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The Sun Lakes Republican Club will feature Scottsdale-based author and gun law expert Alan Korwin at its monthly meeting Tuesday, February 10th, at 6:30 p.m. in the Arizona Room of the Sun Lakes Country Club, 25601 N. Sun Lakes Blvd., Sun Lakes, AZ 85248. The public is invited!

Korwin will lead our discussion on "AMERICA'S ENEMIES AND OUR GUN OWNERS -- WHAT'S THE LINK?" The ultimate political debate boils down to this: Is there anyone out there who wants to destroy America? Is there anyone who desires to annihilate us, bring the nation to its knees, kill our people? The left and the right actually agree here -- yes, we do have some very real hard-core enemies out there. They don't care who you voted for. It doesn't matter what you believe in or how your diet is going. You may detest that, want to wish it away, blame yourself for it, but you know it's true. And it is a matter of life or death. In the first part of this program we're going to clearly explore America's enemies, foreign and domestic.

Speaker Alan Korwin is one of the nation's leading experts on America's gun laws, with ten of his 14 books on that subject. He will explore Arizona's gun laws, which have been ranked best in the nation two years in a row by Guns and Ammo magazine, from the perspective of personal self-defense and defense of other people. No state that has repealed bans on personally-carrying firearms has experienced the paranoid myths about blood in the streets. In fact crime has dropped and stories of lives saved are numerous. How these hard facts should affect public policy, regarding street crime and the ongoing global jihad, is one of the ultimate political questions of the day, addressed head-on in this no-holds-barred presentation and audience discussion.

AZ State Senator Steve Yarbrough will provide an important update on the 2015 AZ Legislative Session. For more information, visit our web site at , or contact Mike Tennant, 480-802-0178.

Shadowy gun groups influence "news" media

The lamestream media told you:

Americans for Responsible Solutions
Everytown for Gun Safety
Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America
Illegal Mayors Against Guns

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

These names keep popping up in the "news," but who are they exactly? Do they have memberships? Are they "real" or are they empty shell constructs of some power broker, unquestioned by the "news" media? Why do they command such high-profile positions in the media? How did they burst onto the scene so rapidly?

Is the media doing its job vetting them? Should their membership lists be publicly revealed like gun-permit lists reporters periodically release or attempt to release? Why do those groups receive such credible and plausible coverage, when time-honored and long-standing constitutionally based groups in every state and nationally are routinely trashed by the same reporters and editors?

Should the licenses and registrations of reporters and editors be subject to official inquiries? Oh, that's right, they don't have any.

Those questions unfortunately have truly ugly answers, because the named groups are little more than hastily constructed propaganda vehicles created by a small handful of insanely rich power-brokers led by former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg and allies. And everyone knows it. The media's lack of ethics shines brightly through that smokescreen.

The media and the shell groups are exercising a misplaced vendetta against the fundamental human and civil right to keep and bear arms, in the false belief that by placing all gunpowder in the hands of the government and the police we will all be safer. (Some black people have less faith in that plan.)

The media knows this but ignores it its headlong rush to praise "the establishment" and vilify and crush the very rights that protect their right to publish the filth they propagate. The level of distortion associated with this "news" coverage would win awards, if journalism awards were given for such categories as distortion, misinformation, lack of balance, and failure to accurately inform on subjects of critical importance to the American republic. Calls for a U.S. Dept. of Accuracy (DOA) were unheeded at press time.

Government shutdown averted (snore)

The lamestream media told you:

The Senate passed an emergency spending bill in the nick of time... Harry Reid said... some Senate democrats and republicans oppose the measure but Obama said he will sign the bill... will fund the government through Sep. 30, 2015... Richard Durbin blamed the delay on Ted Cruz... couldn't wait until repubs take control... saddle us with funding from the old guard... Boehner is on our side...

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

While every mass-market "news" outlet in the country ran stories remarkably similar to the truncated summary above, not one -- not one -- covered anything about what's in the frickin' $1.1 trillion dollar budget that taxpayers will be required to pay for, by force.

That much money covers a lot of things. According to critics, this is because so-called "reporters" have no idea what's in the bill.

