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Anti-Gun-Rights Activist Gets Navy Boat

The lamestream media told you:

Giffords on Hand as Navy Christens Namesake Vessel. The USS Gabrielle Giffords, christened in June 2015, a 419-foot ship built in Alabama, is the Navy's 10th littoral combat ship, designed to operate in shallow waters near the coast. "The Democrat left Congress and later founded an organization that supports gun control." according to the Navy Times. The ship was named after her because of "characteristics she exemplified after the attack," according to unnamed officials, according to the Navy Times.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

In an affront to every American who cherishes the Second Amendment, former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords has been used to name a new Navy warship. Her main claim to fame -- surviving an assault by a psychotic homicidal murderer -- has been amplified by becoming the poster child for every anti-rights gun-control scheme cooked up by the usual suspects and money-backing enemies of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Whether she actually supports these things as a former gun owner and moderate Second Amendment supporter, or is being used by handlers in her weakened post-assault condition, is unclear. Close unregulated contact or interviews with her is not allowed.

The idea that the Navy would use such a polarizing and politically incorrect partisan person to name a new boat reflects changes in the Navy that have concerned long-time military personnel for many years. Giffords' husband is a former naval officer. Whether he had anything to do with the naming decision was unknown at press time, though it's hard to imagine how the decorated former astronaut could actually be excluded from the process, if not key to it happening. Any attempt to find out would serve no functional purpose at this time, since the deed is done. Anyone with details is free to contact us.

The U.S. military has been downsized, softened, feminized (in the negative sense, lowered standards, etc.) and weakened in numerous ways, dramatically so with activities under Bill "Slick Willie" Clinton ("the name you know," whose wife seeks re-entry to the White House) including disarming base guards, which has facilitated attacks on soldiers on bases domestically. In most cases, local police have to be called in to protect soldiers, a frightening prospect according to some observers. Pundits have surprisingly called this routine and proper.

"What's next," asked one military man, who asked not to be identified, for fear of reprisals, "The U.S.S. Sarah Brady?" No one would be surprised by that, he opined, though it would be an ultimate insult, and he suggested the "news" media would welcome the move.

National Carry


This may seem counter-intuitive,
but it is critically important.

Way too many gun owners are anxiously seeking
a government fix to their infringed right to carry,
by hoping for a bill to "allow" them to carry.

Some misguided politicians are trying to craft
a bill that would force states and other officials
to "allow" gun owners to exercise their rights.

This is so wrong it is disastrous.
The correct approach is to threaten to arrest,
prosecute or sue any officials who deny a person's
civil and human right to keep and bear arms.
Just like gays and lefties do when their rights are limited.

Giving power to government to grant you the "right"
to carry is just wrong. The infringements on your rights
must be lifted. That's what's needed to make us whole again.

Read the whole article from American Handgunner,
where I'm a regular magazine columnist.
Part 1
Part 2

Army the Army (The Daily Caller)

by Alan Korwin
The Uninvited Ombudsman (

Congress A
ttempting To Do
What Commander In Chief Is Not

Do they have this power?

Should they be shouting at commander
instead of issuing months or years of paperwork?

HR 3115: “Enhancing Safety at Military Establishments Act”

That's one of five. The bills are described in plain English in this ground-breaking article on Daily Caller. It was the most highly viewed article when posted on the site. Congress is issuing paperwork that may never pass, will take a long time if it does, and the military regulations it requires will then take longer than the Arm the Pilots program, remember that one? (44 pilots out of 90,000 finally trained after 9/11, by April 2003, see item 8 here

Meanwhile, our guys are unarmed, while the person in the White House, the commander in chief, should do it with a phone call and a pen immediately. Why are these rules in place in the first place? That’s what needs to be addressed at the core.
Read more:

One bill introduces the idea of soldiers (that is, all military personnel) carrying their own personal firearms, with no limitations described. It's a nice idea, maybe, and makes for great bragging rights for the legislator, but with only one co-sponsor it's not going anywhere, it's just for show. Should fool some people who don't know better, hooray for our side and all that.

