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Note to my friends and fans --
This press release is going to the national "news" media.
You are welcome to send it to your local media,
or use it in your club or other newsletters and correspondence.

The more gun owners we have, the more political power we have.
Help more people hold freedom in their hands. Gun owners understand.

When left-leaning anti-gun-rights people read this it boils their blood.
You can help move them. Get this into their hands.

I've got my latest research, the Feinstein gun-ban bill analysis and more, here: I'm working on a new Page Nine report,
I've just been backed up with so many other things.

FLASH: We filed our appeal with the Arizona Court of Appeals yesterday, against
censorship of our Guns Save Lives advertisements, which the City of Phoenix tore down.
I'll have the Goldwater Institute brief posted soon, it's superb, and I understand we will
be joined by an outstanding heavyweight in this First and Fourteenth Amendment lawsuit soon.


P.S. Come meet me at the Crossroads of the West Gun Show, Mar. 16-17, 2013,
at the Glendale Cardinals Stadium. Huge show. They have ammo. Free parking.

February 27, 2013
Contact: Felicity Bower, 602-996-4020


New book proposes novel solution
Hi-rez images

A new book by a nationally recognized gun-law expert takes a surprising perspective on the gun controversy.

While the nation is debating how many and which firearms to ban, Your First Gun by prolific author Alan Korwin is advising people on overcoming the fears and inertia that keep them out of the gun community -- to more easily lose their gun virginity and buy a gun.

"It is completely out of left field," Korwin says, acknowledging the pun, "and against the flow of today's news, but that's exactly the point," he says.

"Sixty million American homes are safely armed -- and are never in the news -- so why not yours?" he asks.

Guns have great social utility, are virtually never used to hurt anyone, and this has been totally overlooked in the current frenzy. Is it time at last for you to get a gun? Americans are flocking to gun stores in record numbers -- this book tells why.

Your First Gun is not about how guns work, how to shoot straight or a shopper's guide. It is a plain-English question-and-answer look at the social and cultural ingredients of gun ownership. Gun owners take this for granted, but gunless people, and especially reporters and the political left, are essentially clueless about all this. It is an eye opener for people who aren't gun cultured.

Gun ownership is normal healthy behavior, and Bloomberg News recently reported* that more than half of all homes have at least one firearm, contradicting the book's position that half of all homes have guns. The figure is not precisely known, since gun ownership is a private matter in a free country like the United States. Half of everyone's neighbors own firearms, how about that.

In an unusual twist, the book is being marketed not to the gunless, though that is a secondary target, so to speak, but to gun owners themselves, for giving to their unarmed friends and relatives.

"Gun owners are frustrated," author Korwin says, "at how poorly they are understood by some people who are close to them. This book explains gun ownership in a friendly, normative way that communicates to the gunless and removes the confusion, doubt and fear. It's better than arguing with your co-workers or cousins."

Your First Gun bridges a gap between nice guys who own guns -- rich and poor -- and those who don't own or even understand why anyone would even want to own a gun.

"It is remarkable that in this day and age a person could graduate from high school or college and not understand why so many Americans choose to own firearms. Maybe something is missing in our education system. What do you think the chances are that a simple book like this would make it into a classroom for study these days? Would kids or teachers be punished for bring this book to school? It's only a book."

Reports that the public school system is spreading ignorance instead of education about firearms could not be confirmed before press time.

Even gun-control journalism requires balance

Note to my friends and fans --
This letter is going to the national "news" media.
You are welcome to send it to your local media,
or use it in your club or other newsletters and correspondence.

I've got my latest research, the Feinstein gun-ban bill analysis and more, here:


P.S. Come meet me at the Crossroads of the West Gun Show, Feb. 23-24, 2013,
at the Phoenix Fairgrounds, 19th Avenue and McDowell Road. Huge show.
They have ammo.


February 11, 2013

Dear Editor,

I've noticed you've run entire features about guns without including one redeeming word about gun ownership -- it's 100% guns are bad, what can we do about it. When you run stories about people harmed by guns, you should balance that with stories about people saved by guns, but you consistently fail to do so.

This is not journalism or ethical. The various journalism codes require balance, let alone inclusion of principles this nation champions, like equality and fairness. One-sided coverage misleads the public and dangerously campaigns for political goals that assault the very Bill of Rights you work under. This harms journalists everywhere. I'm a journalist and gun-law expert. Let me help set the record at least partially straight.

Thirteen scholarly studies show between 700,000 and 2.5 million defensive gun uses (DGUs) annually, depending on study size, time frames and sets of respondents. The largest was conducted under the Clinton Justice Dept. The studies are summarized in the book "Armed," by Gary Kleck and Don Kates, available at

Guns save lives, stop crime and protect you. This is why we arm police, why people arm themselves and why the Founders put the Second Amendment in the Constitution. Broadcasters need to hear this, because they constantly ask why anyone would even want a gun -- your "news" coverage leaves them wondering! That's a deplorable state of affairs -- wouldn't you say?

