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Demands for gun control after muslims attack Paris

The lamestream media told you:

Nothing. There were no demands for gun control after the Paris jihad.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

That would be very strange in this country.

American journalists failed to recognize that, unlike the American model, no one in France has called for stricter gun controls, magazine limits or assault-weapon bans after the muslim jihad in Paris this week.

The usual litany of restrictions and gun-ban bills for civilians, which Americans have come to expect in reaction to mass murders here, were never even mentioned throughout Europe.

According to experts, this is partially due to the fact that Europeans by and large already have the bans in place.

It is painfully obvious that the ban on the human and civil right to arms in France did nothing but arm the murderers and leave the dead journalists defenseless when the muslim jihadis came in on foot and attacked. The morbid use of atrocities or the jihad to demand civil-rights denial is a political ploy, not a safety game. It is immoral and deadly.

With any possible first responders at the site of the attack unarmed -- even though they had compelling evidence of imminent mortal threats -- the muslims could kill at will, as in any pretend gun-free zone perpetrated by politicians. Calls for even greater gun control would be pointless, everyone gets that. Three police officers who arrived on the scene early on bicycles, unarmed, simply rode quickly away, according to The Guardian newspaper.

The event points out how utterly corrupt such a call to further disarm the French would be. The foolish or dangerous politicians who might propose such things here in America -- among the greatest bastions of firearms freedom on Earth -- are as dangerous as the murderers we all might face some day.

America is actually ranked only 9th

on the scale of gun freedoms

America is actually ranked only 9th on the scale of gun freedoms, according to The Worldwide Gun Owner's Guide, published by Bloomfield Press. Tiny Liechtenstein, Switzerland and other nations that hardly suffer from such helatious atrocities are ahead of the United States, out of the 64 nations meticulously profiled in the book.

The Worldwide 
Gun Owner's Guide

All nations have gun laws, shooting ranges, gun clubs and gun rights; America ranks 9th in gun freedoms, and the situation worldwide is kept secret in the mainstream. "News" reports about France are basically poppycock, but their rights are indeed severely repressed, and their rulers have convinced them they should be unarmed and ready to be shot. Read 
this book to learn the truth. Includes ranking and details for 64 nations.

The Worldwide Gun Owner’s Guide

Only $19.95

add_to_cart.gif  view_cart.gif

368 pages! Own this book, it's amazing.

Meanwhile, America awaits official announcement from the White House that this is workplace violence, and that al-Qaeda, whose urgent pleas for lone-wolf attacks have been belittled (but broadcast) by CNN, FOX and the networks non-stop for months, were not linked in any way to the jihad or the Paris murders. So far, the current occupant of the White House has only said that the people involved are "a few."

The identical 12 seconds of shaky amateur rooftop video footage all the broadcasters have, including cut-ins of a bullet hole, shot windshield, and cops standing around or being shot after they're already dead and blurred out for decency, has been playing at a rate of 510 times an hour. This is quite popular with jihadis and in the muslim world, unidentified experts note. According to officials, this does not encourage copycat behavior.

Public faith in traditional "news" media, according to one undisclosed poll conducted at an undisclosed location, has dropped too low to measure.


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