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Medical Hope for Hoplophobia Sufferers

Discovery process for new mental illness shows cracks

The lamestream media told you:

"Chronic Fatigue Syndrome redefined by name, diagnosis"

The New York Times -- Feb. 10, 2015 -- "Doctors are getting a new way to diagnose chronic fatigue syndrome -- and influential government advisers say it's time to replace that hated name, too, to show it's a real and debilitating disease.

"The Institute of Medicine on Tuesday called on doctors to do a better job diagnosing an illness that may affect up to 2.5 million Americans, and it set five main symptoms as the criteria.

"And the IOM's choice of a new name -- Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease, or SEID -- reflects a core symptom, that exertion can wipe patients out.

" 'This is not a figment of their imagination,' said Dr. Ellen Wright Clayton of Vanderbilt University's Center for Biomedical Ethics and Society, who chaired the IOM panel. 'These patients have real symptoms. They deserve real care.'

"Here are some things to know about the disorder: Whatever It's Called, What Is This Illness?"

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

With randomly timed decision making, disease without germs, federal funding hanging in the balance and high-powered medical terminology like "exertion can wipe patients out," and "replace that hated name," the medical establishment and federal government made it clear that diagnosis of medical conditions depends more on who's in control, than on what people suffer from. A few in the medical community have decided to rename a condition for which there is no test and for which, "No one knows what causes it."

What this means is, hoplophobia, an easily observed debilitating medical condition that drives a huge portion of the hateful political rage against human and civil rights in this country, now has a renewed chance of medical recognition, given the transparency with which new diseases are being "discovered" be modern medicine. The hoplophobic condition is frequently observed by those in the RKBA community.

Although the 5th edition of the "official" list of mental conditions (the DSM) failed to list this ailment, it omitted others that doctors vigorously lobbied for, which is now the standard model for discovering and identifying certain medical problems. Internet addiction and parental alienation disorder, despite last-ditch efforts for recognition by advocates, did not make it into the new directory, and so are not eligible for funding, grants, conferences, insurance coverage and other benefits recognized diseases and conditions get. Those disease proponents have vowed not to quit. Internet addiction alone has received funding for 300 peer reviewed studies, so far.

Hoplophobia continues to take a huge toll on the nation, distorts the political climate, and costs lives as innocent people are disarmed or subarmed (inadequately armed due to infringing laws) to help salve the irrational fears of its sufferers. The White House had no comment.

$5B Spent to Help Afghans... who, uh, gets that?

The lamestream media told you:

"U.S., allies spend $5B a year to help Afghan Forces"
...have failed to defeat Taliban forces... remains a threat across the country... islamic radical insurgents have overrun dozens of checkpoints... the enemy is fighting in almost every province... " USA Today 5/19/15. And in other news, Ramadi falls, defenders ran away, outnumbered the enemy 10 to 1, have no will to fight...

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

With no mention of how much the unnamed "allies" spend and how much we taxpayers pickup, USA Today, following standard policy seen in media outlets everywhere, fails to even hint at who gets the five thousand million dollars ($5 billion) every year that isn't stopping the "islamic radical insurgents," a term the media has refused to use until recently.

According to high placed unnamed observers speaking on condition, the media doesn't know who gets all the money, and certainly doesn't do the research needed to find out. No reason for the change in policy that allows use of the term "islamic radical insurgents" has been released, despite perhaps the obvious difficulty in continuing to deny their existence. Media long ago stopped calling islam the religion of peace, a tired propaganda ploy direct from islam, which flew in the face of observed reality. So called islamic moderates, supposedly out there in great numbers, never appear, do not demonstrate and are never reached for comment, leading observers to conclude they don't exist. The notion that local islamic defense forces simply leave the battlefield when islamic radical insurgents arrive suggests, to conscious people at least, that they're all on the same side, give or take, and will sing Kumbaya when it's all over, despite U.S. efforts to pit them against each other.

LGBT Discrimination Better Protected Than RKBA

The lamestream media told you:

(c/o ACLU of Arizona): "When it comes to earning a living, finding a place to call home, or being served by a business, all people -- including gay and transgender individuals -- should be treated fairly and equally.

"Under the current law in Scottsdale, a person can be evicted from their home, fired from their job, or refused service by a business simply because of who they are or who they love. Please join us for a community forum about nondiscrimination protections in Scottsdale and why they're important for all people.

"Two councilmembers will take part in the discussion and look forward to hearing from residents about sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination in Scottsdale.

"The forum is being hosted by Competitive Arizona, a coalition founded by the ACLU of Arizona and other organizations to advance nondiscrimination protections for gay and transgender Arizonans."