At the most basic level this is about balance of power, which is why our government has never turned on its people, as governments the world over throughout history have done. It's why free people need equivalence in what they keep and bear. Your writers don't seem to understand this, or care. You think this nation's liberty comes from good luck or an act of God? You would cede the very power that has kept America free all this time.

Police want AR-15s and all the powerful ammo they can carry because it's the best there is, it works and it's reliable -- all the reasons people want the same. Since people typically face criminals first and police are second responders we need it more than they do.

Virtually none of the guns held by the public or police have ever killed anyone -- despite vitriolic verbiage about "killing machines" -- these arms simply stand ready to protect, their core and legal function. Your coverage should have plenty of this normal sort of discussion instead of none. Shame on you. Fix it.

Your failure to fix this, or even recognize it after repeatedly being told, is why your credibility is so low and you are suffering financially. More than half the nation sees this with crystal clarity. C'mon guys, re-read the SPJ or AP Code of Ethics, and get on the case. You are harming the nation.

If you needed a license, as many of you are demanding of gun owners, you would fail the test and lose your ability to wield a pen, for lack of competence. (500)

Alan Korwin
The Uninvited Ombudsman

(Alan Korwin is the author of ten books on gun law (six with co-authors) and runs the website His latest book,Your First Gun, comes out this month.)

P.S. I've kept this letter short so you can run it.
I have a more complete look at the lack of balance posted here,
in response to a legislator's request about Newtown.

Background Checks vs. Gun-Owner Lists

"NICS" vs. "BIDS"
FBI Agents vs. Family gun stores
Big Brother vs. Business Owners

Does the public want background safety checks ("BIDS")
or fascist gun-owner lists ("NICS," the current system)?

"BIDS" is cheaper.
Works better.
No Government Registration Lists.

This is how NICS captures your name and information. The FBI and DOJ claim
they don't save the data, but there is no way to confirm that, and people remain
skeptical for reasons that were unclear at press time. When the system was built,
despite statute that required the data to be destroyed instantly, DOJ (under Janet
Reno) claimed the computer was incapable of erasing a record. Even if local
data is destroyed, records sent to allies (the box above "III") for checking would
be under no such obligation. Bureaucratic tendencies are to save everything

See full size image (scroll down) at this link -- 

If a background check in this modern day and age
is going to hold sway and swing popular opinion into policy;

If a background check is a way to keep guns away from criminals
who want to buy their guns at retail and pay the sales tax;

Then do it without compiling names of innocent gun owners.
That's only reasonable and common sense.

Even if the folly of universal background checks never goes from the minds of hoplophobes to the floors of legislatures, the expensive, list-compiling FBI-run "NICS" gun-owner registry needs to be eliminated. Sooner would be better than later.

Government registration of gun owners (the unverifiable part of NICS background checks) is the first step to every genocide committed in the 20th Century. Every one.

We know that can't happen here, right? So we're not even going to tempt fate. No government registration of gun owners. It serves no legitimate purpose. How does writing down my name, or your name, help stop crime or make you safer? It doesn't, and the people pushing the system know that.

It expends vast amounts of scarce resources on tracking the innocent. And there's no need. Lists of innocent gun-owners have no crime-fighting component, but they are extremely expensive -- Do you know what it costs to write down the names of 100 million gun owners? You need 27,000 changes daily, just to track people who move once every ten years on average.

BIDS does an equal job of preventing prohibited possessors from buying guns. It costs far less -- totally eliminates the expensive call centers. Reduces downtime and delays legitimate dealers and customers must now endure. And it cannot make lists of buyers. Dealers simply reference the encrypted password-protected prohibited possessor list on their local computers with simple volatile search tools, offline. It's like using a computerized yellow pages. The list itself is updated constantly, as it is now.

Hey, just like you, I don't want some mass murderer out on bleeding-heart parole walking into a gun store and coming out with a smokewagon and ammo. Gun owners are a common-sense reasonable crowd, just like anyone. It is time to scrap NICS for BIDS, and move this debate to a better place. Everything's on the table, Mr. Obama told us so. Make it so.

Sure, the authorities and those with a vested interest will throw up every obstacle known to man, to stop this great improvement. Sure, a gun store could skip the system and sell to crooks, just like they can under NICS, and risk their licenses and long hard prison time. Sure there will be hard cases that will require referral to federal agents for extra checking and extra time -- just like now.

Death to NICS.
Up with BIDS.
More freedom is always a good thing.
Fight the anti-rights calls for gunshow loops and holes
with counter calls for BIDS -- money-saving efficiency,
less government and freedom from Big Brother.

And look -- before you start shouting at me --
BIDS ain't perfect, we all know that, but it's as good first step.
Getting rid of NICS is essential, and it won't happen
without an intermediary step. Ask me about what comes
after BIDS...

Read more:

BIDS: “Blind Identification Database System”

"If we must have gun-buyer background checks to stop criminals,
at least do it without compiling massive records on the innocent."

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