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Uh oh -- Gun lobbyists ready to get started

[NOTE: So far, all I've heard in the news is how we're going to have to accept at least some of the things the anti-rights people have planned for gun ownership, it's "inevitable." Who exactly are they speaking with?]

"Everything has to be on the table."
--Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.)

Dear Editor,

The tragedy in Newtown has gun lobbyists turned inside out. They fear for their own children, and neighborhoods and local shops. They do. Their hearts are in their throats.

The media are pounding them for answers, sometimes with inane on-air grilling that shows a complete lack of understanding, or worse, total bias against our rights and an abrogation of ethical behavior. Reporters are seething with anger, as are so many politicians, and it's on display. Have you watched Piers Morgan on CNN?

Something must be done. The president has called on us to do something. Well who, our nation's gun lobbyists are asking themselves, better to do that than us?

Who understands the issues better than we do, they ask? Who knows how to draft good, clean, healthy gun laws that will get the desired results? Are we to sit back sheepishly, and let the haters and the fearful ignorantly plaster the nation with poorly thought out assaults on our safety and our rights, as they have done so often in the past? Do we need another foolhardy waiting period or ammo-tax proposal that does nothing to stop crime -- or worse, unintentionally facilitates it?

Will Dianne Feinstein and Charles Schumer come up with another round of bans and Clintonian scolding that does nothing to make people truly safer, infringing on the innocent, just like last time? Or are we to rise up to this challenge, take out our pens and thinking caps now, while there is still time, and begin developing the laws the nation needs to help put an end to these atrocities? The nation is screaming for action. We hear you.

We must meet the flood of irrational anti-rights infringements we know will be offered with decent, reasonable, common-sense laws that get the job done properly.

The nation cannot afford to be bullied by anti-rights bigots on the march, seeking to assault civil rights in the false name of justice, dancing in the blood of victims as they always do. We cannot allow the slanderous use of the dead to motivate an agenda of hate, degrading rights Americans cherish.

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Gun lobbyist ready to give up

Dear Editor,

A gun lobbyist, traumatized by the evil in Newton, Conn., under pressure by reporters for an interview, asked me desperately for help. What is he supposed to say? How can he respond to such slaughter, how can he defend guns in the light of this massacre? He is at his wit's end, ready to give up, throw in the towel. Help me please, he implores. What can he say in the face of such an abomination? There are no words. And there aren't any.

Why does the media only cover guns in the face of such tragedy? Why don't they discuss it when we can examine the subject coolly and rationally, and maybe get somewhere?

Because then we might learn something. Because then the public could become educated, and the media does not really want this to happen. Because then you might learn that guns have social utility, and are indispensable -- thatguns serve good purposes -- instead of being pounded with the hopelessly false idea that arms are bad.

If the media covered guns without tragedy as a background, you would learn that guns save lives, which is why we want our police heavily armed, with high-capacity magazines, and high-powered rifles, and all the ammunition they can carry. You would learn that you need guns and ammo and full-capacity magazines -- for the exact same reason.

You would learn that your need is even greater, because YOU are the first responders, and police are always second. You face the criminals first, in every event. Police, with all their deadly bullets only show up later. Police are the second responders. Media stories are always wrong about that. That's what you say.

People would learn that guns are for stopping crime. Guns protect you. Guns are good. Guns keep you safe, and help you sleep quietly at night. Guns are why America is still free. And the media doesn't want that message to get out. That's why they only haul out the subject with horror as a backdrop. That's what you say.

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"Fast and Furious" Sentence Sparks Outrage

One-Month-Per-Gun Is Unprecedented

Plea Bargain Instead of Trial Stuns Public

Sentence Lighter Than Citizens Get for Paperwork Errors

Smuggler's Guns Involved in Agent Terry's Murder

Drug Lords Laughing at Us

"News" media ask no questions, see no problems

In early morning news that went unchallenged by the mainstream press, Jaime Avila Jr., 25, a ring leader caught red-handed in the Fast and Furious government gun-smuggling operation, was allowed on Wednesday to take a plea agreement with just over a month of punishment for each of 52 AK-47-type rifles he is known to have smuggled to drug lords. Two of Avila's smuggled guns were found at the scene of the murder of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

Government officials who organized and abetted Avila's smuggling operation, and perpetrated the criminal scheme, have not been brought to justice or even charged in the crimes. Some have been promoted and given raises. Others have been transferred. Some have resigned, taken other high-profile positions in government, or moved into lucrative areas of the private sector. Critics have expressed doubts that officials will suffer any consequences from the criminal operations. If Wednesday's sentencing by Obama's Justice Department is any indication, they may be correct.

The AK-47 is a "commie gun," made in communist or former communist countries, like communist red China, Romania, Bulgaria, the former Soviet Union, and imported around the world, including to the United States. The notion that it "comes from" the U.S., constantly reported in news stories, is patently false, since this country, Mexico, and all others, are just way stations in the worldwide transit of these "commie guns," as they are known.

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