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Unlike some "rights" that have been discovered in the shadows and emanations of the Constitution, the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a "specific, enumerated right" (District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570, 628 n.27 (2008)), spelled out unambiguously in the U.S. Bill of Rights. Firearms are the only constitutionally protected property, along with homes, papers and effects.

Yet a person is routinely and blatantly discriminated against for exercising this right, by outlandish bigotry, exercised with door signs, unethical and illegal policies, ad hoc edicts, low-level government pronouncements and various other infringements that should bring charges against the perpetrators of these civil-rights abuses (but never do). That needs to change. Peaceful people are literally prevented from shopping and even eating due to their creed and private-property ownership. Paraphrasing the announcement above, wouldn't this be a reasonable policy:

When it comes to earning a living, finding a place to call home,
or being served by a restaurant, all people --
including people legally carrying private arms --

should be treated fairly and equally.

Under the current law in Scottsdale, a person can be fired from their job,
or refused service by a business simply because of what they legally own and possess.
Please join us for a community forum about nondiscrimination protections
in Scottsdale and why they're important for all people.

Two councilmembers will take part in the discussion and look forward to
hearing from residents about right to keep and bear arms discrimination in Scottsdale.

The forum is being hosted by Competitive Arizona,
a coalition founded by the ACLU of Arizona and other organizations
to advance nondiscrimination protections for obediently armed Arizonans.

So what would happen if RKBA civil-rights advocates started showing up at meetings like the ACLU LGBT one described above, and when opportunity presented itself, calmly asked why such discrimination is tolerated, overlooked, ignored, especially in the face of such sensitivity to the awful effects of discrimination?

What a wonderful new front to open in the struggle to preserve and strengthen the specific and two-century-old enumerated constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms. I'm not on other lists, please cross post this if you would.

Officer Uses "Pistol," not "Semiautomatic Handgun"

The lamestream media told you:

"Texas Shooting Suspects Had Ties To Islamic Jihad" USA Today

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

They were not suspects. They were perpetrators, shot dead in the act. A proper headline would be, "Muslim Terrorists Had Ties To Islamic Jihad." Suspects indeed. Why not say alleged ties?

The media has incorrectly taken the "protect the innocent" posture too far. In its ongoing effort to pretend a global muslim uprising is not occurring, and to follow a pre-scripted spin playbook, media uniformly misrepresents events. When possible, it will hide (or emphasize) race or religion to present a rose-colored world.

The two muslim fanatics who were shot dead in Texas in early May had opened fire where an art exhibit was being held at the time. They were perpetrators, not suspects. They are not awaiting a fair trial, where innocence needs protection, they were shot dead in the act.

In other news -- am I the only person who noticed the media nationwide speaking about the hero cop who used a "pistol," while every other story about shooting incidents would use the phrase, "semiautomatic handgun," which, according to the Brady Center for the Promotion of Gun Violence, creates fear in ignorant people, many of whom believe this refers to a machine gun?

Cop Body Cameras Work One Way Only

Big Brother films you, you don't film him

Police object to being filmed, for obvious reasons

The lamestream media told you:

Every state in the union is considering putting body cameras on police, following racially charged shootings of black criminals and other black people by police officers. Since the beginning of 2015, at least 15 states have introduced legislation to limit release of footage from the cameras through open-records laws. Everyone is clamoring for the devices, which seem to be a great idea. The White House is requesting free money from Congress to buy lots of test units for police.

Cop Body Cameras Work One Way Only

While many members of the public are blindly welcoming the camera idea, few have considered that this really means, "Big Brother is watching you."

Police and authorities have a very bad impression of the public wearing body cameras also, to film the police, since police cameras only take pictures in one direction -- of you as suspects.The devices omit police actions, expressions and everything happening behind them. The cameras also come with on-off switches.

Police have been known to confiscate or forcibly destroy citizen cameras, or to falsely claim it is illegal to make recordings of them -- which everyone knows might show them up to no good. The widespread presence of video recorders in cell phones has recorded numerous police actions recently, exposing wild acts of abuse that would otherwise go unnoticed. It has perhaps paradoxically led to the outcry for police to start recording the public.

Few people doubt that police caught in acts of murder or other felonies would destroy video evidence immediately, given the opportunity. Hey, Hillary destroyed thirty thousand pieces of evidence and no one was even killed... well, we don't actually know that. And I digress.

The presence of police body cameras also have the potential for stopping good, friendly police from cutting you slack, letting you slide for minor infractions, and letting you off with warnings, or looking the other way. When a Mr. Nice Guy approach makes more sense than strict adherence to silly rules -- if no one is watching -- LEOs may be stuck in statist schtick.