That's because, according to analysts, the people who passed the bill have no idea what's in it, because they haven't read it.

They didn't read it, because they didn't write it.

When asked, they couldn't tell anyone who did write it. "Staff" was the best answer anyone could come up with.

No names could be associated with the word "staff," in an ongoing controversy that was not being investigated by anyone as we went to press.

Taxation without representation has become taxation without identity.

Don't ask. Don't tell.

You want a Pulitzer-prize winning story, you reporters? Write that.

Who GOT the $40 million to write the torture report?

There's torture, and then there's TORTURE

The lamestream media told you:

CIA torture report executive summary released... by Senate democrats... cost $40 million, runs 6,000 pages, took five years, only 525 pages released... republicans strenuously object... torture gained us nothing... hurt us worldwide... torture is now "enhanced interrogation techniques" and "harsh treatment"... CIA actually lied about things, OMG... CIA insists it gained us critical information, but we might have gotten that anyway...

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Wherever you stand on IF waterboarding and harsh treatment is actually torture or just extremely unpleasant, please do remember it is way at the bottom, compared with islamists' preferences for real torture, with fire, chopping, stabbing, electricity, beatings, rape, dismemberment and things that NOBODY debates is torture.

As to whether this is news or political, it may be news to the American public, but it is not news to the people in the know anywhere in the world. Intelligence agencies of every government that want to know, know what goes on, and they keep their bosses informed. Democrats did the legwork and produced the report without republican input, so the political question need not even be asked. But count on the "news" media to make the nature of the report, rather than its content, the subject of chatter for weeks.

The real question, the one I want to know and that hasn't even been asked, is WHO GOT the $40 million to write this thing? I'm a writer, that's a good fee. In typical style, everybody is crying about the spending, but no one is peeping about the GETTING. Who got $40 million to write 6,000 pages in five years? How many people were on that team? How much access did they have to what exactly? How do you apply for that kind of work? Wouldn't that make interesting news, or should we just keep crying about the cost?

For that matter, I'd like to know who is actually writing our laws -- fingers live on the keys. Now THAT'S a real issue, 'cause it sure ain't the legislators, they don't even read it. THAT'S where the real power has migrated to in this country. Every turn of phrase, every mountain of conditions, who exactly is filling out thatpaperwork, which we will all be bound to at the point of a gun? And I've asked, and no one knows. The best answer I can get, is "staff." Hmmm.

America's gun-murder crisis solved!

News fails to reach Sharpton, Maddow, CNN, networks.

The lamestream media told you:

America has too many "gun deaths," crime in the streets, oh, you've heard the story so many times it's amazing we still repeat it. We've got the highest murder rate in the world*, and it's all because of our gun laws and the gun-show loophole. Someone needs to take all the guns away. We need common-sense gun laws. The powerful gun lobby blocks all gun legislation, that's the problem. Moms are united. A universal background check has the support of everyone and would solve the problem, but Congress refuses to act. [*Note: Completely false, U.S. is 110th, see chart at end.]

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

The real truth has come out, again.
It's not about a murder rate.
It's about the black murder rate:




These facts were revealed by The Uninvited Ombudsman back in 2007 and repeatedly since then, but ignored. Look, if you dare:

The problem is angry fatherless young black males who dress ghetto, listen to outrageously offensive and violent rap and hip-hop sounds (not "music"), idolize and live a gangster lifestyle, encourage each other in this debauched and depraved life, refuse education, and will not be called out by the righteous black man in the White House, whose non-existent son looks like Trayvon (which one?), and few have the guts to say so in so many words:


How the media deceptively portrayed Trayvon Martin on a flagship national magazine -- years before he was repeatedly suspended from school and involved in crimes.


How Trayvon portrayed himself on his Facebook pagebefore he assaulted a block-watch captain while suspiciously out in the rain.

When you eliminate black crime in the ghettos and war deaths in the government-run war on some drugs our crime rate is comparable with Scandinavia.

Al Sharpton, the racist agitator handed a prominent spot on a minor national cable TV station for reasons that remain unclear, encourages and advances this behavior, along with most of the rest of the so-called "news" community. They collectively hide these truths from the American public, but the awake portions of the public know it to be true, and the facts bear it out.

