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Wash., D.C. and Beltway Exposed To Gunplay Again

MEMO TO: Beltway and D.C.-area friends and associates

FROM: The Publisher

Click the page to read The First-Responders Report TM

Your morning copy of USA Today features the fourth installment of The First-Responders Report TM, sponsored by and Bloomfield Press (Wash., D.C.-regional edition, 9/9/14, News section). You can read it here:

These are stories of people who are alive today, or who were able to respond first to stop crimes, because they had firearms and were able to bring them to bear.

This news is usually suppressed in national publications, hiding the social utility of firearms and distorting the public debate. We're putting it right into the public eye.

If you're working with members of Congress, please bring the page to their attention. Or, just make your representatives aware of this news. You can do this from anywhere in the country. Do it. Forward this memo or just the links.

The three crime-fighting stories in our current column are dramatic examples the public typically doesn't get to see, that would change hearts and minds if routinely circulated. This is why such stories are quashed, critics say. See our previous columns:

In stark contrast, an isolated freak accident at a remote shooting range recently got saturation coverage for a solid week, spun to portray firearms, and even firearms training for youth, in a negative light. That imbalance was remarkable, according to observers.

You can sponsor The First-Responders Report TM column yourself, with or without name credit, and reach one of the most crucial audiences in the nation. It can also be set to run in USA Today in your region of the country. Call me directly to learn more: 602-996-4020.

If you keep firearms handy for their intended purpose -- to save lives and deter crime -- you should be familiar with this: Click the link.

To learn more about what we do here at and Bloomfield Press, and how it can keep you safe, look here:


This is the USA Today project we're running, The First-Responders Report TM

See the actual reports and matching web page here --

Excellent writeup about it here --

and here --


If you don't know what this is about already, these notes may not help. I can't say much yet, there hasn't been an official announcement, it's coming soon.

You may know I've been on the inside since Aaron Zelman passed away in Dec. 2010. It's been a struggle, to be sure, and some good things have happened, along with some turmoil and mishigas. Suffice it to say, JPFO must survive.

Rumors are flying, sure, that's what rumors do. None of that will change anything JPFO has already published and the bold stands it has taken -- No Guns For Negroes, No Guns For Jews, ( will blow your mind) all the research on the links between gun control and genocide, translating the Nazi gun laws that were used to draft our federal gun-control act -- and that is slated to continue, under the direction of the only people who can do that sort of work. Aaron is gone, but the direction he set lives on. New great things will happen, just watch.

Some people, nervous about change, make a compelling case:

The prosecution argues and the judge says, "You're right."
But then the defense argues and the judge says, "You're right."
So the bailiff objects, "But you're honor, they can't both be right."
And the judge replies, "You're right too."

Don't prejudge the JPFO and SAF thing.

Archie Takes a Bullet

Just your typical American comic book, not

The lamestream media told you:

There is no culture war in America, everything is normal, you can go back to sleep now, there is no cause for alarm, move along, there is nothing to see here.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Archie, the classic comic-book symbol of The American Way, teenage angst, growing up with American values of chasing girls, eating ice cream, going to high school, and boys will be boys, has come to an end, but it's not clear who has implemented a marxist revision of our culture. In the July 2014 issue, Archie is put to death, deliberately taking a bullet during a gay rights parade meant to murder his gay friend.

In other news, Marvel comics has decided that Thor will no longer be a man. I'm not making this up.

Thor will now be a woman, complete with shiny metal tits. I kid you not.


If this is not a rewrite of our culture it is hard to imagine what would be. The real question, unanswered at press time, is what heathen low-life bottom-feeding enemy of American life got their hands on the controls and could do this to the literature our innocent impressionable youth read?

According to leading experts, the problem is with me, not the news reported here.

ObamaCare Is Now Just "the health law"

Doesn't provide coverage, so protect its namesake

The lamestream media told you:

--Julie Appelby USA Today (Kaiser Health News)

"Surprise! New Health Plans' Limitations Anger Enrollees" 7/27/14 [Note: "Health Plans"]

"Doctors who treated them last year won't take their insurance now, even though they haven't changed insurers... we take the old plan, but not the new one... Both women unwittingly enrolled in policies with limited networks of doctors and hospitals that provide little or no payment for care outside those networks. Such plans existed before the health law, [Note: "the health law"] but with its expansion of insurance, they are covering more people -- and some are shrinking enrollees' options further than before.

"Consumer groups argue that many enrollees were misled... regulators and insurance agents are inundated with complaints... scrutinize whether networks are adequate... trying to provide low-cost plans..."

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Now that the wheels are coming completely off ObamaCare, the media are starting to drop the name Obamacare, or the public might finally realize they've been sold a bad bill of goods. It is not even the familiar-sounding health-care law, it is just the "health law" or "networks" or "plans" as in this story by something called "Kaiser Health News," that has sufficient clout to make Page Three of USA Today.