Another bill introduces the term "gun-free zones" into federal law (well, a proposal for a law with slim chances of passage), and recognizes those are dangerous, at least when they're on military property. That must be worth something -- the world hears from the feds that gun-free zones really pose a risk. There's a list of the muslim jihad attacks on U.S.soil in gun-free zones in case the commander, who refuses to acknowledge the attacks, needs it. It's almost like Congress is at war with the person wearing the commander's hat. See the rest of our "representatives" rush job:
Alan Korwin, the author of 14 books, has been invited by the U.S. Supreme Court twice to observe oral arguments and runs the website

It's also here:

The Background Check Lie

The Ugly Secret About Background Checks:
They Aren't Background Checks

It's a gun registration scheme

If people knew the truth they'd never support it--
So it is promoted with deceit, front to back

What's so bad about gun registration, right?

We register cars.


The entire push for so-called universal background checks is based on deceit and misinformation. It's the only way it can pass -- get enough people to support something that sounds good, whether it is or not.

Daily Caller has decided to republish an article of mine, one of the best I ever wrote, exposing this deception. "News" articles perpetually mislead the public in a (sometimes) ignorant push for so-called "simple, common-sense" gun checks, believing (hoping) it will finally stop (or put a dent in) crime. It will have the opposite effect. How could they be so wrong? How could they miss the evidence, the logic, even the emotions of this crucial story? How can they not get it? They would if they read this.

Arm The Army (

by Alan Korwin
The Uninvited Ombudsman (

Congress Seeks More Guns
in Wake of Muslim’s Attack
on Marines and Sailor

"It's a bad idea,"
wrong way to handle this, expert says.

Where is the commander in chief?

Bills themselves are bad too -- sidearms only?
Wait for cops for real backup

Same mistakes antis make, quick bills
reacting to crime
instead of fixing real problems,
why are our forces disarmed at all, and where is commander?

The bills will take forever to pass, if at all

Reacting to the horrific bloodshed by yet another Muslim jihadi attack on U.S. soil, this time at a military recruiting station in Chattanooga, Tenn., Congress has rushed no less than five “Arm the Army”-type bills into the legislature. <snip> (Bill numbers and links are in the article.)

All sorts of unintended consequences are about to spring, that’s clear if you study the bills. I suspect few people have read them, because the initial praise for the bills came out before all the bills were available for review. <snip> ... our guys only get handguns under the bill, the jihadis get anything they want... media calls the murderer a "gunman," slurring both men and guns, instead of a "muslim jihad combatant" and informing the public accurately... People named Muhammud don’t murder Marines and Navy sailors at military facilities in surprise attacks at random. Everyone knows that... The five bills Congress proposes are summarized, that's what is all about --

Details at

Alan Korwin, the author of 14 books, has been invited by the U.S. Supreme Court twice to observe oral arguments and runs the website

Solar Plane IS HEAVY

The lamestream media told you:

The solar plane "Solar Impulse" is flying entirely around the world without a single drop of fuel! It is a glorious day for this miraculous feat of fuel-free engineering and human accomplishment, leaving the climate-change disgusting and ugly world of fossil fuel and CO2 destruction of the environment behind!

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

The solar plane is actually a battery-powered plane.

The splendiferous idyllic image of a plane that runs completely on sunlight is magnificent and simply glorious. How illustrious the accomplishments of humanity to create a solar plane, how Earth-saving, how pure! How Disney! How inaccurate.

Recall for a moment that this story is brought to you by the same "news" people who paint the world as liberal left as they can, for every other topic you care about, right? Guns, politics, environment, healthcare, immigration, why would this suddenly be different? Before you get carried away on the wings of an angel, add this to the mix:

The plane appears to be 100% solar charged, this is true, a stunning piece of engineering, because how much power can you get into heavy batteries before you can't lift them off the ground. But you don't just put this thing out in sunshine and fly around. It's not that kind of solar plane.