Cost and storage space are unintended factors as well. Data-memory makers have to be lobbying hard for this financial windfall, if c. 900,000 sworn officers nationally will be recording life 24 hours a day. Remaining unresolved is whether police should notify you they are recording (Spokane plans to notify, Tempe only if asked, for example), whether the data should stream to central command or be dropped off at end of shift (raises many tech and legal questions), who gets to see what and when (the public, suspects, lawyers, researchers, media, cops before writing up reports, or not, new teams of police video reviewers, paid for how), and how to evaluate mysteriously missing sections or possible infractions -- if any.

The person currently in the White House called it "21st century policing."

Baltimore Police Allow Rioting

The lamestream media told you:

"We are deploying every resource possible to gain control of the situation and ensure peace moving forward," Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said, on page one of USA Today. Two images in the Arizona edition showed heavily uniformed riot police tussling with a few individuals in the street. The national edition had a different calm image.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

While USA Today would, if asked, insist that they accurately quoted the mayor (I asked, they did), the mayor's statement is false, an outright lie, which anyone watching witnessed on live TV, as hundreds of heavily uniformed riot-equipped police officers stood in lines. They calmly watched rioters and looters setting fires, driving stolen cars into fires and creating general mayhem easily within reach, while they had obvious orders to stand around and do absolutely nothing.

No reporters from USA Today asked the mayor about her obviously false statement, or if they did, editors at the paper refused to use her response. The image in the national edition of USA Today on the same day shows a single evidence-quality photo of a black male suspect carrying what appears to be stolen contraband past a background of fire, smoke and police vehicles. No images of hundreds of police standing around doing nothing were run, for reasons that were unclear at press time.

Despite the mayor's inaccurate statement of doing everything possible, she decided to enact a curfew the day after the riots, which allowed the riots to take place, 200 businesses to be destroyed, and her black brethren to load up on stolen goods, an unpopular commentary to make. Mr. Obama blamed the media, the police, hopelessness and said we need to do "soul searching." Searching some of the "soul brothers" might turn up some of the stolen loot. No searches are planned.

Despite wall-to-wall coverage of the one black man who died, igniting the black riots, black mea culpas, white guilt and conservative and liberal talk shows, more than 70 blacks have been murdered in Baltimore this year alone, with no news coverage, no mea culpas and no talk shows, causing cynical observers to suggest black lives don't matter. Who are these people? No one is saying publicly. The cause of death for the one black whose death ignited the riots is not known, though six people are being charged with his murder.

For a map of black, white, male, female and other shooting victims in Baltimore:

Check current Baltimore murder stats, on a map, including by age, gender, race and year:

Go ahead and look, I'll wait, it's stunning.

Congress Stops Obama From Giving Iran Nukes

Congress Votes 98 to 1 Against His Plan

Media buries the story

Historic bipartisan vote unprecedented

The lamestream media told you:

"The Senate voted 98-1 to approve bipartisan legislation that would require president Obama to let Congress review, and possibly reject, any final nuclear deal with Iran. The bill still must be approved by the House, where Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, said he will urge its passage." USA Today

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

In a one-inch blurb buried at the page bottom under "Briefs," and then last, under "Also," USA Today, an outspoken promoter of the person currently in the White House, embarrassingly buried a disastrous defeat in Mr. Obama's radical effort to provide radical Iran with nuclear-weapon capabilities.

By a virtually unheard of vote of 98 to 1 against Obama's major foreign-policy initiative, Congress voted against his plan to create a nuclear scheme for the world's most rogue islamist nation that would expire completely in a number years, and during its existence would do little to prevent the sharia-based warlike jihadi muslim dictatorship gear up for atom-bomb production.

As USA Today describes it, Congress will be able to see only the "final" deal, and "possibly" reject it, as if the near unanimous vote doesn't signal the outrage within Congress over Mr. Obama's efforts -- which have been obvious so far. As a last-gasp effort to suggest Obama may somehow squeak through without a need for Congress, the one incher points out that John Boehner, Speaker of the House, would still have to move the bill. Boehner and Obama are arch rivals.

Iran has already publicly stated it has no duty to obey the terms of the deal, and it wants sanctions against it lifted immediately upon signing.

The mainly financial sanctions are hurting it badly and are the only reason it is negotiating at all, if you can call it that, and all deals with it in the past have been grossly violated without compunction. It refuses to repeal its adamant call to murder all Jews and wipe Israel off the map, it remains the largest state-funding source for the global jihad, the jihad it sponsors calls for the extermination, enslavement or conversion of the entire world population to islam, and Hussein-Obama has already agreed, through his rep John Kerry, to let the entire deal expire in a decade and a half anyway, making it basically a go ahead for Iran to build atom bombs.