There is not "crime in the streets," there is crime in the ghetto, a word everyone knows. It no longer appears in "news" reports however, despite horrific ghettos extant in large American cities, perpetuated by government entitlement programs and "news" media silence and image suppression.

And while we're tearing our hair out about savage islamic butchers killing a few people on the other side of the planet on TV, for every beheading, right here in our midst, we have barbaric beshootings in the head more than every day.

At about 6,000 black ghetto beshootings per year, divided by 365 days per year, that's about 16 every day, hidden from national view, compared with single barbaric acts on the other side of the world, advertised on the "news" for weeks at a time. And then for years, because there are no new ones -- unlike the daily beshootings we ignore, because black lives (apparently) don't matter.

Even a two-year-old involved in a completely freak accident thousands of miles away gets more "news" coverage, all aimed at belittling the right to keep and bear arms, than the 16 black murders that occurred that same day -- and every day since. You see, black lives, obviously, do not matter.

Black beshootings don't count as atrocities, because they are hip-hop rap people who don't count, despite protest signs that falsely declare "black lives matter." Thankfully (to a leftist), they conveniently add to the murder tallies and are useful to rail against the gun rights of the innocent. This builds usable political capital in an effort to disarm the American public, transferring the balance of power to the government.

And now you know, as if you didn't already.
Permission to circulate this granted.


U.S. Senate may cancel the Superbowl

Gun owners (and others) to be stuck with tab

The lamestream media told you:


The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

The federal insurance policy that covers mammoth destruction such as major terrorism attacks -- without which the Superbowl cannot be held -- expired on Dec. 31, 2014. Congress closed without renewing it.

The U.S. House of Representatives quickly enacted a poorly drafted Terrorism Risk Insurance Act renewal bill (TRIA), without adequate debate, to renew the policy, then adjourned for the year. Their draft can't be amended.

The U.S. Senate failed to quickly pass the House version of TRIA without any changes and so the policy lapsed. Senator Tom Coburn held it up (with good reason), and Chuck Schumer blamed him in typical partisan style (even though Schumer didn't approve of the bill either).

The private insurance pool isn't large enough to cover that kind of risk (insurers say). They are either backed up by the federal government -- which means gun owners (and non-gun owners too, the entire tax-paying public). My opening headline is a cheap shot for attention. Heh heh. So, there is no coverage.

Critics don't think the public should be on the hook to insure a very rich private sports enterprise. But taxpayer-backed terrorism insurance has been standard for all large-scale projects, even construction, since 2002, you just never knew it, thanks to the "news" media and your "representatives." It's likely Congress will take up the issue again this year before the big game, so our taxes can insure football.

In other news, Las Vegas gamblers continue to make book on every aspect of the game, from the Nielsen ratings for the best ads, to the number of times the quarterbacks' girl friends will be seen on camera, to the first injuries, number of penalties, and of course such mundane issues like who might win and the point spread. Your tax dollars at work.

Sharpton bigotry exposed but media keeps promoting him

The lamestream media told you:

These are direct quotes from The NY Post -- which I was fortunate to see on a recent visit, but which journalists elsewhere lacked the guts to emulate. Journalists everywhere else continue to give Sharpton, a hateful racist bigot, front-page coverage; it's the equivalent of treating the KKK like a national treasure (shortened here for clarity and space):

"Sharpton is a public nuisance. He remains a cop hater to the core, a race man who cannot see past skin color and whose business model is based on using a charge of racism as a negotiating tactic. The corporations buying his silence with their "contributions" ought to be boycotted.

"He's a tax scofflaw who refuses to pay his fair share, thus ripping off his fellow citizens, black and white.

"As The New York Times reported Tuesday, he faces $4.5 million in state and federal tax liens, both personally and through companies he controls. The amounts owed are growing and his shady use of non-profits to enrich himself would make him politically toxic if he were anyone else.

"That brings us to the heart of the problem. Despite Sharpton's shameful conduct, he is a close confidant to the president and the mayor of New York.

