town to pick up supplies.

Crime Plunge Mystifies

The lamestream media told you:

Violent Crimes Plunged by 12% in U.S. in 2010.
Pete Yost, beat reporter, Associated Press

WASHINGTON - "The number of violent crimes fell by a surprising 12 percent in the U.S. last year, a far bigger drop than the nation has averaged since 2001, the Justice Department says. Experts aren't sure why. The expectation had been that crime would increase in a weak economy with high unemployment."

"The drop dwarfs the 3 percent decline the nation averaged from 2001 through 2009. More than 80 percent of the decline was attributed to a 15 percent plunge in simple assaults, which accounted for nearly two-thirds of all violent crimes in 2010.

"It is clear the decline in violent crime is part of a long-term trend that began in 1993. From then through 2010, violent crime declined by a whopping 70 percent: from 49.9 crimes per 1,000 persons age 12 and older to 14.9 per 1,000 in 2010.

"The 'Victimization Survey' figures are considered the government's most reliable crime statistics because they count crimes reported to the police as well as those unreported. The government has found that only about half of all violent crimes and 40 percent of property crimes are reported to police. Because the survey is based on interviews with victims, it gathers no data on murder [think about that for a moment]. But murder is by far the least frequent major crime; 15,241 were reported in 2009."

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

With familiar open-mindedness, the "news" media and its experts can't for the life of them understand why crime might be dropping. They've considered and discarded every imaginable reason, save the "unmentionable" one -- the American public is increasingly armed on the street. What is the only one reason millions of America carry firearms daily? To deter crime. Ahh, that'll never work.

Having regained the right to bear arms, with the permission-slip and Constitutional Carry programs that have swept the nation (except Illinois, yet), the drop in crime surprisingly coincides with proliferation of the discreet-carry permit programs. Florida got the ball rolling in 1987, but it wasn't until the early 1990s that a tsunami of states joined the plan, and crime "coincidentally" plummeted.

Not one official even hinted that this significant cultural, sociological and pragmatic change existed, let alone mattered. There my friend, in a nutshell, is the grotesque bias of the media, displayed on a platter.

All the empirical evidence points to an armed populace as a deterrent to crime. Though there is little doubt in the minds of the armed half of the nation, with experiences to boot, there is nothing but doubt, and terror, in the minds of the hoplophobic left and its media denizens. After every expanse in freedom on the right to bear arms, the left imagines gloom -- projecting their own internal insecurities and fear, detached from reality. None of the projections materialize, and crime drops, but they continue with the projections, invulnerable to the pure white light of day and the facts before their eyes.

Every person who owns a gun understands it is a crime deterrent. Many don't presume, they know first hand. The only significant difference in the balance of power between criminals and the public in the last bunch of years is CCW. Why on Earth would the pundits who designed and created the data for this finding ("crime drops") fail to speculate that the armed citizenry had something to do with it? Why indeed.

In other news, the 20 crimes on the federal books in 1790 have grown to more than 4,500 today, according to the latest research in the Wall Street Journal. Worse, many no longer require "mens rea," or intent to break the law, a bedrock of protecting the innocent. So even if you act honorably, you can be convicted of unknowable offenses. Sentences for all sorts of crimes have increased, and mandatory sentences for minor infractions are increasing faster than the money supply.

And what's with this "Victimization Survey"? How victimized does the government want us to feel? Isn't this a "Committed Crime" survey? Or "Crimes Against the Public" survey? Aren't these now "Reported Crimes"? Whoever named this thing "victimization" needs reeducation camp. How many of the "victims" prevailed?

