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Mexico Plans U.S. Gun Control Through the U.N.

The lamestream media told you:


The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

According to the U.S. Ambassador to the UN Arms Trade Treaty, Donald A. Mahley (pronounced MAY-lee) who spoke at the Gun Rights Policy Conference in Orlando last month, Mexico is hoping to introduce a resolution to the UN at the end of this month, to adopt the draft arms trade treaty as the official procedural text. At this late date it appears they may not be able to gather the needed votes to do so. If adopted by a vote of 90 members of the General Assembly this would make the draft agreement the official controlling document and work against U.S. gun laws.

Donald Mahley, U.S. Ambassador to the UN Arms Trade Treaty, seen here with his wife Julianna,
is all smiles
 after being presented with a classic Colt 1911 pistol at the Gun Rights Policy Conference.

Mexico would only make the attempt if they know in advance that they have the votes for passage, which they will determine behind the scenes, and this would happen with the tacit approval and help from people within our own government. This would provide cover for the Mexican government, whose gun policies are an abject failure, and have led to carnage and corruption from top to bottom of their government and society.

The NRA released a brief video that summarizes the disastrous Mexican gun policies and civil warfare being hidden by the lamestream media. As bad as you know the U.S. "news" media has become, this will shock you.>

The war on U.S. gun rights, simmering under the Obama administration and promoted by his friends in the Calderon administration, were fostered by the Fast and Furious gun smuggling scheme the Obama team put in place and has since covered up, with a presidential order of executive privilege and attorney general stonewalling. Despite constant denials, Fast and Furious was successful in one of its main goals. It forced, through use of a "demand letter," the creation of a gun registration scheme in the four Mexican border states in direct violation of U.S. law, without an act of Congress, by edict of the controversial and often lawless BATFE.

Despite claims that guns in Fast and Furious come from the U.S., pictures in the U.S. "news" media itself clearly show that these are typically AK-47s, which everyone knows are commie guns, made in former communist bloc nations like Romania, Bulgaria, Russia and communist China, and shipped all over the world. The NRA video makes this point with eye-witness testimony. The U.S. is just a way station for some of these guns the Mexican drug lords get for murdering tens of thousands of people. No one in the "news" seems to get this point. These aren't U.S. guns. We make and prefer the much better made AR-15.

The primary firearms in the U.S. government's Fast and Furious gun-smuggling program,
displayed here in a "news" photo,
 were the notorious single-shot AK-47, a commie gun.
Made in former
 communist bloc countries, they're shipped all over the world. Saying they
come from America is simply inaccurate, but facts play a very small role in media stories,
which is why they are called "stories."

Also important to note is that the AK-47 is a single-shot rifle like any other household or sport-utility firearm. If it is converted to a machine gun, which requires detailed knowledge and a machine shop, that is highly illegal; the conversion is at least a five-year federal felony, possession afterwards is at least a five-year federal felony, transferring it to anyone afterwards is at least a five-year federal felony, so that's 15 years of prison with the laws already on the books, for this commie gun.

It's hard to get a sense of the size of the GRPC meeting. In the foreground of the empty hall on the night
before the event is the stack of free books each participant receives simply for showing up.

When the feds say they need more laws, how much more prison time would they add? Two guns, 30 years. The claim, sometimes made, that they cannot get convictions, means the judiciary needs improvement, not the laws. And judges, known for sometimes being soft on crime, need a brighter spotlight focused on their work (or lack of it) too.

In a letter to me from Ambassador Mahley, (edited for brevity) he explains:

"Mexico believes the draft that emerged from the July U.N. Arms Trade Treaty Conference is about as close as they are going to get to something they can use to try to lever the U.S. to keep weapons migrating from the U.S. to Mexico. I don't agree with that assessment -- nor with the idea that the problem with all the U.S.-origin (and other-country-origin as well) weapons ending up in Mexico is any U.S. laxness about weapons. Rather, every one of those is a violation of Mexican law, so the first place to look for a problem is with Mexican law enforcement.

"Their approach would (or could) be to introduce a resolution this month to win back their position that ammunitionshould be included in Article 2 as an item fully within the scope of the treaty, (rather than its current placement in Article 6 which is only exports). They would then attempt to get countries to "co-sponsor" the resolution, and eventually in the first week of November have it voted on by the UNFC (the UN First Committee). A simple majority of states voting would mean the resolution was approved and submitted to the UN General Assembly (UNGA) for consideration.

"Then, in December, the UNGA would take up the resolutions from all the UN committees and vote on adopting them. A simple majority would likely suffice. If such a resolution passed, most likely it would contain language calling for the attached text to be opened for signature by states at some date and location specified, most likely during the first quarter of 2013. At that point, the U.S. would have to decide whether to sign such a treaty or not -- likely not, no matter who wins the election in November."

Mexico faces some deep challenges in getting this to happen in the convoluted world of UN intrigues the Ambassador went on to describe, but the fact they would even consider stooping to such depths, to shift blame and hide their own corruption, incompetence and work, with Obama's minions in tow, means we face a darker future than you previously realized. However this boils out, don't expect to learn about it from lamestream media. Preparation ahead of time would be wise. Might I suggest -- a few good books on survival, disaster planning, and civil preparedness:


Pistol Scopes

History has shown that gun control only supresses the rights of honest people and has no effect on the criminal elements of society.

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