"Imagine that -- he stiffs the IRS and stirs the racial pot to boiling but still regularly gets invited to the White House to advise the president who promised to usher in a post-racial society.

"Sharpton was there for the announcement of Obama's nominee to be the new attorney general, Loretta Lynch [The irony of her name is unavoidable -Alan]. That has to flash a chilling message to any honest prosecutor -- Sharpton is above the law.

"And Sharpton brought protesters from Ferguson, Mo., to meet secretly with Obama this month, where the president urged them to stay the course, whatever that means.

"What's repulsive is that Obama and de Blasio use a double standard to elevate Sharpton to a dangerous level. By conferring their personal approval of him, they magnify his power and turn a nuisance into a public menace. They and Sharpton are partially responsible for the violence that has already happened.
"There you have it. Agitators are using threats of violence to intimidate the courts. It's low and dirty, but you expect that from Al Sharpton. The tragedy of our times is that the president of the United States is no better."



The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

For once, I cannot add to this report. Couldn't have said it better myself. Michael Goodwin, author of The NY Post piece, deserves your thanks.

PBS scraps ethics, assaults civil-rights group (NRA)

Invents its own facts to do so

The lamestream media told you:

Watch the PBS Documentary "Gunned Down, The Power of the NRA," tonight at 9! Frontline investigates the politics and power of the NRA. The NRA is the most powerful lobby in Washington.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

PBS has once again demonstrated its lack of qualifications for public funding by producing another blatant anti-rights propaganda hit piece against a civil-rights organization with which it disagrees, this time the National Rifle Association.

Among the compilation of lies and distortions broadcast, PBS imagines the NRA is the most powerful lobby in Washington. This is emblematic of the rest of the show's integrity and accuracy. Can they truly be so ideologically driven that didn't they think anyone would look?


PBS said (and believes) NRA is the most powerful lobby in Washington. NRA isn't in the top 20 -- familiar, predictable influence peddlers are. The accuracy of the rest of the PBS broadcast is similar, virtually zero.

Credit: the Center for Responsive Politics.


It's the same picture by industry -- AGENDA-DRIVEN PBS LIES:


The entire PBS premise is bogus:  fundamental rights of American citizens to defend themselves, own constitutionally protected property or keep and bear arms are in no way measured, as PBS seems to believe, against the angst of people whose lives have been disrupted by heinous criminals murdering innocent people. Conflating crime and individual rights is a sign of hoplophobia, a serious mental illness. This calls for an intervention and medical treatment for PBS staff, not propaganda film production. Maybe they could show good faith and publicly sign up for a permanent personal felony-level gun ban, just to be safe.

Misguided attempts to dispossess the public of private property it already owns, in the name of fighting crime and acted-out psychosis is so misplaced it destroys the station's efficacy as journalists, let alone entitlement to the public dole. Experts believe PBS could not survive without the tax-funded handouts.

The PBS balance-lacking mockumentary is an embarrassment to the writing profession, and while the First Amendment protects them, their right to our money to exercise it should end. The laws that grant PBS funds in the first place violate the separation of press and state. Federal funding of the "Propaganda Broadcasting System" must stop.

Ethics requires a corrections broadcast, but no one expects one.

P.S. I'm not giving anything away here about NRA power either -- Media Matters complained that the broadcast perpetuated the myth that NRA has much power at all. Go figure. NRA is gun owners' main voice in Washington, but it is up against an enormously powerful array of anti-rights enemies of freedom. The real power rests with 100 million gun owners, who vote, contribute, demonstrate, and are armed.

Demands for gun control after muslims attack Paris

The lamestream media told you:

Nothing. There were no demands for gun control after the Paris jihad.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

That would be very strange in this country.

American journalists failed to recognize that, unlike the American model, no one in France has called for stricter gun controls, magazine limits or assault-weapon bans after the muslim jihad in Paris this week.

The usual litany of restrictions and gun-ban bills for civilians, which Americans have come to expect in reaction to mass murders here, were never even mentioned throughout Europe.

According to experts, this is partially due to the fact that Europeans by and large already have the bans in place.

