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America's gun-murder crisis solved!

News fails to reach Sharpton, Maddow, CNN, networks.

The lamestream media told you:

America has too many "gun deaths," crime in the streets, oh, you've heard the story so many times it's amazing we still repeat it. We've got the highest murder rate in the world*, and it's all because of our gun laws and the gun-show loophole. Someone needs to take all the guns away. We need common-sense gun laws. The powerful gun lobby blocks all gun legislation, that's the problem. Moms are united. A universal background check has the support of everyone and would solve the problem, but Congress refuses to act. [*Note: Completely false, U.S. is 110th, see chart at end.]

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

The real truth has come out, again.
It's not about a murder rate.
It's about the black murder rate:




These facts were revealed by The Uninvited Ombudsman back in 2007 and repeatedly since then, but ignored. Look, if you dare:

The problem is angry fatherless young black males who dress ghetto, listen to outrageously offensive and violent rap and hip-hop sounds (not "music"), idolize and live a gangster lifestyle, encourage each other in this debauched and depraved life, refuse education, and will not be called out by the righteous black man in the White House, whose non-existent son looks like Trayvon (which one?), and few have the guts to say so in so many words:


How the media deceptively portrayed Trayvon Martin on a flagship national magazine -- years before he was repeatedly suspended from school and involved in crimes.


How Trayvon portrayed himself on his Facebook pagebefore he assaulted a block-watch captain while suspiciously out in the rain.

When you eliminate black crime in the ghettos and war deaths in the government-run war on some drugs our crime rate is comparable with Scandinavia.

Al Sharpton, the racist agitator handed a prominent spot on a minor national cable TV station for reasons that remain unclear, encourages and advances this behavior, along with most of the rest of the so-called "news" community. They collectively hide these truths from the American public, but the awake portions of the public know it to be true, and the facts bear it out.

There is not "crime in the streets," there is crime in the ghetto, a word everyone knows. It no longer appears in "news" reports however, despite horrific ghettos extant in large American cities, perpetuated by government entitlement programs and "news" media silence and image suppression.

And while we're tearing our hair out about savage islamic butchers killing a few people on the other side of the planet on TV, for every beheading, right here in our midst, we have barbaric beshootings in the head more than every day.

At about 6,000 black ghetto beshootings per year, divided by 365 days per year, that's about 16 every day, hidden from national view, compared with single barbaric acts on the other side of the world, advertised on the "news" for weeks at a time. And then for years, because there are no new ones -- unlike the daily beshootings we ignore, because black lives (apparently) don't matter.

Even a two-year-old involved in a completely freak accident thousands of miles away gets more "news" coverage, all aimed at belittling the right to keep and bear arms, than the 16 black murders that occurred that same day -- and every day since. You see, black lives, obviously, do not matter.

Black beshootings don't count as atrocities, because they are hip-hop rap people who don't count, despite protest signs that falsely declare "black lives matter." Thankfully (to a leftist), they conveniently add to the murder tallies and are useful to rail against the gun rights of the innocent. This builds usable political capital in an effort to disarm the American public, transferring the balance of power to the government.

And now you know, as if you didn't already.
Permission to circulate this granted.



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