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Obama provides cover for radical islam

The lamestream media told you:

Mr. Obama refuses to use the phrase islamic radicals or anything like it, preferring to speak of violent extremism. FOX News is quite upset about this, other networks and cable stations have at least noticed it as well.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Why is to so hard to accept that the man currently in the White House is being deceptive about what's going on with the worldwide radical muslim jihad?

He is. Deal with it. Yes, the "news" media is in cahoots. Everyone can see that. Get over it.

Everyone else knows the muslims, a few hundred million give or take*, support violent quran-based jihad, they're conducting it, we're facing it. Everyone knows that, even his supporters. Obama too. By not admitting it, Obama frustrates the shoot out of us. Accept it. (*Pew Center shows 22% of 1.5 billion muslims support jihad, that's 345 million spread in 49 muslim-majority nations. And here.)

But he also frustrates the heck out of them. They want to engage in holy war, and we're not playing along (at least not yet). You can't have holy war that way.

It's like the therapy exercise: To show how aggression works, two people stand facing each other and push against each other as hard as they can, getting typical reactive results. Start over. But this time, only one person pushes. Totally different result, lesson learned. Conflict takes two.

If you think dropping huge accurate sacks of high explosives on your cities, based on intel and satellite images that make Google maps look like 1947 TV, constantly and without warning, is not being at war, then you're buying that bull pucky too. Refusing to give the enemy the very thing it wants -- a declared enemy -- is not the worst tactic (in a perverse sort of way, as long as you keep bombing them). It's not like no one in Oshkosh really knows what's happening. The top dog just won't say so.

Question: If he says the magic words, what would you have him do then -- send your children over in uniform, right? More bombs would only need more resolve and budget (which he admittedly adamantly refuses to do, raising sincere doubts about his resolve and loyalties. Remember this -- no Arab for 7,000 miles in any direction relishes the idea of this foreign power barging into their homelands and killing people face-to-face. And no Arabs there, despite their huge armies on the spot, are willing to do it themselves (just look).

How could they? It would be (sorta) like asking our National Guard troops to shoot our own citizens. Not happening. And, they know if they aren't killed in battle (mortal muslim sin), and they face the joys of capture by muslim extremists, where there are no girlyman debates of whether it's really torture or not.

I'm not supplying an answer on this conundrum. I'm just pointing this one out.



El Prez won't use the phrase Islamic Radicals" because it's not accurate. These are Islamic Fundamentalists we're dealing with trying to pursue the purest form of Islam they know based on the life and times of their prophet who was after all a horse barbarian.

The difference between Big Mo and any of the others from Alexander to Genghis Khan is that Mo made his empire stick by imposing his religion on the conquered. Convert or Die is very persuasive.

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