Cops Overpower Military

The lamestream media told you:

9/17/11, Airbase is put on lock down in scare
TUCSON - For six hours on Friday, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base was locked down while authorities from multiple agencies scoured the sprawling base for a gunman. After conducting a search "floor by floor, room by room," said Col. John Cherrey, commander of the base, "no gunman or weapon was found," and said the base was locked down following an unconfirmed report of a gunman who had entered a building. Authorities from the FBI, the Tucson Police Department and the Tucson Fire Department joined base officials in the search, which also involved multiple SWAT teams. A military official told the Associated Press and NBC News that a man was holed up in a building on the base. The discrepancy was not explained.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Of all the unmitigated outrageous insults that have been forced upon this nation, requiring the police to protect the military may be the absolute worst. The idea that a lone maniac ("gunman" cited three times in just two sentences), is grounds for incapacitating an entire U.S. military base is preposterous. Requiring police to search an Air Force base for a (non-existent in this case) villain is the height of emasculation. The reporter failed to note that the military is a heavily armed force capable of toppling nations.

You're Americans, you should remember this: If anyone attacks our military, the attackers have signed their death warrants, and the military is always unconditionally authorized to respond and execute the warrant. Why police and SWAT teams and the FBI and the fire department (the fire department?) were called in was unclear at press time.

In America, we don't send in police to do the military's job. C'mon fellas, get real. Someone in the chain of command (the military and the media) should have questioned this bizarre travesty, put a stop to it. Reams of expensive reports are likely to come out of the event.

Miltary leaders: Stand up to this abuse, never let mere police be responsible for your protection, keep them off base and mobilize your troops. Call in cops only when it's time to remove the trash (dead or alive), and help reverse this insidious attack on America from her domestic enemies. Cops are good, serve important purposes. This ain't one of them.

Satellite Is News

The lamestream media told you:

A 12,500 pound NASA satellite the size of a school bus was expected to fall to Earth on Friday, Sep. 23, but the exact time and location could not be determined with any certainty. Four days later, the location was still unknown, and NASA scientists assured the public that there is little chance of any harm, faithfully reported by reporters. Nothing has been hit by falling space debris for fifty years, the agency assured the public.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Not a single reporter asked who would be responsible if a high-energy NASA fireball actually hit, well, anything. Not one even hinted at a question of what would happen if a private enterprise were to announce plans to put six tons of stainless steel, exotic minerals, potent chemicals and more into a program designed and guaranteed to simply randomly drop the stuff on the ground in just ten years. Every report sounded identical, because they were. They were single-sourced -- all the details were provided by government to "journalists," and carefully parroted. As if to placate anyone nervous, the agency figured the odds of hitting a person were about 3,000 to 1. This is way far more likely than lottery jackpots, they failed to point out.

In other news, another ambitious group of government people are expecting their satellite to rain down in November, location similarly unknown. Only about two tons of steel and materials are expected to survive re-entry and not hit anyone in this adventure. No arrests have been made for reckless endangerment, negligence, menacing, operating a dangerous cartel, nuttin'. Plans for future launches are proceeding.

Obama Supports Jews?

The lamestream media told you:

"Palestinian issue putting Obama to the test," Ben Feller, AP, 9/18/11
"Obama is facing questions about his commitment to Israel and his support among Jewish voters despite a record of support for Israel that analysts say has been strong and fair."

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

The AP may say Obama supports Israel, but that doesn't make it so, and a significant portion of the Jewish community apparently would never say that. Chalk it up to lamestream media attempting to set the tone, and falsely reporting what is for what isn't. SOP.

"In his address to the UN last week, Obama reminded the assembled dignitaries of the "new basis for peace talks" he had proposed in May,  signaling he would continue to pressure Israel to accept the 1967 lines, dubbed by former Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations, Abba Eban as the "the Auschwitz lines." Solidly behind Israel? I think not." Name withheld on request.

Quote Amy/Dovid/Deb/Mike/Moore here.


The media headlines: "The government is likely to lose more than $1 billion"
The truth is: "The public is likely to get a $1 billion savings"

The media headlines: "The government has already lost more than $200 million"
The truth is: "The public has already gained more than $200 million"

The media reports: "Poverty rate hits 17-year high" (front page, above the fold, yesterday)

The truth is: Poverty in this nation means you have a TV, refrigerator, air conditioning, stove, clothes washer, and if you want the most uplifting look at what poverty in America is, you need to watch this wonderful Bill Whittle episode:


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