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There are no "guns on the street"

This is another example of a gun-controller myth that gets in the way of real solutions, and points to the need for gun-control counseling. The gun controllers' fears are so great they interfere with arriving at real solutions.

There are guns in the hands of criminals, living in ghettos (a forbidden word in "polite" politically correct society, where power is wielded and reality is whitewashed), despite laws strictly forbidding guns in the hands of criminals. That's as close as this phrase ("guns on the street") can be applied. What is missing is law enforcement, not law. The gun-controllers' very language masks the real problems. Examine their language in the media --, and language use in general --

My offer stands to meet with national "gun-control" advocates at a time and place of their choosing, and confront the main control issue of the day. Take me up on my offer.



knives and cars kill more people than guns. so lets ban them too. in fact doctors kill more people than guns so lets get rid of them too. see how dumb this law has become ??

Mark Clark

What is the number 1 and number 2 killers of people in cars while driving?
1) Hand held communication items, as iPhones, iPods, Cell phones.

So are we to ban these? They definitely kill more people than guns in the many thousands of percent in comparison.

Hospitals are getting up there too. Infections! With an average of 5% +/- .05%, with medical resistant infections killing more people everyday, it will only take a short period of time when this issue is worse than the driving under the influence of a smart phone. Mark my words.


Guns are a threat to the ruling class in a dictatorial state. The 2ND was designed to allow the people when and if necessary to be able to protect themselves from the Federal Goverment (ours)should efforts be made to install a dictatorial state with committee or dictator as a ruler in lieu of Congress and a President. The gun laws should reflect protection by and for the citizens of this Nation not disarming of the citizens. Even in totalitarian states criminals, sometimes representatives of the governments, gun possession is possible outside the law and the citizens are left to their own non gun devices to protect themselves as most police agencies are not capable of protecting all the people. Political power is stymied by voters who not only can vote but can theoretically defend themselves as well as their form of government from those who would take away the Constitution or change it "be it illegally" to allow tyrant to take over say as Hitler did after being legally elected.

Peter Clancy

It's essentially a control issue on both sides of the argument. If law-abiding citizens are allowed to own guns, they're viewed as a threat to any government which seeks total control over its peoples.If criminals own guns, they have the unilateral ability to control us, i.e., shoot, kill, rob. Cell phones, doctors, hospitals,and cars do not 'control us' in the same sense, hence they are not legitimate targets for comparison purposes.

Brian Wark  Sydney  Australia

For all intents and purpose - "there really are NO guns on the streets in Australia" following a horrendous massacre of tourists visiting an old colomial convict gaol site in Tasmania in the late 90s. The prime minister of the day, John Howard, elected to ban ALL guns, and while this was a great shock to those in the rural communities of this vast, underpopulated, country, it has reduced the number of gun related crimes and murders very considereably. We are only a pop of 22 million and it was hard enough going for that few, God only knows how you would ever get a pop of 350 million to surrender every gun in the land? But lets face it after the Newtown CT tragedy where the most innocent of human beings were wilfully slayen by a mad-man, America is GOING TO HAVE TO DO SOMETHING - NOW.

Michael Todd

This is a typical gun grabber's bald faced lie. Crime in Australia has increased steadily along similar patterns as English and American crime, and since the ban, Australia had the year with the highest percentage of murders committed with firearms in 2006--long after the ban. There is no correlation between gun grabbing and decreasing crime, on the other hand... Chicago, Detroit, New York, DC, Mexico, the Middle East and Nazi Germany all show what happens to disarmed populations. Nor does strict gun control prevent mass shootings (Norway). Gun grabbing protects only one group--a government intending tyrrany, and Americans need to take a good, hard look at our government. Then go back and read what our founding fathers warned us about.

Dave Walker

Looking back at public shootins, Taco Bell, subway, Aurera, the shooter are cowards. They choose places of public garther of people the most likely don't carry firearms. The chance resistance or returned fire and killng themself is zero. The fact that some self inflict, is a reacting to the raw damage they've done. If more of the law abiding public had weapons of protection, crimes with gun by criminals wont change, but there would be alot less dead children. Obviously, first grade teacher have to be first to be armed. Our society is doomed. Criminal will always have guns, controls will just restrict people needing protection from getting it.


If one looks at a table of the fifty states he sees that the states with the no gun controls or very permissive laws have the lowest per capita gun murders.

Further, looking at Switzerland and Israel,
countries that require every household to have a gun, murders using a gun are rare.

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