Why would an American president do that, Congress asks itself, then votes 98 to 1, in unheard of unison effort, against letting him do so.

USA Today decides this news should be buried. The biggest story on page one for the day, including a large color photo and double-spaced type, announced that David Cameron might win as Prime Minister of Great Britain, but they don't know yet. Was that bigger news? (He eventually won.)

It is not "the government"

Every time you see the word government or federal government, in your mind substitute "the people working in the capital." Because government isn't a thing, it is people. It is the people working in the capital. We did not give powers to government in the Constitution, we gave powers to the people working in the capital. State or D.C.

These people took these powers we gave, and abused them, acting as this camouflaged thing called government. It's not government. It's people working in the capital. Elected people, appointed people, hired people. Government is like Soylent Green -- it's people.

The entire complexion of the debate -- and your understanding -- changes, when you stop talking and thinking about so-called "government," and start talking and thinking about the people working in the capital, to whom we delegated power. They are the problem. Not some amorphous, faceless, indeterminate so-called three-syllable g word.

I've used the word government throughout this Page Nine report, so you can make the change in your mind and see how it works. Watch the news and read the papers and make the mental switch. Whoa.

Bomb Jokes in Texas

While the media, left wing and half the right wing in America went apoplectic over showing 200 nice drawings of mohammed in an art contest, I had to wonder what other elements of sharia law they thought we should also bow down to and obey. The media is still portraying this wholesome American art exhibit, contest and political statement in derogatory language, watch for it every time it is mentioned, you'll see the built-in bias and prejudice. If you haven't seen the drawings (most people haven't, the media has been sharia-scared into suppressing them), look:

The Contest Winner:
Click to see them all

In contrast, islam belittles Jews constantly, but no one complains:

The original mohammed drawings that made the religion of peace go crazy are in my book on the things you're not supposed to say. I have gathered so many new things you're not allowed to say I could write two new books on it. Please buy the first one, it's a whopper:

Bomb Jokes At Airports --
And 186 Other Things You’d Better Not Say

Gannett's #2 newspaper ran my letter (!) chastising them for scolding the wonderful art exhibit, saying it shouldn't have been done, and then pounding their chest as a defender of free speech. But that's nothing -- the lunacy of other letter writers on the subject was stupefying, pasted together neatly, drop me a note I'll send them to you:


A major magazine cover story on gun-law author and expert Alan Korwin is planned for release in Phoenix -- just prior to billionaire Michael Bloomberg's class for journalists, on how to report on gun violence -- also scheduled for Phoenix. The timing appears to be a coincidence.
The seminar, scheduled for the last weekend in May at ASU, and run under the banner of the usually highly respected Columbia Journalism School, has been widely criticized as a propaganda effort to prejudice journalists. That's because the named sponsor is one of Bloomberg's anti-gun-rights leagues. The gun-control group established a budget to pay for pre-screened journalists in the western U.S. to attend the program in Arizona. By another coincidence, Bloomberg plans to run a voter initiative in Arizona for a gun-control bill his lobbyist failed to get through the state's legislature, despite four attempts this year.

The speaker roster at the two-day class is a who's who of gun-control advocates, with two other voices added after a national uproar broke out. Journalism ethics forbid even the appearance of bias. Bloomberg and Columbia's representative deny any bias.
The feature story, scheduled to come out in The New Times, known for its investigative style, is reportedly a lengthy piece with cover photo, done under what appear to be admirable conditions, with apparently diligent research, significant background work and fact checking in which Korwin cooperated fully.

This included introducing the reporter, Elizabeth Stuart, to her first shooting-range experience: gun-safety training, target practice and a unique "book shoot" with several other news organizations (TV, radio and print) gathered for a chance to plink at a copy of The Arizona Gun Owner's Guide. Results were uniformly positive.

The publication in question however is not generally perceived as neutral to RKBA. With the coincidental timings and the knowledge that most media aren't RKBA neutral, we await its release this Thursday with a degree of hopeful anticipation. (as with the release of any coverage).
"In agreeing to work with the publication on the proposed feature, I had to weigh the outlook of a story done without my cooperation, or on someone perhaps less well versed speaking for RKBA issues if a story was on their agenda anyway, or seeing no coverage at all. This was four months ago. I recorded the hours of  interviews myself, and thought the reporter was surprisingly even handed -- a point we discussed over the months. I'll know how wise a choice I made soon. Wouldn't it be great if we have a story that balances the discussion?"

Pick up a copy of The New Times at kiosks and retailers throughout the Phoenix metro area starting Thursday, May 28, 2015, and let us know what you think. It will be available online as well.

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