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Media Misrepresents Facts in Ferguson

The lamestream media told you:

We've all seen, read and heard the reports at this point, I've picked a specific few apart below.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

As near as I could tell from the fuzzy images the "news" programs preferred to report on at Ferguson:

First, it wasn't people rioting in that town, it was Black people.
Race seems to matter in so many other reports, why not here.

Next, and more important, the real news wasn't that people were rioting, it was that Michael Brown, after committing a robbery, had assaulted a police officer and was attempting to take away his gun when he was shot.

If you attempt to take away a police officer's gun you can plan on getting shot. Why would a 295-pound 18-year-old member of the Black community attempt to do that after committing a strong-arm robbery, that's the question.

What drives people to such brazen acts of violence, especially pronounced in some communities and not in others, and what can be done in the future, to protect the police and these members of these communities.

Mr. Obama, formerly a community organizer, got on TV and forgot to mention, despite all the legitimate work that does need to go on between police and members of all communities, if you commit strong-arm robberies and then attempt to disarm police officers you ought to be, or at least are bound to be, shot.

In a now standard distortion of "news" reporting, cable news shows reported that people were demonstrating. "News" reporters ran breathlessly from one hot spot to another, eagerly showing looting, fire and destruction, with thrill in their voices. People weren't demonstrating. Blacks were rioting, committing crimes. The media had an opportunity to collect video evidence of crimes in progress, with crisp, documentary, factual narrative. Footage seemed to go out of its way to obscure and cutaway from the identities of perpetrators.

And none of the live reports dealt with the real story -- the police officer, after months of investigatory work and literally social torture, had committed no crime -- it was the black thug who had committed the crime, a likely felony assault on an officer (a gun snatch can amount to attempted murder, how many of you heard any coverage of that).

All the hype, the Al Sharpton and Barack Obama pronouncements that were wrong, officials' stunning calls for preemptory judgments, incendiary and misleading editorials and broadcasts, the whole national frenzy was really over a criminal shot in the commission of a crime, not some wanton drooling police slaughter.

The liberals had once again worked themselves up into a frenzy over something that didn't exist -- a myth. Their fantasy, their fear, created a make-believe tragedy. Sort of like the 50-state fear of CCW permit holders they exhibited, now long forgotten.

Unarmed, this bad guy was in the process of attempting to arm himself with the officer's high-capacity semi-automatic handgun. Who knows what he would have done with all that firepower if he had succeeded -- or who we would be mourning today instead.

After the perp smashed the officer repeatedly in the face through the patrol-car window, the officer luckily got off two rounds, which probably saved his life. That's the story here, untold by the "news."

But thanks to the guilt-ridden mentally-disordered media, we will continue to have the misdirection version of the story ingrained into the nation consciousness, about some non-existent poor little harmless victim. That should be dropped from public view for the minor criminal nuisance it actually is in the scheme of things. Just another would-be overweight cop-killing miscreant stopped before he could do his lethal dirty work, and a cop who gets to go home to his family that night, as it should be.


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