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The Self Defense Case That Won't Die

The lamestream media told you:

The Trayon Martin murder trial has changed the criminal justice system forever. A federal civil-rights trial must followup the incorrect innocent verdict, according to MSNBC news anchor Al Sharpton. Stand your ground laws must be repealed.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

The George Zimmerman self-defense trial that ended in acquittal pointed out that social media and racial bigotry can be used to bring charges where none exist, and news media can create a circus to attack innocent victims of criminal assault.

Despite repeated calls for civil-rights charges, the FBI twice found that no grounds for such charges exist, once, during the actual trial, and again afterwards, when race baiters on TV demanded such actions. The media failed to report that no grounds for the charges exist, and that no case would be brought after boisterous demands commanded hours of airtime. Pundits preferred to allow the public to simply fuggedaboutit, which they are very good at doing.

According to a leading private investigator involved in such cases:

"Today cops, prosecutor, judges and news reporters often scour the Internet to find information on person's of interest or suspects. If you move fast enough, helpful and self-serving information can be posted for these decision makers to consider.  The defense must exploit every effort to make prosecution of their suspect/client politically unpopular!

"Of course in the George Zimmerman case, it was self-aggrandizing provocateurs such as Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton who created a nefarious Social Media storm. Their efforts even involved the White House and the nation's Attorney General. That abuse of Social Media caused a routine self-defense/justifiable homicide to be transformed into a wrongful murder prosecution. (Recall it took six weeks, firing the police chief, and bringing in an outside prosecutor to even bring charges). 

"The Zimmerman prosecution was brought for purely political purposes rather than tangible evidence. In fact, one prosecutor has already been indicted for presenting false information to the court in her zeal to please the powerful provocateurs.

"There are now two fronts in the War for Justice, the Court of Social Media and the Court of Law. If you can win in the Social Media Court that may entirely end the controversy.

"As a defense investigator I now must use the Social Media at every step of each case along with other computer-assisted investigation efforts. I also have this blog where I cover high profile criminal cases. I quickly learned the incredible influence my postings have on prosecutors, judges and even jurors! Jurors are not supposed to research their cases but I have seen first hand that the vast majority of jurors can't wait to break the rules!

"I have a web counter on my blog that allows me to see the ISP, approximate location, computer and browser type of my visitors. I routinely see the ISP of prosecutors, courts and police agencies looking at my stories that are under their review! I won't publicly expose just how I learned that jurors do this but I do have solid evidence.

"When it comes to jury selection Social Media has changed that task dramatically and forever. It's often incredibly easy now to learn the views of potential jurors. Any defense attorney in his right mind would exclude those demented followers of media trial advocates like HLN's Nancy Grace. However many posters routinely use fake screen names so additional efforts must be made to weed out those trolls.
The way to investigate and handle criminal defense cases has changed forever. Lawyers need to embrace the technology or retire. Needless to say I'm available to race with my video gear anywhere I'm needed." Paul Huebl.

Trayvon Martin True Story Leaks Out

Bogus Charges Evaporate

Haulder Stuffins, EPI; Wire Service (Philadelphia) -- Trayvon Martin, a vicious young black thug with a sordid history, shot and killed in self defense during an assault on a block-watch captain in Florida, has been portrayed as a folk hero by a man who is sometimes referred to as one of the nation's most prominent black racists, Al Sharpton, with knowing support from the mainstream media.

Trayvon Martin self portrait

The media, which had consistently fabricated details of the event that led up to Martin's justifiable-homicide demise, has promoted Sharpton in the past, and lent massive support to nationwide rallies to glorify the dead hoodlum, suppressing facts of the case to aid Sharpton's campaign.

Martin, who had been suspended from school three times prior to his assault on the block-watch captain, was found roaming aimlessly on a rainy night when he was reported to police by George Zimmerman, the innocent man elected captain by his neighbors on the block-watch patrol. The media falsely called Zimmerman a self-appointed vigilante. Vigilantism is illegal, but no slander charges have been brought. Block watches are honorable efforts established in troubled neighborhoods under police supervision.

The neighborhood Mr. Zimmerman patrolled had been repeatedly victimized by black and other criminal elements in the past. Martin was dressed and acting like a suspicious person on the night in question, drawing the attention of the alert block-watch captain.

Trayvon as a child, an editorialized distortion of the attacker

To help portray the criminal as an innocent victim, the media knowingly saturated its coverage of the events with angelic images of the perpetrator as an 11-year-old tot, when in fact he was a five-foot-eleven football player and mixed-martial-arts boxer who went by the social-media moniker of "No Limit Nigga." He posed with false gold teeth known as "grills" in ghetto slang and both middle fingers pointing in a threatening manner.

Trayvon seeks to score active ingredients for Watermelon juice intoxicant

Police found the mortally wounded 17-year-old with a can of watermelon juice and Skittles candy, ingredients used to make "lean," also known as "purple drank" and "sizzurp," a cheap and potent intoxicant popular with ghetto youth and hip-hop slum culture, which Martin bragged about using since 2011 on social media. Toxicology reports after his death showed liver damage likely attributable to abuse of the concoction.

Watermelon juice can evidence photo

Fearing this would undermine their preferred narrative of child-like innocence, the media unethically changed the watermelon juice to "ice tea," even though the evidence photo, available to all of them, clearly identified a can of Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail. The beverage contains no tea at all. Justifications sprang up that, well, it was produced by the Arizona Ice Tea company but these were equally false, because the company is the Arizona Beverage Company Limited, based in Westbury, New York. Caught lying red handed, they never did issue corrections, which would eventually unravel the fable and force admitting the entire story was a fabricated con job. Watermelon-gate.

Observers pointed out that blacks' love of watermelon is a common racial stereotype, and even though accurate, the media would rather hide such truth than tell it, because it makes them uncomfortable. This is typical of racial bigotry -- fear of admitting differences and natural stereotypes, therefor hating (and suppressing) that which you hate. The media attempts to hide this character flaw by calling others racist, a common but reprehensible technique, and certain indicator of repressed bias. It is characteristic of liberals in general, part of what defines them.


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