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Who GOT the $40 million to write the torture report?

There's torture, and then there's TORTURE

The lamestream media told you:

CIA torture report executive summary released... by Senate democrats... cost $40 million, runs 6,000 pages, took five years, only 525 pages released... republicans strenuously object... torture gained us nothing... hurt us worldwide... torture is now "enhanced interrogation techniques" and "harsh treatment"... CIA actually lied about things, OMG... CIA insists it gained us critical information, but we might have gotten that anyway...

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Wherever you stand on IF waterboarding and harsh treatment is actually torture or just extremely unpleasant, please do remember it is way at the bottom, compared with islamists' preferences for real torture, with fire, chopping, stabbing, electricity, beatings, rape, dismemberment and things that NOBODY debates is torture.

As to whether this is news or political, it may be news to the American public, but it is not news to the people in the know anywhere in the world. Intelligence agencies of every government that want to know, know what goes on, and they keep their bosses informed. Democrats did the legwork and produced the report without republican input, so the political question need not even be asked. But count on the "news" media to make the nature of the report, rather than its content, the subject of chatter for weeks.

The real question, the one I want to know and that hasn't even been asked, is WHO GOT the $40 million to write this thing? I'm a writer, that's a good fee. In typical style, everybody is crying about the spending, but no one is peeping about the GETTING. Who got $40 million to write 6,000 pages in five years? How many people were on that team? How much access did they have to what exactly? How do you apply for that kind of work? Wouldn't that make interesting news, or should we just keep crying about the cost?

For that matter, I'd like to know who is actually writing our laws -- fingers live on the keys. Now THAT'S a real issue, 'cause it sure ain't the legislators, they don't even read it. THAT'S where the real power has migrated to in this country. Every turn of phrase, every mountain of conditions, who exactly is filling out thatpaperwork, which we will all be bound to at the point of a gun? And I've asked, and no one knows. The best answer I can get, is "staff." Hmmm.


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