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"Should America Subarm Its Citizens?"

Dear friends, fans and associates,

I'm in today --


, adj., a point between disarmed and fully armed

"There’s a point between fully armed and disarmed that is subarmed. Being subarmed is dangerous. Officials would never stand for it themselves. It’s the point where you don’t have a very good gun, or certainly not the type you’d prefer, or not the type your police prefer for their own safety, and not the right ammo, or certainly not enough of it. It isn’t the caliber you want, and the magazine is too small. You’re subarmed and..."

Subarming the public gradually over time has caused a shift in the balance of power in America.

If you decide to read it, please leave a comment.
I'd like to hear your thoughts of course,
and I think it helps with the editors.


Church Psychopaths As Law Givers

Should Emanuel Church Methodists Generate Gun Laws?

My anti-gun-rights friends -- you don't seem to understand that crimes and atrocities committed by madmen are not valid grounds for infringing on the public's right to arms -- a fundamental freedom. This is why you meet the constant resistance that befuddles and frustrates you.

You seem to believe just the opposite. You think the murderous actions of psychopaths should motivate legislation. Proper reflection, while not under duress, is how you go about rationally solving real problems.

Here's what matters -- outbursts, not round bursts.

Why are people suddenly acting out in homicidal frenzy? They never used to. That's the question. Is it because editors here might own a gun... or many? Of course not. Is it because all of us do? Preposterous. Is it thanks to owning that property without a massive government list of us all? Absurd. None of the older outbursts the media harps on -- every single time a new one erupts -- is related in any way to the public's arms. Blaming us for that is immoral, infuriating and just plain wrong.

You compound the difficulty with a logic error, desperati appelare, appeal to desperation, that goes by many names, commonly, "we have to do something." We must do the right thing, not something.

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Holy Matrimony Batman!

I'm now a columnist on They have a stellar cast including
Ann Coulter, Thomas Sowell, Hugh Hewitt, Dennis Prager, Michelle Malkin, more.

My first column dealt with the (now done) Supreme Court decision on gay marriage.
I took an approach no one had taken, which the High Court missed.

It's short and sweet, makes you wonder why no one else has thought of it already.
Would very much enjoy hearing what you think.
(My Arizona friends and Townhall readers have seen this.)

My concern was that the Court's decision would plunge us deeper
into the exact mess that has already caused grave harm to the nation.

It did. Enjoy:


Holy Matrimony Batman!

Solving the marriage equation is easy --
it resolves itself when you simply use the proper term:
holy matrimony.

All indications suggest the U.S. Supreme Court is likely to miss this connection in its decision due any day now. (They did.)

Marriage has always essentially been a function of "the church" (figuratively speaking).

It is not a function of the state -- and in fact the state is specifically precluded from any activity whatsoever here -- by the First Amendment:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,
or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;"

Seen from this vantage point, the correct and inalienable vantage point, it is only our government's insertion into matters where it has no legitimate delegated authority that has created any problems with which America now wrestles.

It is important here to understand the word government itself in a way that may not be familiar to you.

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