Nancy Pelosi's warning (said with a smile), that we have to pass it to find out what's in it should have stopped us cold, but it failed to do so. So we have learned again that the name of a law ("Affordable Care Act") is not law, or part of law, and need not have anything to do with the law itself. It is just window dressing, a neon sign designed to get laws passed, regardless of truth. Sort of like, "Prohibition on National Gun Registration." That's the part of the so-called Universal Background Check Bill, designed to set up National Gun Registration.

Government Theft Now Called "Waste"

Criminals still at large, no charges filed

The lamestream media told you:

[This is just too rich.]

WASHINGTON - A government website intended to make federal spending more transparent was missing at least $619 billion from 302 federal programs, a government audit has found.

And the data that does exist is wildly inaccurate, according to the Government Accountability Office, which looked at 2012 spending data. Only 2% to 7% of spending data on is "fully consistent with agencies' records," according to the report. [I am not making this up. Alan.]

Among the data missing from the 6-year-old federal website:

o The Department of Health and Human Services failed to report nearly $544 billion, mostly in direct assistance programs like Medicare. The department admitted that it should have reported aggregate numbers of spending on those programs.

o The Department of the Interior did not report spending for 163 of its 265 assistance programs because, the department said, its accounting systems were not compatible with the data formats required by The result: $5.3 billion in spending missing from the website.

The White House itself failed to report any of the programs it's directly responsible for. At the Office of National Drug Control Policy, which is part of the White House, officials said they thought HHS was responsible for reporting their spending.

For more than 22% of federal awards, the spending website literally doesn't know where the money went. The "place of performance" of federal contracts was most likely to be wrong.

That's a problem, said Sen. Tom Carper, D-Del., the chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee.

The administration is transferring responsibility for the website from the General Services Administration to the Bureau of the Fiscal Service in the Department of the Treasury.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Commonplace stories like these point to a desperate need for comitatus laws, according to leading experts. While the report says greater oversight is needed, out here in the public we all know punishment is needed.

Comitatus laws are written so that instead of saying something is required or forbidden, it says who ever does or doesn't meet the requirement, goes to jail, just like the public would for violating law. It is modeled after the posse comitatus law, which for 150 years has prevented anyone from using the military to enforce civilian law, because it imprisons anyone who tries it.

People hired by taxpayers to carefully spend money, and then to account for it have no idea where the money is, failed to account for it, and are certain much of the whereabouts of it are unknown, implying it has been stolen, embezzled, fraudulently spent or otherwise criminally misappropriated, in what is sometimes euphemistically called waste.

Waste is often another word for theft -- services never performed but paid for, overcharges, phony charges and money that simply disappears with no accounting. Bureaucrats know what this means.

No arrests have been made. No charges are pending. Statutes, written by the people handling the money, require accounting, but provide no penalties, leading to tremendous laughter behind closed doors, according to sources close to the missing money.

Wage slaves continued to work and pay taxes, dutifully sending their money to the government, because it is removed from their pay before they get to see it. Failure to remove the money and send it is punishable by fines and prison time. No talk of tax revolt or other action has been heard. Yet.

Lessons from the Ferguson Black Riots of 2014


The 2014 riots in Ferguson, Missouri should serve as an important reminder to anyone who is thinking about owning a gun.  When your safety is already at risk, it may be too late to buy that first gun.

Why do I say that?

1.  You'll be lucky to find a gun at a gun store when EVERYBODY is trying to buy one.  And IF you do find a gun, it may not be the best gun or the most suitable gun and it's going to cost you a lot more money than it would have before the emergency.

2.  You may not be able to find ammunition for your new gun.  And IF you do find ammunition, it may not be the most suitable ammunition for self-defense, you may not find it in the quantity you want, and it is going to cost you a lot more money.

3.  You may not be able to purchase important accessories for your new gun.  Things like spare magazines, holsters, slings, and optics.  Not having enough magazines or not having a holster could put you in a real bind.  You may not have time to research which accessories you need or be able to install them quickly if you can even find them.

4.  By not having bought the gun ahead of time and now being in the middle of an emergency, you won't have the time to take the gun to a range to do important things like:

 a) making sure the gun actually works and is not a one-shot or even a zero-shot wonder

 b) making sure that the ammunition you purchased works in the gun

 c) practicing with the gun to become proficient in its use and to know how to do critical things, like reloading the gun quickly while under pressure

 d) becoming comfortable and familiar with various controls such as thumb safeties, grip safeties, or de-cockers

 e) adjusting the sights on the gun to make sure the bullet is going to go reasonably close to where the gun is aimed

  f) installing and testing any accessories, like bipods, tactical lights, laser sights, or custom grips

The time to become a gun owner is NOW when you are NOT in the middle of a riot or some other emergency. [NOTE: That goes for your friends and neighbors, who you should help if need be, as a good friend or neighbor.]