It is painfully obvious that the ban on the human and civil right to arms in France did nothing but arm the murderers and leave the dead journalists defenseless when the muslim jihadis came in on foot and attacked. The morbid use of atrocities or the jihad to demand civil-rights denial is a political ploy, not a safety game. It is immoral and deadly.

With any possible first responders at the site of the attack unarmed -- even though they had compelling evidence of imminent mortal threats -- the muslims could kill at will, as in any pretend gun-free zone perpetrated by politicians. Calls for even greater gun control would be pointless, everyone gets that. Three police officers who arrived on the scene early on bicycles, unarmed, simply rode quickly away, according to The Guardian newspaper.

The event points out how utterly corrupt such a call to further disarm the French would be. The foolish or dangerous politicians who might propose such things here in America -- among the greatest bastions of firearms freedom on Earth -- are as dangerous as the murderers we all might face some day.

America is actually ranked only 9th

on the scale of gun freedoms

America is actually ranked only 9th on the scale of gun freedoms, according to The Worldwide Gun Owner's Guide, published by Bloomfield Press. Tiny Liechtenstein, Switzerland and other nations that hardly suffer from such helatious atrocities are ahead of the United States, out of the 64 nations meticulously profiled in the book.

The Worldwide 
Gun Owner's Guide

All nations have gun laws, shooting ranges, gun clubs and gun rights; America ranks 9th in gun freedoms, and the situation worldwide is kept secret in the mainstream. "News" reports about France are basically poppycock, but their rights are indeed severely repressed, and their rulers have convinced them they should be unarmed and ready to be shot. Read 
this book to learn the truth. Includes ranking and details for 64 nations.

The Worldwide Gun Owner’s Guide

Only $19.95

add_to_cart.gif  view_cart.gif

368 pages! Own this book, it's amazing.

Meanwhile, America awaits official announcement from the White House that this is workplace violence, and that al-Qaeda, whose urgent pleas for lone-wolf attacks have been belittled (but broadcast) by CNN, FOX and the networks non-stop for months, were not linked in any way to the jihad or the Paris murders. So far, the current occupant of the White House has only said that the people involved are "a few."

The identical 12 seconds of shaky amateur rooftop video footage all the broadcasters have, including cut-ins of a bullet hole, shot windshield, and cops standing around or being shot after they're already dead and blurred out for decency, has been playing at a rate of 510 times an hour. This is quite popular with jihadis and in the muslim world, unidentified experts note. According to officials, this does not encourage copycat behavior.

Public faith in traditional "news" media, according to one undisclosed poll conducted at an undisclosed location, has dropped too low to measure.

Political "Salons"

I am recommending the revival of
political "Salons" here in America.

You want to "DO" something to help fix the nation? Do this.

These classic political gatherings moved political thought ahead during our Founding, in a way we're not getting in this country, and that we sorely need.

I've been attending several ad hoc Salons for quite a while. Read the Wikipedia entry to know more about the classical Salon model. ("A salon is a gathering of people under the roof of an inspiring host...")

Better than Town Halls, perfect for Tea Parties or any social group, they are political brainstorms that tap the wisdom of the entire audience instead of just the words from a podium. And they're enormous fun and exciting.

Tea Parties are an ideal place on a night. After trying it once, I believe it would take off, it's that good. Here's how:

What's the biggest political question on YOUR mind? The issue you think most needs to be addressed? Write it down on a piece of paper. Hand that to the evening's moderator.

When the moderator reads your question to the group, you get a few moments to elaborate, and then one-by-one people speak up about it. One opinion leads to another until issues get pretty well aired (caution -- can get raucous!, moderators must keep control, one voice at a time!). You have to try it to understand, it's active involvement instead of passive. Solutions come up. When things seems ripe, go to the next question.

Yes, quietly listening to someone at a podium is OK.

But variety is spice, and once you add Salon time to your meetings, your speakers will have a hard time getting a word in edgewise. They'll be too busy participating along with everyone. "Participatory Republic." Hmmm.

I am recommending the revival of Salons here in America.
You're Americans. You can do this.
Try it. Once.

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