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Where Is Chris Simcox Now?

The lamestream media told you:

A completely unexpected surge of unaccompanied children from central America is flooding the U.S.-Mexican border and creating havoc in Texas and Arizona. This story is isn't airing so much outside of the effected border states, surprisingly enough. The border, as government has assured you is secure, but despite this, The Border Patrol can't keep them out. Responding to public and congressional demands, the agency plans to hire 2,000 more agents to supplement the 23,775 it now has. 

Look at the dangerous and hardened desperados our Border Patrol either cannot -- or has been told not to -- keep from entering the U.S. These pictures have generally not been presented to the general public through mainstream sources, because they are considered too inflammatory:

Invaders aboard a high-speed smuggling boat the U.S. Border Patrol cannot intercept midstream and force back to the foreign nation's shore from which it secretly came in broad daylight.

Mobs of desperate men and women storm a government facility where heavily armed U.S. Border Patrol agents with assault weapons, flash-bang grenades, armored vehicles, K-9 units and air support were unable to repel the invaders and regain control.

Border Patrol agents reading the riot act to unruly and dangerous invaders they were unable to repel, or were told to invite into the compound, which remained unclear at press time.


It remained unclear why three out of six Central American countries sent their unescorted children to the United States all at once, but it's only unclear to the U.S. public. Somebody knows exactly what's going on, they're not telling, and the lamestream media is doing no reporting, just shoveling the narrative without details or explanation. CNN did run this image, with the faces blurred out.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

We have satellites that can read a license plate from outer space. Now the Associated Press and our government wants you to believe 70,000 unaccompanied children have traveled or soon will cover 1,000 miles to America and it was unexpected. They are lying to your face.

They want you to believe that our Ambassadors and the entire staffs in those small countries didn't see the same television shows in April telling those people constantly that they could now leave for America and be granted access, asylum and citizenship; they didn't see people abandoning their homes and boarding trains and buses, and that they arrived here unexpectedly. They didn't see countless children suddenly missing from homes and small towns. They are lying to you. The "news" media is promoting their lies. The "news" media is a blatant lying propaganda arm of the government perpetrating this scam, and I don't say that lightly.

The Border Patrol, that you were told has secured our border so it is as safe as it has ever been according to the person occupying the White House and former security chief Janet Napolitano -- is incapable of keeping out unaccompanied six-year-old children. They are lying to your face. They are insulting you. 


They want you to believe 23,000 Border Patrol agents can't stop this.


Why on Earth would vice president uncle Joe Biden have traveled to visit the leaders of the three main perpetrator countries of this travesty now -- now that the damage is done and well underway, with the media reporting on his charade? Why didn't he do this when the campaign was in the planning stages and the TV shows promoting it starting airing months ago, or when the first trainloads started heading north? Because this is all part of the dog and pony show and campaign of deceit and lies you are supposed to swallow.

We need a Chris Simcox to stand up and call for civilians to go to the border and do what the Border Patrol, with tens of thousands of agents you are paying for, is incapable of doing -- or has been ordered by Mr. Obama or his minions not to do -- repel invaders. 

The Border Patrol agents who can't stop this need to be fired. Of course they can stop this. They must have been ordered to stand down. The people who gave those orders need to be brought up on charges.


Despite claims about violence in the U.S., the source of the unaccompanied children are said to have the highest murder rates in the world (despite extremely strict gun laws), and for all we know, we might soon hear the violence is the result of unauthorized low-budget muslim videos and guns smuggled in by BATFE. There are six small countries down there, why are Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama left out?

What we're seeing, and what's really going on, are not related to each other.


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