The time to do it is when you have time.  When you can purchase the gun you want.  When you can purchase and store a quantity of the ammunition you want.  When you can verify the gun functions properly and is sighted in properly.  When you can study which accessories you want and have time to get those accessories.  When you can practice and train with both the gun and the accessories so that you have confidence in your ability to protect yourself and your family.

All of that can be done in a reasonable amount of time if you put enough effort into it, but it can't be done instantaneously in the middle of an emergency.

If you're going to become a gun owner, and you don't live in Ferguson, MO, there is no time better than RIGHT NOW.


Arizona Instructor Was Shot, Robin Williams Was Not

This concerns the tragic death of firearms instructor Charles Vacca during
a firearms exercise with a young student from New Jersey, while in Arizona.

The Nine-Year Old (one of many letters received)

"I was wondering if you have an opinion about the tragedy that recently happened at a remote AZ gun range.  Is it usual for the firearms instructor to be standing THAT close to the shooter?  Or was there need for a warning of the recoil before she shot?" Kevin.

Dear Kevin, The media circus is the only reason you're asking of course; the safety questions involved and the errors made are a legit inquiry that will be studied and debated by serious people for a long time to come. Have you ever seen the International Journal of Wound Ballistics?

We have few of the facts at this point, were you able to see the actual video, I was not, if you have a link please send it. The range has had 10K kids through on MGs with no mishaps and no news coverage, "not even a band-aid," the owner, a friend, tells me.

And the media slugs are all asking why would anyone let a child shoot an MG, as if they don't all know. The place is so popular they're installing a helicopter refueling station.

Reporters and editors are so far in the tank for their self-induced anti-rights agenda they can ask a question like that and fool themselves into actually believing they don't know why thousands of people of all ages pack the place (and five others like it nearby). Then they foment this arbitrary fuhrer, or is it furor. We'll talk.

The only reason to give such massive "news" coverage to a single freak accidental death in a tremendously popular sport, is to attack gun ownership with the intent of reducing the basic human right to keep and bear arms.

It's an ongoing detestable political agenda the "news" has been perpetrating with relenting fervor for decades. If the media had licenses and registrations to operate they would be recalled with prejudice.

The only reason to give such massive "news" coverage
to a single freak accidental death is
to attack gun ownership with the intent
of reducing that basic human right. 


Thank heaven Robin Williams didn't shoot himself

Dear Editor,

Robin Williams' unfortunate strangulation suicide pointed out the horrific moral bankruptcy of the gun-control movement in America. We're watching it play out with the nine-year old at the Arizona range.

You know if Williams had shot himself, we Americans, instead of enduring massive legitimate grief for the loss of this phenomenal talent, we would have been out in the streets desperately defending our right to keep and bear arms against withering attacks from the usual suspects. Just like now.

The familiar cast of characters and "news" outlets would be using the desperate act of a depressed genius in need of help, as cover for an excuse to assault our fundamental human and civil rights. We've seen it countless times. A beloved comedian would make no difference. The relief we felt was palpable.

By strangling himself, Williams denied that movement a monumental opportunity to dance in his blood and screech for more gun control, as they are virtually pre-programmed to do. No one is clamoring for belt control. Why not? The parallel is perfect. No cries for fewer holes in belts, more safety features on belts, less availability, more controls on sales, more lists. No one is saying anything, but the same tired arguments would work, use tragedy as a bludgeon against everyone who owns a bunch of belts yet did nothing (but could!) and heap vicious assaults in the name of the dead. Did you know that about 6,000 people a year commit suicide -- using belts?

I realize I invite attacks on myself -- for merely speaking up on the issue, from the self-same bigots running this insane morbid show. It is no longer a free country where you can just speak your mind, if that mind is in defense of this fundamental right scorned by the self-proclaimed bigot-elites.

There's a cadre of haters and followers always ready to assault what is so essentially American, who got stymied here by asphyxia. It's a Rahm-Emanuel-level crisis gone to waste. They are at a loss due to this great loss, and we got a break... then something wonderful happened:

Now the suicide prevention and medical people could finally talk about finally getting a grip on the growing medical problem (not gun problem) of suicide.

What a golden opportunity to separate the legitimate and serious medical issue of depression from the bigotry of anti-rights crusaders awash in the blood of the dead, who use tragedy to advance their perverse cause. The illegitimately conjoined twins have been separated at last.

From this day forward -- any misguided or deliberate individuals who hijack a suicide to promote a political agenda against the American Bill of Rights should be publicly called out as bigots and stopped.

They must be held up to public scrutiny as the worst kind of anti-human-rights crusaders, unworthy of political stage, and cast into the same dark dungeon other civil-rights deniers earn, away from the fawning attention they so desperately seek and so unremittingly do not deserve.

For promotion of an anti-civil-rights agenda, they would walk on the backs of the dead, revel in their gore, subvert the needs of the living and afflict those who mourn -- all of which were evident by their absence during the great tragic loss the planet has just worked through.

Rest easy, our great friend and entertainer Robin Williams,

You have left us with one great lasting final farewell message,
our rights remain unblemished by your passage.

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