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Hoplophobia Remains Repressed

The lamestream media told you:

The fight over entries into the mental-disorder directory is heating up. Many of the disorders, like deciding what's a planet, are judgment calls, not measurable science. They do not hide this fact. What this means is that real disorders can get overlooked for decades, and trendy and cultural disorders can get surreal attention. So says Dr. Darrel Regier...

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

While groups are lobbying to get marginal and questionable disorders into the official directory of mental disorders, the firearms and medical communities are falling down on the job of campaigning to get hoplophobia a well-known and politically damaging scourge the recognition and treatment its sufferers so desperately need.

The abject terror many people experience when even mentioning guns is often channeled into the political realm, where it literally affects legislation, infringes on fundamental human rights that have been part of the nation fabric since its inception, and attack the strongest underpinnings of a free society. The nation expends huge resources in political battles when psychological counseling is obviously at least a consideration.

It is often posited from within a small segment of the medical community that the core staff working on DSM-5, and indeed the medical professional as a whole is largely hoplophobic, and that this freezes out any serious consideration of the disorder. It would be funny if it weren't so serious, a sort of doctor-heal-thyself conundrum.

Read Dr. Sarah Thompson's seminal thesis on the subject, or Dr. Bruce Eimer's commentaries.

Idea: Ask YOUR doctor, dentist, gynocologist, whatever for an opinion about hoplophobia next time you have an appointment. You're paying the salary. That's your professional adviser. Get service. Ask. Tell me what you hear. I'll spread the word. And your doc will think.

Medical doctor, name withheld on request: "The psych establishment is, well, hoplophobic, and I suspect any effort to get hoplophobia recognized as a serious diagnosis in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual would be a wasted one."

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Movie Trailer Inflames Associated Press

The lamestream media told you:

My local paper, the #2 rag in the Gannett empire, along with papers nationwide, ran this:

"Fury over an anti-Islam film spread across the Muslim world Friday, with deadly clashes near near Western embassies in Tunisia and Sudan, and American fast-food restaurant set ablaze in Lebanon... (Lee Keath, AP, 9/15/12 "Anti-U.S. furor rages in Mideast")...  al-Qaida's most active branch in the Middle East called for more attacks on U.S. embassies Saturday to 'set the fires blazing,' seeking to co-opt outrage over an anti-Muslim film..." (Maamoun Youssef, AP 9/16/12, Yemen branch lauds violence, urges copycat assaults)...  "The leader of the militant Hezbollah group exhorted hundreds of thousands of supporters in a rare appearance Monday to keep up the campaign against an anti-Islam video that has unleashed deadly violence and anger at the United states across the Muslim world... (Zeina Karam, AP, 9/18/12 Anti-U.S. protests spreading)...

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

A laughable amateurish movie TRAILER released in JUNE (the movie itself has NOT been released), with hokey acting, kindergarten-level costuming, fake beards too chintzy for K-Mart, bad dubbing, a nearly incoherent script, in English without subtitles that illiterate Arabs could not understand, is being blamed by the Associated Press, attributed to jihadis and by the current administration for islamist jihadis' coordinated attacks on Western interests in the middle east, carefully timed around the anniversary of the muslim global jihad perpetrated in America on September 11, 2001. See the silly film:

The American president, Barack Hussein Obama, whose Arabic middle name we are not supposed to mention and which is UNIVERSALLY suppressed by the lamestream media for fears of associating him with his somewhat muslim roots, has his entire administration perpetrating the delayed film-trailer-caused-rioting myth, despite any evidence to the contrary. Hillary Rodham Clinton, whose middle name the lamestream pack media UNIVERSALLY uses to show they are not anti-feminist, is leading the delayed movie-trailer-myth propaganda campaign. Both Hussein and Rodham are featured in an Urdu-captioned advertisement in Pakistan disavowing any association with the movie trailer. Pakistanis reportedly do not understand this since, in Pakistan, all released films are government approved.

In other news, the president of Libya said his government sources confirmed that the attacks were a coordinated effort celebrating the Sep. 11 attacks on America and were not a spontaneous attack arising from discontent among muslims over a three-month-old amateur film trailer. The administration downplayed or simply ignored the Libyan president's remarks. Members of the international intelligence community, according to CNN, similarly doubted the administration's explanations of the assaults. Also unexplained is how the extreme murderous anger of the Arab-Muslim-Islamist-Islamic-Hezbollah-Al-Qaida-Libyan-Egyptian-Tunisian-Middle-Eastern-Pakistani-Sudanese-Indonesian-Lebanese-Hamas-Jihadi-Extremist-AndSoOn factions was kept under wraps for three months so it all could explode in coordinated attacks spontaneously around nine-eleven by coincidence. Meanwhile, reporters nationwide were caught asking incredulous questions of sources, seeking to find out if the attacks were just coincidentally occurring on September 11, the anniversary of the glorious jihad in the United States.

In other news, a CNN reporter found murdered Ambassador Chris Steven's journal in the ruins of the Benghazi embassy, three days after it was assaulted and trashed. The Hussein-Obama administration had no immediate answers as to why the embassy had been so poorly protected during the assault that left the Ambassador and three other Americans dead, or why reporters were able to roam around the ruins and find the journal, three days later, with no guards, no marines, no Libyan soldiers, no FBI and no crime scene protection. The State Department issued a stern rebuke to CNN for finding the journal, which CNN did not quote from but did use as a reference, and turned over to Stevens' family. The president could not be reached for comment, because he was scheduled to appear on Letterman, Beyonce, The View, and had to avoid world leaders at the U.N. Why U.S. officials did not find the journal first is unexplained as we go to press. And astounding.

According to the Obama administration, reported by the AP and other lamestream outlets, Libyans carried Ambassador Stevens' body to safety after he was murdered because people were outraged over a movie made in the U.S. According to Libyan TV and posted on the web, the Ambassador's body was not treated with the decorum American's were led to believe.

In other news, Piss Christ, a photograph of a crucifix displayed in a jar of urine went back on display at the Edward Nayhem Gallery in Manhattan. The White House issued no statement. The artist, Andres Serrano, lives in New York and is not in hiding like the filmmaker.

Mr. Hussein-Obama's polling results in the upcoming election appear unaffected by the events, which he termed a bump in the road.

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