The flight path of the battery-powered solar plane is calculated to rise and fall so gravity, air current, exposure, temperatures, air density and scores of other factors will allow it to fly at all, and complete its amazing circumnavigation quest. Proof of principle, engineering marvel, all that. Don't get me wrong -- the science kid in me is in awe, mesmerized, this is wonderful. But the over-the-top save the-the-world global-savior blush on this is pure reporter lefty hype.

It is the four ten-horsepower motors that get the plane's 5,070 pounds off the ground. It is definitely the batteries, not the sun, that fly it at night. All the "I want a clean future" promotion on the website is sweet, and it's obvious what the social direction of all this is. The planet's self-anointed stewards are rushing off headlong to a brave new world the old world won't recognize, or exercise much control over, for better or worse.

If you add in the gargantuan fossil-fuel needs for building and supporting this monumental and wonderful experiment, no self-respecting environmentally sensitive individual could support it (fuel needs are not calculated, disregarded totally). From fabricating the materials, to the power for the global computing network (and everything else!) in development, to the non-stop transportation needs of the staff, the banking, lawyering, to the energy just in so-called "news" coverage, there's enough Arab oil here to light global cities.

And it's all to fly one plane one time to say look, we did it, and gloat forever -- we burned all that oil, nuked all that uranium, put out all that CO2 (desperately needed for plant life, but don't mention that), every day for years, just so we could fly with no CO2 (kinda sorta). Which is a great thing, if all you see is the small picture. How much CO2 did that take? They don't know, or care, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain (or their electric bills, now THAT would be something). And the loony idea that we're flying purely solar planes now. The massive teams use more oil on one day aloft than a real plane might use flying around the world. But we are advancing a brave new world. Thank God for that.

Another left-of-center profile on Korwin

Who Is This Man?

I learned things about myself I didn't know, like I'm infamous and apparently insincere in my work. But overall, it's not bad, looks like I moved the reporter's perspective. One friend says it looks like she came expecting to find a tin-foil-hat gun loon of some sort (they came out from San Francisco, spent a week here), and couldn't write the story they maybe expected to do.

After months of stalling, they finally released it, and didn't make guns out -- or me -- to be evil incarnate. Don't miss the short video, it's the best part. Especially the knife and bird-feeder scene. They included the lightweight acoustic guitar part, but left out the kick-butt progressive rock I recorded with Kiss guitarist Bruce Kulick when he was younger. I was younger too.

Gotta say I like the drawings!

Fire Away

The Scottsdale Airpark News did a profile on yours truly, with some revealing, little known aspects of how I started my career and my first book on gun law, The Arizona Gun Owner's Guide. See it here: See the next post for a left wing comparison from the OZY reporter seen here with a gun.

"Alan Korwin watches closely as Meghan Walsh, a reporter from practices smooth trigger control in a gun-safety exercise
with an unloaded target pistol at a shooting-range classroom.
The reporter got her first experience firing a gun."

On Arming the Army

Two items of interest!

I've got a story up at The Daily Caller:

“Arm The Army” – Congress Decides To Arm The Army, Commander In Chief Fails To Act

And here's another up at Town Hall:

Arm the Army, Part I (Part II -- The “Arm-The-Army” Bills Explained will be out tomorrow)

Both are about Congress' feeble attempt to "Arm the Army," since the commander in chief has done nothing after the jihadi assault on our gunless recruiting station in Tennessee.

USA Today Perpetuates Riot Causing Errors

See Alan's piece in The Daily Caller today about a misleading statement in USA Today about the Ferguson, Missouri incident.

Read what people are saying about Page Nine, or tell Alan yourself.

See the archives below, or click through to an index of Page Nine posts at

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